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China                                                                                Update: Jan 2013

Sina Weibo                                                            

Sina Weibo ( is the largest social
media platform for Chinese people around the
world. Weibo stands for Microblog in Chinese and
is considered as a Chinese version of Twitter.
Because of Weibo„s popularity, internet users use
Weibo to reger to Sina Weibo directly.

Weibo has the following features:

-140-character limit in Chinese which can be said
more than 140 in English
- Weibo allows you to comment (with extra 140
characters allowed), send direct
message and share the tweets to groups with a
simple click.
-Official identity verification that works well for
celebrity accounts
- Enterprise Accounts for Brands with distinctive

  Key Data:
  Category:                                Social Networking Site
  Language:                                Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  Target Group:                            Chinese from all over the world
  No. of registered users:                 400 million
  No. of daily posts:                      120 million
  Average time spent per user per day:     60 minutes
  Sources:                                 Sina internal data as of Nov 2012
Ad Formats
1. Displayed Banners
                                                         •Available on both website and
                                                         mobile software
                                                         •Image or text ad that raise users‟
                                                         awareness on your brand‟s and
                                                         •Sold on CPM or CPD basis

2. Recommended Feeds/Video/Weibo Accounts
                                                         Recommended accounts

                                                                                Recommended videos
                                               Recommended feeds

    •Recommended Weibo accounts (appeared on the right of the Personal Homepage)
    •Recommended videos (appeared on the right of the Personal Homepage)
    •Recommended news feeds (appeared on the news feeds of the Personal Homepage)
Ad Formats
3. Fans„ Headline

    •Appeared on the top of the Weibo Personal Homepage news feeds
    •Maximizes brand exposure and awareness through news feeds with both images and texts
    •Helps brands reach individual “fans” who are following their corporate Weibo accounts

 4. Weibo Talk

                                     •Dedicated page for brands‟ themed
                                     discussions where Weibo users can ask
                                     question and engage in the
                                     •Excellent way to create viral effect and
                                     establish the brand‟s image
Case Studies – Burberry Body
Burberry Body launched a Sina website + Weibo campaign from Dec 2011
to Jan 2012 to promote their beauty products. The campaign integrated
multiple platforms with various ad formats to maximize the brand„s
exposure and created a viral effect across the internet.

1. Custom Mini Site at Weibo Brand Page

2. Dedicated video of Christopher Daily (Creative Director) inside the new feeds
   for fans to forward and comment
Case Studies – Burberry Body
3. Displayed banners on Sina‟ portal website to create more exposure

4. Displayed banners at Weibo‟s website to attract more clicks to the brand page
Case Studies – Burberry Body
5. Advertorials posted on Sina portal sites to strengthen brand image

6. Dedicated wallpapers for fans to download
Case Studies – Burberry Body
 7. Thousands of news feeds forwarded and commented on

8. Viral effect has surged the number of search engine results for “Burberry Body”

  Baidu search: 1.22 million

  Google search: 44.8 million

  Weibo web search: 900,000
Mr. Rock Po, Online Advertising Director   Ms. Jin Wong, Online Advertising Executive
Email:              Email:
T +852 2516 1525                           T +852 2516 1571, F +852 2528 3260

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