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					ITS Florida’s   20th   Anniversary
      A History of ITS Florida
         Charles Wallace
            The “Birth” of ITS?
• 1868 – the first gas-operated “traffic light”
  installed outside the British Houses of Parliament
• 1012 – the first red-green electric traffic signal
  installed in Salt Lake City, inventor, Lester Green
• 1917 – the first manually-operated intercon-
  nected signals, also in Salt Lake City
• 1922 – first automatic system in Houston
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         The “Birth” of ITS (2)?
• 1923 – the first patent
  for a traffic signal by
  Garrett Morgan
• And so on …

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    Early “True” ITS Deployments
• 1960s – ramp meters in Chicago, Detroit,
  Houston, and LA
• 1960s – lane controls and CCTV in Detroit
• 1963 – first completely computerized signal
  system in Toronto

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Early “True” ITS Deployments, cont’d
• Work on freeway management systems also
  began in the 1960s:
  – Integrated corridor operation in Detroit
  – High occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in Los Angeles
    and elsewhere
• Traffic/transportation control centers in a
  number of cities
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What To Call These New Technologies?
• 1989: U.S.DOT, key industry, and academic
  leaders saw the rapidly emerging technologies
  in the vehicle and traffic management and
  information systems as a potential “new era”
  in transportation.
• Mobility 2000 Conferences
  – San Antonio in February 1989
  – Dallas in March 1990
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Mobility 2000 Created the Alphabet Soup
• ATMS – advanced traffic management systems
• ADIS (later ATIS) – advanced driver/traveler
  information systems
• CVO – commercial vehicles operations
• APTS – advanced public transportation
• IVHS – intelligent vehicle/highway systems
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IVHS America Incorporated in 1990
  American Association of State Highway and
   Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the
   Highway Users’ Foundation for Safety and
  Mobility (HUFSAM) teamed up to create the
Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Society of America,
                or IVHS America.
         Changed to ITS America in 1994.
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            The Race Was On
• Folks in several states realized there should be
  state-level counterparts
• IVHSA initially opposed, seeing them as
• But, if IVHS was to be the “real deal” future of
  transportation, it needed more local support

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 How Did IVHS Florida Get Stated?
• June 1991: University of Florida
  Transportation Research Center (TRC) letter to
  Sec’y Ben Watts – no response
• April 1992: FDOT’s first formal policy on IVHS –
  consider IVHS in any major project
• The first major IVHS demonstration project,
  TravTek, was conducted in the Orlando area
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           IVHS Florida Start 2
  May 19, 1992, an informal meeting of FDOT,
 Frank Carlile (FDOT Assistant Secretary), FHWA
Florida Division (Jim Skinner), Florida Section ITE
   (Jack Freeman), University of South Florida
(Mike Pietrzyk), and University of Florida (yours
   truly) met at the 2nd IVHS America Annual
      Meeting in Newport Beach, California.
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          IVHS Florida Start 3
• Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for
  IVHS Florida (drafted by UF TRC)
• Planned the first “IVHS Florida Forum” for
  November 1992 (Mike Pietrzyk, USF)
• Dr. James Costantino, Executive Director of
  IVHS America, was the keynote speaker
• MOU signed by Ben Watts November 10 – the
  first formal “State Chapter”
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       ITS Florida Goes National
• Shortly after IVHSA changed to ITSA, IVHSFL
  did likewise
• We also became an official [“founding”]
  charter-affiliated chapter of ITSA, got
  incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in Florida, and
  joined the ranks of real-world transportation
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                ITS Florida Forums
• Series of conferences:
   – Nov. 1992 – the first, founding meeting in Orlando
   – Nov. 1995 – fourth Forum and Exhibition , co-sponsored
     with FSITE, as were all future ones
   – Jun. 1997 – "Integrating ITS into Project Planning, Design,
     and Operations" in Clearwater Beach
   – Jun. 1998 – "Building Public-Private Partnerships to Solve
     Transportation Problems" in Daytona Beach
   – Jun. 1999“– Managing Your Transportation Investment with
     ITS" in Naples
                    Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   15
• Replaced the “Florida Transportation Forum,”
  sponsored by FDOT, FHWA FL Division, FSITE,
• A “millennium” event—all modes from
  highway to space
• 750 attendees, 115 exhibitors

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               Other Transpos
• 2002 – “Safety Under the Sun: Technology for Safe and
  Secure Transportation,” Orlando (10th anniversary)
• 2004 – “Border Wars – Building Bridges to Overcome
  Barriers,” regional with Georgia in Jacksonville
• 2006 – “Empowering Our Mobile Society,” Palm Harbor
• 2008 – “ITS: Putting it all Together,” Orlando
• 2010 – “ITS: Now More than Ever,” with Georgia in
  Ponte Vedra Beach
                Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   17
ITSFL Recognizes TMCs

    Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   18
ITSFL Recognizes TMCs, cont’d
                  • Cities/counties:
                        – Bay Co.
                        – Gainesville
                        – Martin Co.
                        – Sarasota/Manatee Cos.
                        – Tallahassee
                  • Georgia NaviGAtor – 10th
       Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   19
We support ITSA and World Congresses

           • We have supported every ITSA
             Annual Meeting, hosted 2002
           • Hosted 1996 and 2011 WCs
           Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   20
        ITSFL Technology Transfer
• Originally formed as “Team of Champions” in 1999
  – Developed courses on CORBA, Fiber and Systems
  – Offered a number of other courses, many thru UF TRC
• Changed to Professional Capacity Building
  Committee in early 2000s and now Continuing
  Education Committee
  – Technology Forums and training courses
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         ITSFL Advisory Council
• Official advisor to FDOT’s ITS Program
• Advisory projects:
  – ITS Performance Measures
  – Statewide ITS Architecture
  – TMC Co-Location (several RTMCs are joint centers)
  – Road Ranger Support

               Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   22
        ITSFL Awards from ITSA
• Outstanding State Chapter:
  – Winner in 2005 and 2011
  – Runner up in 2010 & 2012
  – Certificate of Excellence, Outreach & Advocacy in
  – Certificate of Excellence, Organization &
    Professional Development in 2008

               Transpo2012—ITS Florida’s 20th Anniversary   23
ITS Florida has long been a model
for other State Chapters to follow
 Our partnership with FSITE has
played a major role in our success

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