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					    Only 28 More
     Days Until                        CaliforniaTech
                                                 Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology
                                                                                                                                                             New Ears

VOlume LXVI.                                                Pasadena, California, Thursday, December 10, 1964                                                             Number 11

frosh Approve                                                                                                  TECH Escapes
Initiation In Poll      BY BART GORDON
                                                                                                               Three Year Debt
                                                                                                                   After three long years the California Tech is finally out of debt.
     The Interbouse Committee recently circulated among the fresh-                                             J. C. Simpson, Tech business manager, presented a financial report
man class a questionnaire concerning Initiation and Rotation. The                                              at last Monday's ASCIT Board meeting which showed that the total
purpose was to solicit the opinion of the frosh on the success of                                              Tech debt as of December 3 was $30.25.
the second trial of Rotation, as well as on Initiation, which has                                                   This financial statement included the first ten issues this year,
come under attack beacuse some think it is becoming too rough.                                                 or all issues up to last week. So the estimated profit of this week's
     The three-page questionnaire was divided into two parts, Initia-                                          California Tech is $71.00, the Tech should now hav:e a surplus of
tion and Rotation. In the first part the questions were designed to                                            $40.00, going into the black for the first time in at three years.
evaluate effectiveness of the present system of choosing a House                                                    Simpson also reported that the Tech had a record profit for first
and the possibility for improvement. In the second part, Initiation        "There is so little magic in the    term, estimated at $370, or an average of $34 per issue. Only one
was evaluated from the standpoint of enjoyment and the benefiits world. Let us encourage it in our             issue of the Tech lost money this term (the Oct. 29 issue lost an
of Initiation to the frosh. From the questionnaires sent to each children as long as we can." (With            estimated $30), and several indiVidual issue earning marks were set.
frosh there was a total return of 156.                                 apologies to Giles.)                     The high spots of the term financially were the ninth and tenth is-
   Among the frosh questioned, 66                                                                                                                   SUes (Nov. 19 and December 3),
thought choosing a House was                                                                                                                        which earned an estimated $79
of major importance while 64                                                                                                                        and $86 respectively.
thought it of reasonable import-
ance. A large majority of the re-
turns, 110, said they had gotten
enough information to make their
choice of Houses. Forty-eight
thought that the impressions they
                                                      Merrg Christmas
                                                              aadBapp~                      Haaukkah
                                                                                                                                                        The enormous Tech debt was
                                                                                                                                                     first discovered in April of 1962,
                                                                                                                                                     When Lee Molho took over. as
                                                                                                                                                     Tech business manager. Puttfug
                                                                                                                                                     the jumbled records he found to-
                                                                                                                                                     gether, Lee soon carne upon the
got of the Houses were distorted.                                                                                                                    somewhat disturbing conclusion
Only two frosh did not like the                                                                                                                      that the California Tech owed far
idea of Rotation.                                            To ./Ill Joyful Tech Readers                                                            more than its total cash and ac-
 Alternate Rotation Methods                                                  {an.d Snakes>                                                           counts receivable could hope to
   Thirty freshmen did not ap-                                                                                                                       account for.
 prove of the way Rotation was
 carried out and 84 thought they
 should have more of a say in
 their choice of Houses. Three al-
                                                Frobl file Joyful Teell Sfflff                                                                          Because of the complete disor-
                                                                                                                                                     der in the records, and the loss of
                                                                                                                                                     some important items, the exact
                                                                                                                                                     Tech debt at that time has never
 ternate systems of Rotation were                                                                                                                    been calculated with any certain-
 presented to be ranked according
 to preference. The most preferred
 consisted of four choices of
 Bouses. These would be divided
                                     Sports Awards Given
                                       The athletes had their day last and effort at the annual Fall           John Frazzini; the best frosh line-
                                                                                                                                                      ty. However, both Molho's suc-
                                                                                                                                                     cessors as business managers,
                                                                                                                                                     Dick Karp and J. C. Simpson,
                                                                                                                                                     have estimated that the debt was
 into two groups of two Houses                                                                                                                       in excess of $3,500.
 each, one group preferred over Monday evening as ASCIT Sports Awards Banquet, held this                       man was Dick Harley; most im-
                                    thanked them for their loyalty year in Ruddock House. Although             proved player was Bob Serafin;           The largest single item in the
      (Continued on page 4)                                                                                                                          debt was money owed to Bickley
                                                                        the festivities were a bit lengthy,    other football awardS included
                                                                        a good time was had by those           Andy Kampe as best all-around         Printing Company, which prints
                                                                        attending.                             player and first team All-Confer-      the Tech. At one time this item
                                                                            On paper, the program looked       ence, and All-Conference honor-       alone climbed over the $3,000
                                                                        innocent enough, but it lasted al-     able mention to Lee Myers and          mark, and the Tech was paying
                                                                        most five hours, including the         Dinius.                                carrying charges of 1% per
                                                                                                                     (ContinUed on page 4)                (Continued on page 3)
                                                                        hour spent consuming an excel-
                                                                        lent steak dinner. Dr. Fred Anson
                                                                        acted as Master of Ceremonies
                                                                        and introduced the many guests
                                                                        present, including the varsity
                                                                        football teams of 1924, 1934, 1944,
                                                                                                               Albert Hibhs To Speak
                                                                        and 1954. Then the athletic
                                                                        awards were presented to the
                                                                        football, cross-country, water-polo,
                                                                        and soccer teams by their respec-
                                                                                                               At Asilomar Conference
                                                                                                                  Through the efforts of the Cal- their fields of endeavor but also
                                                                         tive coaches.                          tech Y, Dr. Albert Hibbs, Chief interesting as personable indi-
                                                                          Off-Color Chagrin                     of the Arms Control and Dis- viduals.
                                                                             Each athlete was given a time-     armament StUdy Group at JPL,         Caltech's other part in the con-
                                                                          consuming, but well-earned, round     will be at the Asilomar Confer- ference will be the presentation
                                                                          of applause as he was introduced.
                                                                                                                ence this year where he will give of a seminar built along the lines
                                                                          Numerous jokes, many of which
                                                                                                                two major addresses: one on "The of psychological role-playing and
                                                                          were off-color to the chagrin of
                                                                                                                New Science," and the other on political gaming. It's title: "Forms
                                                                          the athletes, livened up the pro-
                                                                                                                arms control and disarmament. of Social Protest." (Suggestions
                                                                          ceedings considerably. H. Lee
                                                                                                                Besides his associations with JEL, have ranged from demonstrations
                                                                          Hansen completed the evening on       Dr. Hibbs is also the Science against the culinary facilities at
                                                                          a high note with his color films
                                                                                                                Editor for NBC. and a TV person- the conference grounds to a paci-
                                                                          of the 1964 Summer Olympics in        ality as host on NBC's weekly fist march on Fort Ord protesting
                                                                          Tokyo; he photographed the open-                                         the war against meningitis.)
                                                                                                                program "Exploring."
                                                                          ing ceremonies and several sports,
                                                                          although emphasiZing track-and-     In addition to Dr. Hibbs there           Cost of the conference, which
                                                                          field and swimming.                will be five major speakers at          runs from Dec. 27 to Jan. 1, will
                                                                             Several special awards were ~silomar who will act both as               be $29.50 for Caltech students,
                                                                          presented during the course of . resource people and participants          since the Y has promised to pay
                                                                          the banquet. Of these, eight were as the conference's theme "The           up to $30 of the expense for each
                                                                          given to football players. Barry 70's - Promise or Prison" will            student going. More information
                                                                          Dinius was awarded the Wheaton be unfolded. Like Dr. Hibbs, these          and applications are available at
                              "Snake, froshl"                             Trophy; the best frosh back was people are not only outstanding in         the Y office.
Pas. Two                                                                     CALIFORNIA                  TECH                                                     Thursdoy, December 10, 1964


                      No Debtl
                                                                                        Tau Beta
                                                                                        Pi Accepts
                                                                                                                                              ¥       nUDlbNCC
                                                                                                                               BY S. GALLEY                              BY JOHN ROUSE
      As long as anyone can remember the California Tech has
been in debt. Three years ago the business manager of the
Tech lost $3,500 in one year. Since then it has undertaken
                                                                                      BY LES FETTIG
                                                                                                                            FATHER GOOSE
                                                                                                                             Beverly Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                   A beautifully executed per-
                                                                                                                                                                 formance of Richard Wagner's
                                                                                                                                                                 Das Rheingold was presented by
the utmost frugality, plus an increase in subscription rates to                                                          Radio City Music Hall                   the USC Opera Theater last Fri-
                                                                                The Caltech Chapter of Tau
                                                                             Beta Pi, National Honorary Fra-         What would you do if you were               day night at USC's Bovard Audi·
reclaim the loss.
      Now after three years the Tech is free of debt. The credit             ternity, recently accepted eight a defrocked professor of history                   torium. One could hardly believe

for this feat belongs to the past three business managers. We                distinguished undergrads into its turned slovenly bum cruising                      that the cast and orchestra were
                                                                             membership. Those receiving the around New Guinea in an $18,000                     non-professional, as there were so
hope this experience is remembered and is never repeated in                  honor were Juniors Stu Galley, motor launch? Suppose that it                        few flaws.
the future.                                    '                             John Tucker and John Trijonis, was World War II and you                               This was the opening perform-
      What does this mean to the average Tech reader? First                  and Seniors Steve Blumsack, couldn't give a damn about the                          ance, the first time in a long
it is now financially feasible to include more pictures and illus-           Robert Barro, George Brackett, fate of the world, just so long as                   while that a student group has
                                                                             Manuel Huerta and Gary Scott.         it left you alone. Also pretend               attempted a Wagnerian opera.
trations. This should make the paper look more lively. Second,                  To be eligible for membership that ail. old friend of yours tricked              Because anything written by
the length of the paper will not entirely be dependent on the                in the society, the candidate must you into His British Majesty's                   Wagner tends to be very difficult
amount of advertising that week. When there are more news                    rank in the top one-fifth of his service as a Jap-plane spotter on                  to present, I was prepared to be
and features in a particular week the space can be created.                  class as a senior or the top one- a small tropical island, marooned                 satisfied with even a so-so job.
                                                                                                                   with eight women.                             A particular difficulty of Das
      It feels good.                                                         eighth as a junior, and must be
                                                                             active in campus activities to the      If that doesn't fit your style,             Rheingold is that it is over two
                                               -Wally Oliver                 satisfaction of the body of frater-   try supposing that you're really              hours long and is presented with-
                                                  Stuart Galley              nity members. The newly-received Cary Grant pretending to be the                    out a single break.
                                                                             members bring the total number above-mentioned bum, that one An Understandable Opera!
                                                                             to 17, headed by Chapter Presi- of the women is Leslie Caron                           I was rather surprised as the
            Random Thoughts                                                  dent, Paul Swatek.
                                                                             Tau Beta Pi to You
                                                                                                                   pretending to be a frustrated singing was in English rather
                                                                                                                   young spinster, and that the other than the original German. How-
                                                                                Although Tau Beta Pi is na- women are really schoolgirls pre- ever, the translation was smooth
"'Tis the season to be jolly ... "                                           tionally associated as an engineer- tending to be schoolgirls.                       and wasn't at all irritating. The
Give a subcription to the Tech as a Christmas present.                       ing society, the details of its by- Big Bad Cary                                     English present<ltion had the ad-
Wait for Godot.                                                              laws allow sufficient flexibility so    As Grant squares off against vantage that people who didn't
Gnats have no biceps.                                                        that all Caltech students in all his umpteenth leading lady, who know the story could pick it up,
It can't go in the paper.                                                    options except biology are eligible will Soon be identified with by even though the singers were
                                                                             for membership. Since the orga- feminine moviegoers everywhere, often drowned out by the or-
There are          .                                                         nization of the Chapter in. 1920 he finds himself in exactly the chestra, as happens all the time
How many more days left?                                                     through the efforts of Franklin above situations. Slovenly, dirty- with Wagner.
Happy birthday, Bob Levin.                                                   Thomas, this diversified aspect shaven Grant is a strong change                        I was also surprised at the audi-
" ... Falalalalalalalala."                                                   has been emphasized in accord- from debonaire, clean-shaven ence. As a rule, Los Angeles audl'
                                               -E. Scrooge                   ance with the preparation of the Grant, but his writers still put ences tend to interrupt perform-
                                                                             majority of Caltech undergrads, those fantastically good one-line ances with loud applause. This
                                                  B. Humbug                  in an attempt to fulfill Tau Beta jokes into his mouth, as in audience just paid very close
                                                                             Pi's role as the sole academic Charade and A Touch of Mink. attention - people were perched
                                                                             honor society.                        And Miss Caron-considering she on the edge of their seats through

Silver Talks On
                                                                                Professors Sabersky, Wood, is limited by a less exciting role most of the performance - and
                                                                             Corcoran and Martel are faculty - does as well as Miss Hepburn kept quiet until the end, when
                                                                             advisors for the Caltech Chapter, did in the former, and consider- they went wild. The cast made
                                                                             while Professor D. S. Clark, Di- ably better than Miss Day did in eight or nine curtain calls, and

Geologic Time                                                                rector of Placements, is Tau Beta the latter.
                                                                             Pi National President. The society       At any rate, the suspense in Fun and Games
                                                                              looks forward to the possibilty of Father Goose is only deep enough
                                                                             much activity through the in- to remind me of the Saturday-
                                                                                                                                                                  people stood up and cheered.

                                                                                                                                                                    The opera opens with a long,
         BY JUAN LARGO                 235-238 system helped solve this                                                                                           deep,· undulating prelUde, sugges-
                                       dilemma since the two isotopes         terest and efforts of the 400 to 600 afternoon army movies on TV,
   Dr. Leon Silver of the Division                                                                                                                                tive of waves on the Rhine. As
                                       are always found in the same           Tau Beta Pi alumni who are con- except that here they are in color.
of Geological Sciences at Caltech                                                                                                                                 the lights dim out, ripples ate
                                       relative concentration of about       centrated in the Southern Califor-       And as for comedy, the snake- displayed on a semi-transparent
presented "Cracked Clocks and
                                       1:140.                                 nia area.                            bite incident and Elisabeth's an- screen across the front of the
the Measure of Geological Time,"
as the last of the fall series of         He continued by giving ex-                                               kle-turning are nearly classics. stage. The action starts with the
lectures in Beckman Auditorium
last Monday night. Through the
                                       amples of the dating of granite
                                       through the analysis of the zir-
                                                                                    Debate                          All in all, it's a good uncomplicat- Rhine Maidens swimming about
                                                                                                                   ed show to take a date to (once in the river, when the dwarf Al-
use of slides, Silver explained        conium silicate crystals found           Nick Zabitchuck and Kermit it comes to reasonably priced local berich appears and attempts to
his work in dating geological          within the granite. It is a known     Kubitz represented Caltech at the theaters) - and be sure to pay seduce them.
events through radiography of          fact that the zirconium crystals      Fall Championship Speech Tour- attention to the song that accom-                        After a chase around the stage,
crystals.                              will readily accept uranium atoms     nament held at California State panies the credits.                                  a shaft of sunlight illuminates
    Silver began the lecture by ex-    at the time of crystallization of      College in Los Angeles on De-                                                       the Rhinegold, a lump which the
plaining that when our solar sys-      the granite.                          cember 4 and 5. In debate Zabit-                                                     Rhine Maidens watch over, and
tem was formed about 4 VI billion                                             chuck and Kubitz compiled a                                                         which has the magical property
                                       More Problems                                                                     The window to the world
years ago, both stable and un-                                               record of four wins and two de-                                                      that anyone who forswears love
                                          However, the predicted age was
stable elements were formed in                                               feats while beating teams from                                                       can forge the gold into a Ring
                                       found to vary inversely as the
                                                                             Loyola, UCLA, Pepperdine, and           can be covered by a news-
definite proportions. These un-        concentration of the parent iso-                                                                                           which will give the wearer the
stable elements decay exponen-                                               the University of Arizona.              paper.                                       power to conquer the world. Al-
                                       tope alone, when it should theo-
tially in time to produce "daugh-                                               In individual events Zabitchuck                                                   berich forswears love, seizes the
                                       retically be independent of this
ter" isotopes. Hence this process                                            participated in impromptu and                                                              (Continued on page 5)
                                       quantity. Here was the second
 can be compared to the sandclock:                                            extemp, while Kubitz competed in
                                       dilemma.                              oratory. Zabitchuck was awarded
the "parent" isotope in the top
half changing into the daughter
 isotope when it passes through
 the neck of the glass.
                                          Silver reasoned that this effect
                                       would take place if there were
                                       some geological disturbance later
                                                                              a Certificate of Excellence for his
                                                                              record in impromptu.
                                                                                Caltech's overall debate record
                                                                                                                            Published weekly during the school year by the Associated Students
                                       on that removed part of the            now stands at 36 wins and 34 de-                      of the California Institute of Technology, Incorporated.
    The five most convenient iso-      daughter isotopes. He put the          feats for a percentage of .514.                                        Editors-in-Chief
 topes for the purpose of dating,      theory to the test by predicting
according to Silver, are rubidium                                                                                                                Stuart Galley, Wally Oliver
                                       the date of the second event and
87, thorium 232, uranium 238, po-
 tassium 40, and uranium 235. The
                                       found that the date corresponded
                                       exactly with a known upheaval
                                                                                 STUDENTS,                                                            Managin. Editor
                                                                                                                                                         Rick Briggs
 relative amounts of both parent
 and daughter isotopes can be
                                       of a new group of mountains. The
                                       samples were taken in the Mojave          if you need                                                             News Staff
                                                                                                                                        Les Fettig, Les Fishbone, Barton Gordon,
 found through the use of the
mass spectrometer.
                                       Desert within a few miles of each
                                       other.                                    HELP                                    Tim Hendrickson, Ralph Kimbrell, Michael Meo, Craig Nelson, Dick Tezak
                                                                                                                           Photographers: Bill Boyd, Bob Geisenhainer, J.ules Kline, Larry Ruzzo
    However, through Silver's re-
                                       The Presence was Here
                                          He explained that he had also          in fulfilling                                                         Feature Staff
                                                                                                                                                   Bob Berry, Editor
 search, the calculated age of a       used this technique to determine
 sample of granite taken from           closely the time interval over           your language                              Don Green, Tom Greenfield, Tom McKenzie, B'L" Orr, Jeff Pressing,
                                                                                                                                       John Rouse, J. C. Simpson, Hank Suzukawa
 Pike's Peak varied widely ac-          which the Reweenawan Igneous
 cording to the isotope used. Silver
 concluded that there must be a
                                        Presence existed. The Reweena-
                                        wan Igneous Presence was a for-
                                                                                 requirement-                                                           Sports Staff
                                                                                                                                                    Steve Blumsack, Editor
 "leak" somewhere in the parent-
 daughter system, that is to say,
                                        mation of boiling lava some 1200
                                        miles in length and 200 miles in
                                                                                 inquire about                              Peter Balint, Larry Dillehay, J. K. Evans, Mike Hunsaker, Gary Ihal,
                                                                                                                                   David Jackson, Ted Jenkins, Gary Ratner, John Tucker
 the sandlock was "cracked" and
 the isotopes were escaping.
                                        width which extended over parts
                                        of Minnesota and Canada. He
                                                                                 tutoring                                                                Copy Staff
                                                                                                                                                  Horton Greenfeld, Editor
    Another source of error would
 also be introduced if some daugh-
                                        found that the date of this forma-
                                        tion corresponded to the "cook-
                                                                                 services at                                                      Gary Schnuell., Bob Schor
                                                                                                                                                       Business Staff
 ter isotope was already present
 in the system. Hence Silver found
                                        ing" of a mountain range lying
                                        underneath the eastern part of            BERLITZ,
                                                                                 THE LANGUAGE CENTER
                                                                                                                                                   J. C. Simpson,
                                                                                                                                                  Circulation: Stewart Davey
  himself in a dilemma analogous        Canada.
                                                                                                                                                   Roger Whitlock, Muskrat
  to having a cracked sandclock            He concluded that greater ac-
  which not only leaked, but was        curacy in geological dating could          170 South Lake Ave.                        California Tech, 1201 East California Blvd. Pasadena California 91109.
                                                                                                                              Member of The Associated Collegiate Press'            •
  also not started with an empty        be obtained as a result of pre-                                                       Represented nationally by National Advertising Service Inc.
  bottom half.                          dicting a post-formation event in                 SY 5-5888                           Second Class postage paid at Pasadena, California      '
                                                                                                                              Printed by Bickley Printing Co.
     Luckily for Silver, the uranium    a nearby sample.                                                                      SUbscriptions: $1.50 per term, $4.00 per year. Write: Circulation Manager.
Thursday, December 10, 1964                                                                    CALIFORNIA TECH                                                                                                                                                        Page Three

    (Continued from page 1)
                                           The size and seriousness of the
                                         debt can be better appreciated
                                                                                                Frosh Dinner Forum Back
                                                                                                        BY DICK TEZAK                                            parts. During the first part of the both first and· second terms, and
  To make matters even worse,            when compared to the Tech's                                                                                             program, a guest speaker will de- met Wednesday evenings. Al-
an estimated earnings and ex-                                                                      Due to the efforts of Wes Her-
                                         total income. While the original                       shey and the YMCA, Caltech frosh                                 liver a short address, lasting about though rather poorly attended,
penses report soon afterward re-         debt was about $3,500, the Tech's                                                                                       half an hour. This will be fol-
vealed that, even operating at                                                                  will have an unequaled opportu-
                                         total earnings for the last fiscal                     nity next term to meet a number                                  lowed by dinner, during which last year's program featured many
minimum expense and cutting all                                                                                                                                  frosh will have time to discuss outstanding guest speakers, in-
possible corners, the Tech could         year were only $7,800, and its                         of outstanding campus personali-
                                         total expenses about the same.                         ties under informal conditions and                               whatever they found intriguing cluding Dr. Rudolph Moessbauer.
not hope to break even on just                                                                                                                                   about the speech. After dinner,
a single year's operation, and the       Due to the increased revenue and                       in a leisurely atmosphere. At a
                                         an increasing volume of adver-                         series of planning sessions held                                 students will be free either to Aimed at Frosh Interests.
debt was destined to grow even                                                                                                                                   leave for other engagements, or        "In contrast to past years, this
                                         tising, the Tech's expected profit                     last week, and ad hoc committee
larger.                                                                                                                                                          to stay and visit with the speaker. year's program was planned by
                                         was about $150 for this year. As                       of approximately sixteen fresh-
Economy Kick                             advertising increased even more                        men, under the general direction                                 Feynman, Vogt to Appear              freshmen and for freshmen,"
   These facts, when reported to         than expected (the Tech has been                       of soph Norton Greenfeld, set                                       Drs. Richard Feynman and stated Hershey. "It will hopefully
the ASCIT Board, caused a major          issuing six and eight page papers                      January 8 as the tentative date                                  Rochus E. Vogt have already give them a chance to hear about
uproar and a crash program was           consistently this term), it is quite                   for the first of a number of week-                               agreed to address the forum, and the things they are most interested
immediately began to put the             likely that this figure will be ex-                    ly Frosh Dinner Forums.                                          should prove to be top attractions. in. Everyone planning to attend
Tech back on its feet financially.       ceeded by a considerable amount.                          Scheduled every Friday evening                                Others invited to speak include must sign up in advance through
The four major steps in this cam-          With its present sources of rev-                     at 6 p.m. in Chandler, the forums                                Dr. Linus Pauling, on the subject their House, in order to transfer
paign were 1) the raising the            enue, the Tech should now be                           are open free of charge to all                                   of "War and Peace"; Dr. James their evening meal to Chandler.
yearly subscription rate from $2         able to operate at a moderate                           frosh, as well as any interested                                Bonner, professor of biology, on They will receive $1.35 credit for
to $3 for students and from $3 to        profit for the next few years,                         upperclassmen. The purpose of                                     "The Origins of Life on the Earth anything on the menu."
$4 for others; 2) the obtaining of       hopefully accumulating enough                          this program, according to Green-                                and Other Possible Forms of Intel-      "Since the forum will fall on
$800 from the Institute to cover         of a surplus to keep its bills paid                     feld, is "to acquaint freshmen                                  ligent Beings on Other Planets"; Fridays rather than during the
the Tech's actual costs in printing      despite the time lag in advertising                    with people whom they wouldn't                                   Dr. John Weir, associate profes- middle of the week, there should
and distributing copies to all           payments and to pay for some                            ordinarily meet during their                                     sor of psychology, on "Learning be little conflict with studies,"
faculty members each week; 3)            needed equipment and repairs.                           career at Caltech, and to give                                   to Live With Your Sexual Frust- Greenfeld pointed out. "It will
an expanded effort to obtain more        Hopefully the Tech should be in                         them a greater understanding of                                  rations"; and Dr. Jesse Greenstein, break up early enough not to
local advertising; and 4) a com-         good shape for several more years                       the kind of work being done                                      on "The Life and Death of Stars." interfere with other Friday eve-
prehensive belt-tightening in ev-        until rising costs of printing, etc.,                   here."                                                             In past years, the Frosh Dinner ning events. And the forums
ery phase of Tech activity.              eventually require another rise in                      Three·Part Program                                               Forum has been received with a should provide a welcome change
   In addition to these steps AS-        SUbscription price or advertising                          The evening program at each                                   considerable amount of enthu- from dining in the Student
 CIT tightened its own belt and          rates.                                                  forum will be divided into three                                 siasm. In 1962 it extended over Houses.
began a concerted effort to divert
 as much money as possible to
paying off the Tech debt as rapid-
 ly as possible. This has caused
 a good deal of hardship in other
 ASCIT activities, notably the
 social program and in the yearly
 grants ASCIT could make to vari-
 ous activities. All these factors
 have finally combined, however,
 to eliminate the Tech debt and
 put the newspaper on a sound
 yearly operating basis.

      Statement of Finances
     as of December 3, 1964
    Cash on Hand
  Bank Balance $227.77
    Checks      210.75
  Petty Cash      37.77
  National Ads 1236.04
  Local Ads     412.26
  Alpha Phi
    Gamma         54.00
  Student's Day 55.00

   Total Assets          $2233.59
     Accounts Payable
   Bickley Printing
     Company $1084.79
   Crown Photo
     Engravers     60.19
   Alvin's Photo
     Supplies     135.65
   Ad Commissions
       (agency) 410.00
       (agency)    38.00
     Business Mgr.
       & local)   415.21
     & Expenses
     Salaries     100.00
   Mileage         20.00

   Total Liabilities          $2263.84
                                                     MAGIC SKIN FOR SPACE METALS
                                                     You've seen an apple turn brown where                                      It acts as a protective skin similar to tM                                  you might want to know more about
   Present California                                the skin was peeled off. Oxidation is the                                  apple peel.                                                                 General Telephone & Electronics. Full
     Tech Debt                $ 30.25                culprit.                                                                       Innovations such as this are fostered                                   information is available from your Cam-
                                                        Oxidation also attacks and damages                                      by an extensive research program con-                                       pus Placement Director. Or write to
                                                     metal parts in space vehicles and jet                                      ducted by General Telephone & Elec-                                         General Telephone & Electronics Lab-
                                                     engines subject to high temperatures.                                      tronics Laboratories. And in part are re-                                   oratories/730 Third Avenue, New York,
          welcome to the                                GT&E scientists tackled this problem,                                   sponsible for the dynamic and continued                                     N. Y. 10017.
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Page Four                                                                        CALIFORNIA TECH                                                           Thursday, December 10, 1964
                                         18 thought other aspects unreas-                                                                                                             -unpaid ad
Frosh Poll
   (Continued from page 1)
the other. The system chosen sec-
                                             Due to this overwhelming sup-
                                                                                 APorne                                                          DOCTOR
                                                                                                                                          SANTIAGO FUENTES QUINARD'
                                          port of the present system of                BY F. MECHANICS
ond was that of four choices with         Initiation and Rotation, the IHC
a definite preference for one             does not plan to make any dras-        Rho, d-rho, d-theta your boat                                                          PHONES:
House. This was followed by a             tic changes in either procedure.       Quasistatically up the irrotational                                           DUpont   5 - 88 - 85
system with only three choices            There is, however, a change pos-           stream function.                         1610 (495) Second St.            DUpont   5 - 55 - 42
required, with no preference              sible in the way the final selection   Adiabatically, isentropically,                   Tijuana, B. C.               DUpont   5 - 63 - 31
among those three (as in present          of the Houses are made by the          Life is but independent of path.
system).                                  freshmen.
  The freshmen generally ap-
proved of the idea of Initiation as
they did Rotation. One hundred
thirty-eight of those questioned
                                          More Off-Color
                                                (Continu,ed from page 1)
liked the idea of Initiation, 120
approved of the way it was con-              The soccer team placed eight                                               ,
ducted, and 141 thought it should         men on the All-Conference team,                                              it s sure easy
be continued. In two separate             including honorable mention.
questions an equal number of stu-         Wade, Trishuk, Cline, Kerdeme-                                               to spot your heap
dents, 122, enjoyed Initiation and        lides, David, and Innes were the
thought it helped unify the class         varsity players; only two jayvees                                            in the parking lot/ Rich y /
in each House, as well as develop         were selected - Hunsaker and
class and House spirit.                   Moretti. However, there are still                                            with aU those Dodge Coronets
Disagreeable                              a few more openings on the teams
                                          since soccer season doesn't end                                              around it.
  Questioned on the various as-           until after vacation.
pects of Initiation and its rough-
ness, only 17 frosh thought Initia-         Hugh Maynard won the Coach-
tion in general rough. Fourteen           es Cup in water polo, and Mike
did not like the waterfights, 11          Baskes was honored by his selec-
disapproved of the frosh stunts,          tion as first-team All Conference
ten were against showering, and           goalie.

               "A tale of adUltery in the                                                                                                                    how to hurt
                     brilliant sunshine of                                                                                                                   a guy!
                        southern France"
                         -N. Y. World Telegram & Sun

                                               LOVE AT TWENTY

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                                                                                                                                        DODGE DIVISION   ~~ CHRYSLER
                                                                                                                                                         ~ MOTORS CORPORATION

                                                                                        Got a second? Lend an ear. Dodge's all          inches. Like a lean and hungry look. And
                                                                                        new, hot new Coronet 500 has got an             like a low, low price tag-Coronet costs
                                                                                        awful lot going for it (besides your girl).     less than any full-size Dodge in years.
                                                                                        For instance: buckets and backup lights,        We can't hope to make you a believer
                                                                                        full carpeting and a console, spinners          with an ad, so we'd like to extend an in-

                                                                                        and a padded dash-all standard equip-           vitation-come and see the 1965 Coronet
                                                                                        ment. More? Much! Like an engine                500 at your nearest Dodge dealer's.
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Thursday, December 10, 1964                                                                                  CALIFORNIA                 TECH                                                                    Page Fin
                                             rough hair and look very giant-                                    He finds the intruders, and they   ately the giants fight for it, with   halla, but the other Gods cross,
More Rheingold                               like indeed.                                                    challenge his power. To impresss      Fafner killing Fasolt, and then       to the Rhine Maidens' laments
    (Continued from page 2)                  Where's the Golden Fleece?                                      them, Alberich changes himself        leaving, dragging the booty be-       and the motifs of Valhalla, the
Ring, and plunges into the depths,             Wotan tells the giant that they                               into a dragon. Loge is properly       hind him.                             Sword, and the Rainbow.
leaving the stage, which had been            are not to have Freia, and calls                                frightened, but then craftily asks      To clear the air of all of the      Well Worth the Price
lit with a soft blue-green glow              Loge, god of fire and treachery,                                if Alberich could turn himself in-    pre v i 0 u s unpleasantries, the        The orchestra was generally
in pitch darkness.                           to help him. Loge enters, dressed                               to something small, as this would     storm-god Donner swings his           good, although there were a few
Valhalla Appears                             in a brilliant red-orange cape and                              be useful for escape. Alberich ob-    hammer and calls a thunderstorm.      flubs here and there, which can't
   In the darkness, the orchestra's          with a head of red-orange hair                                  ligingly turns himself into a toad,   When the storm clouds break, a        easily be avoided in a live per-
music slowly changes from the                that stuck out in all directions.                               and Wotan steps on it. When Al-       rainbow bridge is revealed join-      formance. The voices of the cast
motifs of The Ring and Renun-                He tells the giants of the Ring                                 berich reappears, Loge ties him       ing the ledge with Valhalla. Loge     were not as strong as Wagnerian
ciation of Love to the majestic              which Alberich has forged and                                   up and they cart him back to the      sees only destruction in this Godly   opera requires, but this was only
Valhalla theme. The stage is lit             is using in subterranean Nibel-                                 real world.                           pomp, and refuses to enter Val-           (Continued on page 8)
to reveal a ledge far above the              heim to amass a fortune. The           Then there is another inter-
Rhine. Across the river is the
newly-built Valhalla - the castle
of the Gods. Wotan and Fricka
                                             giants agree to gold as a substi- lude to portray the return from
                                             tute, and Wotan and Loge de- Nibelheim, and we are back above
                                             scend to Nibelheim to fetch the the Rhine on the ledge. For ran-
                                                                                                                                                       Cancel your "pressing engagements"!
are sleepmg on the ledge. Fricka             gold.                              I som, Alberich is forced to yield
awakes Wotan, and immediately
lights into him for promising the
two giants, Fafner and Fasolt,
                                               The descent is portrayed musi- up all of the gold, inclUding the
                                             cally, while scenery is shifted. In Tarnhelm and the Ring. Alberich
                                             Nibelheim, we find Alberich places a curse on the Ring and
                                                                                                                                                                   FaraPress                              'M
the goddess of youth, Freia, in              wrenching the Tarnhelm, a magic disappears back into the depths.
return for the construction of               hat which allows the wearer to
Valhalla. The Gods are dependent             assume any form, from the dwarf Fasolt Gets It in the End
upon Freia's apples in order to              Mime, who made the hat. The            The giants return for their pay-
retain their eternal youth, so they          setting is glowing and gloomy; ment, and the gold is stacked up.
can't very well give her up.                 there are thick clouds on the The giants force the surrender
   At this time Freia runs in, pur-          screen, and coals glow in the of the Tarnhelm and demand the
sued by the giants. The costum-              background. Alberich, donning Ring, but Wotan refuses to yield
ing of the giants was magnificent:           the Tarnhelm, disappears, and it. The giants then prepare to take

                                                                                                                                                       Never Need Ironing
they wore one-foot stilts, and               Loge and Wotan enter and ques- Freia for good, but Erda, the
very thick, shaggy clothes, so               tion Mime. Alberich then returns primeval mother-wisdom, appears
that their bodies were reasonably            driving a horde of Nibelung and warns Wotan to yield the
proportioned. They had long,                 slaves, carrying sacks of gold.      Ring. This he does and immedi-

          _          JOYOUSLY OPENS CHRISTMAS DAY                    *BEVERLY THEATRE, Beverly Hills!
              CArY GRaNT                                                                                II                                                                                  "They're ironing while
           LesL-e CAroN,d:::i:t
               I       ."                                                                               J:A11IeR
                                                                                                                                                                                               they're drying"TM

                                                                                                        Goose                      ll

                                                                                                              ~starring   TreVOR
                                                                                   •••••.;>:. ..... w
                SCreenplay by PETER STON Eand FRANK TARLOFF • Based on a story by S. H. BARNETT, Directed by RALPH NELSON
                     Produced by ROBERT ARTHUR· AGranox Company Production' A Universal Release TECHNICOlOR~                    III
                           JIW!]m:rmiW1TIU,El@_OOt.mmIOOm                                                    i!~m! !11m                 J!

          "when can I                                                                                                                                                                          Styled-right
           interview IBM?"                                                                                                                                                                    FaraPreSS'M
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              If you cannot attend the interviews, visit the nearest IBM office. Or
              write, telling us about your interests, to Manager of College Relations, Dept. 882,
              IBM Corporate Headquarters, Armonk, New York 10504.

              Applied Mathematics, Applied Mechanics,
              Data Communications, Digital Computers,
              Guidance Systems, Human Factors,
              Industrial Engineering, Information Retrieval,
              Marketing, Manufacturing Research,
              Microwaves, Optics, Reliability Engineering,
              Servomechanisms, Solid State Devices,
              Systems Simulation, and related areas.

              IBJ.,;                                                                                                                                    FARAH MANUPACTURING CO., INC. EL PASO, TEXAS
Page Six                                                                       CALIFORNIA                TECH                                             Thursday, December 10, 1964

                                                                               Frosh Hoopsters Win Two
                                                                                     BY LES FISHBONE                 layups. Finally, when the score      man work under the boards, while
                                                                                  Coming through both times in       was tied and only 15 seconds re-     Evans again sparkled on defense.
                                                                               the second half, the Caltech frosh    mained, backcourt man Carl Fink
                                                                                                                                                          When Hondo switched to a man-
                                                                               basketball team emerged victo-        scored on an easy drive to ice
                                                                                                                                                          to-man, a fluid offense exhibited
                                                                               rious in its first two games of the   the game.
                                                                                                                                                          by the Beavers put the game out
                                                                               year last week. In a 74-72 squeak-    Rio Hondo                            of reach.
                                                                               er against DC Riverside, it was         The zone defense of Rio Hondo
                                                                               the hustling efforts of forward       seemed to mystify the frosh for        In both games, the frosh
                                                                               John Frazzini and guard Mike          an entire half, though a one point   showed scoring balance, with four
                                                                               Evans that brought Tech back          advantage was maintained. In         and three men in double figures,
                                               By J. It Evans                  from a ten point deficit; the game    the final period, Tech settled       respectively. The pressing, fast·
                                                                               against Rio Hondo was close until     down and started moving the ball,    breaking defense, though ragged
                                                                               the frosh finally cracked Hondo's     resulting in many shots for Stan-    at times, will probably prove to
                                                                               zone defense, and won 64-43.          ley and Frazzini. Bruns did yeo-     be a very potent weapon.
                                                                               UC Riverside
                                                                                 Tech and DCR were both run·

Letl' 5 Stop Playing                                                           ning through the other's pressing
                                                                               defense, with the result that the
                                                                               half ended with the Beavers be-
                                                                                                                             Drop in for a game of skill
                                                                                                                             and apply the laws of physics -
                                                                               hind 36-34. The final period saw

Conferenc:e Football                                                           the imbalance increase until cen-
                                                                               ter Terry Bruns knocked the
                                                                               frosh out of their doldrums with
                                                                                                                                                   besides it's FUN!!
                                                                                                                                         FREE INSTRUCTION-
         BY J. K. EVANS                 thick glasses and toothpick necks.     a tremendous tap-in. Evans and
   Although the Beavers finished          Heaven forbid that anything I        Frazzini did fine defensive work
                                                                                                                            LAKE-COLORADO FAMILY BILLIARDS
the football season on a positive       write should give any encourage-       and scored on steal after steal,                           977 East Colorado Blvd.
note with a fine game against           ment to these forces of evil.          while guard Jim Stanley spurred
                                          We want football. Let's get that                                                                      792-0674
CHM, the shadow of the Oxy                                                     the offense with elusive, tWisting
debacle still looms. At the time,       straight once and for all.
I made a suggestion which has           The .l<'orces of Good
aroused some interesting com-             Fortunately, there are some
ments. Before the whole thing           good guys on our side, men who
slips our minds, I want to con-         feel that a man who enjoys phys-
tinue the discussion.                   ical activity should be given
   I said that Caltech has no busi-     every chance to play in any sport
ness playing conference football        in which he is interested. One
against opponents that win by           leader of the forces of good is Dr.
scores of 70-0. I still believe that.   Corcoran, chairman of the Facul-
I also said a few other things          ty Athletic Committee.
 (which I also still believe) re-          Dr. Corcoran is all for sports
garding which more information          at Caltech. He believes that as
has been made available since I         long as there are enough men to
started causing trouble. More on        man a team in a sport, CIT should
this in a minute.                       have a team in that sport. Men
Anonymous Faculty Members               who want to play should be al·
 It has been pointed out to me          lowed to play.
that my previous article could be          But you've got to want to play.
used by certain people (whose              If you don't want to play, there
names r won't mention because I         is no point in wasting money on
don't know them but whose ini-          you, outfitting and coacb,ing you.
tials are "Faculty Members") as         No sportsman, player or£an,
proof that the student body at          likes to see a team lie down and
Caltech wants to drop football.         die at the first sign of adversity.
   This is ridiculous.                  Outclassed
   At no time did I suggest drop-         This is why all this uproar
ping football. No student I know        started. It is hard to keep fighting
wants to drop football. And there       for all you're worth when you are
are a lot of students who would         being slaughtered through no fault
like to see football and other          of your own, but simply because
sports receive a little more em-        your opponent is too good.
phasis, or at least a little con-         It takes real guts to get up off
sideration of their existence.          the ground for no other reason
   There are, however, people who       than to get knocked down again.
would like to get rid of football       But if you're going to play foot-
at Caltech, and some are pretty         ball, you have to do it.
influential. It is a constant battle      Right here is where Dr. Cor-
to keep these anti-athletes from        coran and I part company.
gaining the upper hand and reo            Sure, taking a beating builds
dUcing Caltech to a sterile brain       character. I just don't think it is
factory which produces hordes           necessary to take so many beat-
of little men with sliderules and            «Jolltillucd   011   page   S)

         to be IN!!
         Tapers@                 slacks
                  IVY STYUNG
Thursday, December 10, 1964                                                             CALIFORNIA                TECH                                                                             Page Seven

Wrestlers Impressive Swimming Prelims Held
In First Two Matches                                                                      Fleming, Ruddock, and Ricketts
                                                                                        completely dominated the Inter-
                                                                                        house swimming preliminaries
                                                                                        last Tuesday afternoon at the
                                                                                                                               favorite events did not have pre-
                                                                                                                               liminary heats.
                                                                                                                                 While Fleming appears to be
                                                                                                                               the eventual winner, second place
                                                                                                                                                                              are six individual races, two re-
                                                                                                                                                                              lays, and a diving competition in
                                                                                                                                                                              the three day meet.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Each of the three events re-
  Caltech started its wrestling            Originally, Tech was to wrestle              Alumni Pool. However, Lloyd            could go to almost any House                   qUired three heats due to the
season off on a high note last          the junior varsity team; instead,               must still be reckoned with in         since only three events required               large number of entries; the 50-
week with two excellent perform-        the Beavers competed against an                 the finals this afternoon, as their    the trial heats. All together there            yard freestyle was swum first,
ances. Although one match was           older and more experienced team,                                                                                                      followed by the 50-yard back-
lost, the opposition was supplied       largely composed of Long Beach                                                                                                        stroke, and finally the 100-yard
by a team of much higher caliber        State's varsity. In spite of this,                                                                                                    freestyle. Qualification was based
than has been expected.                 the wrestlers held their own                                                                                                          on the fastest eight times so that
                                        against a superior team and kept                                                                                                      swimming in a fast heat did not
  The wrestlers opened their sea-       the outcome in doubt until the
son against Biola nine days ago,                                                                                                                                              pose a disadvantage. Strangely
                                        final matches. Three Beavers                                                                                                          enough, Fleming had the fastest
shutting them out by the score          managed to win against Long
of 38-0. Since this is Biola's first                                                                                                                                          qualifier and Ruddock came in
                                        Beach - Jim McWilliams, Frank                                                                                                         second in each event.
year of varsity wrestling, Tech's       Fujimura, and Andy Kampe.
victory is not really very sur-                                                                                                                                               Fleming
prising; however, such a lopsided       Team Members                                                                                                                             Ralph Kimbrell of Fleming had
score is certainly gratifying, as          This year's wrestling team has                                                                                                     the best time in both freestyle
each Caltech wrestler won his           several new men, in addition to                                                                                                       events, clicking off a 25.2 fifty
match, and all but one pinned           the returning members from last                                                                                                       and a 58.2 hundred. Two of his
their opponents.                        season. The men comprising the                                                                                                        teammates qualified in the latter
                                        team and their weights are as                                                                                                         event, Sterling in fourth place,
Long Beach State                        follows: Larry Garbin, 123 lbs.;                                                                                                      and Kubitz in eighth. Three more
  Following this overwhelming           Frank FUjimura, 137 lbs.; Dave                                                                                                        Flems made the finals in the back-
victory, the team traveled to Long      Faulkner, 147 lbs.; Jim McWilli-                                                                                                      stroke, as Stephens (33.3), Haver,
Beach State last Friday evening         ams, 157 lbs.; Russ Crenshaw, 167                                                                                                     and Davidheiser wound up with
in search of more able competi-         lbs.; Howard Powell, 177Ibs.; Tom                                                                                                     the first, third, and eighth best
tion. They found it, and then           Wilson, 191 lbs.; and Andy Kam-                                                                                                       times. Altogether, Fleming quali-
some, and Long Beach won 20-9.           pe, heavyweight. Back again as                                                                                                       fied seven men, even though two
                                         coach is Mr. Pete Merringer.                                                                                                         were in eighth place.
                                           The impressive start of the                                                                                                        Ruddock
                                         wrestling team should be an in-                                                                                                         Ruddock did better than had
Tech Alumnus                             dication of a very succesful
                                                                                            Swimmers poise ready to start the 50 yard freestyle during the Interhouse
                                                                                        Swimming preliminaries.
                                                                                                                                                                              been expected, thanks to three
                                                                                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 8)

Given Award
By Magazine
   Each year since 1956, the Presi-
dents of all the colleges and uni-
versities in the nation receive an
invitation from Sports Illustrated
to nominate one of their alumni
for the Silver Anniversary All-
American Award. This award,
 symboliZed by a trophy in the                                           IT SWIMS
form of miniature silver goal                        Ford Motor Company's new mili-
 posts, is made to 25 men in the                     tary truck floats. Air-inflated seals
United States, who as seniors                        and internal air pressure keep the
 earned their varsity letter in foot-                body and mechanical components
ball 25 years ago, and who in the                    dry. Its water speed is 2.5 mph.
25 years since have distinguished
themselves in their chosen fields
of life and in national and com-
 munity service.
Big Don
  Caltech's nominee this year,
Don L. Walter '40, was among
the final twenty-five men selected
for this award by a panel of na-
tionally distinguished citizens.
Don lettered two years in foot·
                                                       IT CLIMBS STEPS
ball, two years in basketball and                    Climbing over a 27-inch high step
three years in track. In 1939 he                     or negotiating a 60% grade when
was the football captain, was                        fully loaded is no problem for this
awarded the Wheaton trophy,                          Ford vehicle. Proof that it can go
which is presented each year to                      over rough cross-country terrain.
a member of the varsity football
squad on the basis of sportsman-
ship, moral influence and scholar-
ship, and was named on the All-
Conference Football second team.
   Don, who is one of the coun-
try's leading experts in rocket
and advanced propulsion systems,
is Vice-President of the Marquardt
Corporation, General Manager of
the Power Systems of Marquardt,
 and serves on the Board of Direc-
tors, in which he has had mem-                                IN FACT,
bership for eight years.
 Tech always wins
                                                       THE ARMY'S NEW
    Caltech is proud of the honor                               TRUCK
 accorded to one of its former ath-
 letes, and to other alumni pre-                                  GOES ALMOST ANYWHERE
 viously honored. In the past seven                                                                                               a 10,OOO-lb. payload and, half the time, towed a 13,OOO-lb.load.
                                                      Early in 1963, Ford Motor Company received a contract
 years, Caltech has nominated five                    from the U.S. Army to design and develop a 5-ton cargo                         Outstanding characteristics of the truck's design are its
 men and all of them have received                    truck for use in tactical military operations. Before the end               floatability, improved cross-c04,ntry mobility, light weight,
 this award. Previous winners in-                     of that year, the first test unit had been designed and built.              reduced need for maintenance and a multi-fuel power plant
 clude Dr. Robert Sharp '34, Chair-                     This new vehicle, called the XM656 cargo truck, was sent                  that will run on anything from diesel oil to gasoline.
 man of the Division of Geological                    to the Aberdeen Proving Ground for 40,000 miles of testing                     This is only one of many exciting new developments at
 Sciences at Caltech, who was se-                     -twice that required for military acceptance. The vehicle                   Ford Motor Company. From manufacturing to marketing,
 lected in 1958; Wallace Johnson                      was tested against road conditions that might be found                      we are finding better ways to do things. Career opportunities
 '35, President of Up-Right Scaf-                     anywhere in the world: swamps ... loose sand ... hilly back-                at Ford Motor Company have never been better. Schedule an
 folds Division of Up-Right Inc.,                     country ••• and highways. During the test, the truck carried                interview with our representative to find one just rightfor you.
 Berkeley, in 1959; Frank Davis
  '36, Vice-President and General
  Manager of the Fort Worth Di-
 vision of Convair, in 1960; and                                                                         THERE'S A FUTURE FOR YOU WITH . .. . . , MOTOR COMPANY
  Frank Jewett, Jr. '38, President
  of Vitro Corporation, New York,                                                                                                                 The American Road, Dearborn, Michi,an
                                                      An equal opporlunitll emplolle,
  in 1962.
Page Eight                                                              CALIFORNIA                         TECH                                                     Thursday, December 10, 1964
                                            finished with a sixth; and Lloyd                                            lege and Cal Baptist have done)             say that this will not harm the
More IH Swim                                managed to get only a seventh.        More Evans                            and there are conference honors             conference.
    (Continued from page 7)                 On the basis of the preliminaries        (Continued from page 6)            to compete for.                                Mter the Oxy debacle and my
                                            in three events, Fleming would        ings to build just as good a char-    Small Schools?                              rabblerousing, the Athletic Coun-
placers in the 50-yard freestyle.           have 26 points, Ruddock 18, Rick-     acter.                                   The SCIAC was originally an              cil met to consider the Football
Ken Brown in second place, Tom              etts 13, Dabney 8, and Blacker 1.                                                                                       Situation at Caltech. It could have
                                                                                     I think our football team de-      organization of small schools in
Greenfield in fourth, and Tom                                                                                           which academics were to take                done any of a number of things,
Williams in seventh gave the men                                                  serves a chance to win once in a                                                  recommended a preliminary study
                                                                                  while.                                preference over athletics; there
from the Northeast reason for                                                                                                                                       of conference opinion on our
optimism. Brown finished six-               Rouse Bubbles On                      Conference Loyalty                    were to be no recruiting, no ath-
                                                                                                                        letic scholarships, no preferential         leaving, for instance. But the
tenths of a second behind Kim-                  (Continued from page 5)              Dr. Corcoran is loyal to the       treatment of athletes. At the risk          Council took the typical Caltech
brell as the result of a tremendous                                               conference. This is understand-       of bringing the wrath of author-            attitude.
turn. Doug Brutlag upheld the          >'   to be expected. But they were         able, since he has been chairman      ity down on my head, I take it                 The Athletic Council did exact-
honor of Ruddock frosh every-               quite adequate - fortunately Bo-      of it and has behind him a long       on myself to say that nobody but            ly nothing.
where and gave Mel Stephens a               vard Auditorium is not terribly       association with other members.       Caltech has held to the spirit of           Give Football Scholarships!
good race in the backstroke, but            large. For the overall perform-          I have no such loyalty. I be-      the agreement. The letter, yes, but           Confidence and morale cannot
had to settle for second place, a           ance, this crew deserves a big,       lieve that the conference exists      not the spirit.                             be built on a hand-to-mouth exist-
full second behind. Brown easily            healthy cheer;                        for the good of the members and          This is the point: in no other           ence. If we want to stay in the
won his heat in the longer free-              Anyone who is a Wagner fan          that when it ceases to serve, any     sport but football is this a major          SCIAC, we need a team that can
style event, but could not come             should get down to see this -         obligation to it is at an end. I do   consideration. CIT teams do· not            hold up its head; more precisely,
close to Kimbrell's time.                   there are two more performances:      not feel it necessary to sacrifice    often win in baseball or basket-            we need a team that will allow
Ricketts                                    one tomorrow night, and one Sun-      CIT football players so that the      ball, r!ut they are not humiliat-           faculty members to hold up their
                                            day night, both at 8 p.m. Tickets     rest of the conference can have       ingly beaten. In some sports the            heads when accosted by col-
  Ricketts matched Ruddock in               range from $3.50 to $1.50. You can    one more game on their sched-         Beavers do quite well, such as              leagues from other institutions
qualifiers with six, but only ac-           reserve tickets and pick them up      ules. Tech does not exist for the     swimming and water polo.                    that commonly beat the daylights
cumulated two thirds, two fifths,           there, or just buy at the door. If    good of the conference, but rather    Other Conference Sports                     out of our teams.
a sixth, and an eighth. Both thirds         you buy there, though, go a little    vice versa.                              Dr. Corcoran seems to feel that             If we want to give football
were in the freestyle events -              early, as I bet that the next two        Being in a conference does         if we leave the conference in foot-         players preferential treatment,
Boone in the 50 and Gharrett in             performances will be well attend-     have its advantages. Scheduling       ball we should leave it entirely.           light study loads, and labs that
the 100. Boone fell to a fifth-place        ed. To get to Bovard, take the        is easier (it appears that football    I say that this is not necessary;          don't conflict with practice, then
finish in the 100.                          Harbor Freeway to Exposition          in Southern California is played       I say we can still have all the            we can stay in the conference.
  Out of a possible 24 places,              Blvd., and Exposition to Hoover       to win, not for the fun of it; it     benefits of conference member-                 But we all know Where that
Fleming, RUddock, and Ricketts              Street, where you hang a right.       seems that if the school is too       ship in other sports without the            leads.
accounted for 19. Dabney had a              The guard who stops your car          small to have winning teams, it       humiliation of being conference                Let's get out of the conference
third, fourth, and sixth; Blacker           will give you further instructions.   drops football, as Azusa, S.C. Col-   whipping boy in football, and I             in football.
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                   suppressors, and rocket nozzles. MS or BS in Aeronautics, or
                   Mechanical Engineering with Jet Propulsion or Physical Metal-
                   lurgy option.
                   TECHNICAL SUPPORT: BS in Mechanical Engineering for Plant
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