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									Title            Lead(s)       Purpose (Outcomes are varied)                     Type                 Audience                                 Obstacles/Needs      Partners             Next Steps
                               Professional Masters Programs12
Global Higher    Clif Conrad   Prepare students as leaders and policymakers      Professional         Mid-career professionals from            Marketing            ELPA, EPS, C&I,      Budget
Education        & Julie       on a global and international scale               masters ; track in   outside the US                           (market analysis     DIS                  development
                 Mead                                                            existing ELPA                                                 and advertising)                          Narrative
                                                                                 M.S.                                                          Development of                            proposal
                                                                                                                                               new program
Global Ed. &     Nancy         Prepare students to work together with others     Professional         Mid-career professionals in K-12         Marketing            Potential– E.g.
Sustainable      Kendall &     around the world for a deeper understanding of    masters ; option           higher ed, government              (market analysis     USAID, UNESCO,
Development      Mark          sustainability principles                         in existing EPS            agencies, and NGOs (include        and advertising)     Global Health
                 Johnson                                                         M.S.                       international students in future   Development of       Institute
                                                                                                            cycles)                            new program
Special          Kimber        Replace current (low enrollment) masters          Online masters       Currently practicing special             Determining          RPSE, EOP,           EOP working
Education On-    Wilkerson     program in special education with an online       degree- existing     educators (?)                            market for course    Division of          with RPSE
line Masters                   version                                           M.S. moving to                                                Need campus          Continuing Studies
                                                                                 blended format                                                approval process
                                                                                                                                               – pay attention to
                                                                                                                                               federal reporting
Educational      Jim           New program developed by faculty and              Professional         mid-career professionals in              There cannot be      Ed Psych             Budget
Testing          Wollack       delivered by advanced PhD students in             masters – new        community, DPI and corporations          an additional                             development
program          Dan Bolt      quantitative methods. Offered in blended format   direction for                                                 “option” within                           Narrative
                                                                                 MSSP program                                                  MSSP because is                           proposal
                                                                                                                                               already an option.
                                                                                                                                               But a different
                                                                                                                                               option can be
                                                                                                                                               (market analysis
                                                                                                                                               and advertising)
                                                                                                                                               Development of
                                                                                                                                               new program
                               Certificate Programs3 4(less than 16 credits)     (9 -12 typical)
Learning After   David         Program which draws on expertise in learning      Masters or           Current (non-education) students on      Marketing
School, Online   Shaffer       across the lifespan.                              capstone             campus and non-traditional students      (market analysis
and in the                                                                       certificate          from industry, medicine, etc.            and advertising)
Workplace                                                                        program              interested in out of school and          Development of
                                                                                                      workplace learning and training          new program
Psycho-social    Human         Developing courses and educational experiences    Masters or non-      Parents, professionals who work with     Marketing
health           Develop-      to address psycho-social health. Topics such as   degree credit or     children, professionals such as          (market analysis

1 Approval process for new “options”– Department – SoE programs committee – SoE APC – GFEC - UAPC
2 Students can be mixed - 101 students and 131 program students can be served in the same classroom by creating two sections of the course – 101 and 131 so registrations can be tracked
for the purposes of budgeting and revenue return
3 Approval process for new certificate programs - Department – SoE programs committee – SoE APC – GFEC - UAPC
4 Students can be mixed - 101 students and 131 program students can be served in the same classroom by creating two sections of the course – 101 and 131 so registrations can be tracked

for the purposes of budgeting and revenue return

                 ment         bullying, social conflict, emotional trauma          non-credit or     psychologists, social workers,         and advertising)
                 faculty                                                           capstone          pediatric health-care workers,         Development of
                                                                                   certificate       educators                              new program
IECFMH           School       Establish an infant/early childhood                  IECFMH capstone   Pre-service and in-service school      ?                    School psych
certificate      Psych        specialization within school psychology to           certificate       psychologists                                               program, UW
program          faculty      deliver an intensive interdisciplinary one year      program                                                                       IECFMH
                              continuing education program for professionals
                              who work with children ages birth to six and
                              their families
Capstone cert    Tom          Capstone certificate in advanced studio art.         Post bac          Post- bac students with an                                                      Budget
in studio art    Loeser                                                            certificate       accomplished level in art studio.                                               development
                                                                                                     Current UW Madison students not                                                 Narrative
                                                                                                     eligible. Admission by portfolio                                                proposal
                                                                                                     review. Serves population now taking
                                                                                                     courses as special students for
                                                                                                     professional development purposes.
Capstone cert    Tom          Capstone certificate in arts community outreach.     Post-bac          Students will have previously                                                   Budget
in arts          Loeser       Designed to prepare individuals for employment       certificate       completed an undergraduate degree,                                              development
community                     in the art community in an educational, outreach                       preferably in an art –related field.                                            Narrative
outreach                      and/or support capacity.                                                                                                                               proposal
Certificate in   Mark         Program to prepare students who want to learn        Post-bac                                                 Faculty              WCER, UW Survey
program          Connolly     the rudiments (theory, design, practice) of          certificate                                              involvement          Center, ELPA,
evaluation                    evaluating educational programs                                                                                                    WISCAPE,
                              “Outreach” or “extended timetable” offerings
Online ESL       Maggie       Sequence of two online courses that will be for      Professional      Currently practicing teachers          Contracting with     TESOL               MERIT
professional     Hawkins      educators who want to know more about                development,      (mainstream, ESL and/or resource       outside private                          working with
development                   serving English learners.                            non-credit (?)    and support teachers)                  organization to                          M. Hawkins
                                                                                                                                            deliver content
Early Career     Beth Giles   Three year program to provide support for new        Non-degree        New teachers and administrators        Marketing            Potential – WI
Consortium                    teachers and administrators – critical reflection,   professional                                             (market analysis     school districts,
                              cultural relevancy, inclusion, PDPs, action          development                                              and advertising)     CESAs, DPI
                              research. Online and face to face                    Non-credit
Broader                       The ability to provide school-wide offerings for     Off campus        Currently practicing educators         Departmentally       SoE, EOP
Professional                  credit outreach courses.                             professional                                             controlled course
Development                                                                        development                                              numbers and
January          Dan          Infuse technology into teaching; give students       Extended          Current undergraduate students         Marketing            MERIT, Ed tech      MERIT
instruction in   Jacobsohn    time to practice instructional technology;           timetable –                                              (market analysis     group in C&I        working with
technology       & Kurt       introduce learning games through modular             January term                                             and advertising)                         Jeff Russell
                 Squire       classes offered between semesters                    instruction                                              Offer as a 104
                                                                                                                                            timetable course
                                                                                                                                            for the first time
Collaborative    Jim                                                                                                                                             Data Recognition
learning         Wollack                                                                                                                                         Corp
with alumni

                             Opportunities for current students
Education and    Chuck       Establishing a cross-departmental                     Undergraduate     Current undergraduates                  Convincing depts     C&I, CP, WLPA,       underway
Educational      Kalish &    undergraduate “minor” - funded by MIU and             “minor”                                                   to increase          EPA, Ed Psych,
Services         Cheryl      underway                                                                                                        undergrad            RPSE
                 Hanley                                                                                                                      enrollment
Block            Kendall &   Increase flexibility in course offerings by                             Current undergrad and grad students     Timetable rules;                          Departments
schedule         R.          creating a ½ semester “block” courses – this can                                                                Logistics of                              need to
                 Halverson   be accomplished already if the students are a                                                                   scheduling                                review to see
                             closed cohort and scheduling can be                                                                                                                       if this would
                             accomplished within the cohort                                                                                                                            work for any
                                                                                                                                                                                       of their
Internships in   Dan         Create credit bearing summer internships for          Summer credit     Current undergraduate (and                                   MERIT, Ed tech
ELearning        Jacobsohn   education students. Provide students                  bearing           graduate?) students                                          group in C&I, EAS,
start-ups        & Kurt      opportunities to connect to industry, build                                                                                          local .com and
                 Squire      public-private partnerships.                                                                                                         .org
Applied          Jennifer    Develop and offer a “minor” in applied behavior       Certificate       Current graduate students in the        Marketing            Prevention and
Behavior         Asmus       analysis – students can sit for board certification   program (?)       Prevention and Intervention Sciences    (market analysis     Intervention
Analysis                     in behavior analysis.                                                   program (and other SoEd graduate        and advertising)     sciences Program
                                                                                                     students)                               Development of       and potentially
                                                                                                                                             new program          area school
Evaluation of    Mark        Certificate in evaluation of educational programs     Post-bac          To prepare students who want to         Market analysis;     Potential: WCER,
Educational      Connolly                                                          certificate       learn the rudiments (theory, deign,     need faculty         UW survey center
Programs                                                                                             practice) of evauating educational      support              ELPA WISCAPE
                                                                                                     programs                                                     American
Graduate         Tom         Graduate certificate in art                           Graduate          Current UW students enrolled in a
Certificate in   Loeser                                                            certificate       graduate program other than art who
Art                                                                                                  wish to pursue a “minor”
                             Open Digital Resources
SoEd             Jack        Plan to be developed for review and approval in       Research          UW education researchers, currently     Collecting           WCER, EOP,
Research         Jorgensen   Fall, 2012 – to better bridge research and            Clearinghouse     practicing educators, DPI, local        information from     Wisconsin
Exchange                     practice across UW and community partners                               districts and administrators            stakeholders to      Education
                                                                                                                                             understand needs     Research Advisory
                                                                                                                                             and possibilities    Council
Access to        Catherine   Identify and promote open education                   Portal            Prospective students, alumni, partner   Assessing support    Potential partners
SoEd             Stephens    resources. Build SoEd portal and promote new                            institutions, parents, and the K-12     of faculty & staff   include: SoEd
Teaching and                 gateways for School of Education Open                                   community                               to open sharing of   faculty &
Learning                     Education Resources. Resources include open                                                                     materials            staff, MERIT, EOP,
Resources                    courses, syllabi, digital resources, and shared                                                                                      WISCAPE, WCER
outside of UW                course materials. Include support for self-
                             publishing of new resources as well as peer
                             New Human Resource Approach
Shared           Dan         Build a hiring agreement – joint staff between        Proposed HR and   MERIT and WID’s education group         Current HR rules     WID, School of

Staffing       Jacobsohn   MERIT and WID’s education group. Allow us to        personnel                                               (Go Big Red Tape)   Education,
               & Kurt      quickly respond to RFPs from industry and           solutions                                               and potential       WCEPS(?)
               Squire      federal agencies. Provide MERIT with access to                                                              ongoing UW
                           staff for software development                                                                              obligations

Data Quality   Chris       Improve working knowledge and                       Instruction,     Local school districts, state                              Center for Data
and            Thorn       implementation of educator evaluation and           research,        departments of education, educators                        Quality, DPI, NEA,
implementati               strategic human capital systems                     professional                                                                foundations,
on                                                                             development,                                                                school districts
                                                                               support and
Center for     Mark        A center that specializes in evaluating programs,   Center           UW Researchers, investigators,         Need start-up       WCER, UW Survey
program        Connolly    courses, and initiatives seeking to improve STEM                     administrators, and program            funds               Center
Evaluation                 education. To solicit design and deiver high                         providers who are preparing funding
                           quality program evaluation services to grant-                        proposals or already funded and need
                           funded projects and programs                                         assistance with meeting funder’s
                                                                                                program evaluation requirements;

1 April 2013


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