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• What are the best potatoes to cook with?

• What kind of potato dishes do you like?
• Most popular       • Many cooking
  vegetable            methods
                       –   Boiling
• Inexpensive and      –   Steaming
  versatile            –   Baking
                       –   Sautéing
                       –   En casserole
                       –   Deep-frying
                       –   Pureeing
         Types of Potatoes
• Varies in starch and moisture content,
  shape, and skin color

• Starch content increases with age
           Sweet Potatoes
• Popular tuber with thick skin and orange,
  mealy flesh that is high in sugar

• Best for boiling, baking, and pureeing

• Available canned in a sweet, sugary sauce
• Similar to sweet potato; less sweet
     (used interchangeably)

• Creamy white to deep red
    Russet Potatoes (Idaho Potatoes)
•   Standard white baking potato
•   Brownish-red skin; mealy and white flesh
•   Excellent for baking and frying
•   Many shapes and sizes
 Chef’s or All Purpose Potatoes
• Drier, less starchy, and cheaper than
  russet potatoes
• Irregularly shaped; best for preparation
  without visual importance
  – Mashing, pureeing, in salads, scalloped or
    casserole dishes, soups, braising, and
               New Potatoes
•   Small, immature red potatoes
•   Harvested very small (> 2 inches in diameter)
•   High moisture & sugar content; low starch
•   Maintains shape
•   Best cooking methods: boiling & steaming
            Selecting & Storing
• Selecting
  – Firm & relatively smooth
  – Avoid dark spots, green areas, mold, or large
• Storing
  – Cool, dry place (60*F to 70*F)
  – Maximum storage is 30 days (New potatoes
    no longer than 1 week)
  – Best stored in ventilated containers
• Solanine: harmful, bitter-tasting substance
  in green spots and sprouts on potatoes
  – Cut away and discard sprouts and green
    portions before using
  – When in doubt; throw it out
          Cooking Potatoes
• Single-Stage Technique
  – Potatoes are taken directly from the raw state
    to the finished with only one cooking method

• Multiple-Stage Technique
  – Potatoes are prepared using more than one
    cooking method before they are a finished
    • Example: Lyonnaise – potatoes are precooked,
      sliced, and fried with onions
• Easy method
• Place washed potatoes in pot of cold
  water with enough liquid to cover
• Bring water to boil and simmer until done
• To test, pierce with fork; if slides easily
  through, potato is done
• Serve immediately or hold up to 1 hour
• Good for new potatoes (high moisture content)
• Steam until tender
• Serve immediately or up to 1 hour
• Served in skins (Best is Idaho / Russet)
   – Wrap in foil = soft skin; inside less fluffy
   – Rubbing with oil = soft skin; inside soft & fluffy
   – No foil or oil = crisp skin
• Scrub all potatoes and pierce with fork
• Best for Chef’s potatoes
• Crisp, evenly browned exterior with tender
• Sauté in oil and butter, stirring or flipping
  frequently until golden brown
• Serve immediately
• Best for Russet potatoes (low moisture)

• Most should be blanched and refrigerated
  until service; then fried in fat heated to
  350*F – 375*F until golden brown

• Drain on paper towels
• Pureed, whipped, and mashed potatotes
  are first boiled, steamed, or baked before
  combined with other ingredients or
• Whenever possible, cook potatoes in their
  skins to retain nutrients
• Cut and peeled potatoes should be
  completely covered in liquid to prevent

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