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Jay Benson Triathlon Participants of the JCC
The Jay Benson consists of a 3 mile fast, flat run, then a 20 K bike, and ends with a 400 meter pool swim. Held this year on May 10, the JCC was well represented: Margaret Matteucci JCC Spinning Instructor "The woman who starts the race is not the same woman who finishes the race." Those words encapsulate the triathlon experience for me. When I crossed the finish line in my first tri, I was really choked up. I went into the experience just wanting to finish...that was my goal. But, I ended up being so moved by the experience, individually and collectively. It seems we were all there to exorcise our own demons and to stretch the limits of what we thought we could do. And by crossing the finish line, or even just showing up at the start with the intent to, we did just that. Jessica Corea JCC Spinning Instructor The event was a blast! This was my first tri and I loved it! I am hoping to shave a little time off my bike & swim...who knows maybe next year I might be giving the leaders a run for their money! Kathleen Gardenswartz JCC Member “The Jay Benson is a great local race and the perfect way to start Mother’s Day.” The course works well because it is on Kirkland Airforce Base which eliminates the worry of traffic and allows participants to focus on getting through each part of the race.”

Chile Paper

Barbara Einhorn JCC Member I always like to challenge myself and it was a wonderful thing to finish such a tough course. Also I have two teenage daughters and I think it's very important for girls to see women participating in and enjoying these types of activities. Tricia Romesberg JCC Member “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath.” This is my 3rd year of triathlon training and I am finding that I enjoy it more every year. I think it’s important to work toward achieving goals throughout all aspects of life. Triathlon training helps me decompress from my often challenging and emotional job as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. My first Olympic Tri in July will be the true test of how well I’ve trained. Mike Conrad JCC Member Mike was unavailable for comment, too busy training for an Olympic length triathlon he will compete in August. The Jay Benson was Mike’s third Tri event this season; he also rode the recent Santa Fe Century. - Compiled by Lisa Brown

Lift Smart

Keep from “breaking your back” with these tips for heavy lifting.

Contributions to the JCC
In Honor of Shirley Gardenswartz’ Birthday Sue & Warren DuBroff Jennie Negin & Harold Folley In Memory of 1st Lt. Roslyn Schulte Pamela and William Shelby Amud Susan & Howard Zeman Endowment Jennie Negin & Harold Folley Capital Campaign Kathleen & Seth Gardenswartz Marcia & Larry Lubar Elizabeth & Scott Miltenberger Ruth & Martin Mondlick Julia Seligman JCC Programs & Services Bonnie Downs Raisa and Eugene Koshkin Jennie Negin & Harold Folley Ellen Saunders Patricia & Robert Schenck Phyllis & David Wolf Maccabi Madalene & Byron Kesner The Ticket Fashionshow Frank Wilson New Mexico Humanitarian Awards Pauline & Mel Eisenstadt Miriam Efroymson Betsy & Michel Messeca Jennie Negin & Harold Folley Estelle H. Rosenblum George & Vivian Skadron Janet & Silvain Steinlauf

•	 Test	the	load	first. Check to see how much the object weighs before attempting to lift it. Get close to the load. Get as close to the load as possible - as if you're hugging the object. Having the object close to your body puts less strain on your low back. Maintain your curves. Keep yourself in an upright position while squatting to pick up the object. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Tightening the abdominals helps support the spine. Don't hold your breath while tightening the muscles. Lift with your legs. Your legs are the strongest muscles in your body - use them. Pivot, don't twist. Turn with your feet, not your back. It isn't built for twisting. Avoid overhead loads. If a load is above your shoulders, use a step stool to elevate yourself until the load is at least at chest level - preferably waist height. Pull the object close to your body and then lift. Remember to maintain your curves and use your arms and legs to do the work. -	ACE	Certified	News

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Fit Tip

Thank you for choosing to make a donation to the JCC. We sincerely appreciate your support. Please call Jay Jacobs at 348-4449 to learn about all your giving opportunities.

Women’s Day of Play a Success Aquatic Development
Senior women enjoyed a variety of fitness and fun activities at the “Women’s Day of Play” on Saturday afternoon, May 9th, at the JCC. The event, funded by a grant from the New Mexico Senior Sports Foundation, was co-hosted by A League of Their Own, a senior women’s basketball league. JCC certified staff served as enthusiastic instructors, as did Trish Hoffman with APD. Included in the agenda were Zumba, yoga, body sculpting, water aerobics, circuit training, self-defense, dieting/nutrition hints, and health screening. The JCC was packed with women having a great time going from one activity to another, winning door prizes, snacking healthy, and socializing. A repeat performance was requested for the future! - Glynes Foster Here at the JCC we have several aquatic programs available to our members and non-members: Aqua aerobics, OrCaS swim team, Master Swim, and swim lessons. Of all the classes we offer, swim lessons build the foundation. Our staff of dedicated instructors offers group lessons, private lessons, and semi-private lessons. In our Learn-To-Swim group lessons the average class size is larger then that of private and semi-private lessons. Being an instructor myself, I have seen growth and improvement come from both group and private lessons. Each child learns in a different way. Some children respond well working with other students, whereas others function better in a more personal setting. I think the best way to see fast results is a combination of Learn-To-Swim classes and private lessons. I also recommend repetition. Most children do not swim during the school year and when they get into the pool at the beginning of the summer it can take a while for the muscle memory to kick in. Any practice you can get with your child will be beneficial. So, whenever you get the chance, come to our pool and practice with your children. If you are interested in any of our aquatics programs please contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Matt Burnham at 348-4497. - Kelly Zeikus

Nutrition	Tip:	Fun in the Sun
Swimming is great exercise and a good way to relax, but many forget the importance of drinking water when you are surrounded by it. Like any athletic activity, when you swim, your body temperature rises and your body sweats to keep from overheating. You may not notice because you are in the water, but the activity and heat can easily dehydrate you. The best way to prevent dehydration is to drink something every 15 minutes. Keeping yourself and your family hydrated during the summer, no matter what you are doing, is very important. - Genny Hawk


orc a s

Unfortunately, for most of us, the numbers displayed on cardio machines are probably not correct. If only every automated calorie counter new EXACTLY how to accurately calculate for each and every potential user. Then, we would have caloric integrity in the gym. Although manufacturers have improved the accuracy of such estimates, there are just too many factors at work to expect one machine to be able to get this number right. In general, the newer and more expensive the machine, the more accurate that energy expenditure estimate will be. Also, the more information the machine requires of the user, the more accurate the calorie count. Below see a list of the complicating factors that simply cannot be addressed by an inanimate object: • Muscle burns more calories per minute than fat does. This means that without an accurate body fat percentage a COMPLETELY accurate caloric expenditure number is not possible. • Men burn calories more quickly than do women. Meaning, if the machine does not account for your gender, all bets are off! • Older individuals have a slower basal metabolism than their younger counterparts. How much slower? Good question and one that the treadmill cannot answer. • Fitness levels vary greatly between members of the same height, weight, gender, and age. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to account for the athletic efficiency and/or biochemistry of one user over another. • Dehydration, chronic illness, and innumerable other factors can alter your ability to burn calories at any given time. Even the most gifted mathematician with detailed information about an individual cannot correctly predict with 100% accuracy the rate at which calories will be burned during a specific activity. If you are like me, and you want to know your calories, my best suggestion is to use a Heart Rate monitor of your own: it is customized just for your body (you can enter in your age, gender, weight and body fat), and it gives you the best estimate according to your heart rate levels. The benefit of knowing your estimated calories is that it will help you keep track of calories in (diet) vs. Calories consumed (exercise). - Susanna Pier Reference: SCW Fitness Education

The JCC Celebrates the People Who Give Their All!
Mike Willey Mike was awarded the Presidential Award for outstanding work ethic during the 2009 Annual Meeting. Having worked at the JCC for six years, he initially began as the movie-making instructor for camp, and subsequently became a member services associate. Within the past year , Mike took on the responsibilities of the Member Services Manager role. Mike received his Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of New Mexico. When he’s not helping JCC members, Mike enjoys making films, listening to underground music, and skateboarding.

Seth Gardenswartz Seth was presented with the Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2009 Annual Meeting. Among other activities, like volunteering at JCC events and programs, Seth volunteers to teach Spinning at the JCC at no charge. Lifelong Albuquerquean, Seth Gardenswartz is a partner with BoomTime, which enables small, service-based businesses to have a real relationship with their clients online. As an attorney, Seth is an experienced practitioner in the areas of software agreements, trademarks, licensing, and brand building. In addition to his service to the JCC, Seth is the New Mexico Chair of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He and his wife, Kathleen, have two children, Eve and Jonah.

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Thank you for your support of the Father’s Day 5K!
Buy yours today! Visit jccabq.org or call Phyllis Wolf at 348-4500 to purchase or for more information.

A Note from Jay Jacobs, CEO A Note from Jay Jacobs, CEO
With summer moving along it is not too early to start thinking about fall. Some things to look for this fall are: - Improved, enhanced and increased afterschool programming - New sports instructional clinics for children K-3 - Our next Kids Fun and Fitness Expo - An incredible Jewish Book Month series - Atlantic City Night #2 There will also be a couple of new customer service items to look for: - Front door greeting. At key times of each day we will have a staff member at the front door greeting you and to help you with any questions you may have. - To improve the security of our parking lots as well as other areas of the “J,” we are installing new and additional security cameras. Congratulations to our Membership Director Mike Willey who at our recent annual meeting was awarded the Presidential Award for outstanding service. Also at the June annual meeting Marci Powers was installed as the new JCC President of the Board. Many and special thanks to outgoing President Meryl Manning Segel for an incredible two years as JCC President. And finally with camps taking place, members using the pool and fitness facilities, people attending classes and programs, the energy at the “J” has been fantastic. We love having you in the building and as always, thank you for being a members of our”J” family. We do appreciate you.

Upcoming JCC Programs
July 26, 10am: The Sephardic Jews of Spain and Portugal Talk with Dolores Sloan

Golf Invitational

This years Father’s Day 5K run was one of the most successful running events in JCC history. With over 180 participants, the fathers brought out their families for a day of exercise and fun. Many fathers were seen proudly pushing baby strollers as they ran through the 5K running course. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors, Action Safety, who donated the barricades and cones and also to Babas’ Bagels who donated the post- run refreshments and Magi who did a wonderful job organizing the run. This was truly an all ages event; the ages varied from 4 years to 77 years old. The overall fastest male runner was Cory Kalm who completed the course in 17 minutes and 5 seconds. The overall fastest female was Jane Thompson who completed the course in 22 minutes and 51 seconds. Congratulations to all the runners for such an amazing job. Thank you again to our sponsors, volunteers and most of all our runners. Keep fit and hope to see you at the next Fathers Day run. Visit jccabq.org to view pictures and final race results!


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