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									 Delay Tolerance in a
Network of Information

   Dirk Kutscher – NEC Labs

   SAIL Project Consortium

  DTNRG Meeting @ IETF-78
               DTN Community:
            We have come a long way
• Interplanetary Networking
   – Networking the orbit, solar system, universe

• DTN Architecture and Bundle Protocol
   –   Generalized Architecture
   –   Space communications as a customer
   –   Bundle transport without permanent end-to-end paths
   –   Store-and forward
   –   Late name resolution
   –   Custody transfer
   –   Convergence layer concept
   –   Routing with different levels of knowledge of network topology,
       offered load and connectivity graphs over time
                                       Many Uses
•   Designed for Space Communication
     –   but not limited to that

•   Application Areas
     –   Opportunistic (social) networking
     –   Vehicular networking
     –   Habitat monitoring
     –   Infrastructure-less (-reduced) communication services

•   Research Topics
     –   Routing in disruption-prone environments, considering time dimension
     –   Applications for message-oriented architectures
     –   Self-organized content distribution
     –   Addressing and naming

•   Applications
     –   Information-kiosks for developing countries
     –   Publish-subscribe based content distribution
     –   Web over DTN
      DTN Pub/Sub Protocol (DPSP)‫‏‬
 Leveraging replication-based distribution in opportunistic networking
  scenarios for cost-efficient and scalable content distribution
     DTN Multicast distribution based on Publish-Subscribe model
     Objective: reliable and timely distribution

                                                                                           Channel: weather/hazards

 Based on local replication decisions                                                     Channel: weather/travel           Content

     Taking limited resources (storage, bandwidth) into account                  Source: forecast


 Not requiring global knowledge about the network                                                                                                    Contact

     Instead: Relying on Publish-Subscribe model
     Leveraging information about subscriptions (e.g., receiver interest)‫‏‬                                                            Subscribe


 Configurable bundle selection and prioritization mechanism
     Select and order bundles for transmission/storage in order to meet objectives

       Janico Greifenberg, Dirk Kutscher;
       Efficient Publish/Subscribe-based Multicast for Opportunistic Networking with Self-Organized Resource Utilization;
       WON-2008; March 2008
  Applications Beyond Research?
• Opportunistic social networking

• DTN Concepts for mobile communication
  – Augmenting wireless infrastructure
  – Improving quality of experience
  – Enabling reduced operation (energy saving…)
            Virtual Telco View
• Delay Tolerance? – go away!

• We got LTE, and its going to be superfast
  – Ubiquitous infrastructure
  – Well-managed, congestion cannot happen
  – Cannot sell “delays”

• But…
       An Inconvenient Prospect

Cisco Forecasts 3.6 Exabytes per Month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2014
Drivers for Mobile Data Traffic Growth

Video Will Account for 66 Percent of Global Mobile Data Traffic by 2014
• Revenue does not keep up with traffic increase

Mobile industry is looking for solutions NOW…
Example: Architectural Changes in 3GPP
                                                      Backhaul           MME
              IP to Backhaul: 222.2.2. 2
             Gateway (NAT enabled)                                SeGW

                                                    SGW   PGW
          SIPTO Traffic                       IPSec


                           IPSec           HeNB


• Step 1: Offloading high-volume traffic via local break-out points
   –   Deviating from core network tunnel concepts
   –   Allow for local gateways “to the Internet”
   –   Originally for femto base stations – now adopted for macro network
   –   General trend: decentralization
Step 2: Content Caches at the Edge

            Content Servers

              PDN Gateways /
              edge caches
              IETF ALTO and DECADE
• IETF ALTO                                  ALTO Client
                                               (Peer)                      ALTO Server
   – Application Layer Traffic
                                                 ALTO Protocol
   – Help P2P clients to better
     select peers for requested
     content                                   ALTO
   – Motivation: operator cost                 Client
     reduction                               (Tracker)

                                  P2P Peer

   – DECoupled Application Data                                  Storage

   – Access in-network storage               Standard
   – Motivation: P2P efficiency              Protocol
                                                   P2P Protocols
                                      P2P Peer                       P2P Peer
• Imminent traffic volume explosion
    – Video distribution as (literally) a killer application
    – Resource management issues unsolved today

• Information-centric concepts are proliferating
    –   CDNs: transparent redirection of requests to topologically close servers
    –   P2P: location-agnostic exchange of content chunks
    –   IETF ALTO: align peer selection with network topology (operator policies)
    –   IETF DECADE: access named content in storage servers
    –   Machine-to-Machine Communication

• Information-centric research activities
    –   4WARD NetInf: Information-centric networking with a flat naming scheme
    –   CCN: Content-centric networking with a hierarchical naming scheme
    –   PSIRP: Publish/subscribe for Internet level communication
    –   DTN: Delay-Tolerant Networking based on Bundle protocol
                     Upcoming Activities
• Take information-centric networking to the next level
    –   General-purpose information-centric architecture
    –   … scalable to global deployment
    –   …Beyond content distribution
    –   … with inbuilt delay tolerance

• Applicable to specific scenarios
    –   Considering real-world requirements and on-going developments
    –   Mobile communication, M2M
    –   Operator requirements
    –   Business models, economic models

• Relationship to DTN
    – DTN concepts for Information-centric
    – Network of Information based on DTN
  Scalable and Adaptive
Internet Solutions Project

• EU-FP7 Integrated Project
  – Industry focus: major European vendors and
  – Network of Information one of three technical areas
  – Starts August 1st, runs for 2.5 years
  Scalable and Adaptive
Internet Solutions Project

• EU-FP7 Integrated Project
  – Industry focus: major European vendors and
  – Network of Information one of three technical areas
  – Starts August 1st, runs for 2.5 years


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