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					                           OCTOBER 2010
                        Spring has sprung
                         The grass is riz
                   …I wonder where the birdies is?
              Meredith Ryan

     (yeehaw!!! love the hat! – such a Calgary Stampede fashionista)

Meredith has been a notable regular Open Water Swim
winner for Marion Marlins in the past few years. She
regularly trains with the Unley Amateur squad for that
extra push (and getting up at 5am!!!).
Meredith’s been instrumental in getting social events well
                 catered for and we all love her tasty
                 desserts! – Bring on the Lemon Slice!
                 Here are a few more things you might not
                 know about Bachelorette number 1,
                 Princess Meredith! (That’s a
                 Shrek reference for those of
                 you         who        didn’t

1) What was the last movie you saw and did you like it?
The Last Airbender - saw it in Alaska and loved it. Waiting for the 3 others to
come out now!!!

2) Best swimming event ever done and why?
Can't really think of a standout but am happy to have been winning the
Brighton Jetty Classic for two years.

3) When did you join Marion Marlins and how did you find out about our club?
Possibly joined about 3-4 years ago. I think I was doing some swimming on
my own at the pool and previously a long ago friend from running (and a long
ago Marlins member) mentioned the club to me. Helen Walsh could also have
mentioned it to me at running (that’s with the Run For Your Life group).
Too long ago for me to remember the exact details.

4) Favourite place travelled and why?
Well that is easy - Canada and Alaska, my recent holiday! Particularly the
Rocky Mountains and my 5 day kayak trip in Prince William Sound, Valdez,

5) Best swimming tip ever?
Not only being told about the catch on the arm but actually feeling it when
Craig Martin helped me.

                           6) Favourite food?
                            CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOLCOLATE

                           7) Finish this sentence: “I realllllly hate it when….”
                            I really hate it when work interrupts my life and
                           training balance. (agreed… that work thing really
                           gets in the way of life sometimes!)

                           8) Morning bright-spark or night owl?
                           Morning person - that's why I can get up to do the
                           stupid hour of 5.30am training sessions. (Ed says
                           blah to 5:30am!)

9) Finish this sentence: “I reallllllly love it when…..”
 I really love it when I am on holidays and get to train my butt off- (Ed agrees
-it’d be so rewarding and you’d get to nap in the afternoon if you want to!)

10) Why I love Marion Marlins
Marion Marlins is a very friendly and welcoming club. This is
especially evident as even though I don't often train with
Marion I always feel like a valued member.

            WE’RE BACK AT MARION
               OUTDOOR POOL!!!

   For those of you that have been longing for the crystal clear waters of the long
outdoor pool – your time is NOW!!!! Get back into training and enjoy the fresh air of
   Marion Outdoor pool. We’re there at the usual times training on Tuesdays and
Thursdays at 6pm, and Saturday mornings at 8:30am. The Monday sessions will start
                               on the 11th of October.

If you’re keen to keep the Marion pool open for the future years as a community pool
and you’re on Facebook… do a search for the Friends Of Marion Pool and you should
  find a FB site dedicated to helping keep our pool open in the face of the new State
                             Aquatic Centre’s competition.

                FROM THE FAST LANE
                        Competition News by Ian Young

The Interclub series ended in late July with the Marlins finishing 4th overall in
the team competition behind Adelaide, Atlantis and Noarlunga.

In each of the interclub meets swimmers receive points based on their
individual results which accumulate over the series. Both participation and
performance are rewarded. Congratulations to the following Marion swimmers
who placed in the top three in their respective age groups.

F 25-29       Josine Parsons        2nd
F 60-64       Judy Vowles           3rd
F 70-74       Barbara Pearce        3rd
F 75-79       Diane Ross            1st

M 18-24       Adam Spratt           2nd
M 25-29       Jeff Pardee           1st
M 50-54       George Crowder        3rd

M 55-59      Ian Young           1st
M 70-74      Darryl Hawkes       2nd

Medals will be awarded to all our place getters at the annual Branch Dinner
on 13 November.

The Long Course State Cup was held at the Aquatic Centre on 29 August.
Most swimmers felt it quite challenging to be racing over the long course
without the opportunity to train in a 50m pool. Where is the wall?!?

The small Marion contingent of 12 swimmers all performed well and the team
managed to place 4th (a familiar position!). Standout performers for the club
were Diane Ross who set State records in all four of her events (50, 100 and
400m Free and 200 IM) and Mike Grey who set a State mark in the 400m
Back. Adam Spratt and Darryl Hawkes set club records.

The Short Course State Cup was held on 26 September. The meet had
originally been scheduled for April but was cancelled due to a power outage.
Disappointingly, only a total 68 swimmers competed with the re-scheduling
and school holidays possibly having an impact. Marion was represented by 11
competitors and the club managed to sneak into third place on points behind
Noarlunga and Adelaide. Diane Ross was a standout performer once again
setting State records in the 50m Free and 25m Back while Ian Young set
state mark in the 200 IM. Diane has had an outstanding season, setting State
records in nearly all of her swims and will be a leading contender for the
Branch’s Female swimmer of the year. The club welcomed Mike Perkins
back to competition for the first time this year while Leonie Trenouth and Jan
Skovdam made a welcome return.

Hopefully we can field a much larger team for the Long Course Long
Distance meet at Unley on 7 November – a good warm-up for the open water

                  Cross training???
                      Why not supplement your
                      swimming training with
                      something else – now that the
                      weather is FINALLY turning
                      around into spring, get out
                      there and go for a walk or a
jog... jump on a bike! (If you can ride a bike and jog
– we know you can swim- then you can always try a
triathlon- so long as they don’t clash with the Open
Water Sw        f
         wims of coursee             to
                             !!!) Go t
wwww.gat ttisport     m.au for more t
                 ts.com      r       triathlon
inf      on
He              eas          c
  ere’s a few ide for some cross
  aining a imp
tra      and proving your fit tness
         ut     e
in and ou of the water.

ZUM       HE

   part of the City of Mar
As p                                                                    be
                          rion Council initiative "Parks Alive" we will b running
ZUM            E
   MBA IN THE PARK dur              er                      m
                         ring Octobe across the road from the centr     re.
WHHEN - Satu  urday 30 O October @ 9-10am
WHHERE - At O  Oaklands R Reserve
Oak                                 he            ,         om
   klands Estate Reserve is down th laneway, across fro the Oak        klands Rd /
Hen            ersection; a if you we heading into the D
   ndrie St inte          as         ere          g                     ning Centre
                                                             Driver Train         e.
We will be running an outdoor ZUMBA Class th day so h                   he
                                                            hopefully th weather is
   me          me
Com one, com all.....
Brin friends aand family a          ur           P
                          and join ou Zumba Party in the Park.

 oast to
Co          es Rail Trail
       o Vine
                            il" ‐ was feat
The "Coast to Vines Rail Trai                       annel 9's Out
                                         tured on Cha                       inary, Series
                                                                t of the Ordi           s 6 
Epis           nuary 23rd 2
   sode 3 on Jan            2010. 
Winnding along Marino's m                        fs and throu
                         magnificent coastal cliff          ugh the foot               e 
                                                                           thills of the
   owned McL
reno                     wine region, the Coast to Vines Ra
              Laren Vale w                                                he ideal way
                                                            ail Trail is th            y to 
              verse attractions the re
explore the div                                 o offer. 
                                     egion has to
  e Coast to Vines Rail Tra
The                                     ed path for cyclists and
                           ail is a share                                 ns that follo
                                                               d pedestrian           ows 
                          Rail corridor
the route of the original R                        no to Willun
                                        r from Marin           nga. 
The                        ail is approx
   e Coast to Vines Rail Tra           ximately 37 km in lengt                      ty of 
                                                              th (8kms within the Cit
Mar                                               arino, throu
    rion) and travels from the coastal cliffs at Ma                     urbs of Hallett 
                                                             ugh the subu
Covve, Reynella, Morphett Vale, Hackh  ham, Seaford Rise throough McLar ren Vale dowwn 
to the Willunga a. 
  e trail begins
The            s at Marino Rocks stati            vels along the side of the Cove Ro
                                       ion and trav                                oad. 
   ording magn
Affo                       ws of the Ad
               nificent view           delaide Coaastline both North and South. It also 
   vides easy a
prov           access to th            rail. 
                           he Coastal tr

Once you arrive at the Hallett Cove Station the Hallett Cove Conservation Park is just 
a short walk away. Further along the trail takes you past Capella Reserve and the 
Skate Park. 
The Coast to Vines trail continues along the original rail corridor past the Hallett 
Cove Shopping Centre and crosses Lonsdale Highway down to Berrima Road. 
Crossing Berrima Road brings you to Hugh Johnson Reserve, which is a family 
orientated park with playgrounds and BBQ facilities. A great place to have a picnic 
lunch with the family. 
Once you have finished lunch at Hugh Johnson Reserve there is a steep climb up to 
Young Street (which can help work off that lunch.) Crossing Young Street the trail 
takes you to the tunnel under the Expressway. 
Once passing through the tunnel to South Road the trail continues through the City 
of Onkaparinga to Willunga. 
Check out the Marion City Council’s website (www.marion.sa.gov.au for more trails 
and recreation ideas). 


               NEED NEW BATHERS?
               Two piece bathers order.

               To those members (preferably women) who prefer to wear two piece bathers -
               several members are placing an order (they will be similar to those worn by
               Kristy and Julie - black with blue binding) - please send size and how many
               We still have size 10 + 14 in the bright yellow - $35 each.

             Jane has available some club bathers in stock, or plain black,
             black with piping. And for the men there are some standard
             budgie smugglers.
             Alternatively, check out the NOVA catalogue online and email
             Jane exactly what you want (Style, colour, size) for a unique pair
of togs at a reduced club price….go on… be brave, choose something
colourful and new!
Club cotton T-shirts are also available for $10 from Jane - limited sizes and



                                  COACH’S CORNER
Just a few little tips picked up at the recent short axis workshop run by our State 
coaching director Kathy Heenan.  
Breaststroke tips: 
      •     Keep the head to the tailbone in one plan, that is don’t move the head up and down 
            as you rise and fall instead think of pressing the chest back down into the water 
      •     Bring the elbows in together on the recovery hunching the back and raising the 
            shoulders  to achieve this, then keep them together as the arms are extended 
      •     Lower the shoulders and shoulder blades  as the arms extended forward 
      •     Push mainly backwards with the feet not out and around 

      •     If you have trouble keeping the legs together try kicking knock kneed 
      •     Do move the head up and down with the body dolphin movement 
      •     Recover the arms with thumbs down or trailing (i.e. palms up) this enables the arms 
            to be brought through closer to the water and kept straighter 
      •     Plunge the hands and arms deep into the water on entry, travelling down 20‐30 cms 
            before pulling                                                                                                             

   These workshops have been very informative and helpful with nearly everybody 
   doing great fly by the end of the session.  
Watch out for the next one they will be advertised in the Masters E‐news and in our 

D N’ IT F      GERS

           e               s
 I, and the entire Dingers crew (a  around a        5
                                             about 15 of us in
  total), w
  t                e       end     uge
          would like to exte a hu thanks to a of youall     u
 w supp            our             f        year’s City to Ba
           ported o little efforts for this y               ay
                            fun run.

                       ff             s      nd)
   Many thanks to Geof Fuller (Marie’s husban for
        ng    nd        g      s             sing our t-
supportin us an joining us, as well as organis
                       s       e
                  shirts for the day.

 nd      ks             s        R    r        ife
An thank also to Harbs at the Run For Your Li runniing
         r        ng            ace                h
  club for providin us with a pla to meet and a much
          apprecia      BQ      e     f
                  ated BB at the end of the run.

  In total w raise
                 ed    324
                      $3 40 for Beyon !
     This is far and above what I’d envisaged when I
 formulated the notion of Doin’ It For Dingers and I’m SO
proud of each and every person who ran, walked, donated
         or wished us well on our merry little way.


                      WHO ARE YOU (and whaddaya do?)
 if you’d like to promote your business to other Marion Marlins... then simply
 email your ad or scanned business card to us at ffllyy@adam.com.au and
             you’ll get a place right here in every month’s newsletter.

 Don’t forget to include your name if it’s not part of the business name so we
 know who to chat to, and of course, you’d be more than welcome to include
   any specials, current promotions, or “mates rates deals” for fellow club
If you would like anything published in the next Newsletter
            please speak to one of your committee members
            or email ffllyy@adam.com.au

           “… JUST KEEP SWIMMING…!!!”


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