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					Aesthetic medi-spA services
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Medi-Spa Treatments
refresh and renew with this sophisticated             biodegradable, meaning that within a year it will          The i-SkinMedix Chrono-Reversing Facial -            The Purifying Peel - £275
selection of rejuvenating medi-spa services           be eliminated from your body via the kidneys.              Mature/Anti-Aging - 60 mins £150                     this intense formulation of salicylic Acid, a
delivered to you by the most qualified and            the gel does not migrate from the treated area.            this chrono-reversing facial targets the first       Beta-hydroxy Acid, (with ph levels ranging from
experienced doctors within their field of             injectable dermal fillers containing hyaluronic            signs of ageing whilst aiding in the fight to        0.9 to 2.0) is designed to penetrate excess oil
expertise. rejuvenate, redefine and rediscover        acid have been in the market for several decades           prevent and repair sun damage and wrinkles.          which will correct skin conditions such as acne
your beauty                                           and are successfully used for rejuvenating                 the skin will look visibly softer and smoother       and enlarged pores. Oil-soluble and lipophilic,
                                                      purposes in more than 30 countries.                        with noticeable improvement of fine lines, whilst    the unique blend of acids in the purifying peel
the Wrinkle treatment system                                                                                     increasing overall firmness and tone.                penetrates sebum filled follicles and cleans out
• for one area £180                                                                                                                                                   clogged pores, clears the skin of blemishes and
• for two areas £300                                  Facial Treatments                                          Facial Peels                                         heals acne lesions, reduces inflammation and
• for three areas £400                                                                                                                                                exfoliates the skin to reveal a glowing, dewy
                                                      The i-SkinMedix Balancing Facial - Normal/                 The i-SkinMedix PEELS:                               complexion.
As a convenient alternative to surgery it is          Combination Skin - 60 mins £150                            • physician strength unbuffered - low pH ranging     For optimal results treat 2-3 weeks apart for a
possible to use injections of a substance             For clean, clear and balanced skin with                    ins trength from light, medium and deep              series of 6-8 treatments. Wait approximately
called Botulinum toxin to relax frown lines,          increased smoothness and firmness. results                 • adaptable to fit with other procedures             two weeks for any touch up or additional
forehead lines and even laughter lines around         inclued reduced oil production, minimised                  • specialty treatment products                       applications. to maintain results use take-home
the eyes. the benefits are visible within five        pore appearance and an overall healthier and                                                                    products should be used daily.
days of the treatment and will last for three to      hydrated appearance.                                       HOME:
six months, giving the face a smoother, more                                                                     • pre-peel and post-peel treatments                  TCA Ageless Peel - £475
rested appearance. the injection process              The i-SkinMedix Clarifying Facial - Oily/Acneic            • complements professional spa procedures            the Ageless peel firms and smooths premature
takes as little as five minutes in many instances.    Skin - 60 mins £150                                        • suitable for all skin types                        lines and reduces wrinkles. i-skinmedix Ageless
Afterwards, you will have some tiny red marks         this clarifying facial is perfect for slightly oily skin   • noticeable results                                 peel generates immense activity in the skin. this
for approximately one hour, where the needle          and extremely effective on congested grade                                                                      enormously effective deep peel works to restore
was inserted. Naturally as with any injection,        4 acneic skin. When used in a programme of                 Jessner Brightening & Toning Peel - £275             the growth of healthy, young skin cells, increases
there is a chance that some bruising occurs.          treatments, dramatically visible results can be            this is a potent antioxidant peel featuring          cell turnover and removes layers of dead skin. the
Botulinum toxin is a protein toxin produced from      achieved by the second session, especially when            Green tea extracts which contains a rich blend       Ageless peel also increases your skin’s moisture
the clostridium Botulinum bacteria. it is used in     used in conjunction with take-home products.               of nourishing and stimulating ingredients that       level to give you an age defying, smooth-textured
extremely small amounts in local areas and does                                                                  restores dull, lifeless skin while giving it an      complexion. it is much more effective when
not spread throughout the body. it has since          The i-SkinMedix Smoothing Facial - Hyper-                  instant glow.                                        the skin is prepped to increase the number of
been used safe and effectively since 1989.            Pigmentation Skin - 60 mins £150                           the Jessner solution is a peeling agent that         fibroblasts available.
                                                      For smooth skin and a complexion of even colour            consists of 14% resorcinol, 14% lactic and           the tcA (tricholoracetic Acid) Ageless peel
The Dermal Filler System £300 per Syringe             and tone, safe and natural extracts have been              14% salicylic acid in an alcohol base. it is a       is available in various strengths with ph levels
dermal fillers such as restylane® are used to         shown to prevent discoloration and balance skin            highly effective medium to deep strength peel        ranging from 0.7 to 0.9. the solution is applied
plump up the skin and make it firmer smoothing        tone when used in this facial treatment. treat             that can be customised depending on your             until a smooth application is achieved. the face
out lines and wrinkles. in addition, cheekbones       past acne scarring, sun damaged skin and hyper-            individual requirements. Applied by experienced      may be uncomfortable initially, and mild swelling
and jaw lines may be enhanced.                        pigmentation, and experiencing visible results             professionals only, Jessner can be used to lighten   may occur. skin will achieve optimal rejuvenation
the gel, containing stabilised hyaluronic acid is     with just one treatment. AhA Kojic will leave skin         areas of hyper-pigmentation, treat mild acne,        and color restoration in the following 1-2 weeks.
injected into the dermis to correct wrinkles, folds   with a warm pink glow and the possibility of mild          acne scars and treat photo and sun damaged           For optimal results, tc A peels should be
and lines of the face. dermal fillers provide an      peeling on day three to reveal younger, firmer             skin. Jessner peels achieve a more thorough          performed in a series of 6-8 treatments 2-3 weeks
immediate effect, lasting 6 -9 months, depending      and hydrated skin.                                         peel than AhA peels and is appropriate for           apart. however some clients may only require
on the condition of the skin, the area treated,                                                                  those requiring deeper peeling. For optimal          a single treatment of tc A to achieve desired
the amount of product injected and lifestyle                                                                     results treat 2-3 weeks apart for a series of 6-8    results. in some cases clients may require a touch
factors such as sun exposure and smoking. in          Laser Lipo - 30 mins £250 per session                      treatments. Wait two weeks for touch up or           up or a second peel. Wait 2-3 weeks before
some cases, the effects may last up to one year.      Laser Lipo emits low levels of laser energy, which         additional applications. to maintain results take-   applying another peel or touch up. to maintain
it can also be used for lip enhancement to make       creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking       home products should be used daily                   results take home products should be used daily.
lips look bigger and fuller. the average life of      down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids
treatment to the lips is six months due to the        and glycerol and releasing them though channels
high mechanical action in the lip area.               in the cell membranes. the fatty acids and
hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin        glycerol are then transported around the body to
and works as a precursor of collagen which            the tissues that will use them during metabolism
makes the skin look more elastic and healthy.         to create energy. 6 - 8 treatments for optimum
hyaluronic acid gel injected into the skin is fully   results


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