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 It’s Back To School                                                                              Issue 19
 by Lorene Sauro, RHN, Jess Sherman, RHN and Jennifer Sexton, RHN
                                                                                             September, 2012
The kids may be heading off to school          healthy food you would like them to eat
and while this may mean getting your           and then start talking. Ask your child
                                                                                             Inside this issue:
routine back to “normal”, the days of          what he/she thinks of certain combos
slapping a peanut butter sandwich to-          like celery and almond butter. Make a
gether and sending them off to school          game of it and wait until they tell you       It’s Back to       1,3
are over. Making good food choices for         they like the sound of one of the com-
your kids and keeping them happy can           bos. Or put all the foods you would like
be challenging.                                them to eat on the table and ask them
                                               to tell you what foods they think should
                                                                                             Why Eat            1,2
Plan healthy lunches with the kids ahead       go together. Don’t question their choic-
of time. Sending kids to school with food      es, as long as all foods are good for         Fermented
they do not enjoy is not a good idea so        them, what does it matter? You may be         Foods?
try new foods at home and get them in-         surprised what they actually like. This
volved in the choices. As we know, kids        can save you a lot time and prevent           Power Chia         2
have quirky tastes. Make a list of the         food from being wasted.
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 Why Eat Fermented Foods? By Debby J. Raabel, PHN                                            Super              4
Fermented, also known as “cultured”
foods are high in B vitamins, protein and                                                    Granola
are full of enzymes which help to break-                                                     Bars
down large molecules into usable units.
They are naturally “pre-digested” so pro-                                                    Are Your     4
teins have been broken down into amino
acids and starches have been broken                                                          Kids Anxious
down into simple sugars. Therefore, fer-                                                     About
mented or cultured foods aid digestion,                                                      School?
are easily assimilated, and provide energy
in an efficient manner. (1) (2)
                                                                                             Looking to put more
The process of fermenting foods was used
primarily as a way to preserve foods, and                                                      fermented foods
ancient cultures seemed to realize that        (fermented soybeans) Miso, (fermented            into your diet?
fermenting foods also added health ben-        rice, barley and/or soybeans, with salt
efits. We in the west are familiar with fer-   and the fungus kōjikin) and Kumiss                   See a
mented foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut,       (traditionally fermented mare’s milk), to
olives, pickles, vinegar, soy sauce, and       name just a few. (4)                               Holistic
sour dough bread. (3) There are many oth-      Cultured foods contain lactic acid                Nutritionist
er less known fermented foods such as          which helps destroy harmful bacteria in
Kefir (fermented milk with kefir granules      the intestines. They are a natural aci-
that are a combination of bacteria and         dophilus, that means they fortify the in-
yeasts), Korean Kimchi (fermented vege-        testinal flora, the friendly bacteria which
tables and seasonings) Kombucha                inhabit the intestines. (1)(2)
(fermented tea from fungus) Tempeh             Continued page 2...
  Enjoy your love of food …with food that loves you back
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...Fermented Foods Continued from page 1 These friendly bacteria get depleted
through day to day modern living such as eating processed, chemicalized, pre-
served for shelf-life food, overuse of antibiotics and stress. Including fermented
foods in your regular daily diet will help restore these friendly bacteria in your intes-
The lactobacilius acidophilus bacteria produced from fermenting foods, uses starch-           Power Chia Balls
es and sugars in foods as its food. The metabolic by-product, lactic acid, actually
preserves food by inhibiting other bacteria that cause foods to rot and putrefy. (2)         By Jess Sherman, RHN
                                                                                            Looking for a quick-to-
Current scientific research is exploding with an abundance of studies confirming the
                                                                                            make, wholesome, ener-
health benefits of fermented food. Many of these studies have focused on yogurt in
                                                                                            gy-full snack? This one
relation to colon health, intestinal cancers, and immunological benefits. (6-16)
                                                                                            takes about 2 minutes
One 1998 study that did not involve dairy involved feeding fermented papaya to              to make, and is extreme-
rats. Researchers discovered that the fermented papaya preparation had antioxi-             ly versatile: use it as a
dant actions that protected against the age related and neurological diseases as-           quick breakfast for
sociated with free radicals. (17)                                                           those chaotic mornings,
                                                                                            pack it as part of a
Kefir has attracted a lot of attention with research                                        school lunch, or have it
scientists. Kefir is quite different from yogurt except                                     waiting for an after-
that both are made from milk and both are ferment-                                          noon snack. (tip: if
ed. While yogurt is made by fermenting milk with                                            packing for lunch, note
acidophilus bacteria, kefir is far more complex a fer-                                      that they get a bit soggy
mentation; it is fermented using a culture of yeast                                         if they get too warm...
and bacteria living in a symbiotic relationship. (18)                                       wrap in foil and try to
                                                                                            keep cool). The coconut
A 2007 study paper found that both the yogurt and kefir extracts inhibited growth of
                                                                                            oil will provide a good
breast cancer cells. While yogurt was good, the kefir was far better at stopping            burst of energy and the
cancer cell growth.                                                                         oil, along with the blood
The kefir extracts had four times the inhibitory effect on the breast cancer cells than     stabilizing powers of
the yogurt did at one quarter the concentration. These researchers discovered that          chia and dates, gives
kefir extracts contain constituents that specifically inhibit growth of human breast        these little bars some
cancer cells. (18) (19).                                                                    good staying power.

In another 2006 research study on the antitumor effect of kefir, mice were injected         8 dried pitted medjool
with breast tumor cells, then fed kefir. Researchers concluded that kefir stimulated        dates
immune system cells (IgA cells and T lymphocytes), and kept the immune system in a          1/3 cup chia seeds
permanent state of readiness as long as there were breast cancer cells present. The         1/3 cup black sesame
kefir fed control group decreased levels of IL-7, which is important in estrogen de-        seeds (if allergies, then
pendent tumors. The kefir fed mice also had delayed breast tumor development,               omit these and just use
significant decrease in tumor volume, and decreased Bcl-2 protein, which stimulates         chia)
growth in cancer cells, compared to the control group not fed kefir. The kefir group        1/3 cup walnuts (if nuts
showed significantly increased number of apoptotic cells. Apoptosis is an active cel-       aren't a problem - oth-
               lular process in which tumorous cells self-destruct without injuring         erwise omit)
               neighboring cells, or cause inflammatory reaction. (20)                      2 tbsp coconut oil

               This same study also experimented with the feeding schedules of the          Blend the dates in a
               two groups. One group were fed kefir in 2 day cycles then no kefir for       blender until they form
               5 days. The second group was fed kefir for 7 consecutive days then no        a paste. Add the rest of
               kefir for 5 days. Interestingly, the mice fed kefir in 2 day cycles fared    the ingredients and
               better than those fed in 7 day cycles. (20) This interesting detail sug-     pour everything into a
               gests to this writer that perhaps when it comes to fermented foods           shallow pan and chill
               “less is more”? I am not at all sure how to interpret this when it comes     for about 10 minutes
to healing or preventing breast cancer other than perhaps eating a small portion of         before rolling into balls.
kefir for 2 consecutive days, every 5 days should be a high in priority!                    These can also be cut
                                                                                            into bars.
 Enjoy your love of food …with food that loves you back
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                                                                                         Helpful Tips For Kids
                                                                                             Create a homework
…. Back to School Continued from page 1 The quality of the food fed to children has
                                                                                              centre in the house
been shown in studies to affect behavior and concentration. Studies show that chil-
                                                                                              that is well-stocked
dren fed a fiber-rich breakfast have fewer issues with weight gain, eat less through-         with supplies, to sup-
out the day and have better levels concentration and ability to focus. Adding pro-            port positive study
tein can also help children start the day off right. Make sure their meals have good          habits
quality fats as they are essential for good brain function. It is unfortunate that nuts
and seeds are forbidden from school as they make great snacks for children. How-             Make sure children
ever, adding nuts and seeds to their breakfast before they go to school may be a              get at least one hour
good way to start the day.                                                                    of free-time for fun
                                                                                              time everyday to
Here are foods to consider: Whole grains have plenty                                          help them relax and
of fibre to help deliver steady energy throughout the                                         stimulate their imag-
day. Legumes are a great source of fibre and carbo-                                           inations and creativ-
hydrates as well and can also sustain energy. Good                                            ity
bacteria found in foods like natural yogurt, kefir and                                       A backpack should
apple cider vinegar helps sustain blood sugar by                                              never weigh more
working with fibre to have small amounts of glucose                                           than 10 to 20 per-
enter the bloodstream for steady energy.                                                      cent of the student’s
Natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, sucanat                                           body weight and use
and coconut sweetener deliver a sweet taste chil-                                             both shoulder straps
dren like and lots of vitamins, minerals and phytonu-                                         to prevent strains to
trients. Essential fatty acids in hemp, flax, chia as well                                    the muscles and the
as other nuts and seeds are essential for brain health.                                       spine
Saturated fats found in butter, eggs, and coconut oil are also very beneficial for           Help your children
brain health and help protect essential fatty acids from going rancid in the body.            improve their math
                                                                                              and language skills:
Here are some great snack and lunch ideas:
      Plain natural yogurt with chopped seasonal fruit. Sweeten to taste with honey
       and cinnamon and/or pure vanilla extract
      Whole grain pasta salad with veggies and apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil
       dressing or just plain Rotini pasta with 1 teaspoon of butter and grated cheese
       (melted) to taste – pack in thermos

      Celery or cucumber rounds with soft goat’s cheese (or feta)

      Soups - homemade or the ones found in cold section of the deli in mason jars
       (pack in thermos)

      Prepared salads from grocery store (if making your own isn’t possible) includ-
       ing green salad, bean salad, quinoa salad, and greek salad

      Hummus or bean dip and vegetable sticks and whole grain crackers

      Make a smoothie of protein, fresh or frozen berries, ground chia, whole milk or   Ultra Flora Plus Cap-
       almond milk and maple syrup in a thermos                                          sules contain a probi-
                                                                                         otic blend of B. lactis Bi-
      Fruit salad (chop any combination of grapes, apple, berries, banana, mango        07 and L. acidophilis
       and squeeze with lemon juice to keep fruit from going brown)                      NCFM®. This NCFM
                                                                                         strain has been the top-
      Homemade muffins                                                                  ic of over 60 published
                                                                                         scientific articles—
      Apple slices with a slice of cheese and/or dipped in cinnamon and sucanat         including clinical trials
                                                                                         for a number of bother-
    Enjoy your love of food …with food that loves you back                               some GI symptoms
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                                                                                             150 Consumers Road,
Super Awesome Granola Bars by Debbie Scallion, RHN                                                 Suite 210
                                                                                               Toronto, Ontario,
                                                                                                   M2J 1P9
2 1/2 cups rolled oats
1/2 cup coconut sugar                                                                
1/4 cup wheat germ                                                                   
1/4 cup ground chia or 1/2 cup ground                                                            416.499.2660
1 teaspoon cinnamon                                                                                  Editor:
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour                                                                 Lorene Sauro, RHN
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup sulfite-free dried apples or                                                              Copy Editor:
sunflower seeds                                                                               Jennifer Sexton, RHN
3/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup raw honey                                                                                   Writers:
1 egg, beaten                                                                                 Jess Sherman, RHN
1/2 cup coconut oil                                                                          Debby J. Raabel, PHN
2 teaspoons vanilla extract                                                                  Debbie Scallion, RHN
                                                                                              Lorene Sauro, RHN
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Grease 9 x 13 baking pan. In large bowl, mix to-
gether the oats, coconut sugar, wheat germ, chia, cinnamon, flour, raisins, sunflower        Jennifer Sexton, RHN
seeds and salt. Make a well in the centre, pour in the honey, egg, coconut oil and
vanilla. Mix well. Pat the mixture evenly into the pan. Bake for about 25-30          CAHN-Pro is a non-profit
minutes. Cool for 5 minutes, cut into bars or squares. Do not allow the bars to cool  organization dedicated
completely before cutting or they will be too hard to cut.                            to regulating and board
                                                                                         certifying holistic nutri-
 Gluten-Free Option: Substitute brown rice flour for the whole wheat flour and quinoa tionists and educating
 flakes for the oat flakes unless you can find gluten-free oats.                         the public about making
                                                                                         healthy choices to im-
                                                                                         prove the quality of
 Are Your Kids Anxious About Going To School? By Diane Peter Meyers                      their life. All our mem-
                                                                                         bers are trained in prop-
      Teach your child how to calm himself, cope with stress and to become inde-        er research techniques
       pendent.                                                                          and meet mandatory
                                                                                         requirements to main-
      Listen to your child and allow him to express his feelings though his fears sound tain their certification.
       irrational. Let him know he can always talk to you when anything is bothering     Our members are educa-
                                                                                         tors, professional speak-
                                                                                         ers and practitioners.
      Meet with your child’s teacher to find out how he is doing socially and aca-      When looking for a nu-
       demically and ask for help in getting your child to school.                       trition expert, be sure it
                                                                                         is a holistic nutritionist,
      Reassure and comfort your child and let him know that you will work on this            Board Certified in
       problem together. He is not alone.                                                Practical Holistic Nutri-
                                                                                         tion. To find a practi-
      Never make fun of, ridicule, scream at, punish, or demean your child because tioner          or   corporate
       of his fears. Do not allow family members, or other adults do so either.          speaker in your area,
                                                                                         please call      416-499-
      Be kind but firm about why your child has to go to school—to learn, make
                                                                                         2660 or email us:
        friends, it’s the law, etc.
       Take stock of what is happening at home. Are there stressful situations going on
        that are worrying your child? Are mornings tension-filled as you try to get every-
        one out the door? Reduce household stress as much as possible.
    Enjoy your love of food …with food that loves you back
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