German Numbers 21-100 by hcj


									It’s easier than you think!
New Numbers
30= dreizig (like 3 “drei” just add “zig” to the end)
40= vierzig (like 4 “vier” just add “zig” to the end
50= fϋnfzig (again like 5 “fϋnf” with a “zig” at the end)
60= sechsig (same story, 6 “sechs” plus a “zig”)
Other New Numbers
 70= siebzig ( the only tricky one, instead of “siebenzig”
  it’s shortened up to “siebzig”)
 80= achtzig (“acht” and “zig” no surprises)
 90= neunzig (the same 9 “neun” plus “zig”)
Making any Number between 20-
 To figure out any number, you now know everything
    you need to
   The Germans just say ____ und ____zig
   “und” is the German word for “and”
   For example 23 is __drei (3)__ und (and)“ zwanzig
   Or 54 is vier und fϋnfzig
   To sum up, take the number 1-9, then add “und” and
    then the “zig” number that applies
Last Notes
 Remember, any number times 10 is just that number
  with “zig” attached to the end. (except for “siebzig”
  “70” and “zwanzig” “20”)
 The link below will bring you to a helpful website if
  you get stuck or would like to know more
 Please continue on the the Comic Strip Assignment
 Counting in German Help

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