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					What is the average number of
 hours girls in Badin spend on
          Facebook in a week?

                   Audrey Hayes
                  Brittany O’Donnell
Our project
 Project Type B: Population Average

 Our population of interest was girls in Badin Hall

 The population average we wanted to calculate was the
  average number of hours girls in Badin spend on
  Facebook during the week

 This average represents quantitative data
Finding our Data
 We found our data by sending out a survey through
  email to the entire dorm asking the average number of
  hours one spends on Facebook during the week

 The girls emailed back their responses

 The population was a random sample, because the girls
  that were asked are different ages, from different
  places, and have different interests, therefore making
  the selection random.
Anticipated Biases
 We anticipated measurement error, because the survey was sent
  electronically leaving room for technical mishaps ect.

 We also anticipated non- response bias, because people may not
  have responded to the email and disregarded it.

 We had no selection bias because we asked all of the girls in

 To avoid biases, we created a single clear question that sought to
  eliminate confusion. The phrasing of the question also excluded
  any leading questions. Also, our survey was quick and simple to

 The selection of Badin girls as our population of interest, was
  one based on the diversity of the girl’s ages, background and
  interest, eliminating possible biases.
 We expected the data to fall between 2 and 3 hours a
  week that was spent on Facebook.

 We expected these values, because of Notre Dame’s
  academically driven nature. Students of Notre Dame,
  typically do not have spare hours to spend on a social
Estimated Population Average
 We were 80 percent confident that the average number
  of hours Badin girls spent on Facebook a week was
  between 3.54 hours and 5.30 hours.

 Values:

Mean= 4.422         s= 4.5936

n= 45               z   α/2=   1.282

When we plugged these values into the formula we got the
 number of hours; between 3.54 and 5.30.
0     2.5   5
0     3     5
0     3     6
                           Our Data
1     3     7
1     3     7
1     3     8
1     3     8
1     3     10
1     3     12
2     3.5   14
2     3.5   14
2     4     25
2     4
2     4
2     4
2.5   4.5   Average 4.22   (Captain Data)
Average Number of Hours A Badin Girl
spends on Facebook a week
 Biases that we expected did not end up being a problem
  because enough people responded, and we were fairly
  confident that they were honest on the number of time
  they spent on Facebook per week.

 Our results were actually a bit higher than what we
  expected. We expected that the average number of
  hours would have been between 2 and 3 hours when
  actually the real number was 4.422.
Analysis cont.
 We were surprised with the value of 4 hours per week,
  for it is a high number.

 We had difficulties trying to figure out how we would
  get the question out to every girl in Badin, but we
  figured out how to put it on the master Badin email.

 We thought we were thorough in our approach and
  presentation with this project, however maybe in the
  future, if we were to repeat this again, we would
  incorporate all female dorms at Notre Dame, to get a
  larger population.
Numerical Analysis
 Mean- 4.422

 Median- 3

 Mode- 3

 Standard Deviation- 4.5936

 Potential Outliers- 10, 12, 14, 25

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