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Concurrent Enrollment


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									        Career & Technical Education
           Concurrent Enrollment
            Programming Update
          DCSD Board of Education Meeting
                 January 15, 2013

                     Presented by:
   Steve Johnson, Director of High School Education
Kristin Pegg, Career & Technical Education Coordinator
The World of Career &Technical Education
   and Concurrent Enrollment in DCSD
                         CONSORTIUM /

                                        DCSD PSEO


            CAREER                      CONCURRENT
         EXPLORATION                    ENROLLMENT

                         IN SCHOOLS
 Career & Technical Education Programming
• Based on the Colorado Career Cluster Model which is
  composed of the following:
   – 6 Industry Sectors
   – 17 Career Clusters
   – 83 Career Pathways

• In addition to a teaching license, CTE Teachers are expected to hold
  a CTE credential in each career cluster or pathway area in which
  they teach.
• Each CTE program is required to have a Career and Technical
  Student Organization (CTSO). Students participate in competitive
  events in which they apply the knowledge and skills learned in the
  classroom. (e.g. DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, TSA, Skills USA, etc. )
DCSD Course Offerings within CO Career Cluster Model
Management and                    Marketing                                    Agriculture, Food & Natural                               STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Adv. Web Design |Adv.
Administration                    • Marketing I, II, and III                   Resources                                                 & Math)                                            Gaming/Programming | Television
• Business Management             • Mktg Work Experience 110, 240              •Agriscience                                                See also STEM affiliated pathways noted by *     Production | DC TV Academy | Adv.
                                  • MAR 216-Principles of                      •Advanced Agriscience                                     • Intro to Engineering                             Video Production
• Business Principles                                                                                                                    • Engineering I, II, III, and IV
                                    Marketing                                  •Animal Science*                                                                                           • Broadcast Media
• Information Processing                                                                                                                 • Tech Lab I, II, III, and IV
                                  • Sports Marketing                           •Agricultural Business                                                                                     • Video TV Production
• Microsoft Office                                                                                                                       • Advanced Design (CAD)
                                  • Entrepreneurship                           •Intro. to Veterinary Science                                                                              • Mass Media/Video Production I
• Business Law                                                                                                                           • Architectural Drafting
                                  • MAR 235-Consumer Behavior                  •Plant Science/Natural Resources*                                                                          • Literature of Film
• International Business
                                  • MAR 160-Customer Service                   •Supervised Agricultural Experience                       Arts, A/V Technology and                         • Interior Design I and II
• Professional Business
                                                                               Energy                                                    Communication                                    • Fashion Design 1 and II
  Communication                    Finance
                                                                               • ENY 101—Introduction to Energy (LHS)*                   • FVT 105-Video Production I                     • Graphic Design I, II, III, and IV
• Professional Bus. Training I, II • Accounting I and II
                                                                                                                                         • FVT 160-Video Post Production I                • AP Graphic Design
• Professional Bus. Training Work • ACC 121 & 122-Principles of                * STEM affiliated pathway
                                                                                                                                         • MGD 101-Intro to Computer Graphics             • Photography I, II, III, and IV
  Experience 110 and 240             Accounting I and II
                                                                                                                                         • MGD 111-Photoshop I                            • AP Photography
• Entrepreneurship                 • Principles of Finance                                  Agriculture, Natural
• BUS 115-Intro. to Business       • BUS 116-Principles of Finance                                                                       • MGD 112-Illustrator I               Information Technology
                                                                                            Resources & Energy                           • MGD 141-Web Design I                • A+ Commander PC Technician
• BUS 117-Business Writing
• BUS 203-International Business                                                                                                         • MGD 153-3-D Animation/Flash           Training
                                                                                                                                         • Multimedia I- Survey                • CSC 116-Logic and Program
                     Business, Marketing &                              Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness                              • Multimedia II- Game Programming | Design/Intro Comp. Sci.
                                                                     Foundation knowledge & skills for all career pathways include:                                            • CSC 160 & 161-Computer Science I, II
                     Public Administration                                                                                                 3D Animation |Desktop Pub |
                                                                  • Academic Content Knowledge • Civic Responsibility • Collaboration      Gaming/Programming | Video          • AP Computer Science
                                                                                • Communication • Creativity & Innovation                  Production |Web Design              • Tech Support
                       Hospitality, Human
                                                                 • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving • Find/Use Information Technology   • Multimedia III- Adv. 3-D Animation | STEM, Arts, Design &
                                                                  • Global & Cultural Awareness • Personal Responsibility • Work Ethic
                      Services & Education                                        Specialized CTE Pathways include:
                                                                Alternative Cooperative Education (ACE I, II, III, IV) FACS CORE
 Hospitality & Tourism           •ECE 102-Early Childhood
 •Foods                          Education Internship
                                 •ECE 103-Guidance Strategies                             Health Science,                                                                                      Skilled Trades &
 •Creative and Foreign Foods
 •Essential of Culinary Arts     •ECE 111-Infant & Toddler                               Criminal Justice &                                                                                   Technical Sciences
 •ProStart I and II              Theory and Practice                                        Public Safety
 •Catering I and II              •Healthy Decisions                                                                                                         Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
                                                                               Health Science                                                               • Automotive Technologies I
                                 • Cosmetology @ Pickens &
                                                                               • Year-long Health Sciences program through LPS
                                 Englewood (2013-14)                                                                                                        • Automotive Technologies II
 Human Services                                                                                                                                             • Automotive Technologies III
 •Personal Finance/Life                                                        Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
                                 Education & Training                          • Emergency & Fire Management Services*                                      • Automotive Technologies IV
 •Relationships                  •Teacher Cadet program @                           Fire Science/Principles of Emergency Service
 •Child Development              MVHS and HRHS                                       CPAT
 •ECE 101-Early Childhood        •Professional Internship                            First Responder
 Education                                                                     • Law Enforcement Services
                                                                                    CRJ 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
                                                                                    CRJ 125 Law Enforce Operations
                                                                               * STEM affiliated pathway
         Past Options for Students
• Douglas County CTE Programs (enhanced the last 4 years)
   – CTE Wings at RCHS and LHS
• CTE Consortium (formerly known as ACTS and was
  dissolved; contracts signed and tuition paid between
• Pickens Tech (fewer options offered as DCSD programming
• PSEO (state model replaced w/ newer Concurrent
  Enrollment model for 2011-12)
• Concurrent Enrollment (Formerly known as College Ready)
         Current CTE Programming in DCSD
• 61 “active” programs     • 6,650 total participants in 2010-
  –   5 at CVHS              11
  –   8 at CHS             • 7,852 total participants in 2011-
  –   7 at DCHS              12
  –   1 at Eagle Academy   • 11,531 total participants in 2012-
  –   9 at HRHS              13
  –   4 at LHS
                           • 60 “Credentialed” teachers
  –   9 at MVHS              currently teaching.
  –   6 at PHS
                           • 145 CTE Courses Total
  –   5 at RCHS
  –   7 at TRHS                                           CTE
                                                      IN SCHOOLS
   DCSD Career & Technical Student
Organization 2011-12 Accomplishments
                      An Association of Marketing Students (DECA):
                          @ CHS, CVHS, DCHS, HRHS, MVHS, PHS, RCHS, TRHS
                                                           2 State Champions
                                                   16 Top Ten State Finishers
                                                        1 National Champion
                                                 6 Top Ten National Finishers
                                         Vice President of State Officer Team

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):
@ all 9 high schools
7 State Champions
32 Top Ten State Finishers
9 National Qualifiers
TRHS-largest Colorado Chapter and the 8th largest chapter in the nation
                                                                          IN SCHOOLS
     DCSD Career & Technical Student
  Organization 2011-12 Accomplishments
              Family, Career & Community Leaders of America (FCCLA):
                                               @ CHS, HRHS, MVHS, PHS, TRHS
                                                    5 Gold Level State Finishers
                                                  18 Silver Level State Finishers
                                                  7 Bronze Level State Finishers
                                                 2 Gold Level National Finishers
                                                State Officer: VP of Publications
Technology Student Association (TSA):
4 Gold Level State Finishers
5 Silver Level State Finishers
5 Bronze Level State Finishers
1 National Champion
2 top ten National Finishers                                                 CTE
LHS Chapter – State 2nd Place Overall Finish                             PROGRAMS
                                                                         IN SCHOOLS
                         School-Based Programs Available
                          to All DCSD Students in 2012-13
•     CHS                                            •       MVHS
    – Early Childhood Education                 68       –   Fashion Design                      30
    – Engineering Pathway                      262       –   Interior Design                     80
    – Pre-Med Program*                                   –   Teacher Cadet                       12
                                                         –   Engineering Pathway                358
•     CVHS
    – Engineering Pathway                      202   •     PHS
                                                         – Automotive Technologies              70
•     DCHS                                               – Early Childhood Education            20
    – Agricultural Sciences                    130
    – Early Childhood Education                 47   •       RCHS
    – Fashion Design                            87       –   Fire Science                        15
                                                         –   Audio Production                    ---
•     HRHS                                               –   High School of Business             82
    – Fashion Design                           51        –   Comp. Sci. / Engineering Pathway   195
    – Interior Design                          53
    – Teacher Cadet                            ---   •     TRHS
      (no credentialed teacher at this time)             – Fashion Design                       26
                                                         – Interior Design                      57
•       LHS                                              – ProStart Culinary Arts Program       42
    –   Criminal Justice                        74
    –   Computer Info. Tech. Pathway           112       – Yellow numbers indicate program
    –   Engineering Pathway                    207         enrollment for 2012-13.
    –   Multimedia Pathway                     370                                              PROGRAMS
                                                                                                IN SCHOOLS
             CTE Consortium
• 5 District Consortium
  (Cherry Creek, DCSD, Englewood, Littleton, Sheridan)
• Offers specialized class or set of classes that
  leads to any or all of the following:
  – Dual credit (high school and concurrent
    enrollment college credit)
  – Certificate
  – Training / specialized skills that could be
  used to gain employment post high school
                                                  PICKENS TECH
                  State Accountability
• Federal Perkins Grant
    – Local Plan
    – Awards packet
    – Vouchers

• Colorado Technical Act (CTA) Report
   – Complete financial report
        •   Instructional Costs -Staffing/Salary/Benefits/Extra Duty
        •   Equipment
        •   Books and Supplies
        •   Contracted Programs

• VE – 135 Enrollment
   – Building by building report of programs/classes/enrollment
        • Participation vs. completion

• VE – 135 Follow up
    – One year later, what are the students doing now?
           Perkins Grant 2011-12
• 3 “projects” using approximately $180,312.00
   – Professional Development
   – Development of Project-based Instruction
   – Assessing Career and Technical Skills

• 26 “action steps”
   –   In-State and Out of State Travel
   –   Substitutes for CTE Teachers
   –   Supplies, Equipment, Technology, Curriculum
   –   Extra Duty Pay
   –   Perkins Grant Writing Pay
           Perkins Grant 2012-13
• 3 “projects” using approximately $191,528.00
   – Professional Development
   – Development of Project-based Instruction
   – Assessing Career and Technical Skills

• 31 “action steps”
   –   In-State and Out of State Travel
   –   Substitutes for CTE Teachers
   –   Supplies, Equipment, Technology, Curriculum
   –   Extra Duty Pay
        What Lies Ahead for CTE?
• Continual updating of existing programming
  especially in the areas of STEM, Computer
  Information Systems, and Multimedia Technologies

• Possible program expansion includes:
     • Aviation program in Parker area
     • Health Sciences program at HRHS
          Concurrent Enrollment
• A student earns high school and college credit for
  course simultaneously
• College-level courses offered in DCSD high schools
• DCSD Teachers are credentialed at the Secondary
  and Post-Secondary Level
• Current Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships:
  –   Arapahoe Community College
  –   Community College Aurora
  –   Red Rocks Community College
  –   CU Succeeds Program                    Concurrent
 Past Concurrent Enrollment Offerings
2010-11—16 Courses Offered                      2011-12—32 Courses Offered
 –   Accounting Principles I (ACC 121)           –   Accounting Principles I (ACC 121)
 –   Adobe Photoshop (MGD 111)                   –   Adobe Illustrator I (MGD 112)
                                                 –   Adobe InDesign (MGD 114)
 –   Adobe llustrator (MGD 112)                  –   Adobe Photoshop I (MGD 111)
 –   Astronomy (AST 101)                         –   Astronomy I (AST 101)
 –   College Algebra (MAT 121)                   –   College Algebra (MAT 121)
 –   College Trigonometry (MAT 122)              –   Digital Photo I (ART 143)
 –   English Composition (ENG 121)               –   English Composition I (ENG 121)
 –   Intro to Business (BUS 115)                 –   Humanities: Early Civilizations (HUM 121)
                                                 –   Humanities: Medieval to Mod. World (HUM 122)
 –   Intro to Early Child Education (ECE 101)    –   International Business (BUS 203)
 –   Intro to Graphic Design (MGD 101)           –   Intro to Archaeology (ANT 107)
 –   Intro to Literature (LIT 115)               –   Intro to Biotechnology (BIO 160)
 –   Intro to PC Applications (CIS 118)          –   Intro to Business (BUS 115)
 –   International Business (BUS 203)            –   Intro. to Early Child Education (ECE 101)
 –   Law Enforcement Operations (CRJ 125)        –   Intro To Graphic Design (MGD 101)
                                                 –   Intro to Literature (LIT 115)
 –   Principles of Marketing (MAR 216)           –   Intro to PC Applications (CIS 118)
 –   Web Design (MGD 141)                        –   Japanese I (JPN 111)
                                                 –   Law Enforcement Operations (CRJ 125)
                                                 –   Logic/Program Design (CSC 116)
                                                 –   Motion Graphic Design (MGD 143)
                                                 –   Music Appreciation (MUS 120)
                                                 –   Personal Finance (BUS 116)
                                                 –   Principles of Marketing (MAR 216)
                                                 –   Public Speaking (COM 115)
                                                 –   Spanish Language I (SPA 111)
                                                 –   Spanish Language II (SPA 112)
                                                 –   Video Prod. I (FVT 105)                   Concurrent
                                                 –   Video/Post Prod. (FVT 160)                Enrollment
                                                 –   Web Design I (MGD 141)
 2012-13 Concurrent Enrollment Offerings
Accounting Principles I & 2 (ACT 121 & 122)      International Business (BUS 203)          U-Joint and Axle Shaft Service (ASE 150)
Adobe Illustrator I (MGD 112)                    Interpersonal Communications (COM 125)    Video Production I (FVT 105)
Adobe InDesign I (MGD 114)                       Intro. to Archaeology (ANT 107)           Video Post Production I (FVT 160)
Adobe Photoshop I (MGD 111)                      Intro. to Biotechnology (BIO 160)         Working for Yourself (BUS 110)
Astronomy I and II (AST 101 & 102)               Introduction to Business (BUS 115)        Web Design I (MGD 141)
Battery, Starting & Charging Systems (ASE 123)   Intro. to Computer Graphics (MGD 101)     3-D Animation (MGD 153)
Business Writing (BUS 117)                       Intro. to Early Childhood Ed. (ECE 101)
College Algebra (MAT 121)                        Intro to Engineering (EGG 100)
College Trigonometry (MAT 122)                   Intro to Energy Technologies (ENY 101)
Computer Networking A+ I (CNG 121)               Intro. to Literature (LIT 115)
Computer Networking A+ II (CNG 122)              Intro to Multimedia (MGD 102)
Computer Science I (CSC 160)                     Intro. to PC Applications (CIS 118)          54 Courses Offered
Computer Science II (CSC 161)                    Law & Ethics for Health Prof. (HPR 106)
Consumer Behavior (MAR 235)                      Logic & Program Design (CSC 116)
Cultural Anthropology (ANT 101)                  Medical Terminology (HPR 178)
Customer Service (MAR 160)                       Motion Graphic Design I (MGD 141)
Economics of Social Issues (ECO 101)             Music Appreciation (MUS 120)
English Composition I (ENG 121)                  Personal Finance (BUS 116)
Fundamentals of Music (MUS 100)                  Physical Geology (GEY 111)
Human Geography (GEO 106)                        Principles of Marketing (MAR 216)
Humanities: Early Civilization (HUM 121)         Public Speaking (COM 115)
Humanities: Medieval to Modern (HUM 122)         Spanish Language 1 (SPA 111)
Humanities: Modern World (HUM 123)               US History to Recon (HIS 201)
Infant Toddler Theory & Practice (ECE 111)       US History since Civil War (HIS 202)                                  Enrollment
          Concurrent Enrollment Historical Perspective
             for Arapahoe Community College and
            Community College of Aurora Combined
                                          Total Enrollment: 2842
Total Enrollment: 1311
                                          *Total College Credit Hours Earned: 9049
Total College Credit Hours Earned: 4106

                                          *Based on preliminary report prior to official grades posting
                                          *Total includes Red Rocks Community College for the first time
Total Enrollment: 2743
Total College Credit Hours Earned: 9107

DCSD Post-Secondary Education Option
• Dual credit program for students not yet graduated from

• Based on old state PSEO model

• Option to attend a post secondary institution for a class
  that DCSD does not offer. Students consult with counselors
  to explore this option.

• Approval is given on a case-by-case basis

                                                       DCSD PSEO
    Career Exploration and Planning
• Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

• Connection to Naviance

• Internships / Work Experience Credit

• Career Connect Program through DCEF

• 8th Grade Career Expo through DCEF        CAREER
                                             Douglas County District ICAP Plan 2012-2013
                                           Grade 9                         Grade 10                          Grade 11                          Grade 12
                                Required:                         Required:                         Required:                         Required:
                                  Student Sign in to                Complete My Resume.               Update My Resume.                 Update My Resume.
                                                                     Using the results of the          Complete Do What You              Finalize Goals, Careers
                                  Parent Sign in to               Plan Test Interest Inventory,     Are in Naviance. Record in        Programs, majors and
                                Naviance                          update careers, programs,         MyCap*.                           postsecondary schools.
                                                                  majors, and postsecondary                                           Record in MyCap*.
                                   Student completes              goals. Record in MyCap*.             Update careers,
                                                                                                    programs, majors, and                Senior credit check with

   Exploring Planning
                                Career Interest Profiler, in
                                Naviance. Identify careers,           In Naviance, review and       postsecondary schools.            counselor.
                                programs, majors, and             update intentional sequence       Record in MyCap*.
                                postsecondary schools.            of coursework to meet post-
                                Develop a written                 secondary goals. Record in            In Naviance, review and
                                postsecondary and                 MyCAP*.                           update intentional sequence
                                workforce goal. Record in                                           of coursework to meet post-
                                MyCap*.                           Recommended:                      secondary goals. Record in
                                                                    Career Cluster Finder in        MyCAP*.
                                    In Naviance, identify         Naviance.
                                intentional sequence of                                                Students will complete
                                coursework to meet post-             Self-Assessment                the National and Local
                                secondary goals. Record in        Inventory in Naviance.            Scholarship Search, FAFSA
                                MyCAP*.                                                             4caster, and College
                                                                                                    Opportunity Fund. Record in

                                                                                                        Complete Junior Credit
                                                                                                    Check with counselor.
                                Recommended:                      Recommended:                      Recommended:                      Recommended:

   Career Connections
                                   Interview Parents                  Participate in District and       Participate in District and       Participate in District and
                                regarding career                  community wide Career             community wide Career             community wide Career
                                development (located in           Exploration Opportunities,        Exploration Opportunities,        Exploration Opportunities,
                                Naviance)                         such as Career Days,              such as Career Days,              such as Career Days,
                                                                  Career related Field Trips,       Career related Field Trips,       Career related Field Trips,
                                   Research and deliver           Career Speakers, Job              Career Speakers, Job              Career Speakers, Job
                                career speech in Public           Shadowing, Job Fairs,             Shadowing, Job Fairs,             Shadowing, Job Fairs,
                                Speaking Class.                   Internships, Volunteer Work.      Internships, apprenticeships,     Internships, Volunteer Work.
                                                                                                    Volunteer Work.
                                    Participate in District and
                                community wide Career
                                Exploration Opportunities.
                                Recommended:                      Required:                         Required:                         Required:
                                    Via Naviance, explore            Complete Game Plan in             Review and update                 Review and update
                                relevant links to post-           Naviance, identifying post-       Game Plan in Naviance,            Game Plan in Naviance,
                                secondary goals.                  secondary and workforce           identifying post-secondary        identifying post-secondary
                                                                  goals*.                           and workforce goals*.             and workforce goals*.
   Post Secondary Connections

                                                                  Recommended:                        Conduct Naviance                   Complete Senior Survey
                                                                      Complete College Search       Career Cluster Finder*.           and District Survey.
                                                                  in Naviance.
                                                                                                      Conduct College Search,            Record in MyCap
                                                                     Attend College field trips,    Scattergrams, College             completed College
                                                                  College Fairs, Visit Post-        Compare*.                         Applications, acceptances
                                                                  Secondary schools, explore                                          and denials, scholarships
                                                                  CTE options.                      Recommended:                      and financial aid*.
                                                                                                       Sign-up for College Rep
                                                                                                    Visits                              Record completion of
                                                                                                                                      FAFSA in Mycap*.
                                                                                                       Attend College field trips,
                                                                                                    College Fairs, Visit Post-        Recommended:
                                                                                                    Secondary schools, explore           Sign-up for College Rep
                                                                                                    CTE options.                      Visits

                                                                                                                                         Attend College field trips,
                                                                                                                                      College Fairs, Visit Post-
                                                                                                                                      Secondary schools, explore
                                                                                                                                      CTE options.                         CAREER
Asterisk items indicate yearly benchmarks met.                                                                                                            11-15-13
        What Lies Ahead for
       Concurrent Enrollment?
• New Potential Partnerships
  – Metro State University
  – Colorado Christian University
  – Other area Community Colleges

• Continual additions to ACC course offerings at
  each high school
• CTE programming expanding: 6,650 , 7,852 , 11,531

• Concurrent Enrollment course offerings expanding: 16, 32, 54

• Concurrent Enrollment students increasing: 1311, 2743, 2842

• Exploring connections with other universities.

• 12-13 HS schedules help support this expansion.

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