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					Kärnan i EnighetsPrinciperna
  och att uppnå Världsfred
                  Del 1
       Vårt förhållande till Gud
           Att leva för andra
    Familjen som en kärlekens skola
Hur skapar vi Världsfred?
• Vi måste förstå Gud, Hans karaktär, principer
    och syfte med Skapelsen.
•   Gud är god, ,men vår värld är fylld av konflikter
    eftersom vi inte känner Gud – och inte är som
    Honom, vi är själviska.
•   Religion har den centrala rollen att ta oss ur vår
    okunskap och omvandla oss från själviskhet till
    att leva för Gud och andra.
   Vänskapen mellan Gud och Människor

     Gud        Ursprung/Orsak       Subjekt             Förälder

   MänniskorSkapelse                                      Barnet
                    Verkan                               föräldern

Alla människor har sitt ursprung i Gud och är skapade i Hans avbild.
Gud är en hjärtat och kärlekens Gud, ett subjekt som vill ge kärlek till ett ob
Gud behöver ett objekt för att kuna ge Sin kärlek.
Han skapade oss i Sin avbild så att vi kan vara partner i kärlek, Hans barn.
Vår kärlek, våra liv och ideal kommer från Gud,
och vi känner att dessa är mest värdefulla efterom de är mest värdefulla för
Men Gud kan inte ha kärlek, liv och sina ideal bara för sig själv.
Han behöver ett jämlikt förhållande med en kärlekspartner.
Gus skapade människor som denna sin partner, i kärlek.
   The Relationship between God and Human Beings

     God        Origin/Cause        Subject             Parent

   Human          Creation
   Beings                                              the parent

All human beings originate in God. Our love, life and ideals come from
God, and we feel these are the most precious things because they are
most precious to God. But God cannot have love, life and his ideal all
by himself. He needs a reciprocal relationship with a partner of love.
God created human beings as His object, His partner of love.
To realise God’s purpose of creation we should fully reflect His nature by
becoming a true human being, a person of heart and love, a child of God.
The Pair System - living for the sake of God and
                God                   Centre/Purpose
           Higher Purpose
                                                    To realise my value
                                                    I must fulfil my purpose
                                                    of existence by living for
 Subject                    Object
 Partner                    Partner     Interaction God and others

              Realise                 Outcome/Result
                                                         True Parents
                                                        True Teachers
                                                        True Leaders
 Mind                        Body

  Man                        Woman

Parent                       Child           The centre of peace and harmony,
                                             God, is living for the sake of all
Human                        Environment     His creation.
   Life’s Three Fundamental Goals
Individual Peace       Peace in Human Society Universal Peace

        God                       God                     God

                              True Parents
Mind            Body    Husband True love Wife    True

                                True life
                                Children                True
                              True lineage

                              True Family
                               and Society
The Family is:
• The School of Love – nurturing heart and
    character, the primary training ground for
•   The School of Ethics – the basis of social norms.
•   The School for Good Citizens – empathy begins
    with mother and infant, anti-social behaviour
    stems from family problems.
•   The foundation for peace.
   The Four Great Loves                               1. Children’s Love
                                                      2. Brother’s/Sister’s Love
                                                      3. Conjugal Love
Settlement point of                  God
the Four Great Loves             M         F          4. Parent’s Love

Father’s Love                                                  Mother’s Love

         True Man                                          True Woman
                                                 Youth - will
Husband’s Love                                                      Wife’s Love
                                               Child - intellect

Brother’s Love                                 Infant - emotion    Sister’s Love

Son’s Love                       M         F                 Daughter’s Love
          The most important aspect of development is heart and emotion
    The Central Point of First Love
A man’s sexual love belongs
exclusively to his wife and a
woman’s sexual love belongs
                                  God      God comes down to the central
exclusively to her husband.       M F      point where man and woman meet
                                           in love for God and each other.
They are the precious gift of
God, the source of true love,              The Settlement Point of the Four
life and lineage.                          Great Loves.

  50% of God                                                50% of God

            Man                                           Woman

                The Sexual Relationship is sacred:
                • under God’s approval and blessing
                • God’s Palace of true love, life and lineage
                • the dwelling place of God
Unmarried people should be committed to the
ideal of unchanging love for their future spouse.

Envision the benefits if each country educated its
young people that the most precious thing is to
keep their love pure for their eternal spouse.
No one can entirely shield young people from the
impact of TV, movies, concerts and the Internet.

Instead we have to educate them to recognize the
terrible results of free sex and false love, and the
value of true love and good families.
As leaders standing in front of God, you can
 give a positive influence to your nation.
Children hope to see their parents as an
example of true love.

The younger generation want to see leaders
who live an exemplary life.
   Father and Mother Moon have conducted
marriage blessings for millions of couples since
1960, including couples from all races, religions
 and nations, both previously married couples,
          and newly engaged couples.

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