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A concrete mixer is an essential fixture in any construction site. The quintessential part
of any mixer is a rotating drum, which homogenizes all the ingredients such as cement,
aggregate, sand or gravel with water to form concrete. These mixers serve another useful
purpose. They help the concrete from drying that might end up hardening the mixture.
The primary section of any cement mixer is a rotating drum, which homogenizes all the
components. Ninety five percent of homogenizing is completed in 30 seconds.

Another use of a concrete mixer is to prevent concrete from drying, resulting in
hardening of the concrete. Basically, this machine is available in a variety of sizes. The
quality of a construction depends on the quality of cement/concrete used. In the ultimate
analysis it the homogeneity of the materials after mixing that that determines the quality.
Selecting concrete mixers to a large extent depends on the mixing method that is best
suited for application at job site. In this regard issues to be considered include: location
of the construction site (distance from the batching plant), the amount of concrete needed,
the construction schedule (volume of concrete needed per hour), and the cost.

In Batch type and Continuous concrete mixers, there is a further sub-division. These are
Mobile or Stationary and Standard Transit mixer. A mobile mixer is a truck to transport
several batched location like roadways and sidewalks. These mobile mixers are, further
categorized into several types with regard to mixing grade and size of the mixing pan.
Stationary mixers are normally used when concrete is required in bulky consignments for
one location.

Standard Transit Mixer are used in huge quantity of concrete is required. These delivery
trucks have huge rotating barrels where cement is mixed.
Usually these standard transit mixers are quantity based       which means the specific
amount of cement the trucks can carry. If the customer has ordered more than his actual
requirement, the remaining concrete finds application as ready mix concrete.

The quality of concrete is determined by its microstructure, composition and curing
conditions. But finally it is the mixing methods and mixer condition used to process the
concrete that are of utmost significance. Primarily there are two basic types of mixers
used: batch mixers and continuous mixers. The batch type produces concrete one batch
at a time, while the second type produces concrete at a constant rate.

Selection of the right kind of mixers depends on the batch output. For the concrete one
can either buy Portland cement or pre-mix cement. However most consumers prefer pre-
mix which is more adaptable for almost all jobsite applications. Pre-mix constitutes a
homogenized mixture of cement, sand and gravel to water.

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