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									Press Release
(Embargoed until after 13 Jun 02, 1pm)

                    Service improvements a way of life at BMTC

       Newly improved systems such as e-registration, direct enlistment, e-exit permits
and better medical services are just some of the developments that have made the
enlistment and basic military training process a whole lot better.

       At the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) in Pulau Tekong, these and other
improvements such as allowing enlistees to scan their SAF cards for entry into the
island, a well-equipped medical centre and a computer simulated marksmanship trainer
are among the many improvements made over the years to enhance the quality and
experience of basic military training. In Jan 2001, BMTC was awarded the ISO 9002
Standards by PSB. In Dec 2001, BMTC became the first military training school in
Singapore to be conferred the SQC Award.

      The Service Improvement Unit Political Supervisory Committee (SIU) led by
Chairman, Dr Balaji Sadasivan (also the Minister of State of the Environment and
Health) will be visiting the BMTC at Pulau Tekong on Thursday, 13 Jun 02 to view the
improvements made. They will be viewing the direct enlistment process, training and
accommodation facilities for enlistees. The programme is at Annex A.

        Your reporter and photographer/cameraman are invited to join the SIU members
in the tour of BMTC. They are also invited to interview Dr Balaji Sadasivan at the end of
the tour. They would need to assemble at the SAF Ferry Terminal on 13 Jun 02, 9.15
am. Please provide their names, IC and vehicle numbers, and list of equipment to Ann
Chan at Tel: 63327283 by Monday, 10 June 02.

Issued by    :      Ann Chan
                    Asst Public Affairs Manager
                    Public Service Division
                    Prime Minister’s Office

                    For Service Improvement Unit Secretariat

Date         :      7 June 02

                                                                               Annex A


Date:        13 Jun 2002

Time:        0915 - 1300hrs

Venue:       Basic Military Training Centre School 2
             Pulau Tekong Besar
             Singapore 508450
             Tel: 65460176

  Time                Program                             Remarks
 0915hrs   Assemble at SAF Ferry
 0930hrs   Ferry leaves for Pulau Tekong

 1000hrs   Media set up at Auditorium –
           Enlistment process

 1030hrs   SIU team to view Direct
           Enlistment Process

 1100hrs   Tour of facilities and training   View training conducted and
           activities                        accommodation facilities for
                                             enlistees provided by BMTC.

 1200hrs   Lunch at cookhouse                Experience the type of food the
                                             enlistees will eat.

 1300hrs   End of programme


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