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PURPOSE OF THE REPORT 1. To seek approval for the Sure Start Capital Development Plan for the Hemlington and Newham area.

BACKGROUND AND EXTERNAL CONSULTATION 2. On 18 June 2002, Executive approved the decision to focus a sixth wave Sure Start programme on Hemlington and Newham. After a period of consultation, Executive gave further endorsement and ratified the final delivery plan on 21 January 2003. This is the sixth wave of the national Sure Start Programme and the fifth Programme for Middlesbrough. The first four programmes are: i) ii) iii) iv) 4. Abingdon and Breckon Hill; Thorntree and Brambles Farm; Pallister Park, Berwick Hills, Park End; Easterside, Grove Hill & Beechwood.


The aim of Sure Start is to work with parents and children to provide the physical, intellectual and social development of pre-school children – particularly those who are disadvantaged – to ensure they are ready to flourish when they get to school. Sure Start Programmes have four core objectives in relation to the community they serve:


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i) ii) iii) iv) 6.

Improving social and emotional development Improving health Improving the ability to learn Strengthening families and communities

Sure Start Programmes are based upon an area which: i) ii) iii) Includes between 400 and 800 children aged under four Is one of the most disadvantaged areas in the district with high levels of child poverty Serves a neighbourhood whose boundaries make sense to local people


Whilst the objectives and core elements of Sure Start Programmes are standard, there are a number of features which are particular to the Hemlington & Newham area. These features reflect the needs identified by the local community during this early consultation process: i) ii) iii) iv) Development of childcare which assists local parents to access training and employment. Transport to enable parents and their young children to take up health and recreational activities in the Rainbow Centre. Good quality play and early learning services, including pre-school activities and toy and safety equipment loan schemes. Craft sessions for children and parents across the area in order to assist parents to develop quality play and early learning experiences with their children.


On 21 October 2003, the Executive approved the implementation of the “Children’s Centre” initiative, set out by the Government through the DfES. The Sure Start programme will work in partnership with this initiative to provide fully integrated services for local children aged 0-5 and their families. The Children’s Centre initiative and the Sure Start Local Programmes have been developed in Middlesbrough so that they totally complement each other.


OPTION APPRAISAL/RISK ASSESSMENT 10. The Steering Group, made up of Council Officers, the key agencies and local parents, has considered existing services and what is needed to achieve the Sure Start objectives. This Sure Start programme will include a number of services: i) ii) iii) Home visiting and outreach services, including clinic and specialist services delivered within the area. Support for families through drop-in facilities, accessible information and a range of support activities. Good quality play, physical activity and childcare experiences for young children, and enhanced outdoor play.


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Primary and community health care, including advice on family and child health and development. Support for children and parents with special needs, including assistance in accessing specialist services, links with the Cleveland Unit.



Since approval, an ongoing assessment of current community resources, informed by consultation with parents and the steering group, has confirmed the viability and suitability of venues to provide the delivery outlets for the Programme. Structural additions and refurbishment of existing premises have the greatest potential to serve the projects accommodation needs and provide a lasting investment to neighbourhood facilities. Building works and acquisitions include:

Cass House Road, Hemlington 13. It is proposed that Sure Start Hemlington and Newham construct a facility on Cass House Road within the Viewley Hill school site. The proposed building would function independently from the school and would have separate access. The building would be linked to two nursery schools, Viewley Hill and St. Gerard’s. The site has good transport access for the families of Hemlington, as it is located on the main road through Hemlington. The proposed building would encompass: Registered Day care Office accommodation Toilets Training Kitchen and drop in café/training area Consultation/Interview room Indoor and outdoor play area Information storage Baby changing facilities Multi resource rooms Storage Pram Store Function of Building 15. The building would provide the facility for childcare 8.00 am – 6.00 pm, 5 days a week for 48 weeks a year. This facility would provide before and after school care for children. Registered day care would provide early education for children until they reach school age. Good quality indoor and outdoor play facilities would be provided. It is envisaged that parents would access the facility for parent education, health sessions or benefit advice. A range of specialist support services would be accommodated within the facility.



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Hemlington Library 17. Hemlington Library is situated in the Viewley Hill shopping centre of Hemlington. Sure Start Hemlington and Newham are seeking to enhance a large community room within Hemlington Library. Some minor re-development of a community room within Hemlington Library would enhance the library for families and provide an area for story–telling and crafts. The room would be registered to provide crèche facilities to facilitate education courses for parents. These could include computer skills for parents’ and/or basic literacy courses. The local librarians have received training in offering basic skill courses. Links with the local employment services would facilitate advice and information sessions for those parents who wish to return to work. The enhanced facility would also provide after school activities for children and facilitate homework clubs for the local schools.



The Manor Youth & Community Centre 20. Based upon ongoing consultation with local parents, a need has been identified for secure and centrally based outdoor play facilities for Newham residents. A steering group is currently being organised to discuss specific designs and equipment which will help to provide the stimulating facilities required. The main risks identified are as follows: i) Long term sustainability – Sure Start Revenue funding will provide support for up to 10 years, with 8 years currently remaining. In respect of the Cass House Road project, the main financial contributor will be the childcare provision which will be made available for a Community based not for profit business or private enterprise. Co-ordination of services in order to reach target families – multi agency links have already been created across Middlesbrough to provide supporting services from the Primary Care Trust, Youth Service, Middlesbrough Council and Hemlington Community Partnership and LEA.



FINANCIAL, LEGAL AND WARD IMPLICATIONS 22. The Hemlington and Newham Sure Start programme has a dedicated revenue budget that started at £325,000 in Year 1 rising to £650K by Year 3. Sure Start is 100% funded from external sources and lasts for 10 years. A taper decrease begins at Year 8. This Sure Start programme has a dedicated Capital budget of £1M (+ VAT) which must include registered day care provision. It is expected that the Capital expenditure will be completed by 31 March 2006. This Sure Start programme will benefit children and families in the Hemlington, Stainton & Thornton and Newham Wards.



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An allocation from the DfES Children’s Centre initiative has been made providing a capital sum of £450,000 that is ring fenced for the Cass House Road development. Estimated budget requirements for the capital projects identified are as follows: Cass House Road: Sure Start £750,000 Childrens Centre £450,000 Total £1,200,000 Sure Start Sure Start £75,000 £150,000


Hemlington Library The Manor Youth & Comm. 27.

It is proposed that the balance of £25K will be used to compliment developments in the above-mentioned venues and the Recreation Centre in Hemlington. This will include capital equipment that will serve the target group of the Hemlington and Newham Sure Start area, subject to building costs coming within budget.

RECOMMENDATIONS 28. That Executive approves the Capital projects outlined in this report.

REASONS 29. The recommendation is supported by the following reasons: (a) This Programme makes most of the opportunities afforded by the national Sure Start Programme to make a positive difference in the lives of young children and their families in an area of significantly high levels of social exclusion. The Programme has been developed on the basis of evidence and expertise from key stakeholders. The involvement of local parents has been a significant element of this development. This Programme works in partnership with the Children’s Centre initiative to provide fully integrated services for the local parents and their young children.



BACKGROUND PAPERS 30. The following background papers were used in the preparation of this report:    Sure Start Sixth Wave: One more Programme for Middlesbrough – Executive Report dated 18 June 2002 Sure Start Development Plan - Executive Report dated 21 January 2003 Sure Start Integrated Services for Young Children and their families - Executive Board Report dated 21 October 2003

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AUTHORS: Lynn Lang & Steve Garvey TEL NO: 576472 and 354305 _______________________________________________________________________ Address: PO Box 69, Vancouver House, Gurney Street, Middlesbrough, TS1 1EL Website:

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