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					The Life Connection (TLC) )
Employee Assistance Program he Life Connection (TLC) offers professional counseling, telephonic consultations, training and online resources to assist you and your household members with the normal stressors of daily living. Whether you need information to help care for an aging relative, information on types of home mortgages or tips for balancing the demands of home and work, TLC is there to help. Website: www.montana.edu/wellness; Select “TLC button,” Company Code; MUS. Call: 1 (866) 248-4532 to schedule a visit with a professional counselor, to request a telephonic consultation, or to receive assistance with online resources. Information shared with EAP Counselors is confidential and your name will never be revealed. W WellAwards Credit View WellAwards book to see how you can earn credits by utilizing TLC
(your Employee Assistance Program). (


A TLC Program Spotlight...SparkPeople
SparkPeople program you can hear it in her voice. She belongs to a team, called Virtual Cycling Team: Touring the Globe, with seven other people and they just bicycled 4,358 miles across the United States in two months. As team leader, ow Patty was especially drawn to a small team and appreciates how they challenge and motivate each other. “I just love all my team members,” says Patty. e The SparkPeople online program includes a food diary, calorie counter, xercise fitness tracker, exercise demonstrations, and lots of diet and exercise articles and tips. It also provides opportunities for people all over the world to join t, any kind of team based on age, geographical location, interest, goals (such as weight loss), or sport. There are even teams for those with end Metabolic Syndrome or Diabetes. Members of the site can send ds, personal or group messages, view hot topics on message boards, earn ement. points, and award virtual gifts to others for fun and encouragement. Access the program: www.montana.edu/wellness; select TLC button, Company Code: MUS; scroll down to SparkPeople (lower right corner of homepage). WellAwards Credit
Refer to page 29 in the WellAwards book to see how you can earn credit with the SparkPeople Program.

When you talk to Patty McIntire, UM Missoula, she is so excited about the

Volume 5 Issue I

January 2009

Wellness Classes/Activities :
Make Peace with Food
ating. This teleclass is based on the book Intuitive Eating. Learn how to STOP ment. dieting and enjoy food as a source of nourishment. Dates: Once a week for 4 weeks beginning Wednesday Feb 4th. Times: (two options) noon-1pm es: or 6:30-7:30pm. Cost: $15 includes class materials. Register: terials. www. montana.edu/wellness; click on Lifestyle Education, scroll to e Telephonic Class and download registration form. orm. Registration Deadline: January 23rd.

WellAwards Credits

See page 26 in the WellAwards book to see how you can earn 2 credits for Make Peace with Food class.

WellAwards is off and running with over 3,000 participants! Follow these steps to ensure you receive your $100 Award:
Keep track of your credits on the Record Keeper (pg 44) of WellAwards book.

Shape Up MUS
Get your Shape UP Montana team together! Compete against other Montana teams while having fun and n earning your WellAwards credits! Download registration form at: www.montana.edu/wellness and submit to your mit campus wellness coordinator no later than Tuesday esday January 13th!

View the WellAwards FAQs: www.montana.edu/wellness/wellAwards Earn a minimum of 15 credits and submit online APRIL 1 - 30, 2009.

W WellAwards Credits

S Shape Up MUS is worth 1 credit. See Physical Wellness page 34 of your WellAwards book. W

Wellness Editors: Paul Bogumill, Director of Benefits; Barbara Wheeler & Jill Young Co Directors MUS Wellness Designed by: Kelsey Rozell Young, Co-Directors Wellness.

Is your Dental Plan giving you a toothache?
Confused about your dental plan coverage? Refer to the Choices Enrollment Workbook (pg 15-20) to become familiar with your elected coverage. The workbook lists coverage information for both the Basic and Premium Dental Plans. Both shaded and un-shaded codes indicate Premium coverage, while only shaded codes indicate Basic coverage. Tips to help you better understand your Dental Plan:
• Basic Dental has a $750 annual maximum per covered person for all basic services (shaded codes). • Premium Dental has a $1500 annual maximum per covered person for all services. • Your Choices Enrollment workbook has a list of covered procedure codes and maximum reimbursements. Knowing in advance what is covered and what will be reimbursed can be an asset to you when making decisions about your services. • Our dental plan is a fee schedule reimbursement so while you may receive a lower price from a Delta Dental provider because of their contracted agreement, there is no penalty for utilizing a nonparticipating provider. You can take the fee schedule from your enrollment workbook to any dentist to compare charges versus reimbursement. • Limitations and exclusions related to your dental coverage are outlined in the Summary Plan Description – available online at www.mus.edu/choices. • If you are planning major services it is a good idea to call Delta Dental in advance (1-866-579-5717) as some services require submission of x-rays and dental records to substantiate necessity and determine coverage. • If you have Premium Dental, you also have orthodontia coverage for adults and children. Orthodontia has a $1500 lifetime maximum benefit per covered individual. This maximum is separate from the $1500 annual maximum for services covered on the Premium Dental Plan.

enefit Contacts

State Bar of Montana Mary Ann Murray mammurray@montanabar.org (406) 442-7660 ext. 2214 OCHE/GSL Chelsi Dupler cdupler@montana.edu (406) 444-0331 Dawson CC Justin Cross justin_c@dawson.edu (406) 377-9403 Flathead Valley CC Deb Barrett dbarrett@fvcc.cc.mt.us (406) 756-3804 Miles CC Laura Bennett bennettl@milescc.edu (406) 874-6161 MSU Billings Alexis Marquez amarquez@msubillings.edu (406) 657-2118 MSU Bozeman Lisa Buss lbuss@montana.edu (406) 994-1957 Lisa Crow lcrow@montana.edu (406) 994-3652 MSU Great Falls COT Mary Kay Bonilla mbonilla@msugf.edu (406) 771-4308 MSU Northern Kelly Leeds kleeds@msun.edu (406) 265-3710 UM Helena COT Susan Kirley kirleys@umh.umt.edu (406) 444-0845 UM Missoula Rita Garland garlandrt@mso.umt.edu (406) 243-4238 Montana Tech, Butte Cathy Isakson cisakson@mtech.edu (406) 496-4380 UM Western Dorothy Seymour d_seymour@umwestern.edu (406) 683-7010

Important Orthodontia note: An orthodontia treatment plan must be submitted to Delta Dental. The treatment plan will include the initial down payment and ongoing monthly fees along with an explanation of the planned services. Delta Dental will then establish a monthly reimbursement based on your provider’s monthly fee and your treatment plan. Your initial payment will be reimbursed at 50%. Monthly fees will also be reimbursed at 50% of allowable for authorized services until the plan has paid the $1500 lifetime maximum. Don’t let your dental plan “give you a toothache.” For more information view your Choices Workbook (pg 15-20) or online at: www.mus.edu/choices.

Medical Flex Information for Orthodontia Claims
In order to utilize your medical flex for Orthodontia Claims, first initiate an orthodontia claim plan with Delta Dental. Then, as your claims are processed, you may submit your claim balances to your Medical Flex plan for reimbursement according to the following flex rules: (Continued on next page).

Special Note to retirees: The Choices and Wellness newsletters have been combined. Some of the information included in this issue and future newsletters may not pertain to retirees.

Volume I Issue II * January 2009

Medical Flex information for Orthodontia Claims cont:
Flex Plan election can only contain costs that will be billed during that plan year. There are three potential options for a payment plan: Option 1: Pay service in full to receive a discount. The only reason you would want to pay for service in full and receive a discount would be if the discount was larger than potential tax savings you would receive from a Flex reimbursement (25-45%, depending upon your tax bracket). Option 2: Make down payment followed by regular payments. Plan out what each payment would be and how long it would take you to pay the service off so that you can budget your Flex elections accurately. Remember: last year’s bills can’t be paid with this year’s Flex dollars. Option 3: Make payment in full prior to any service. A letter is required from the orthodontist stating that s/he will not provide services without full payment in advance. To get reimbursed, assuming that sufficient* Flex dollars have been elected in that plan year, you must submit your bill, receipt for payment in full, and the doctor’s statement requiring payment up front. *The maximum MUS Medical Flex election is currently $6000/fiscal year or $500/ month. Before choosing between Options 1, 2, or 3, contact Delta Dental, as their processing procedures may impact your decision. For more help in pre-planning for Medical Flex reimbursement of orthodontia costs, please contact Employee Benefits Resources at 1-800-765-9429 or 406-449-5500.

No Now Security Can Travel With YOU
MUS Benefits Plan has secured a new policy with MEDEX ® Assist to enhance the plan’s Travel Assistance Package at no additional cost to present rates of coverage. Changes in your Travel Assistance Package: • If a plan member becomes ill while overseas, the MEDEX ® Assist policy covers emergency transportation back to the United States. The previous package only covered transportation if an individual needed to be transferred to a higher level of care. • If you will be traveling overseas for a period greater than 90 days, you need to fill out an extended travel form at: http://mus.edu/choices/forms.asp. MEDEX ® Assist offers so much more! Download the brochure on the MEDEX ® Assist program at: http://mus.edu/choices/Medex_Travel_Assist.pdf

HIPAA Privacy Notice: The HIPAA Privacy Notice and Policy can be found
on the Choices Website at: http://mus.edu/choices/

Employee Benefits Editors: Paul Bogumill, Director of Benefits; Sue Schmitt, Mary Lachenbruch, Carol Franco; MUS Benefits Staff

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