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Assistant Director (IT)

Environmental Protection Agency,

National Hockey/Qazaffi Stadium, Ferozpur Road Lahore.

Subject: With the reference to letter number AD(IT)/F-400/2012/EPA/MN/999

    Section 16(1) of act ibid has been invoked against Altaf Soap Factory, about environmental
protection. I really appreciate your efforts, but unfortunately the report of survey of Altaf Soap Factory
which was conducted on 17-09-2012 has many misleading information’s in it. It is mentioned in survey
report that the unit is causing adverse environmental effects by polluting air, land and underground water.

The facts are:

          There is no serious hazard to the lives of the workers. All the operations are handled
           carefully by taking appropriate safety measurements.
          There is no such material that is likely to catch fire and endanger the lives of people
           living in the surroundings expect the wood that is used as the main source of energy to
           drive the whole production system.
          The smoke generated during the process contains very small amount of un-burnt carbon
           therefore it is hardly visible.
          There is no serious physical hazard of the material used in the production as the entire
           process is conducted in the hygienic environment.

In short the unit itself is not a hazard to the environment rather its operation is safe and
environment friendly.

I really apologize to miss an opportunity for personal hearing afforded by EPA on 01-12-2012.
Unfortunately, I was unable to be present due to some serious personal problems. I am really
very sorry. It is requested that another opportunity for personal hearing may be provided to
explain our actual position. I shall be very grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Altaf Hussain

(Proprietor of Altaf Soap Factory)

Dera Muhammadi Road, Bhutta Colony, Near Pull Karlu, Multan.

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