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                                                                               60,000 words

   The Genesis Revelations II:

                              Paul ChalmersTable of Contents
Preface                                                          3
Chapter 1: The Plan Revealed                                     7
Chapter 2: Open House, Open Door                                 18
Chapter 3: Voices                                                26
Chapter 4: Completion                                            39
Chapter 5: Supplies                                              50
Chapter 6: Prophecies                                            67
Chapter 7: The Demon of the Night                                74
Chapter 8: Two By Two                                            82
Chapter 9: To The Portal                                         95
Chapter 10: The Fountains of the Deep                            105
Chapter 11: Evidence                                             117
Chapter 12: Round Trip                                           126

                                Chapter 1: The Plan Revealed

    Amanda was excited. For a long time now, she had been dying to tell her friends
about the amazing things that had happened to her over the past few weeks.
Unfortunately for her, she'd been forbidden to, and she had struggled. Now that
permission had been given for her to go ahead, she was tripping over her words, hoping
that she didn't miss any detail. Her mind was working faster than her mouth.
    "Where do I begin? I guess maybe after I got fired from my job. Things were going
very badly for me after I got let go from Ultigen. One night when I was lying there
awake, thinking a million different thoughts, I saw an apparition. I came to realize that
an angel was standing in my room! I've never seen one before, but it was exactly as I had
pictured them in my mind. Anyway, he told me that I was to be sent on a journey, that I
would experience things that were of ancient times. His message was cryptic, but he said
that I would receive a call that night from Michael Wagner, and that we would be
travelling together. He then proceeded to give me visions of an amazing world - foreign
and exotic, with sights and smells that overwhelmed my senses. In my vision, I saw
Michael and myself entering a hole in the Ultigen basement floor. That was the last thing
I saw. Then the angel warned me not to tell anyone else about this, and he disappeared. I
was exhausted. I couldn't stay awake, and I fell into a deep sleep.
     "About an hour later, my cell phone started ringing. It was Michael. He had
experienced the exact same thing - the same angel and the same vision. He was told to
call me; that we would know what to do. We knew we had to go to the Ultigen office
right away. He came over and picked me up. He was clearly disturbed by the vision. In
fact, he really didn't even believe that it had happened, but he had the overwhelming
compulsion to see if what he had experienced was real."
     Amanda looked at Christina's face. Her mouth was hanging open, her eyes wide.
Bob and Michelle both sat there in silence, appearing to eagerly absorb what they were
being told. Amanda was practically hyperventilating as she joyfully continued her story.
     "Michael and I drove to Ultigen. He snuck me into the fire exit, and God confirmed
the vision to me by answering my prayer to have the fire alarm shut off. That's when I
first became certain that all this was for real. Sure enough, we went to the basement and
knocked a hole in the floor, where our vision showed we would find what we were
looking for, which ended up being a cave. Inside the cave, we found an artefact from the
past - a table with ancient writing on it. I took a picture, and we returned to our homes. I
was hoping to be able to translate the writing.
     "In the meantime, we knew that we would have to return to Ultigen to continue, so
we devised a plan to get me back into the company without having to sneak me in every
time. That's why I was 'hired' back to assist Michael. That was just a ploy so that I could
get security clearance to go to Ultigen at any time. When I did go there over the next few
days, I set about translating the writing. It took me a while to decipher, but when I did,
Michael and I were stunned at what it said..." she paused for effect. "Anyone want a cup
of tea?" She started to rise from her seat on the floor.
     Her three friends protested in chorus. "You sit back down, young lady," Bob insisted.
"There's no way we're going to let you leave us hanging like that."
     "All right, all right," Amanda sighed. "Now where was I? Oh yes, the writing. Well,
when I translated it, it said that the artefact was some sort of time machine, built by
Adam." Her friends looked puzzled. "Yes, that Adam. The one from the Bible, the first
man. The writing said that it would take us back into the past, to see things that had
never been seen before. But first, there was a puzzle. We had to find something that fit
into one of the slots on the time machine. Each slot had a number beside it, and we had
to search for the object that fit in the slot. The clue was that it could be found 'behind the
one whose head was crushed.' I figured that was a reference to the serpent in Genesis
3:15, so we went around looking for a serpent. Anyway, I found a golden card behind a
carving of a snake in the tunnel leading to the time machine. So we put the card in the
matching slot, and all of a sudden, a glowing doorway appeared on top of the time
machine. After a bit of debate, we decided to enter, and then we blanked out. When I
opened my eyes, I saw…you know, I'd really like to get that cup of tea."
    "Do you want one lump, or two?" Christina asked, playfully holding up her fist.
"Now keep talking, or else."
    "Wow, tough crowd," Amanda joked. "OK, when I opened my eyes, Michael and I
found ourselves in a jungle, with huge trees and plants, unlike anything we'd ever seen.
The air was warm, and the aroma of the flowers overwhelmed our senses. We decided to
walk around for a bit, making our way toward a clearing. Off in the distance, I saw it…a
huge dinosaur! Then we looked up into the sky, and saw pterodactyls flying around! It
was like we'd been transported to earth's ancient past! We walked around for a few
hours, but didn't see much else, as night started to fall. We decided to return to the
doorway back to our time - at least we hoped that's where it would lead. And it did. The
amazing thing was, we found out that when we enter the portal to the past, that time stops
in the present, so we could spend as much time there as we wanted, and no one would
ever know that we'd been gone.
    "As we tried to process what we'd seen, of course Michael thought we were millions
of years in the past. I figured we were probably only thousands of years, according to my
understanding of the Bible. We devised a few experiments that would tell us when in the
past we were, and we determined that we'd go back, better prepared next time."
    Bob could hardly believe his ears. "You saw dinosaurs? Surely you must be kidding
    "I wouldn't be telling you all this if I wasn't deadly serious. I find it hard to believe
myself, sometimes, and I experienced it."
    "Wow. Continue…"
    "The next day, last Saturday actually, we headed back to Ultigen with equipment to
take on our journey. That's why I left with all that camping stuff. I didn't actually camp
with a friend, but I was really headed back to the portal, to see where it would take us.
So that's what we did. Now, we were expecting to go back to the rain forest, but when
we actually went in the portal, we ended up in a large, grassy plain. We walked around
for a bit, then since we couldn't see any landmarks, we decided not to go too far. In the
meantime, guess what we saw flying around? Archaeopteryx!"
    "No way!" Bob was incredulous.
    "What's an ark-ee-op-whatever?" Michelle asked, confused.
    Amanda answered, "Evolutionists believe it's a 'missing link' between birds and
reptiles. But further study of its fossils has proven that it was a true bird, an excellent
flyer. And very colourful, too, I must say. Of course, Michael was excited, thinking we
were 150 million years in the past. But I knew otherwise. And my feelings were
confirmed when night fell. You see, over time, stars change their position in the sky,
relative to one another. Therefore, the constellations will change their shape over time.
The motion is so slow that we'd never notice it in our lifetime, actually they don't even
change all that much in thousands of years. However, over 150 million years, the
constellations would change so much that the sky wouldn't be recognizable. But the stars
were familiar. I took some measurements and located some planets, so I could get a
record of what date we were in the past. Before we decided to leave, we got to see the
almost-full moon. It looked weird! There were no craters or dark areas, just a bright
white ball! It totally freaked us out.
     "We made the decision to head back into the portal, but surprisingly enough, when
Michael tried to enter, it disappeared. We were trapped in the past. We decided to make
the best of it, and set up camp, determined to hike the next day. During the night, we
heard a rumbling sound. I thought it was an earthquake! All of a sudden, these
thundering footsteps slammed down around us - we were in the middle of a stampede of
dinosaurs! Thankfully, neither of us was injured. We decided the next day to follow the
archaeopteryx and dinosaurs that we saw, hoping they would lead us to water.
     "The next day, we hiked to the top of a large hill. We saw a couple of extinct
mammals…I forget their names. That shook Michael up pretty bad, because he thought
we were 150 million years in the past, and these large mammals shouldn't exist. Of
course, it fits in with the Biblical time frame quite well. But I did find out that Michael
had been hiding a secret. I guess his parents, brother and sister were Christians. His
brother was apparently killed when their vehicle got hit by a drunk driver when they were
on vacation. Everyone else was injured severely. He turned his back on God when he
saw the evil that had happened to them. That's why he was so hostile to Christians. It
enabled me to start seeing him in a whole new light.
     "Anyway, that being said, we camped on the top of the hill. We could see a river
below, and we saw a curl of smoke in the distance. We made the decision to follow the
river in that direction the next day. On our way down to the river, we encountered a
sabre-toothed tiger! The tiger destroyed most of our supplies, especially our food.
Anyway, we camped again in a forest near the river, and reached the river the next day.
We followed it along, encountering a giant beaver that was much taller than us (you
should've seen Michael's face!), and then found something that amazed us. Human
footprints! Big ones! Then, after we found them, we got buzzed by giant dragonflies.
Everything was so big there! We followed the river until it was getting dark. At one
point, I looked through the binoculars, and thought I saw a city, with people walking
about! As we were walking there (Michael didn't know about the city yet), Michael fell
ill and collapsed. I set up a tent for him, and decided to go to the city to find help. It was
a pretty risky move.
     "So I ran into the city, and discovered many people. The only problem was, they
didn't seem to be able to hear or see me. When I had given up all hope, suddenly I was
grabbed by someone, dragged into a house. I went unconscious. I suppose you probably
don't want to hear the rest of the story, eh?"
     "Yes!" the three insisted. They appeared as if they were starting to get annoyed at
Amanda's frequent interruptions.
     "When I woke up, I was in a house. It looked modern! There was artwork on the
walls, finely crafted tables and a bed. The walls and doors were huge, as was the bed I
was lying in. I heard voices in the other room, so I made a plan to escape. Well, I was
found out as I was trying to leave. There were two men in the house. They were
extremely tall and strange-looking. One had purple eyes! They introduced themselves as
'Lamech' and 'Cainan'. Two others came in later carrying Michael. They introduced
themselves as 'Methuselah' and 'Noah'." Everyone had a stunned look on their faces.
Before they could say anything, Amanda continued, "Yes, the ones from the Bible.
Turns out they were the only ones that could see us, and communicate with us, by
miraculous means. They were expecting us…
    "We saw amazing things while we were there! Technology and art that were more
advanced than anything we have today. They had running water, lights that were fuelled
by water alone, airships that travelled above the earth and telescopes that operated on
principles unknown to us. They could lift heavy objects with sound, and had many other
inventions that we can only conceive of. We saw so many more exotic creatures on land
and in the ocean, things that we've only seen pictures of in books. Let me tell you, when
Michael saw all these things, his worldview was rocked. He lost his faith in evolutionary
history, and started to see things as they actually were. I witnessed his views change
before my eyes.
    "Cainan and Lamech took us on a journey back home; we found the time machine as
it existed then. But we encountered Nephilim on our way - they are the offspring of
demon-possessed people - incredibly evil and violent. They killed Cainan and severely
wounded my shoulder with a sword. That is why I came back injured. When we reached
the time machine, Lamech gave us the next golden card which will bring us elsewhere,
on our next journey.
    "When we returned home - which was the same day we left even though we'd been
gone for several days - Michael did some soul-searching. He read the entire Bible, and
researched evidence for creation. That's why he gave his life to Christ, and why his
conversion was so quick. His worldview was profoundly affected - he could not deny
what he had experienced. That is how I am so certain that he has become a true
    "On the night that Michael accepted Christ, the angel appeared to both of us and told
us that we will be going on another journey. This time, he advised us to share our
experiences with you. He told us the three of you will be coming on our next adventure.
You will be going to the past with us next Friday!"
    Silence filled the room.
    "Is everyone OK?" Amanda inquired.
    Bob was the first to respond. "Well, we were only beginning to comprehend the
things that you have been saying to us. Now, you tell us that we will be experiencing the
same things that you have! You had time to discover these things on your own. We are
being inundated with all this information at once! You could say that we are feeling a bit
shell-shocked." It was clear by the nodding throughout the room that Bob was speaking
what everyone else was feeling.
    "It's not that we're not excited to go, but it's just hard for us to understand!" Bob
    "I, for one, think that I'm too old to take such a journey!" protested Michelle.
    "And I'm too young! What do I know about the Bible?" Christina added.
    "This is a chance to learn, to experience, and to impact our world. This is a world
that thinks the Bible is full of a bunch of stories - that none of it is true - and we are being
given true first-hand knowledge! How can it get any better than that?"
    Christina answered, "Don't get me wrong. It's is really cool, but I'm a bit scared -
especially because of some of the danger that you experienced. I don't think I'm ready for
    Bob and Michelle looked at each other and concurred.
     Amanda was getting mildly frustrated. Here she was pouring out her heart, telling her
friends about all that she had experienced - that they would get to do the same thing - and
all she was getting in response were protests. She folded her arms and pouted.
     Bob obviously took note of Amanda's change in demeanour. "Don't worry, Mandy.
We just need time to let it all sink in. Let us talk about it; pray about it. There's so much
more I want to know!"
     Indeed, everyone fired question after question at Amanda, and her enthusiasm
returned as she saw her friends slowly warm up to the idea of travelling together. She
wondered where they would go, what they would see, and what lied ahead. Those were
things that God alone knew.

    Michael dragged himself into work on Monday morning. Here he was, a new
Christian, and now he had to convince two of his colleagues to go who-knows-where
with him. How was he supposed to do that?
    The day before was the first time he had attended church in almost twenty years. The
pastor's message of forgiveness and grace had new meaning for him. Now that he had
intellectually and emotionally accepted Jesus' offer of mercy, he felt like he was free
from a lifetime of anger and doubt. But he wondered why God would challenge him so
quickly with a task that seemed more daunting each time he thought of it.
    Michael wandered into his office and sat down. He didn't even remember parking his
car and entering the building. His mind was in such a haze that he was just going through
the motions unconsciously. He prayed for the hundredth time that he would know what
to say when Trevor and Kelly arrived.
    The entire morning passed as uncertainty gripped Michael. How would he ask them
into his office? What would be his opening line? What would they think of him when he
told them all that had happened? As he was thinking this, they entered the room, as if
they had read his thoughts. They sat down in front of him expectantly.
    "What's up?" he asked, attempting to conceal his nervousness.
    Trevor appeared confused. "What do you mean, what's up? We're here for the
meeting you called on Friday. Monday, 11:30 a.m." Trevor double-checked his calendar
just to be sure. He pointed it out to Michael, who clearly was confused.
    "Oh," Michael stammered, "I forgot about that! But since you're here, I do have
something to say."
    "It's not like you to forget a meeting," Kelly maintained, "I hope you're going to
explain why you've been acting so weird lately."
    "I am."
    "Good." Kelly was becoming quite agitated.
    Michael explained some of the things that had transpired over the past few weeks. He
knew he couldn't describe everything - that might overwhelm his associates. He started
by confessing that he had Amanda fired, which caused the two to giggle. They looked a
bit guilty when he explained that he felt bad about what he had done; that he'd had a
change of heart. He then proceeded to talk about how he had become much more
sympathetic toward Christian beliefs, and that he and Amanda had been doing a lot of
talking. That was the major cause of his struggles. The look on the others' faces
explained it all: They didn't know if they should laugh or cry.
     "You haven't become a Christian, have you?" Trevor asked.
     Michael felt horrible for lying. "No, but I'm starting to see how we think differently,
and how we can co-exist peacefully with Christians."
     Kelly was indignant. "I find it hard to believe that you could change your beliefs so
quickly. Now, all you need to do is tell us that you weren't telling us the truth about not
being in love with Amanda, and I'll lose all respect for you."
     Michael hung his head. He didn't have to respond. A look of horror crossed Kelly's
     "What does this mean for our project? Does your change of heart have any impact on
what we are doing here?" Trevor asked, incensed.
     "I don't know. I know I still haven't resolved that issue in my mind. But my intention
is to move forward as planned."
     Trevor did not believe him at all. "Do you have any idea what you might happen to
our research, to the company, if you start questioning what we're doing?" His lip
quivered. "I have a family to support! If you pull out now, there's no saying what will
happen to our funding, and our jobs."
     "Don't worry; nothing will happen. You have to trust me."
     "I don't know if I do trust you anymore," Kelly confessed. "You always struck me as
one so confident in the work you were doing. Now, you're just wishy-washy. I hate
seeing you this way."
     Michael felt as if he had been punched in the gut. "I can't force you to understand,
but you have to know that something profound has happened in my life, something that
has altered my views dramatically." He paused, unsure of how to continue. "By the way,
the three of us are going on a DNA collecting expedition on Friday morning. We need
some more samples for our research, and I know just the place we should go."
     "Isn't that the day of the open house? Maybe we can reschedule it, because I'm not
going to miss that!" Trevor insisted.
     "Trust me, you won't."
     "You are making no sense. Why do we need to go with you, anyway? Maybe you
should go yourself!" Trevor turned and walked out the door, leaving Michael bewildered
and saddened.
     "I'll think about it…" Kelly rose and left hastily.
     Michael looked heavenward. "Well, that went well…"
                             Chapter 2: Open House, Open Door

    The voice on the other end of the phone line sounded excited. "So how did it go
today, Michael?" asked Amanda. "You know, with Trevor and Kelly? Did you talk to
    "Umm…yeah. It went, um, let's just say that it was a disaster."
    "Oh no, what happened?"
    "I told them about how I got you fired. I also explained that I have become much
more sympathetic toward Christians, without telling them that I became one. They also
know that I have feelings for you. They pretty much said they have lost confidence in me
as a leader. They think I've lost it!"
    "Maybe I should talk to them."
    "No! That would be the worst thing that could happen; they would probably have
even more contempt for you. I just hope they don't go running to Norm. They're very
concerned about my leadership on the project."
    "I'm sure cooler heads will prevail. You just need to hold them off until Friday - then
they'll see for themselves!"
    "I don't think they want to come. I told them that we will go on a DNA collecting
expedition, but they walked out on me without committing to it. I don't honestly know if
I can wait until Friday."
    Amanda tried to encourage Michael, but he was struggling with his feelings. He
confessed that he felt trapped, knowing that he'd come too far in his outlook to turn back,
but was too uncertain to proceed. Amanda reminded him of what they had experienced
and what they would experience. She told him she believed God wouldn't bring them
this far only to see disaster befall them.
    Amanda explained how her friends had taken the news. She spent the better part of
the weekend sharing her experience and answering questions. They were sold on the idea
of travelling to the past, trying to guess what they would see. Their response cheered
Michael up - at least Amanda was able to hold up her end of the bargain; but Michael
knew he had the more difficult job.

     Michael sat in his office, expecting that his co-workers were talking behind his back
with Norm, and that his departure was imminent. When Norm entered his office on
Wednesday morning, Michael braced for the worst.
     Norm's disposition was sunny. "Hey, Mike, how goes the project?"
     "Uh, not bad," Michael stated flatly. "I mean, we're a bit behind on sequencing the
genomes of some of the intermediate organisms, but I'm confident we'll be able to catch
up in the next few weeks. We still have some more samples to collect. What have you
     "Nothing, other than what you have told me." Michael could discern no hint of
deception in his voice. "How has it been going working with Amanda?"
     "Not as bad as I thought." At least he didn't have to lie. "I've come to respect her in a
certain way."
     "Good, good." Norm turned as if he was about to leave, then caught himself and
faced Michael again. "One other thing. I've heard some rumours that your project might
be in a bit of trouble. I don't particularly believe them, but I want you to know how much
we depend on you. A large percentage of our funding has come directly as a result of
your previous research, and it would be a disaster for everyone if something were to
happen to your assignment."
     "I understand, Norm. Suffice it to say the project will continue unabated."
     "Great to hear! If you need to talk about anything, I'm here. Don't let anyone fill
your head with lies. They're dangerous. Remember our mission: To show people the
truth of evolution. Don't forget that."
     "I won't."
     Norm departed, as his final words echoed around inside Michael's head. He became
all the more troubled when he realized that his work conflicted with what he now
believed. Worse yet, so much was riding on him, and the pressure was crushing. He
decided to place a call to Amanda.
    "Amanda," Michael began, "how did you resolve the conflict between your personal
beliefs and your job? How could you continue working on what you thought was a lie?"
    "You know, I struggled with that for a long time. But then I decided that I was eager
to learn what others believed. I don't think what Ultigen is doing is morally wrong, so I
chalked it up as a learning experience. You can always take the same evidence and re-
interpret it, so it's not as if the interpretations are carved in stone."
    "Yeah, but I'm in charge of this project. I'm the one that makes the final
interpretations. It would be deceptive of me to come to conclusions that I didn't believe.
But I can't quit the project because Ultigen would lose a lot of funding..."
     "I certainly see the dilemma. I think right now your best plan would be to fly under
the radar a bit, and keep working on the project. You need a few more people on your
side, like Trevor and Kelly. I'm sure they'll come around by Friday."
    "I wouldn't be so sure. I think they've talked to Norm about me. Norm's known me a
long time, so I'm sure he thinks he'll straighten me out, but I don't think I can keep up the
façade for too long. Maybe it's time for another talk with Trevor and Kelly."
    "At this point, it wouldn't hurt."

    Trevor and Kelly were sitting at Michael's desk, facing him, with disrespectful looks
on their faces.
    "Guys, you've known me for a while now, and know how elated we were some time
ago when our first project was revealed. You trusted me as the leader of the project, and
I feel I delivered. Great things have happened in the meantime: lots of additional
funding, new projects starting up throughout the company, higher profiles for ourselves.
I know I have commanded your respect, and you have held me in the highest regard. For
that I thank you. Right now, I know you don't understand what is happening to me - it
seems so confusing to me as well - but I still need your respect and trust. I am not
abandoning this project. We owe it to the people to follow it through to its completion.
But until you're in my shoes, knowing what I know, you just need to trust me. On Friday,
you will be coming with me to on an adventure that will change your lives. Believe me!"
    Trevor asked, "Is this more than just a regular DNA collecting expedition?"
    "It is," admitted Michael. "It's going to be quite special. You'll have to wait and see
for yourselves. I'll give you more information on Friday before we go."
    Kelly looked dejected. "I guess we haven't been treating you very well. We're all so
confused. You have changed so much in the past few weeks, and your behaviour has
been so bizarre, that we were worried for you and ourselves. I'll try my best to trust you,
but it won't be easy."
    Trevor remained silent.

   Christina burst into Amanda's room. "How do I look?"
   Wearing khaki Capri pants, a white three-quarter length sleeved shirt, brown boots
and a brown, flat-topped hat, Christina looked like something out of a fashion magazine.
   "What do you mean, 'How do I look'?"
    "I went shopping yesterday for some new clothes for our adventure! What do you
    "T, this is a voyage to the past, not a fashion show!" Amanda laughed.
    "I know, but I wanted to look the part. Do you think this works?"
    "Well, it looks great, but I don't know exactly what things will be like when we get
there. You might consider bringing some jeans and t-shirts - they might be a bit more
versatile. And ditch the boots; just wear some comfortable shoes. If this time is anything
like last time, there'll be a lot of walking!"
    "OK, I'll change. But I'm bringing the outfit along just in case!"

    Friday dawned crisp and cool for a September morning. The leaves on the trees were
starting to change as fall quickly approached. It was windy; everyone was well bundled
as they entered the vehicle on the way to the Ultigen office.
    "Well, this is it! The big day!" Amanda was enthusiastic and excited, having had a
hard time waiting for this day to arrive.
    "I've been getting more eager each day," admitted Bob. "At first I was wary, but I've
really warmed up to the idea. Speaking of warmed up, I sure hope where we're going is
much warmer than it is here!"
    Amanda assured him, "I have no doubt about it. The climate of the early earth was
much different than it is today. Much warmer and more humid. And you can actually
breathe the air!"
    The group chatted about what they were expecting - it was interesting for Amanda to
hear the various opinions. She didn't particularly care what they saw. She was anxious
to go back to the place that gave her such deep emotion, a place that captivated her
    Amanda's car pulled into the Ultigen parking lot. People were already arriving for the
open house. Several media outlets had broadcasting vans parked outside, and people
were milling about.
    "Wow, look at all the activity!" Amanda said, surprised. "I haven't seen this much
interest since Michael revealed his paper a while back!"
    "Ultigen has been one of our city's finest success stories," Michelle stated, as if she
were a spokesperson for the company. "I've seen them profiled in a number of news
shows and articles."
    "True - their profile has increased rapidly since that paper came out. Ultigen's had to
hire on a couple more marketing personnel to handle the requests from the media for
information on various scientific and genetic issues. It's amazing."
    The four headed up the stairs, passing the large spread of food and drinks in the
lobby. Ultigen appeared like it was in party mode, with balloons and posters everywhere.
But this group was not here to learn more about Ultigen; they had a much bigger mission
to accomplish.
    Michael was sitting alone in his office when everyone arrived. He greeted them
warmly, shaking hands as each were introduced.
    "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Wagner," said Michelle, "We've heard a lot about
    "Only good things, I hope! By the way, just call me Mike."
     Bob spoke next. "Mike, we're very excited for you. Amanda has told us much of
what you've experienced over the last while. It must be thrilling, but at the same time, a
bit scary."
     "It has been quite the experience. I still find it hard to believe, myself. And right
now, the future is very scary, but I'm confident things will work out. At least, that's what
Amanda keeps telling me!"
     Trevor walked into the office, interrupting the conversation. Everyone took turns
introducing themselves, splitting off into smaller groups to chat. Soon thereafter, Kelly
arrived, and the office was buzzing with activity.
     Michael closed the door. "Everybody, listen up. We are all here for a reason today -
to embark on a journey that will change our lives. We have been chosen to experience
things that no one of our times has ever seen." He turned to face his co-workers. "Trevor
and Kelly, I've been very cryptic in what I've talked to you about, and asked you to trust
me. Right now, I will tell you everything, and what will be happening today."
     Michael explained everything that had occurred in his life over the past few weeks.
He went into some detail about the angel he and Amanda saw, and their travels to the
past. He talked about how his worldview changed, and his conversion to Christianity.
Amanda and her friends exchanged knowing smiles; Trevor and Kelly stared ahead
blankly. Michael spoke confidently, knowing they would not make a scene in front of
their guests.
     He continued, "We will all be travelling to the past very soon. Be prepared to have
your beliefs and understandings shaken to the core."
     Kelly shuffled her feet nervously. Trevor looked around sceptically. Michael could
tell he wanted to bolt from the room at the first opportunity. But there was no turning
back now.

    Amanda and Michael were well-prepared. Each day during the week, they had
brought bags of clothes and food for everyone, so they wouldn't have to bring everything
on the day of the trip. That would just arouse everyone's suspicions. Michael had moved
everything to the basement late at night, so that they could be ready as quickly as
    "It's time for us to go. The portal is ready. Follow me!"
    Everyone left the office, heading down the hallway toward the basement stairs.
Suddenly, a shadow burst through one of the doors, practically running Michael over.
    "Mike!" a voice bellowed. It was Norm, giddy with excitement. "Where are you
guys going? All the action is happening in the lobby!"
    "Uh, I was taking everyone on a tour of the building…to the…gene splicing lab."
    "Oh, all right! Mind if I come with you?"
    "Well, I thought we'd just go ourselves."
    "Come on…I'm sure I have some insights for your friends here."
    "I'm sure you do, but…"
    Suddenly, a cell phone rang. Several people looked at their belts; the ring was
generic-sounding. It was Norm's phone.
    "Hello...yes, OK, I'll be right there…OK, bye…Well guys, I'm sorry I won't be able
to join you. There are some guests waiting for me in the lobby."
   "Sorry to hear that…" Michael said, with a hint of irony.
   Norm danced down the hall, disappearing around a corner.
   "Whew…that was close. We definitely don't need him crashing our party!"
Everyone laughed. Michael surveyed the group. "Hey, what happened to Amanda?"
   Just as he said that, Amanda emerged from one of the office doors, holding her cell
phone. In a low voice, she spoke, "Hi, Dr. Charleston? This is the security desk. We
have some guests downstairs that would like to see you at once."
   The whole group burst out into fits of laughter once they realized what she had done.
   "Clever!" Michael exclaimed.
   "Let's go, before he figures out what happened!" Amanda ordered, as they headed
down the stairs.

     Amanda gazed at the hole in the basement floor. Memories flooded back to her,
warm thoughts of another world. Her heart pounded with excitement. She could hardly
believe that the seven of them were going back in time.
     "I sure hope you know what you're doing, Mike, or else," Kelly threatened.
     "Just climb down, it's not very far."
     Michel went first, holding the flashlight. Bob and Amanda handed a couple of
backpacks to him, filled with their supplies. They were travelling lightly this time
around, since they weren't carrying any scientific equipment, just clothes, food and water.
One by one, they descended into the cave.
     The seven gathered around the table. Everyone seemed awed by the sight of this
ancient artefact with its cryptic writing. Michael pulled the golden card that Lamech had
given them out of his pocket; it was emblazoned with the number 532,212. They were
still fuzzy on the significance of the number. He slid it into the slot and the room began
to vibrate. A white light shone from the top of the table - it was the portal.
     Amanda's eyes welled up with tears. She turned to look at the others. Christina had
shrunk back in fear, Bob looked excited; his eyes were wide open. Michelle stared ahead
blankly in awe, while Trevor and Kelly both appeared absolutely stunned. Their faces
glowed brightly from the flickering radiance of the portal; their shadows danced on the
cavern wall behind them. "This is it guys! Come on!"
     Amanda eagerly leapt into the brilliant light. Bob was next. The others tentatively
followed. Michael practically pushed Trevor in, as he was so hesitant. Michael was the
last to enter.
     Brightness enveloped them as they hurtled through time. Then they lost
                                      Chapter 3: Voices

     It was dark. A pungent woody scent overwhelmed their senses. Loud banging was
everywhere; the ground was shaking. Michael reached down. Strangely enough, they
were sitting on a floor made of wood. Voices echoed around them - harsh voices -
yelling in a foreign language. Michael fumbled for his flashlight.
     The bright beam shone in the faces of his companions, causing them to squint. Fear
filled their eyes as the thundering sounds and motions continued. Christina was sobbing.
This wasn't the beautiful world that Michael had told everyone about. Where did he
bring them? What was going on around them?
     Michael tried to get his bearings. His flashlight revealed that they were in a large
wooden room. They were sitting in the middle of an aisle, with large rooms on either
side of them. At the far end of the aisle, stairs appeared to ascend into the darkness.
     "Wait here! I'm going to see if I can find a way out!" Michael acted much braver
than he was feeling.
     He ran toward the stairs, flashlight in hand. There were several flights going up, and
as he ascended to each floor, he glanced into the distance. Each room appeared the same
- a large aisle with stalls flanking them. He finally reached the top. There was a hatch
above him; it was closed. He turned a handle and the hatch flung open. Bright daylight
flooded his eyes, causing him to go blind temporarily, his eyes having adjusted to the
     When Michael regained his vision, he found himself on a giant wooden platform. It
was much longer than a football field, in his estimation. The hatch was located in the
middle of the expanse, and its edges were covered with a rubberlike material, forming a
tight seal when it was closed. The sounds were just as loud outside, if not louder. The
platform was shaking, people were yelling, and loud banging was heard. A large plume
of smoke rose from the edge of the platform.
     Michael hurried to the edge, which had a large lip on it, and looked down. He
became dizzy; he was over four storeys off the ground. Below, he saw the source of the
tumult: A large group of people were surrounding the structure he was standing on.
Some were banging on the large wooden construction with clubs; others carried flaming
torches and logs, looking to set it ablaze. People were everywhere, shouting and fighting.
Michael fought to regain his balance, as massive crowds of people were pushing the
sides, causing it to rock slightly.
     Michael looked out across the terrain. They were inside an area which was
surrounded by a large stone wall. Part of the wall had been breached; this was where the
people appeared to come pouring in from.
     The commotion was intense. The voices got louder and the sounds became ruthless,
appearing to reach a crescendo. Michael noticed a flaming log come hurtling toward the
     Suddenly, Michael was aware of an intense heat on his neck. He looked up to the sky
and saw a large blazing object hurtling down at unimaginable speed. The ball of fire
roared past him, striking the ground with extreme force. The ground shook as in an
earthquake, and fire licked at the sides of the construction, even rising as high as Michael
     An eerie silence ensued. Michael blinked several times, his mouth agape. The ball of
fire had consumed all the people surrounding the large building - not one remained. The
ground was charred black. Not even a trace was left of the "invaders". The only flame
that lingered was a roaring inferno that filled the hole in the stone wall. A few people on
the other side of the barricade scattered, screaming and wailing.
     Michael regained his composure and hurtled himself through the hatch and down the
stairs. He raced down several flights until he found his companions cowering in one of
the stalls. The acrid smell of burning flesh was evident even inside the building. But the
room was silent, save for the heavy panting of the anxious group.
     "What happened?" Trevor yelled, lacing his query with profanity.
     Michael gasped for breath. "I found…an exit…there was…a crowd of people
outside…banging on this building…a fireball…suddenly came from the sky…and burned
everyone up!"
     "Oh my goodness!" Bob and Michelle said in unison.
     "Where are we?" inquired Christina.
     "I don't know," admitted Michael, "some sort of construction. It's big!"
     "You know what this looks like to me?" Amanda asked rhetorically, "Noah's Ark!"
     "No way! You have no idea how large and how high this thing is!" Michael insisted.
     Amanda retorted, "Look - there are aisles with pens for animals. And the ark was
huge! The Bible records it as about 140 meters long, 25 meters wide and 14 meters high.
It had enough cargo space to hold over 500 regular train cars."
     Bob added his thoughts as well. "It has been calculated that the Ark could have held
250,000 sheep-sized animals, assuming all the space was taken up by the animals."
     Michelle closed the case. "A lot of people, even Christians, think the Ark was a cute
little bathtub-shaped boat. They have no idea of the immensity of the Ark. It's
inexcusable, because the Bible explicitly describes the size of the Ark."
     "I guess I didn't read that passage very carefully," said Michael timidly. "But all I
know is that we need to find a way out of here."
     All of a sudden, a loud creaking noise was heard. It echoed throughout the room,
causing everyone to cower again. The noise stopped as quickly as it started, and then the
room became bright.

    "Look, they have lights! On the ceiling!" Christina noticed.
    Sure enough, a row of lights adorned the middle of the ceiling. They followed the
complete length of the aisle, bathing the room in light.
    "Well, it doesn't feel quite as creepy now," sighed a relieved Kelly.
    Then, as if her declaration was heard, the group was aware of loud footsteps echoing
up the stairs. They could make out at least two loud voices, talking and singing, getting
closer and closer.
    "I take that back!" Kelly said hastily.
    "Hide!" whispered Michael. Everyone scattered into various pens, hiding behind the
separating wall.
    The voices reached their level, and the footsteps approached. Out of the corner of her
eye, Kelly could see three large men. One looked older, having light skin and a long,
greyish-black beard, and piercing blue eyes. Another was slightly taller, with olive skin
and curly blond hair. The third was shorter, dark-skinned with straight brown hair. They
were dressed in comfortable-looking robes and heavy shoes that made a lot of noise when
they walked. Kelly was scared, having never seen such large people before.
    The men talked in a foreign language, harsh-sounding and loud. Kelly became very
nervous, almost to the point of tears. She felt she would burst at any moment, secretly
hoping she wouldn't make any noise.

    Amanda spied the men through one of the slats in the pen door. She was taken aback;
she was sure she recognized one of them. He looked older and greyer than he looked
before, but the blue eyes and permanent smile were giveaways. Hoping not to startle the
men, she slowly rose from her hideout. The men stopped. "There are people here!" one
of them said, "I can feel it…"
     "Noah!" Amanda cried.
     The men focused on her, appearing to search their memories.
     "Amanda! Is that you? You look exactly as I remembered you many years ago!"
     "That's funny! For us we only met a week ago! You look a bit older, though, I hope
you don't mind me saying."
     "Not at all…you left us about four hundred years ago, according to our time. We
have been waiting for the day when you would be back. Where are the others?"
     Slowly, heads emerged from the various cubicles. "It's OK, come out!" Amanda
     Noah waved to Michael, who returned the gesture. "Who are your friends?"
     Amanda introduced everyone, much to the delight of the three men.
     "These are two of my sons, Shem and Ham," Noah informed them. Shem was
apparently the taller of the two, while Ham was the shorter man with dark skin.
     Shem and Ham greeted them happily.
     "You guys are so tall," Christina remarked, in awe of their size.
     "And you are so short!" Ham joked. "Shorter than even many of our young
     Michael interrupted the introductions. "Noah, what happened outside? I saw a group
of people that looked like they were attacking this building, and then all of a sudden a
fireball came down from the sky and burned them all up!"
     Noah replied, "Yes, you saw correctly. You see, we live in the most wicked time in
Earth's history. You remember the Nephilim - they have spread throughout the earth,
corrupting the ways of all people. It seems all humanity is now evil beyond belief. A
hundred years ago, God informed me that he was going to judge mankind. He would
send a flood to destroy the earth, and that I must build an Ark - the vessel you are now
standing inside - to escape the deluge. He promised to rescue myself, my wife, my sons,
and their wives. When I set about to build the Ark from the designs that God gave me, I
started by building a giant wall around the construction area. I knew people would try
destroy the Ark if we left it out in the open. We have been able to defend the Ark until
this very day, when a horde of people opened the wall and came inside, intent on setting
fire to our creation. I prayed that God would intervene, as we are only four men against
thousands. God sent fire from heaven, which consumed the evildoers. Even now, the
breach in the wall is guarded by a flame which cannot be quenched."
     Amanda requested, "Noah, whatever happened to some of the friends we met -
Lamech, and Methuselah?" She addressed the others: "They were the ones who were still
alive when we left."
     "Lamech, my father, died but five years ago, at the age of 777, at the hands of the
Nephilim. They pursued him for many years, ever since he slaughtered one thousand of
them in the battle that occurred when you returned to your day. He had always hoped
that you would return within his lifetime, and he just missed you. But he lived a great
life, and gave me much help with the early preparations for the Ark. It was unfortunate
he could not see it to its completion. Methuselah is still alive, but he is old and feeble,
currently 969 years of age."
   "That is phenomenal. He must be the oldest man to ever live!" Michelle enthused.
   "He has lived long, but it is not the longest. One man in the line of Seth lived to
1,121, which is the highest recorded age."
   "That is a long time!"
   "Come, let us disembark, you can meet the others."

    As the group descended down the Ark's large ramp into the outdoors, a wave of
emotion overcame them. Bob could not get over the beauty of the early earth. Amanda
had described it, but he truly didn't comprehend her account until now. They were
located on the edge of a forest near the water. Trees towered above them, several
hundred meters into the air, even dwarfing the immense structure they were leaving.
    At the base of the ramp, Bob turned to look back at the Ark. He fell to his knees, so
awesome was the sight. It was a large, rectangular structure, with numerous wood planks
extending horizontally along its length. The planks had no seam along their length; they
were carved in one piece from the towering trees in the area. In the middle of the Ark
was a large door, about ten metres by ten metres in size. A long ramp extended from it to
the ground. There were no windows along the edifice: it was not at all as he had pictured.
    Noah noticed that many were looking back at the ark. "It is almost complete - we
have only to raise the roof, which we will do tomorrow. It is a thing of beauty!"
    Michael concurred. "A marvel of engineering. How long did it take for you to build
    "A hundred years, give or take. It has been our life's work, one which we are proud
of. I just hope it holds up when God sends the catastrophe upon the earth."
    Amanda and Bob exchanged knowing smiles, fortunate to know how the story ended.
They held back from telling Noah, however, knowing that they should not reveal future
events in any detail.
    Noah led the group to one corner of the walled structure. Nestled there was a humble
house, much different from the one that Michael and Amanda had spent time in. It was
far smaller, but showed a similar level of technological precision. Inside, a group of
women were preparing a meal. There was an older one - Bob assumed it was Noah's
wife - and three younger ones, likely the wives of Noah's sons.
    "This is my wife, Samah," Noah informed them, pointing to the older lady, who
bowed. "And the wife of Shem, Maalshmot, of Ham, Negeb, and Japheth, Yashah."
Each of them greeted the group in turn.
    Amanda whispered to Bob, "I always wondered what Noah's wife's name was - it's
not recorded in the Bible!"
    The four women were beautiful, somewhat shorter than the men, but still taller than
the tallest member of the travellers. Samah had light-brown skin, with long, brown hair
and brown eyes. Maalshmot also had light brown skin, with black hair and eyes that
were a light shade of purple. Negeb was dark-skinned, with short black hair in tight
curls. Yashah had the lightest skin of the group, virtually white, with blond hair and blue
    Noah had one more person to introduce. "Japheth!" he yelled. "Where is that man?"
    Samah answered, "I believe he's out working on the roof of the Ark."
     "I'll call him, then." Noah walked over to a cone-shaped object, moving it slightly,
then speaking into it. "Japheth, are you out there?"
     "Yes, father," came a voice virtually out of thin air.
     "Please come to the house. We have some guests I'd like you to meet - the
prophesied ones." Noah turned to the others and winked, saying in a softer voice,
"Besides, it's dinner time!"
     "I'll be right there!" came the disembodied voice.
     "What is that you're speaking into?" asked an interested Michael.
     "A shalaqol - it transmits your voice through the air to a certain place that you direct
it to. It allows you to communicate over distances. Japheth is also carrying one. That is
why you heard his voice in here, despite the fact that he is quite a distance away."
     "Your technology never ceases to amaze me!"

     Japheth came running in the door. He looked remarkably like Amanda recalled Noah
looked in his younger days. He had his father's radiant blue eyes, although his hair and
skin were lighter in colour. He was dirty and covered in sweat; evidently he had been
toiling in the hot sun.
     "Japheth, here are our guests." Noah introduced each one of them by name, having
recalled each one effortlessly. "Now, go get washed up for dinner!"
     Almost everyone was smiling. Noah sighed, saying, "I always have to keep my eye
on that one. If it wasn't for all of you being here, he probably wouldn't even have
bothered to clean himself up before sitting at the table!" He addressed the group, "Please,
find yourselves seats in the other room. We will bring the food out."
     Everyone shuffled into the adjoining room. It was a large sitting room - filled with
couches and chairs of wood. A few of them were covered with cushions made out of an
extremely soft material. A large shelf of books adorned one wall. Another contained a
large diagram of the Ark, with measurements clearly laid out. Noah noticed a few
members of the group staring at the picture, and interjected, "Those are the actual plans
for the Ark I received in a dream from God a hundred years ago. When I woke up, it was
as if I could recall every detail of the dream. I sat down and copied the measurements
and building instructions from my mind to paper. Even today, though, I can recall each
nuance of my vision - it was that vivid."
     It appeared to Amanda that when the roof was finally placed on the ark, it would look
like a giant rectangular box with a row of windows on top. The roof covering it sloped
gently from a peak in the middle; it also sloped toward the ends. It looked like the roof of
a modern house, the slope not being as steep. At the edges of the roofs, there were
hinged flaps that could cover all the windows on each side at once. Amanda assumed
that during the rains, it would completely protect those inside from the raging winds and
driving rain. It was an efficient and remarkable design.
     While Amanda was deep in thought, the women of the house arrived and spread out a
feast before them. Large loaves of bread with honey and butter, a fine salad prepared
with many different vegetables, whole ripe fruits, and a dish filled with some sort of
granola. Even though it still felt like mid-morning to Amanda, seeing the food caused
her to become ravenous. After Noah offered a prayer of thanks to God, she filled a plate
with food and began eating.
    Most of the others ate as well. Trevor and Kelly barely picked at their food, perhaps
too overwhelmed to eat. Christina didn't have much either. She was still visibly shaken
from everything that had happened.
    When the women and their husbands had sat down, Michelle asked, "What is the
general reaction of people to your building an Ark? Obviously many were angry, but is
everyone against you?"
    "I'm afraid so. Those that don't want to destroy it are still very mocking. They ask,
'Why are you building a giant boat? Are you going to sail around the world?' When I try
to give them a message about God's judgement and the rain that will fall, they don't
believe. No one has ever seen heavy rain before; the little that does fall is mist. God
showed me a torrential rain in my vision, one without equal throughout all time, past and
future. Most people don't care about God, so they don't think I know what I'm talking
    "Are there truly no righteous people on the earth outside your family?"
    "The Nephilim have corrupted all flesh. I have not been able to find any good on the
earth, only evil and violence. Methuselah is the last righteous person besides our family,
and his time will end any day now, certainly before the flood."
    "It's very sad that God has to judge the earth in this way."
    "God's heart is grieved. The world no longer acknowledges Him. It is in such a sorry
state. Technology is no longer progressing. Much has been forgotten, and may never be
reclaimed. If it weren't for some of the books that I am bringing on the ark, the period
from the beginning of the world until now would probably be forgotten."
    "So you're bringing some information with you?"
    "God has instructed me to bring some of the writings of my forefathers. At some
future time, God will stir up a servant who will faithfully record the history of the world
before he lived, as a witness to all people. The records we bring will be instrumental in
describing the creation of the world, and the lives of our fathers, so that the truth may be
    "Amazing," all agreed.

    After dinner, as the sun began to set, Trevor and Kelly pulled Michael aside. They
were having a difficult time dealing with the things that they were seeing and hearing.
    Trevor asked, "How do you know what we're seeing is real? I mean, I have always
been told that Noah's Ark and the Flood were myths, and that the legends were borrowed
from other cultures existing in those days. This conflicts with everything I know as
    Michael responded. "I know exactly how you feel. When Amanda and I first
travelled through time, I was convinced that we went 150 million years into the past. But
so many things started to disagree with my beliefs, that I had to acknowledge that either
what I was seeing was wrong, or the things that I learned were wrong. Amanda taught
me that beliefs about historical occurrences, whether they're religious or scientific,
require assumptions and interpretations of facts based on them. This was something I
was never taught in school, that's for sure! I had to admit that many of our scientific
assumptions were just plain wrong. When I looked at the data with a different worldview
- a Christian and Biblical worldview - I found everything fit much better. Things started
to make much more sense. It was a revolution in my thinking. I truly believe you will
come to understand that as well."
     "I now see what caused you to change. I will try to keep an open mind about things.
But we will need your help to explain things to us," Kelly stated.
     "I will do my best. Amanda and her friends will be able to help as well, I'm sure."
     Trevor hoped to clear something up. "OK, here we are, standing before the "Ark". I
know from the story (which sure sounds like a ridiculous myth), that the animals came to
the Ark two-by-two. But there are millions of species of animals. Even with this huge
structure, how could they possibly fit all the animals on this thing?"
     "Trevor, that was one of the things I wrestled with at the start. But once I started
reading about it a bit, I realized I had never really thought through the issues. That's a
shame, because we all work in genetics, and the answer is right in front of us."
     "Really? How so?"
     Michael drew in a breath, as he set about coming up with his argument. "We know
that animals have tremendous variety built right into their genes. Take dogs, for
example. It is a known fact that all the various breeds of dogs were produced very
recently, within the past few thousand years, anyway. Not only that, but they are
descended from wild dogs - such as wolves. Humans have been selectively breeding
dogs for thousands of years, and now we have everything from Chihuahuas to Great
Danes. But have we created anything new?"
     Trevor replied, "No, I guess all the genetic information for all the various breeds of
dogs was already there in the original wild dogs."
     "Exactly. So we have this kind of animal - the canine kind. You can probably trace
all the various canines, such as wolves, dogs, dingoes, coyotes and jackals back to an
original pair or two of canines. And this splitting into different groups can happen
quickly, even in thousands of years. It goes even quicker if man intervenes, with
selective breeding. A bit of an aside here: interestingly enough, many scientists think
that splitting into species is a creative process, that new information is added to the gene
pool. However, our real scientific observations show just the opposite. When we breed
wild dogs by selecting those with certain traits and eventually come up with poodles, the
poodles contain only a subset of the original genetic diversity that is built into the canine
kind. We cannot take a bunch of poodles and breed them back into wolves, because the
information for wolves has been lost. But if we start mixing different types of dogs
together, the variety can be somewhat restored, and the dogs will resemble the wild type
again, even though no new information has been added."
     "I see where you're coming from."
     "Another thing that's germane to this discussion: Can lions and tigers breed?"
     Trevor thought hard. "Well, I've never heard of such a thing!"
     "You might be surprised to find out that they can. Lions and tigers are able to
produce offspring. They are often called ligers. Dolphins and whales can also breed
(wolphins), as can horses and zebras (zorses?). Generally, they don't breed in the wild,
often because they live in different areas of the world, or have other barriers such as size
differences or similar things. But if you trace the ancestry of dolphins and whales back,
for example, since they can produce fertile offspring, it is entirely conceivable that they
have the same ancestor, and just split into different types of animals when they separated
into different regions, carrying a subset of genetic information with them. This all sounds
like evolution - but it's not, at least not in the sense that molecules became man.
Whenever the ancestor splits into different types (we sometimes call them species, but the
definition of species is difficult to pin down), they have actually lost information, in the
same way as poodles have lost information for the wild type. So you see, natural
selection and speciation are valid principles, and can even be observed today, but they're
not equivalent to evolution from a common ancestor."
    "OK, I'm following you so far, but I'm not sure I see what all this has to do with my
    "Well, the conclusion to all this is that Noah wouldn't have to take all the species we
see in our time on the Ark, because many of those "species" are just isolated subsets of an
original kind. Noah wouldn't need to take a thousand different types of canines and dog
breeds, he only would need two original ones that contained the superset of genetic
information. He wouldn't need to take thousands of species of birds, because most of
those birds are probably descendents of a few original types. He wouldn't need to take
horses and zebras and donkeys, because it's likely they all descended from just one
original equine kind. It has been estimated that Noah might have only needed to take less
than 10,000 different animals, when speciation is taken into consideration, not millions."
    "I suppose I do see how Noah's Ark could have worked. But I still don't really think
that evolution is totally incompatible with all that you've told me. We know that when a
new species occurs, that mutations can impart new functionality to genes, and over long
periods of time, totally new animals are created."
    "We'll get to mutations later. Right now, we'd better join the others. It looks like
they're having fun over there."

    Everyone was sitting outside, around a fire. They were talking and laughing, even
singing and dancing. Noah and his family had such a strong faith, and enjoyed life
greatly. Even if the impending disaster that was about to impact the earth could not
dampen their enthusiasm. The travellers started to relax with their new friends. They
stayed up late into the night, watching the stars rise and set, enjoying each others'
fellowship. Noah told everyone that tomorrow would be a big day - the ark would be
complete. Then, soon after, the animals would come.
                                  Chapter 4: Completion

     The following day dawned bright and sunny. The guests were treated to a fabulous
breakfast. Today would be a day of work; placing the roof on the Ark and completing the
waterproofing. The Ark would then be ready to be stocked with food, supplies and
finally, animals.
     The men made the final modifications to the roof structure in the early morning.
Everyone watched in awe as they used sound waves to lift the structure high into the air,
then across, finally to settle on top of the Ark. The device they used to move the roof
was similar to the one that enabled Michael and Amanda to levitate on a rock to cross the
river when they were here before. No matter how many times they saw it in action, they
were amazed.
     All that were able ascended the Ark, using hammers and nails to fasten the roof to the
lip that surrounded the top platform. The way it was designed made it easy to secure.
The posts of the roof fit perfectly in holes on the platform. They also used a special glue
to hold the posts fast.
    After an hour had passed, the roof was completely secure. Noah ordered, "Now we
need to coat the outside of the Ark with pitch. We need to build a fire to heat it with, and
several others must go collect it."
    Michael was a bit dubious. He asked Amanda, "I thought pitch was made with oil
and coal. If most of the fossils, oil and coal were produced by the Flood, how can Noah
find enough oil reserves to make enough pitch to cover this boat?"
    Amanda thought for a moment. "I've heard there are other ways to make pitch.
Obviously Noah knows something that we don't!"
    Noah sent the men out to collect the materials required to make the pitch, while the
others stayed behind to build the fire and prepare for coating the Ark.
    The men hiked a short distance to a grove of tall pine trees. Ham attached a large
ring around the tree; it was hollow, with an open top. At one point, it had a round
projection. Japheth hooked up to the projection a large flexible hose that he had been
unravelling - the other end was located inside the walls of the compound.
    Shem built a fire around the base of the tree by striking several rocks together. The
fire started easily. Soon, it burned brightly, licking at the bark a short distance up the
trunk. At once, thick, golden sap began to ooze from the tree; copious quantities of it.
    "Look at all the sap!" Bob exclaimed.
    Ham laughed. He stated, "One tree can produce about 400 litres of sap. We use it for
many purposes: to make pitch, for syrups and glue, even some medicines. The heat
helps us extract the sap from the tree quickly. Normally, we would not burn the tree,
however, we require a significant amount of sap, as well as the ashes from the tree."
    Michael noticed that the sap was running down the trunk of the tree and into the ring.
It was obviously being drawn along the hose, as the sap was disappearing from the ring.
He marvelled at the ingenious way of collecting the sap.
    Once most of the liquid was exuded, they moved on to another tree, allowing the first
one to burn. In this way, they would move through several trees in the grove, getting all
they required to cover the boat.
    Bob turned to Michael, "Did you notice what Ham said? He said that the heat causes
the sap to run. I wonder if there was a heat source during the Flood that causes the sap to
run, entrapping insects in amber? Scientists have had trouble determining how large
amounts of sap came to encase the insects. That could be an explanation."
    "Yes, that does make sense. It's worth noting, anyway."

    Inside the walls surrounding the Ark, Noah and the women placed large pots over
several fires. Noah positioned the hose inside one of the pots, and when the voices of one
of the men informed them that the sap was flowing, suddenly resin began gushing from
the hose. It did not take long to fill a single pot; perhaps 10 minutes.
    After a time, all the pots were filled. Noah called through his communications device
for the men to stop, and the sap from the hose slowed to a trickle. The first pot started
bubbling and frothing, spraying boiling sap in all directions. Noah quickly covered the
pot with a mesh lid.
   "I think we're set for now," Noah told them. "We'll have to wait for the boys to bring
back the ashes from the burning trees. Let's just make sure we keep feeding the fire to
keep the sap at a constant boil."

    "What's going on?" Trevor asked.
    "I hear some angry people moving toward us. Some of the men from the surrounding
    "I don't hear them!" Trevor insisted.
    "Our hearing is not as sharp as theirs," Michael enlightened him. "So if they say
people are on their way, they must be!"
    "I think the smoke from the fires attracted them. They often come after us when we
stray from our enclosure. They are angry with our father for pronouncing God's
judgement on the world."
    "Yeah, shoot the messenger!" Bob whispered Michael and Trevor, "Typical!"
    "What should we do?" wondered Michael.
    "You can wait here - they will be unable to see you. There are no Nephilim with
them, so you aren't in any danger, as long as you stay out of the way and don't get
accidentally hit with anything. Hide behind some of the trees!"
    "Why don't we retreat?"
    Shem responded, "We can't carry all these supplies back that quickly, and we need
them, as they can't be replaced. These people have already destroyed many of our things.
We will stay and fight."
    A group of at least ten men arrived, carrying swords, torches, clubs and rocks. They
looked like an ancient mob. They were shouting unintelligible words at the three
brothers. Shem, Ham, and Japheth stood their ground.
    The gang attacked. Stones hurtled through the air at a high rate of speed, having been
fired from weapons similar to those Lamech had used on the Nephilim. Noah's sons were
quite dexterous and swift; they were able to dodge the projectiles that were fired at them.
    In a burst of noise, the groups clashed. Swords, clubs and fists flew. Michael tried
his hardest to watch the melee, but the action was so quick that he had a hard time
keeping up.
    Shem threw several punches that directly hit their target. Blood spurted from a
wound in his arm - he had been struck by a sword. He retrieved a sword from one of the
fallen men and began swinging it with precision. Several wounded men fell to the
    Ham had immense strength. He grabbed two men at once and flung them through the
air. They landed hard, and struggled to their feet. Suddenly, one stuck behind him and
arced his club through the air, directly hitting him on the head. Ham fell to the ground
with a loud thud. Three men piled on top of him.
    Japheth danced around several men, daring them to attack. He dodged a couple of
swords, but became surrounded. He lunged at one man, knocking him directly into the
fire that was consuming one of the trees. The man yelped; his clothes in flames. Others
sized Japheth, and he struggled to get free. Shem arrived at the scene, plucking men off
his brother, slashing them with his sword.
    Ham regained consciousness in time to see a man holding a sword above his head.
He kicked his feet, landing a direct hit to the man's legs. He crumpled to the ground.
Ham leapt back to a vertical position and began punching some of the other men. The
intruders were no match. They began falling one by one.
    The remaining men were cowardly. When they saw some of their comrades fall, they
ran away like wounded animals. Ham gave pursuit, but chased them to the edge of the
grove of trees; then he let them go.
    The three sons began clearing the area of the wounded people. They spared their
lives, knowing a much worse fate awaited them in a short while.
    Shem joked with Japheth. "Heh, some tough guy you are, big brother. Always
needing me to save you!" They jostled briefly, in a playful manner.
    Ham jumped in, "Ha! I'm the youngest, and I took out more guys than both of you
    Japheth turned to the shorter men, smiling. "Shem always thinks he's going to save
the world. But he's all talk!"
    Bob thought to himself, "Well, Shem might not, but one of his descendents will be
the Saviour of all mankind!" He smiled.
    "Well, enough of that. Let's collect some more sap, and start putting these ashes in
containers to carry back to the Ark."
    The men got back to work, collecting as much as they could carry. They headed back
with all their supplies in tow.

    Upon returning to the fortification, the men informed the others about their being
attacked, and all they had to go through to procure the ingredients for the pitch. Noah
was concerned; the attacks by the people were increasing. Reports had reached them of
sporadic fighting breaking out among the people. Society had truly reached an all-time
    Noah directed the men to pour a large amount of ashes in each pot. They mixed the
ashes with the boiling sap, turning it a dark yellow. The mixture began to thicken,
forming a sticky, glue-like substance.
    "So that's how they make pitch!" Michael realized. The Biblical account of Noah's
Ark was becoming much clearer after having seen the events occur before his eyes.
    Noah used his instrument to move the giant pots into position next to the Ark. He
placed a hose into the gummy liquid, attaching some sort of nozzle to the end of the hose.
He began to spray the mixture in a giant arc onto the sides of the structure. He directed
his sons to do likewise, and it took only a few hours to coat the entire surface.
    Noah informed the others that the inside of the Ark had already been sprayed during
the construction. The entire structure was watertight. He stood back and marvelled at his
creation. Everything was almost ready.

    Once the Ark itself was complete, Noah decided to show everyone around, to point
out the various features of the vessel. Of course, they had been inside the ark before, but
under the circumstances, no one was really able to study the actual design.
    They entered the ark via the long ramp that met one side in the middle. Noah pointed
out the large, sealed door which was hinged to the entrance at its bottom. God would
close this door when the rains started, some of those familiar with the Bible realized.
    Heading down a flight of stairs, Noah showed everyone the levels which would be
used for the storage of food and other supplies. They planned on bringing a significant
amount of hay, other dried plant material, fruits, and vegetables. They had prepared a list
of all the creatures that would be brought aboard the Ark; indeed, God had revealed this
information to them. Noah was an expert in animals, so he was intimately familiar with
their dietary and other needs.
    The lower levels were arranged in several large rooms - each room would hold a
certain set of food items. Each room contained rows of shelves and box-shaped storage
units. They were all labelled in ancient Hebrew script, showing that everything was
appropriately planned and organized.
    The bottom level contained some interesting items. They had devised a system
whereby fresh water could be brought into the ark. The water would be pumped in from
below, using the natural water pressure of the surrounding ocean, and it would be filtered
through an array of materials to ensure its freshness. It was discovered that the water of
the world was quite potable in those days, and even though the flood would churn up
much solid material in the water, the filters made sure that none made it into the final
    Each of the rooms containing the pumps was able to be closed off completely, in case
the mechanism failed, flooding the room. The doors to the rooms were raised off the
floor, giving anyone who discovered the intrusion of water additional time to shut the
doors. This showed the ingenuity of Noah and his sons.
    Each room was also fitted with wicking material that would change colour upon
touching water. The water would rise up the fabric, which was visible from each of the
upper levels. It ultimately terminated in the living quarters. This would act as a warning
system that water was infiltrating one of the rooms. Noah and his sons had built a metal
pole similar to a firefighter's pole which could be accessed from each floor - this would
allow quick access to any level from above; handy, as most of the leaks would come from
the lower echelons.
    The levels at the Ark's entrance and above would be used to house the animals. They
were neatly organized. Each pen was labelled for a specific animal. The size of the pens
differed, depending on the animals that would be contained therein. Noah informed the
others that most of the animals would be small, as juvenile representatives of each would
be taken aboard.
    The individual enclosures were lined with a special material, which would help clean
the cages of any waste products. Any urine produced would be moved through the
material by capillary action, ultimately running into a system of pipes. The cages were
sloped at a gentle angle, so that other wastes would fall into the same pipes, which would
be periodically flushed with water, carrying the materials to the outside of the ark. They
would then be ejected into the surrounding sea. It worked in a similar way to the waste
removal systems they were accustomed to in their houses.
    Lighting was also important. The only windows would be in the top floor of the Ark.
Therefore, a form of artificial light would be used. The lights were powered by water -
Amanda and Michael were already familiar with their operation. Everyone else was
caught off-guard by the sophisticated technology.
    Noah assured everyone that the daily maintenance requirements for the animals
would not be overwhelming. Many of the animals would exist in some sort of
hibernation, or torpor conditions. They would not require significant amounts of food,
water, or attention. Others would be able to be cared for by the 8 of the people in the
Ark. Each person had assigned responsibilities, as well as schedules laid out for each
duty. In addition, the various animals were laid out in an efficient manner, so that they
could be cared for in an organized fashion. They had truly thought of everything.
    Everyone was struck by not only the layout and design of the ark, but also the artistry.
Noah and his sons (as well as other family members such as Lamech and Methuselah)
had spent over a hundred years working on the ark. They not only crafted a functional
ark, but one of beauty, with carved columns and exquisitely engraved doors and
implements. No wonder it had taken them so long!
    The upper floor would be the living quarters for the eight people. It contained glass
windows, as well as skylights which could be closed off and sealed if necessary. There
was a dining area, with a table and chairs, a stove, which was enclosed by a fireproof
material, and faucets which allowed for the retrieval of fresh water. Artwork was placed
throughout the room; in fact, the attention to detail was remarkable. It looked every bit as
comfortable as the most lavish home in their time. They had used marble, gold and other
metals to accent the furniture. Everything was also affixed to the floor so that it would
not move, even if the boat rocked.
    A sitting room adjoined the eating area. Rows of shelves containing books lined the
walls - these contained the collective wisdom of mankind, including the records that
would be passed down to future generations. The shelves had a cover that would keep
the books from falling during any movement. The room was filled with comfortable
carpets and furniture, and the skylight above filled the room with the sun's warmth.
    Another room was designed which would enable the people to ward off the effects of
the rocking of the boat. It was a room which was free-floating, surrounded by a spongy
material. It would stay upright no matter how furiously the boat pitched. Noah was
familiar with seafaring, as well as the consequences of motion on the body, and since his
family had rarely travelled on the water, he wanted to ensure they could be kept
    Off the sitting room were four bedrooms; one for each family. They had taken ornate
beds, tables and armoires, and placed them in each room. Each room also contained a
skylight. Adjoining each of the bedrooms was a bathroom. They were equipped with
toilets and showers. The showers pumped fresh water from the outside, heating it up
along the pipes before it came out the shower head. The waste water would then be used
to flush out the rest of the piping. The design was phenomenal.
    The Ark itself was architected by God to be extraordinarily stable in the churning
waters. Its rectangular design would keep it upright in the water; in fact, it was created to
survive being completely swamped with water. It could withstand extremely large waves
and copious amounts of water. It was, however, designed to be at the mercy of the
water's motion - it was not propelled in any fashion. Indeed, it did what it was designed
to do quite well.
    After the tour, the guests had a fresh appreciation for ancient people. Even Amanda
and Michael discovered new artistic and technological abilities that they weren't aware of
before. They could certainly see how the eight could live in the Ark for an entire year.
All were humbled and awestruck.

     In the evening, Michael had the opportunity to talk to Trevor again. Trevor reminded
him, "You said that you would talk a bit more about genetic mutations, right?"
     "Yes, I did. Let me ask you some questions."
     Trevor nodded, as did Kelly, who was tagging along.
     "In all our years of studying genetics, have you ever known one mutation that had an
overall net benefit to an organism?"
     Kelly was quick to respond. "That's easy. Antibiotic resistance in bacteria!"
     Michael countered, "True enough, at first glance that does seem to be the case. When
bacteria develop resistance to penicillin or other antibiotics, it gives a powerful argument
that the bacteria has evolved, that there is a net benefit to the bacteria. But that is not the
     "So what you're trying to say is that what everyone was taught in biology class is
wrong? Come on!" Kelly was dubious.
     "Well, maybe not wrong, but not all the details were given. Most antibiotic resistance
that is caused by a genetic mutation actually results from the loss of a function. For
example, penicillin resistance in some bacteria happens because a mutation causes it not
to be able to break down a certain enzyme. In an environment where penicillin is
everywhere, such as inside a body that is being treated for infection, or in a sterile
hospital, these bacteria thrive. But the bacteria have actually become weaker, because
they can no longer break down the enzyme. If it were in the wild, where it is forced to
compete with bacteria that can break down the enzyme, it would die out. Survival of the
fittest, as it were. Some of these so-called "superbugs" are actually treated by removing a
person from the hospital, causing them to acquire naturally-occurring bacteria that will
compete with the "superbugs", which die out because they are less able to survive in a
wild environment."
     "That may be true, but mutations aren't the only way bacteria acquire resistance."
     "Correct, but the other methods, such as direct gene transfer between bacteria, require
the machinery and information to be in place already. That implies that they were
designed to do this in advance. It's not something that evolved."
     Amanda had been listening in on the conversation, smiling at Michael's new-found
confidence in creation science arguments. She strolled over, eager to add to the
     She asked, "Did you know that they have cultured bacteria found inside humans and
animals that had been found frozen long before the invention of penicillin and other
antibiotics, and they actually found that some of them were already resistant to those
antibiotics? That shows that their immunity didn't evolve in response to the antibiotics,
but that some of them already had the capacity to resist it." Michael smiled at her.
     Trevor jumped into the conversation. "Come on, that's just one example. There are
many other mutations that confer a survival advantage to an organism. Pesticide
resistance in insects, sickle cell resistance to malaria, immunity to HIV in some people,
and so on."
    Michael responded, "I challenge you to look into all of those examples, seriously
considering whether or not there is a general survival advantage. I mean, if sickle-cell
anaemia, a debilitating disease, is one of the best illustrations of beneficial mutations,
then it should be clear that there are very few good examples. Yet I can supply you with
hundreds of diseases and serious conditions that are caused by mutations. Mutations are
clearly bad - no one advocates standing in front of X-Ray machines to obtain more
mutations in the gene pool. With this knowledge, our human experience and scientific
experimentation has shown that there is a downward trend, that mutations cause
organisms to degrade over time, not make them better."
    "Yeah, but bad mutations will get weeded out of the gene pool due to natural
selection. Even though good mutations might be rare, they will, over millions of years,
be carried on because the offspring will be better able to survive."
    "Think about it! The vast majority of mutations are lying latent in the genes of
organisms out there - they are rarely expressed because most often they are traits that are
masked by healthy genes that are inherited from one parent or the other. It's only when
both parents carry a harmful gene that the offspring end up with the disease. This is a
generalization, of course. But the bottom line is that the genetic load, or the amount of
bad mutations, increases across the generations. I'll bet that all of us are carrying harmful
mutations that don't end up getting expressed, but still contaminate the gene pool over
time. Our scientific knowledge shows that our genes are getting worse, not better, yet
somehow we cling to the belief that species are improving. Evolutionary scientists are
like those businesspeople that lose a little bit on each transaction, but think they can make
money on volume. It doesn't work that way, change is headed in the wrong direction!"
    Trevor and Kelly were silent. Amanda added, "But it gets even worse as far as
scientific evidence for evolution is concerned. Not one good example has ever been
found of information being added to the genome and a new species being created. Now
mind you, most scientists will say that new species come into existence all the time. But
I'm not talking about a new variant of bacteria or mosquito, but a mosquito changing into
a dragonfly. This type of change on a high, or macro level, has never been observed.
The only evidence for it is inferred from the fossil record, which can be explained in
better ways through knowledge of the Flood, which I have a feeling we may be
experiencing first-hand shortly!"
    Amanda and Michael continued answering questions, giving far more detail on a
genetic level, which they were all familiar with. Michael hoped that with more prodding,
Trevor and Kelly would come to believe what he believed, knowing the truth.
                                      Chapter 5: Supplies

    Christina was finally getting used to her new environment. She had been very
uncomfortable at first, overwhelmed with emotion at the events surrounding the time
when they had first arrived. She was in awe at the things she had seen: the massive ark,
the large people and trees, everything. Initially, she didn't feel like she belonged here.
She wondered why God had brought her here, when she had no scientific knowledge or
ambitions whatsoever. What was God's plan for her in all this?
    Christina had discovered one thing: She was really enjoying living in this time. The
things she thought she'd miss when she'd been told that she'd be accompanying Amanda
and Michael on their journey, she found she didn't. She loved sleeping outside under the
canopy of stars. She enjoyed working outdoors. Most of all, she loved being a part of
something that previously she'd only read about. How different it was from her
recollections of the Biblical story of Noah from her youth. Even though she wasn't a
Christian then, everyone knew about the story of Noah's Ark, with its bathtub-shaped Ark
and few animals.
    When Christina realized how exceptional the real Ark looked, she started to wonder
what else might be different from what she'd always been told. She'd never really
questioned things like how different the world was before the Flood, or even if there
really was a Flood. Now that she was aware of these things, she knew it would impact
her life, and her faith. How could she ever read the Bible again through the same eyes?
    Christina was up early; she was watching the stars disappear in the morning dawn.
One by one, they blended in with the brightening sky, until the rising sun overwhelmed
them all with its light.
    "Everyone, come! It is breakfast time!" a voice shouted from inside the house.
    During the repast, Noah informed everyone that this day would be a day of stocking
the Ark with supplies. Hay, plants, fruits and vegetables and other provisions would need
to be collected for the long journey ahead. They would be separated into three groups
(with one of Noah's sons in each), every group with their own responsibility. They were
told that it might be dangerous, due to the roving bands of hoodlums, but Noah reassured
them that God would be with them. Once the meal ended, they were sent on their way
with a prayer.

     Shem led Michael, Bob and Michelle through the nearby city of Abel, to reach a farm
on the outskirts of the city. Their mission was to collect hay to supply for the animals of
the Ark. Shem was disguised in a long robe with head covering, hoping that none of the
residents would recognize him, as it was dangerous for him to be outside his compound.
The others could be seen by no one, but their presence was being felt by the Nephilim
and others, stirring up malevolence around them…
     "This might be a stupid question," Michael hesitated, "but why aren't you growing the
hay inside your own compound? Why must we travel so far to obtain it?"
     Shem replied, "That is not a stupid question at all! The soil in our compound is dry
and dusty - not at all suitable for growing crops. We only own the land that is inside the
walls. Therefore we must depend on others to supply our provisions. But of course, God
is the ultimate supplier, working through other people."
     Michelle asked, confused, "How did you find a farm to obtain the hay from? I
thought everyone in the world was evil and hated you?"
     "You are correct," stated Shem. "Although all hearts have turned away from God, we
have been able to cunningly obtain what we need. You see, we bargained with a farmer,
offering him much in the way of precious metals, clothing, and other items we've
bartered for his hay. For we know that we have no need for our earthly possessions, as
the world will soon be destroyed. We are giving away everything we own. No one was
able to come even close to paying what we are offering in exchange for the supplies we
need, so all has been given to us. Their hatred for us is far less than their love of wealth."
    Bob smiled. How similar were the words of Shem to those of one of his future
descendents - Jesus Christ. Giving away all earthly possessions to receive only what
could be taken with them. Jesus referred to storing treasures in heaven, and they were
storing 'treasures' in the Ark. Indeed, the Ark could be likened to salvation itself, as eight
people would be saved from the entire world, protected from the destruction that would
surround them.
    "Here we are!" Shem informed them. "For the price we offered, the farmer and his
hired men even harvested and rolled the hay for us. All we need to do is transport them
back to our place of refuge."
    A man, the farmer, ran out to Shem from a shelter, once Shem was in view. He
cackled some words, staring Shem in the eyes.
    Shem replied to him in a foreign language. He lifted the cover of a container that he
carried. Inside was gold and silver, some of it fashioned into jewellery and other trinkets,
much clothing, foodstuffs (most of which would be considered extravagant, such as milk
and honey), fine wine, as well as some equipment, such as binoculars, rumqols, etc. It
was a virtual treasure chest.
    The man grimaced as he surveyed the items. He yelled something, pointing a finger
at Shem. Shem responded, and the man proceeded to slap him across the face. Shem
dropped the items, his face turning red with anger. He suddenly looked larger,
overshadowing the smaller man. A sword flashed from his side. The farmer cowered,
grabbed his box, and ran quickly for his shelter.
    "Wow. What was that all about?" Michelle wondered.
    "The man was under the impression that I would supply him with qitor leaves, which
was not part of our agreement."
    "Huh? What are those?"
    "They are a vile thing. They roll the leaves up and light them - then they smoke
them. The smoke is very potent, causing hallucinations and making people to fly into a
rage. They have always been considered to be against our laws, but their use has become
quite widespread in these days, when lawlessness is the norm."
    "We have similar things in our time," sighed Bob. "The more I see here, the more I'm
convinced that we ourselves are living as 'in the days of Noah'". Michelle nodded her
head in agreement; Michael just listened.
    Shem seemed to ignore Bob's comment. He continued, "The farmer mocked me as he
was leaving, saying that I paid far too much for his hay. Little does he know that all he
has obtained will be useless to him."
    Michael asked, "So how are we going to get all these bales of hay back to the Ark?
They're too heavy to carry!"
    "I thought I'd ask a friend for some help." Shem blew a large horn - it bellowed off
into the distance. He blew it several times in succession, when a large creature began
thundering toward them.
    "My goodness!" Bob was excited and scared. "It's a dinosaur - a diplodocus!"
    The dinosaur stopped in front of them, blocking the sun and casting a large shadow
over them.
    Michelle stammered, "This…is your f-f-friend?"
    Shem smiled.
     The group led by Ham wandered through the forest, carrying large baskets. They did
not have far to travel; a grove of fruit trees lay nearby. Amanda and Kelly tagged along,
lagging behind and admiring the scenery.
     Kelly said quietly to Amanda, "You know, I thought Michael was absolutely crazy
when I found out that he became a Christian. I was angry at you, thinking you talked him
into it. But now I see what a profound experience he had. We've been talking with him
quite a bit, and I now I'm beginning to understand why the Bible makes so much sense. I
heard many of the Bible stories as a child, and I wish I learned then some of the things I
am hearing now. I only knew them as mythological stories, but now I'm starting to see
that those stories were true history. And we're living it!"
     "Isn't it incredible?"
     "I was a lot like Michael, maybe not quite as hostile to Christianity. My parents are
Buddhists, so they believe in many 'gods', but when we moved to North America, I was
exposed to some of what Christianity taught. Now that I know the history in the Bible is
true, and that the scientific evidence can be made to line up with it, I'm very intrigued to
read what else it says."
     "Awesome. Keep going on that path - you will find incredible wisdom and truth in
the Bible. I'm glad you have an open mind about things!"
     Amanda was impressed with Kelly's sincerity. Since they had worked together for a
while, Amanda figured Kelly was comfortable talking with her, and Michael's conversion
had obviously impacted her greatly. Amanda wondered if Michael was even aware what
a great witness he was being, despite being a new Christian.
     "So, Amanda, tell me. Are the two of you really in love?"
     "Well, I believe falling in love is a long process. We are definitely interested in
pursuing a relationship, but we're taking it slowly. He's been overwhelmed with a lot of
changes in his life in the past while, and I need to stand back and see what happens to
him as a person before making a commitment. But so far, things are pretty encouraging!"
     "Just between you and me, you might be the best thing that ever happened to him. He
needs some stability in his life, and he needs a woman to keep him in line! Sometimes he
gets a little too crazy."
     "I'll do my best!"
     The two women smiled at each other. Amanda was startled at Kelly's change of
heart. Michael had told her how furious Kelly was at her when she thought Amanda was
brainwashing him. She had a few choice words for Amanda, that's for sure! Amanda
understood the power of eyewitness observation on someone's beliefs - she was seeing it
first-hand as it transformed the lives of her companions. How much stronger it made her
faith; she knew that most of the New Testament was written by eyewitnesses to Jesus'
resurrection, and look how it changed their lives! They went from a timid group who lost
their leader, to a group of dynamic founders of the church, almost all of whom died for
their faith. The power of eyewitness observation has the ability to transform.
     The three arrived at the fruit trees. How marvellous they were! Some of the trees
stood several metres taller than Ham. Various fruit covered the ground - some were
recognizable, others weren't. There was a phenomenal variety of large and robust
product, and Amanda was tempted to pick some up to eat. Ham motioned to the women
to move to a clearing. "Watch this," he said.
    Ham proceeded to remove a device from the sack he had slung around his shoulder.
He blew into it; not a sound was heard. Amanda and Kelly looked at each other,
    Suddenly, the sky began to fall. Looking up, Amanda was aware of fruit tumbling
from the trees. They thudded to the ground - thousands upon thousands of falling
objects. The roar was awesome, like a great deluge of water pouring to the ground. They
were piled in layers several deep.
    "Well, let's pick them up!" exclaimed Ham, smiling.
    Amanda and Kelly were stunned. "What was that?" Kelly asked, obviously not
believing her eyes.
    "Our name for it is a peri-napal. When I blow in it, it emits a certain frequency of
sound that the trees recognize. It causes them to drop their fruit. We have discovered all
sorts of interactions between sound and the environment, like those frequencies that
allow us to pick up objects, using the rumqol."
    "That would sure make apple-picking easy!" exclaimed Amanda.
    "If Newton had one of those, he would have discovered gravity years earlier!" Kelly
joked to Amanda.
    "Or been killed by a torrent of apples!"

    Trevor and Christina were led by Japheth to a farm just beyond the grove of trees.
Vegetables had been planted on the large plot of land - they had been removed from the
ground and set aside in piles.
    Japheth explained the situation. Similar to Ham's group, he brought extravagant gifts
to purchase the vegetables, and for the price, much of the labour of collecting the
vegetables had been done.
    Japheth walked into the shelter that the farmer worked from, disappearing into the
door. Trevor and Christina were told to wait outside.
    Trevor had been listening to Michael talking about his conversion, his discoveries,
and the scientific evidence for the Bible, but he was still not convinced. Although his
mentor had much impact on him, he was not ready to submit his life to someone he
couldn't see or feel. Even if all the history in the Bible is true, and it lined up with the
scientific evidence, he figured, that didn't mean it was correct about spiritual matters.
After all, he reasoned, many historical events were attributed to the wrath of the "gods",
so who was to say the Bible's explanation was correct?
    Christina naïvely asked Trevor, "So, are you a Christian?"
    "Absolutely not, and I never will be," Trevor grumbled.
    "Why not?" she asked incredulously. "After all you've seen and heard, you still don't
    "I'm quite content with my life. Even if all this stuff is true, I don't like how narrow
Christianity is. I don't buy that there's only one way to heaven."
     "I'm a new Christian myself, only for a few years. But in those few years, my life
has gotten so much better." Christina was deep in thought.
    "Well, my life is pretty happy right now. I've got a great wife and kids, enough
money to afford whatever I want, and everything's going my way! What more do I
    "You need assurance what is going to happen when you die!"
    "I don't really care, actually."
    Christina appeared flabbergasted. "That's very sad…" was all she could muster.
    "Well, when you have everything you could possibly want, it's hard to imagine
needing "god" to help you out."
    Christina's eyes filled with tears, as she prayed for Trevor in her heart. The two
turned from each other, the ensuing silence was overpowering.
    A sudden jolt knocked Christina and Trevor to the ground. A huge fireball exploded
from the shelter. Off in the distance, they could barely discern a group of people hurtling
flaming objects toward them.
    "We've got to get out of here!" Trevor yelled.
    "But…what about Japheth?"
    "Let him take care of himself!"
    Trevor began to run away from the shelter, until a huge ball of flames blocked his
path. He fell to the ground in a quivering heap, fire engulfing him.
    "Trevor! Japheth! Help! God, help!" Christina lost her composure, falling to her
    Fireballs contained to sail in the air above Christina, falling everywhere around her.
Several piles of vegetables were quickly reduced to cinders and ashes. The heat was
intense, and Christina could take it no longer. She threw herself on the ground, rolling in
    Emerging from the flaming building was Japheth. He quickly spied his two
companions, one in flames, and threw a powdery substance over them which quickly
extinguished the fire. He threw it around the flames which were advancing on Christina,
who looked up to see her rescuer.
    "Thank God you made it out alive!"
    "Indeed. Let's see if Trevor is all right!"
    Trevor's clothes where black and charred, and his skin looked dark and leathery. He
was obviously severely injured. Japheth checked his pulse, which was faint, but still
there. His breathing was shallow, and his eyes blinked open. He had trouble focusing.
    Another ball of fire thundered to the ground nearby, sending Japheth and Christina to
the ground.
    "We must stop those people, before they destroy us all!" Japheth insisted.
    "But they are far away! How can we reach them?"
    "There must be a way…"

     After much work, Shem and the others finally loaded the bales of hay onto the large
beast. The diplodocus was surprisingly tame, even lying down to be loaded. Michael
took the opportunity to view the dinosaur up close. It towered over him. He ran his hand
along its side - the skin was thick and leathery. Inspecting its feet, Michael was amazed
at the size, and the fact that it appeared to contain much shock-absorbing tissue. This
creature was certainly designed to support and move its weight around. Michael always
visualized a diplodocus to be slow and plodding, barely able to shift from foot to foot.
He had seen it practically run, however, so he knew it was quite agile for its size.
    Michael addressed Bob and Michelle: "You know, I always laughed at the
Flintstones, where they had domesticated dinosaurs to help out with various tasks. I'm
not laughing anymore!"
    "Isn't it amazing that men were able to harness the power of these things?" Bob asked.
    Michael nodded his agreement. "Better to domesticate them than get trampled!"
    "The animals have no fear of us. We have dominion over them, being able to use
them to assist us in our tasks."
    Shem asked the three to step back, and he barked a command. The massive dinosaur
rose to its feet, cautiously shifting its burden as it steadied itself.
    "Wow. These things are smart!" Michelle exclaimed.
    "Yes, they are highly intelligent, and willing to be trained. They have proven
invaluable to us in our spread throughout the world. They are able to carry heavy loads,
knock down large trees, or reach high objects. They are incredibly strong, yet docile at
the same time."
    Michael commented, "We had always assumed that these dinosaurs were dumb
creatures, since they have a small brain size relative to their body. Obviously, that
assumption was wrong!"
    Bob replied, "It should be obvious that brain size has very little to do with
intelligence. It's a bad assumption. Some birds and insects dazzle us with the things they
can do, yet they have tiny brains. Humans do have large brains relative to body size, but
you can't extrapolate like that to the rest of the creatures."
    "It's amazing how entrenched some of these beliefs become, so that even
contradictory evidence is ignored. So many speculations have been made on the
intelligence of the various hominids on the supposed human branch of the evolutionary
tree, yet even today we can see a wide range of brain sizes in humans. That should have
been enough to prove the assumptions wrong, but the dogma has stayed in place."
    Shem motioned for the others to approach the dinosaur. He helped them, one at a
time, climb up a rope ladder to the beast's back, to a spot which was left for them.
    "What a view!" they all agreed.
    Shem gave a few commands to the dinosaur, and it began plodding forward. Slowed
by the great weight on its back, it still moved faster than Michael would have thought.
    Michael noticed that Shem was looking concerned. "Is something wrong?" he asked.
    "It's them…the Nephilim. They have sent a large contingent toward us. Perhaps
hundreds. They must sense that you are with me."
    "What can we do?"
    "We must stand our ground and fight, calling on God's power and strength. What we
cannot do, He can!"
    "Well said. Let's get ready."
    With a mighty roar, a contingent of several hundred Nephilim closed in, encircling
the dinosaur. Riding on horses, they brandished swords and flaming spears. With
blinding speed, the Nephilim began to hurl the spears toward them.
    Bob and Michelle, too weary to fight, ducked to avoid the flying spears. Michael
ducked just in time to avoid one of the spears. Although the Nephilim couldn't see them,
they had a powerful sense of where they were located, as something was amiss in their
world. Shem, using his incredible dexterity, caught several of the spears and hurled them
back at the Nephilim, striking them with deadly accuracy.
     Several of the Nephilim began to hack at the dinosaurs legs. The dinosaur reared on
its hind legs, bringing its front legs down with a loud bang. Some unfortunate warriors
were trampled beneath its large feet.
     Shem once again cried out a loud command, and the dinosaur turned quickly,
launching some of the Nephilim off their horses with a sweep of its mighty tail.
     A group of Nephilim dismounted and began scaling the dinosaur. From all sides,
they climbed using gloves and shoes which appeared to give them super-human abilities
to adhere to the side of the dinosaur. Michael ran to the edge of one of the hay bales to
observe the tumult below. A flaming spear caught one of the bales of hay nearby, setting
it ablaze. Michael reared back, losing his footing, and he began to fall to the earth below.
     "Noooo!" yelled Bob, as he attempted to reach out to Michael. But it was too late.
     Michael fell helplessly to the ground, landing directly on one of the Nephilim. The
Nephilim and his horse was knocked to the ground. Michael, his fall broken, tried to get
up, but something was wrong. He was unable to stand, intense pain shooting through his
body. The fallen Nephilim, confused as to how he was knocked down, regained his
composure and hovered over Michael. He flashed an evil smile and swung his sword
toward Michael.
     Suddenly, a large pair of jaws snapped the Nephilim attacking Michael up, lifting him
into the air and hurling him aside. Michael breathed a sigh of relief, flashing a thumbs-up
sign to the dinosaur.
     Shem noticed one of the Nephilim emerging from one of the bales of hay strapped to
the dinosaur. He deftly ran toward the Nephilim, taking him out with a single blow.
Shem grabbed his sword as he began to plunge to his death below, falling headlong into a
group of Nephilim running around the dinosaur.
     Shem yelled at the top of his lungs and began slashing at the straps that held the bales
of hay in place. The tightly-packed bales, several of them on fire, began to slide down
the sides of the dinosaur. Michael watched as the bales began to knock down the
Nephilim that were climbing the dinosaur. He scuttled away, using his hands to propel
him from the dinosaur. The bales crashed to the ground with a huge thud, flattening
untold numbers of Nephilim underneath.
     Bob and Michelle cheered, as the number of Nephilim was reduced to a few. Most
were quickly dispatched by another sweep of the dinosaur's tail. All the remaining
Nephilim fled in a panic, having been thoroughly routed.
     Shem motioned to Bob and Michelle to remain on the dinosaur's exposed back. He
slid down the back of the dinosaur toward the tail to survey the damage on the ground
below. The entire area was virtually silent, save for the noises of a few birds flying by.
The sun shone brightly high in the sky.
     Michael's heart was still beating rapidly as he looked around at the chaotic scene
before him. Dead Nephilim and horses were everywhere, some limbs sticking out from
the underside of hay bales. Smoke rose from several of the bales - Shem quickly
extinguished the fires by throwing powder on them.
     Shem attended to Michael; he was in severe pain. "I think I might have broken my
leg in the fall," he winced.
    Shem gently touched his legs, asking him to tell him what hurt. At one point, his left
leg caused a shooting pain to fire through his body. He felt like his flesh was being torn
from him. He yelped in extreme distress.
    Michelle noticed Michael wincing below, and demanded that Bob help her down so
she could give him some assistance. Having been a nurse, she felt like she needed to
render some aid to the injured Michael.
    Defying Shem's command to stay on the dinosaur, Bob helped ease Michelle down
the back of the dinosaur. They slightly misjudged the height and toppled a short distance
to the ground. Unfazed, Michelle ran to Michael and Shem.
    "What's the matter?" Michelle asked in a calm voice.
    "He has a broken leg, it appears," Shem replied.
    She replied confidently, "We need a splint. Maybe we can use one of the planks that
were used for the hay, and one of the straps."
    Shem, without reply, walked over to one of the wooden planks and effortlessly
snapped it in half. He handed it to Michelle, who placed wood on either side of Michael's
leg, and wound the strap around it. After it was tied, they helped Michael to his feet.
    "That should do it," stated Michelle.
    "We have some ways we can help once we get back to the compound," said Shem.
"In the meantime, I'm going to check our friendly dinosaur, to see if he is injured."
    The diplodocus had sustained a few cuts to his legs; however, the wounds were not
serious. The cuts clotted extremely rapidly in the high-oxygen atmosphere. Shem
determined that they would be able to load the hay back onto the dinosaur and continue
their journey back to the Ark.

    Most of the day had passed as Ham, Amanda and Kelly loaded barrels full of fresh
fruit. The barrels were placed on a large cart with wheels. They would then be able to
use the rumqol to roll the cart back home.
    Amanda inquired, "How do you intend to keep this fruit fresh for all the time you're
on the Ark?"
    "The holding area for the fruits will be kept cool and dark. This fruit is very hardy,
and in those conditions can last over a year before it begins to go bad. It should suffice
for our purposes, even supplying us with food once we disembark."
    "That is impressive!" Kelly stated. She quietly said to Amanda, "I can't even keep
fruit for a month in my refrigerator!"
    Ham informed them, "Well, we have our quota. We can return home."
    Ham began to blow on the rumqol, causing the cart to begin to heave back and forth.
Finally, it rumbled along the ground, moving effortlessly, considering the immense
weight of the fruit. Once safely back inside the enclosure, they shut the gates behind

   Japheth and Christina were struggling, trying to find a way to escape the mob which
was throwing fireballs at them.
   "Can't we just run at them and fight? I know you can take them out!" Christina
     "I wish we could," Japheth said glumly. "But the closer we got, the easier it would be
for them to target us. We'd be dead for sure!"
     A ball of flames raced toward them, plunging into the ground nearby. The heat from
the flames was intense on their skin.
     Hurriedly, Christina said, "How about that thingy you blow on to move objects?
Can't you just push the people away with that?"
     "Unfortunately, it does not work on organic things, only those that are dead, or other
inorganic objects. But that does give me an idea!"
     The army was getting closer. Japheth could detect that it was group of men, about
fifty in number. They carried weapons and large catapult-type constructions that were
throwing the burning material with impressive accuracy.
     Another fireball sailed through the air, moving toward them at a rapid speed. Japheth
blew the rumqol with all his might, filling the air with a cacophony of sound. Christina
cupped her hands over her ears. The object hurtled forward.
     The movement of the fireball slowed down as it approached them. Christina closed
her eyes tightly, not wanting to see what was about to happen. Japheth continued to
blow, impeding its movement. The fireball slowed to a stop just as it started to singe
them. Suddenly, it began to retrace its steps, picking up speed and skipping along the
ground. Flames danced from the round ball as it quickly receded.
     As the heat evaporated, Christina opened her eyes. She was just in time to witness
the group of men begin to scatter as the fireball struck them. A massive explosion ensued
as their munitions ignited. Christina leapt in the air, cheering wildly. She looked over at
Japheth and turned red with embarrassment. Japheth smiled wryly.
     With the immediate threat removed, he two quickly attended to Trevor.
     "We need to get him back home quickly," Japheth insisted. "He is dying. We will
have to come back and retrieve our goods later."
     Japheth gingerly picked Trevor up, placing him over his shoulder. They quickly
arrived back to the compound, where they left the critically injured Trevor with the
women of the house. Japheth took his wife Yashah - as well as Christina - back with him
to retrieve the vegetables. He felt Trevor was in good hands.

    Trevor's upper body had been burned badly, and was unconscious as a result of the
excruciating pain. Noah, Samah, Maalshmot, and Negeb removed the remnants of his
shirt. The elder Samah sent the two women to retrieve the leaves of a certain plant, while
she boiled a mixture which would promote the healing of the burns.
    When the women returned, Samah soaked the leaves in the boiling pot and wrapped
Trevor up in the large, broad foliage. They tended to some of the minor burns and
abrasions, and prayed for a full recovery.

    In the evening when all three groups had returned to the home, they shared with one
another the events of the day. They could hardly believe the ruthlessness of the people
around them, the fact that they barely escaped with their lives.
    Samah tended to Michael's broken leg, preparing a warm mineral bath for the
disabled appendage. She informed him that due to the properties of the mineral water, as
well as the effects of the oxygen-saturated atmosphere, that his leg should heal up well.
Still, Michael felt bad that he would not be able to help out much.
     Amanda sat beside Michael and held his hand. "I feel terrible that you had to go
through this. But I am very thankful that God spared your life. You could easily have
been trampled, or worse…" She shuddered, emotion in her voice.
     "I'll be fine. I'm more worried about Trevor. We can't lose him."
     Noah encouraged the group. "He is going to pull through fine, and I believe he will
have no scarring. The leaves we wrapped him in have the incredible ability to dissolve
burned skin and promote the healing of a new layer. We only discovered it a few years
ago, so he's very fortunate."
     Christina interjected, "To tell you the truth, I'm more worried about his spiritual
healing than his physical healing. Even after all he's seen, he's still not interested in
     "I know what he's going through. It took me a long time to accept the truth of God
and follow Him," Michael declared, "even though I knew it was the right thing to do. He
still has a way to go before he will be able to make that decision. It's something he can
only do in his own time."
     Samah burst into the room, "Trevor is waking up!" Everyone rose from their seats
and entered the bedroom in which he was resting.
     He surveyed the room through the opening in the leaves that was left for his eyes.
"What am I, some sort of circus freak, that you're all staring at me?"
     Kelly told him, "No! We're just concerned for you! We want to make sure you're all
     "I feel…surprisingly well…considering… Did I really get hit by a fireball?"
     "You sure did," Japheth said. "We were being attacked by a large group of people,
but we put an end to them pretty quickly. We're sure glad you're awake and talking after
the ordeal you've experienced."
     Noah removed the leaves wrapped around Trevor's body. The entire room stared in
awe at the new pink skin that covered his entire upper half. The skin was as soft and
smooth as a newborn baby's.
     "Wow, that is extraordinary!" exclaimed Christina. "After how you looked hours
ago, I never would have believed it!"
     "We need some of these leaves back home!" stated Michelle. "I've worked with burn
victims before, and never has anyone recovered like this, even with all our advanced
     "God's technology is more advanced than anything we could ever produce," Bob
reminded her. Everyone smiled.
     Ham entered the room. "I hate to break up the party, but Methuselah was calling us
from his home. Father, Shem, Japheth, Michael and Amanda, he would like to have a
word with us. I don't think he's going to make it through the night."
     "I had a feeling his time was near," sighed Noah.
                                    Chapter 6: Prophecies

    Noah and his three sons led Michael and Amanda to the home of Methuselah, which
lay just outside the enclosure to the west. Night had fallen, and the sounds of a multitude
of insects and birds filled the air. A short path led to the house, which was secluded
behind a grove of trees. Besides Noah and his family, Methuselah was the last righteous
person on the earth.
     Methuselah was sitting at a table, nursing a cup of steaming tea. His eyesight had
failed, yet he had insisted upon living alone. Day and night, he prayed to God to rescue
the world from the coming wrath, and for the salvation of all mankind. But he knew his
days were coming to an end.
     "Hello, my children," his quavering voice greeted. "Please, help yourselves to some
tea. Take a seat - I have much to say."
     Several members of the group filled cups with the boiling, sweet-smelling brew and
sat down.
     Methuselah looked weary; a man full of years. His skin was dark, wrinkled and
withered, his hair grey and long. Although he could not see, his eyes were still an intense
yellow. A staff was at his side, intricately carved and gilded in gold. He was dressed in a
long black robe.
     "I am old and full of years. My life has been one of great joy - and great sadness.
Joy, for the many righteous people I have known, and sadness, to see what this world has
now become. I know God Himself is greatly grieved over the state of humanity.
Violence has overtaken all the people of the earth, and the wicked "Sons of God" have
infected all humanity with their vile ambitions.
     "You know that God is about to inflict a disaster on the earth, one which will be
unequalled until the time when the Son Himself returns to destroy and judge the earth in
the end times. Take courage; God will deliver you from this catastrophe. The world will
lie in ruins, and when you emerge, you will lose heart at the destruction you will witness.
Yet God will be faithful, and your descendents will fill the earth and multiply to its very
ends - even the most inhospitable places will be visited. God will reveal himself in signs
to prove his faithfulness to you."
     The men smiled at Methuselah's wisdom, unabated despite the aging of his physical
     "Noah, your father named you "Comfort," and indeed you have brought comfort to
this world in decay. And all mankind will be comforted by the things which you will
accomplish through your life. God will bring you comfort in your old age, although a
time of distress must come first. You will be profoundly impacted by the things you shall
witness, and great discouragement will grip your heart. Yet you will never lose the hope
and faith that is within you. Indeed, your reward is not of this earth, but beyond it, even
beyond death itself. Your story will be told from generation to generation, until the very
end of days, to serve as a witness to God's justice and God's faithfulness.
     "Japheth, God will expand your territory, and your descendents will extend to the
uttermost parts of the earth. They will become great, and the most powerful nations of
the latter days will spring from you. Yet because their power and wealth, they shall
become proud, and each shall fail in turn. Indeed, salvation will not arise from their
many riches. But many will trust in the name of God's servant, and they will know the
Lord is their God.
     "Shem, the glory of the Lord will shine through those that come from you. God will
choose a nation from you, out of which His Servant will appear. He will save the world,
even though he will be the lowliest of people. God will intervene mightily in the sight of
your descendents. They will witness signs and wonders which will cause them to stand
in awe, yet they will wander from God. But God will remember his covenant with them,
and many shall be saved.
    "Ham, the people which emerge from you will be strong nations for a time. Your
descendents will live in animosity with Shem's descendents. Wars and curses will accost
these people, and their glory will fade. Yet God will not forsake them. They will once
again trust in the Lord their God, and believe in His servant. Take courage, for many
blessings will come from you.
    "Michael and Amanda, I suppose you're wondering why I called you here. First, I
need to see you."
    Methuselah guided his withered hands around the face and arms of Michael and
Amanda. He smiled warmly as he recalled the days when they first met. They both
smiled back, knowing they were witnessing history in the making.
    "Ah, my children, I see you have not grown since we last met! You are still as small
as you were!" He laughed, causing him to cough harshly.
    Michael said, "Yes, to us it has only been a week since we last met. It is a strange
and humbling feeling to realize that it has been many years for you. We stand in awe of
what God is able to accomplish."
    "Yes, He can and will do wonders. And He will do them in your lives as well. God
will use you in mighty ways, to build a remnant which will stand firm until the end times.
You will do and discover things which will polarize the world into those that love God
and those that do not. This will set the world up for the final confrontation, and
ultimately, the end of days. But of those times and days, only God knows. He may bring
the end quickly in your time, or long into the future, but you will make contributions
which will amaze many and anger many. Follow the path that God sets for you - do not
stray - and great will be your reward, in this life and the next. You will suffer hatred and
persecution, and people will grumble against you, but know that the only One you need -
God alone - is on your side. But I have a warning for you: Test those around you
intently, for some lie in wait to deceive you. Some will not have your best interests at
heart, but their own selfish interests."
    Amanda was overwhelmed by being a witness to these prophecies, and knowing that
God would use her in an awesome way. Her love for God had never been stronger,
although she knew the times ahead would be a mixture of joy and pain. Thinking back,
she felt even more foolish for not trusting Him before, when her life had hit bottom.
    "This very night, God is setting forth the chain of events which will bring about the
end of the world as you know it. Although a new world will emerge, it will be only a
shadow and a remnant of what it was. Your new life will begin. Behold, see what God is
doing before your very eyes!"
    Methuselah gestured toward the open window on the southern side of the house.
They walked over, observing a brilliant star in the sky, whose brightness outshone even
the full moon.
    "Mabbul is destroyed!" Methuselah yelled, almost gleefully.
    Noah rushed over to the telescope that Methuselah had. It was dusty, not having been
used in years. He pointed it at the bright light in the sky, and was able to resolve
numerous pieces of an exploded planet flying into space.
    "What is Mabbul?" asked Amanda intently.
    "The name of the planet located between those which you call 'Mars' and 'Jupiter',"
Noah replied. "God had foretold that it would be destroyed, bringing about his
judgement on the earth and throughout the solar system. As the Fall of man, when Adam
our forefather sinned, affected the entire universe, causing it to groan and decay, so this
judgment is not just reserved for the earth, but for all the planets in our neighbourhood."
    Amanda began to shift uncomfortably on her feet. This was really happening! She
certainly knew the story of the Flood, and that she was probably going to witness it, and
she also knew how the story "ended", but experiencing it was something completely
different. Knowing what happened didn't reduce the anxiety she was feeling. She felt
queasy, nauseous, knowing that the start of the flood would soon be upon them, and
could not be turned aside. Despite the stress, she also felt a strange sense of excitement
and wonder. God was allowing them to experience something they could only have
    "There's no turning back now," she stuttered.
    "Yes, the events have been set in motion. Soon, the animals will be drawn to you and
the Ark which you have built. Then, after God shuts the door, the end will come."
    Methuselah slumped down into his chair, exhausted from his prophesying in the
Spirit. His face was ashen; his limbs limply fell to his side. His eyes became distant.
    Noah approached his side and grasped his hand. "Father, I know the time for you has
come. But I cannot bear to see you go."
    Methuselah gasped for breath. "It is better this way," he stammered. "I would much
rather die naturally than to perish in the impending disaster that God will bring upon the
earth. It is better…"
    His eyes closed. "May God be with you" were the last words he uttered. He breathed
his last, and his spirit departed.
    Noah buried his head in Methuselah's chest. "No, I cannot bear it."
    Noah's sons came to his side and hugged their father.
    Amanda wrapped her arms around Michael and wept openly. She placed her head on
his shoulder, wailing, "We hardly knew him, but I feel the loss. It hurts so much!"
    Michael could not hold back his emotion. He felt tears coming to his eyes as well, as
he placed his cheek on top of Amanda's head, brushing against her hair. He embraced
her in return, but found himself unable to reply in words.
    The group remained in Methuselah's home for almost an hour, with not a word
exchanged between them. They reflected on what they had seen and what was about to
    After what seemed like an eternity, when the emotion had subsided, Michael asked
timidly, "What happens next?"
    Noah answered, "We need to load all our supplies on the Ark, first thing tomorrow.
God will bring the animals to us soon. We must be ready."
    "How will God bring the animals to us?"
    "I do not know, but somehow God will stir up the spirits of the animals to direct them
to this place. We will all need to work together, to direct the animals to their locations
and keep them safe. I shudder to think about what happens next. I can scarcely believe
that God is about to destroy the whole world with a flood. To know how many people
will perish, and how many animals will be destroyed, it is beyond our comprehension.
Yet it has been ordained by God, so it shall happen. One hundred years of labour, and
the time is now upon us. How dreadful and awesome it will be. During the next few
days, look around carefully, for this is the last time you will see the earth in its present
form. Remember every detail, as soon memories will be all you have." Noah hung his
     Shem picked up a long pipe from the corner of the room in which they were sitting.
He began to play a song. It sounded mournful and dirge-like, the notes clinging to the
vaulted ceiling. Ham started to sing along with the instrument in his native language.
Although Michael and Amanda couldn't understand the words, they were haunting,
sending goose bumps up their arms. They listened to each word and phrase in
wonderment. Japheth and Noah looked on knowingly, sadness in their eyes.
     When the song had completed, Amanda commented softly, "That was beautiful, yet
     Shem replied in his deep voice, "It is a hymn we composed not long ago, a funeral
hymn…for the earth and its inhabitants."
     For the first time, it really hit Amanda. She had read about the Flood in the Bible
numerous times, but she had never really reflected on the profound implications of what
had really happened. There had been disasters in her day, earthquakes, hurricanes,
tsunamis, terrorist attacks. Hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of people
had died. But this was an event of an unimaginable scale. Untold millions of people and
billions of animals would lose their lives. People who had families, would be eating,
drinking, being married and given in marriage, and they would all be swept away. But
she knew that God's justice had demanded it, for everyone had rejected Him. Although
God would initiate this inconceivable disaster, mankind brought it upon themselves in
their rebellion. And the end times would be no different. Once again, deep in thought,
Amanda could not stop her emotions from showing. She wept bitterly, falling to her
     The men gently consoled her, understanding the outpouring of emotion. Indeed, they
felt the same way themselves. "I feel like a total wreck," she insisted.
     "You are justified in your feelings," Noah reassured her. "These are difficult times
for all of us. But God is sovereign; He will indeed bring us through this, physically and
emotionally. But we cannot deny our feelings. We will feel a loss more profound than
we ever have before. Let us trust in God."
     "We are all tired, we should return home," Japheth said.
     "Let us go."
     Amanda wiped away her tears, tired but invigorated. She and Michael held hands as
they walked back, connecting at a deeper level than ever before. Their emotions had
been laid bare before one another, and it felt right. Indeed, in this small corner of the
world, everything was right.

                          Chapter 7: The Demon of the Night

   The next two days were days filled with toil, as everyone helped to move and
organize supplies for the Ark. The food and other provisions were arranged in perfect
order. Everything was accessible and laid out in anticipation of every need.
     To the travellers' surprise, Michael's broken leg had been fully restored. He was
walking without a limp. The mineral bath and oxygenated atmosphere had worked
wonders on the fractured bone. Trevor was also completely healed of his burns, and had
returned to normal.
     At one point during the second day, the group of seven found themselves alone in one
of the cargo bays of the Ark. It was Kelly that brought up the question.
     "This flood that's supposed to happen…will it really cover the whole earth? I mean,
that's a lot of water. Where will it come from? I've heard people say that the flood story
in the Bible was based on a flood that happened in the Black Sea in ancient times."
     Amanda looked around the room. Everyone had knowing looks, except Trevor, who
looked sceptical, and Christina, who appeared a bit confused, as if this was something she
had never heard before. She replied, "I'm glad you asked that. Yes, you will find some
people that try to defend the contention that the flood was a story about a local flood in
the Black Sea. But we can tell from the Bible and from what we are seeing now that the
Flood is global. So where does the water come from? The Bible says that torrents of rain
came down. We have seen that the atmosphere in this time is saturated with water, so if
it all fell, it would produce a lot of rain. Most of the water, however, comes from within
the earth, the 'fountains of the deep'. I think we'll find that the earth fractures and begins
to open up a reservoir of water stored in the earth."
     Bob added, "Why do you think Noah would build such a large ark if it were just to
escape a local flood? God could have just had him and the animals move to a safe place
outside of the reach of the floodwaters."
     Michel also chimed in, "Amanda and I also found out that the people of the earth are
scattered into ever corner of the land. The Flood will wipe out all flesh, according to the
Bible. We can conclude it must cover the whole earth, as that is the only way everyone
can be destroyed. We also discovered that there are no high mountains such as those in
our time, so not a lot of water is needed to cover them."
     Amanda dealt the final blow. "This flood is going to last a long time - almost a year
before Noah and his family disembarks! That's an awful long time, and if it was a small
local flood, they would not have to remain in there for a year. A few nights ago, we
witnessed the explosion of the fifth planet from the sun, which in our times becomes the
asteroid belt. I have a feeling that the entire solar system will be bombarded by the
remnants of the planet, bringing about the flood. We can expect some dramatic changes
to precipitate the beginning of the deluge."
     "Don't you think it's awfully cruel of "God" to destroy everything on the earth that
"He" supposedly created?" Trevor asked mockingly. "If He's so perfect, why did He
make such a mistake to let the people of the earth go bad?"
     Michael placed his arm around Trevor in a friendly gesture, "Trevor," he began,
"When God created the world, it was perfect, but He created people which had the free
will to choose to love Him or not. He knew that one day all mankind would reject Him,
and he would have to send a Flood. The people of this day have brought judgment upon
themselves, because God is Holy, and He demands perfection. Sure, He could have
created people as robots that just did His bidding, but He gave everyone the power to
decide for themselves. The great thing is that God knows we all make mistakes. That's
why He sent His perfect Son, Jesus Christ into the world. He gave His life as a
substitution for us. Although we will all die one day, God gives us a gift of eternal life
with Him if we choose to accept it. All we have to do is believe that Jesus died on the
cross for our sins, our mistakes, and trust fully in Him."
    Amanda exchanged glances with Michelle, who smiled at her and winked. Bob and
Christina also looked at Amanda. Everyone was obviously impressed with Michael's
understanding of the Christian faith.
    Kelly wondered, "One thing I've never understood - Christians say that Jesus is God,
but how can God die? And how can God be in two places at once - in heaven and on
earth? That's very confusing."
    Michelle tackled that question. "Kelly, that's a great question. I know it seems
confusing, but the Bible does say that Jesus is both God and man, at the same time. Jesus
has all the authority of God, to forgive sins, to heal the sick and have power over death
itself. God is bigger than space and time. He isn't limited like we are, so he can be in
heaven and on earth at the same time. But God didn't die; it was the incarnation of His
son, Jesus who died for our sins. Yet God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all
One, but they are also distinct. It's one of the great mysteries of God, but the Bible
teaches it, so we take it as an article of faith. It's hard to wrap our heads around. But so
are concepts like eternity and the fact we all have a soul. Our understanding is so small
compared to the knowledge of God!"
    Shem suddenly burst into the room. "Come outside, quick! You must see what is

    Night had fallen, but the atmosphere outside the Ark was anything but tranquil.
Everyone's gaze fell to the skies where brilliant lights were streaking through the star-
studded heavens. They were in awe to see many meteors flashing through the
atmosphere; a shower of epic proportions. Far away, cheering could be heard as the
people outside the compound beheld the sight.
    Michael watched with a mixture of awe and terror. The sight was amazing, but he
knew it portended the start of the Flood. Methuselah's prophecy had made it clear that
the break-up of the planet was linked to the Flood. The remnants of the planet had
arrived. The beginning of the end was near.
    "I've never seen anything like it…" Christina said, smiling.
    "It's beautiful!" exclaimed Bob.
    Amanda looked at Michael. Worry was in her eyes, and she moved closer, tightly
grabbing his hand. "This is it, isn't it?" she whispered.
    "I'm afraid so," he agreed.
    Gasps emanated from the group as a surprisingly bright streak pierced the night sky.
Ghostly shadows were cast briefly on the ground as the light flooded the heavens.
Raucous applause rose from everywhere. It was a natural show unlike anything that had
ever been seen.
    All eyes were transfixed on the sky watching the shower, which produced hundreds
of meteors every second. Lights flashed like diamonds, gleaming from all directions.
Suddenly, a blinding light, brighter than the sun itself burst through the dark curtain. The
people closed their eyes and covered their faces, unable to look at the flaming object. A
deafening sonic boom exploded through the night, tearing through their bodies. Several
shocked people fell to the ground, which shook in submission to the sound.
    A giant meteor, far larger than any that preceded it, had entered the earth's
atmosphere. It sizzled through the heavens, leaving a fiery trail of debris in its wake.
The meteor collided with the ground with unimaginable fury, shaking the earth beneath
them. Everyone who remained standing was thrust to the ground, as violence tore at the
solid rock and dirt.
    The point of impact was quite a distance away, but the effects could be felt
everywhere. The Ark shifted its weight, groaning under the undulation of the ground.
    Michael looked up to see a massive glowing cloud rise from the surface of the earth,
high into the atmosphere. The planet shook with a roar. Fear gripped all faces as they
looked in horror. Hands tried to grasp at any solid object which wouldn't move, but
nothing was available. The whole earth was rocking.
    The clamour seemed to last forever, stretching everyone to their breaking point.
Slowly, the motion subsided, leaving the ground solid once again.
    The glowing path of the meteor through the sky faded as the bright cloud dissipated.
Everything slowly returned to normal - or so it seemed. Absolute stillness filled the air.
Not a single noise, man or beast, could be heard.
    The tranquility was broken by sobbing - almost everyone dissolved into tears. Even
though the group had accepted that the Flood was imminent, the violence which preceded
it was unexpected. And it was horrible.
    Noah quickly lit a torch while the sounds of the night returned. He surveyed the Ark,
which had miraculously sustained no damage. The ground was cracked in numerous
places, but the Ark was spared.
    Ham was stopped in his tracks when he gazed up at the sky. "O Merciful God!" he
exclaimed in the form of a short prayer.
    "Now what's the matter?" asked Japheth.
    "Look at the sky - the sky has shifted!"
    Amanda looked intently at the constellations. She came to the same conclusion.
Some of the stars and constellations that were visible the previous few nights were
definitely not the same ones they were able to see now. As she stared at the sky, several
small meteorites slid through the heavens.
    "The earth must have been titled when the meteor collided with it. That collision
must have been huge!" she cried out.
    "What kind of impact would that have on the earth?" wondered Bob.
    "What kind of impact wouldn't it have?" retorted Michael. He accidentally let a
swear word slip, and then recoiled in embarrassment. "Sorry, I mean, everything is going
to change - the climate, the earth's crust, the magnetic field, everything."
    Amanda pulled out her compass, which she always carried with her. "Look at this!
The compass needle is going crazy! The magnetic field is either going wild, or we're
standing at the North Pole!"
    "Hey, that's not such a crazy idea," Michael notified everyone. "God will be bringing
the animals here, right? Well, many animals are known to navigate using magnetic
fields, the sun, and so on. They could very well be in a state of chaos right now. Maybe
they'll follow the magnetic fields right to this spot!"
    Bob jumped into the conversation. "That makes a lot of sense! So God may be using
natural means to bring the animals here, even though the timing and circumstances are
    Amanda reminded them, "This is probably only the beginning of the changes we will
see. We had better get ready to witness some amazing things!"
    Christina sighed, "I don't want to see any more amazing things! I'm already stressed

     No one was able to sleep that night. Noah built a fire, and many of them stared at the
sky, hoping not to see another bright meteor, but unable to shake the image of the
enormous one they witnessed.
     The flames began to dance and flicker wildly in front of them. A slight chill was felt
on the backs of those around the hot fire.
     "What's that sound?" asked Japheth.
     It sounded familiar to those who had made the journey through time. Kelly informed
him, "It's the wind blowing through the trees, rustling the leaves. Have you never heard it
     "I don't think so. At least not like that. We have only experienced very gentle
breezes before, nothing like what we're hearing now."
     Michael smiled. He remembered that the weather was remarkably stable, the
temperature never varying, and they had not felt the wind all the time they'd been there.
Since the earth was heated uniformly, the wind was kept at a minimum. Now, if indeed
the earth had tilted, it would start to be heated by varying amounts in different locations.
Wind would begin to flow as the air pressure changed. It would certainly have profound
implications on the earth's weather for these inhabitants - maybe even storms would be
       The wind continued to pick up. Soon, the towering trees could be discerned to be
bending in the dim light. The leaves shook in the breeze, drowning out the soft
discussions that were occurring around the campfire.
     Noah addressed the entire group. "The earth is changing this very night. The animals
will soon be here, followed shortly thereafter by the floodwaters. We have trusted God to
bring us to this point - to protect us, to enable us to finish the work the asked us to do.
Now we must do our duty and trust Him. The things that are going to happen will be
difficult to endure. We have witnessed that just hours ago. There will be many surprises
left. But God will not leave us or forsake us, even when the winds and rains are beating
against the Ark, and the floodwaters threaten to engulf us. We may experience trails of
all sorts as God guides the Ark through the Flood. But He will be true to us. And when
we disembark, a new world will await us, one that God has promised that we will
repopulate. And we believe in His Word. Children, let us know that God is with us
through the storm!"
     Noah's words brought comfort to everyone. The entire group was on edge, but
somehow their nerves abated as they listened to the words. A few of them were even
able to drift off to sleep as the night progressed, and as the warmth of the fire relaxed
     "God has spoken to me in a vision. Tonight, we will be entering the Ark. No longer
are we allowed to leave the Ark for any reason. We have fully stocked the Ark, and we
are ready. Seven days from now, after all the animals have boarded, the Flood will begin.
I must emphasize that no one can now leave the Ark. God has made it clear that they will
be unable to re-board the Ark, as they will be prevented from coming on board again.
God is placing a barrier around the Ark to protect the Ark from intruders. This barrier
cannot be removed. So it is imperative that you not leave."
    "I think he's trying to say we shouldn't leave the Ark!" Michael whispered to
Amanda, who smiled.

    Fifteen people gathered their belongings and began the ascent of the long ramp
connected to the Ark's opening. They were despondent, realizing that the next time they
touched ground, it would be in a completely ruined world. Noah had kissed the ground
and said a prayer before climbing onto the incline. At the top, before they entered the
door, everyone instinctively stopped and turned. The sun was rising and the Ark cast a
long shadow onto the house. Cheerful orange and yellows painted the ground around
them. Birds chirped merrily, providing a sharp contrast with their emotions. Each person
was lost in their own thoughts as they surveyed the area around them. Trees towered
over them; pterodactyls sailed through the air above.
    The group entered the door. A brief, loud buzzing sound was heard behind them.
They turned, but saw nothing (it was the Ark being miraculously sealed off). No one said
a word as they ascended the stairs to the living quarters. Although it was morning, few
people had slept, and those that did were too agitated to sleep well. Noah and his family
retreated to their bedrooms, while the rest found places in the various rooms throughout
the living area. Everyone drifted off, too exhausted to remain awake.
                                 Chapter 8: Two By Two

    A loud, metallic noise shattered the tranquility of the day several hours after they
began their slumber.
    Everyone sprung awake, looking around at one another in a daze. Noah raced to the
window, following closely by the others. Looking out across the camp toward the
entrance, he could see several large shapes moving in the distance. The ground rumbled.
    Noah raced down the stairs. Michael, Amanda, Christina and Trevor joined him, as
well as his sons. Arriving at the door, they were able to get a clearer view of what was
    The gates to the compound lay in a twisted mass on the ground. They had been
launched to the ground by a pair of large dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, who had
remnants of large metal posts in their teeth. They let out a mighty roar, which echoed off
the walls of the compound.
    Noah ran to the door. He pulled out a horn of some sort, which he began to blow.
The thundering lizards let out a deafening cry. They thrashed around, their large heads
rearing against the gloomy forest. Suddenly, their movements became less intense, and
the loud noise stopped. The Tyrannosaurus turned, their long tails sending up a cloud of
dust. They carried their massive bodies through the gate, out into the surrounding jungle.
    "What is going on?" Christina screamed.
    Noah told them, "Those two dinosaurs were clearly agitated. Something is definitely
amiss in the animal kingdom, as I've never seen them attack like that. For their size and
fearsome looks, they're surprisingly docile toward us. Certainly they would never go
after something that wasn't alive! I suspect that the animals will be boarding soon. We
need to get the others and send everyone to their stations."
     Noah had decided that everyone would need to help out for the entrance of the
animals to go smoothly. Noah, his sons and their wives were to work in eighteen-hour
shifts, with one couple resting for six. Two were responsible for dealing with the animals
as they entered, accepting those which had not boarded yet, and rejecting those which
were already accounted for. Two would direct the animals to their pens, while the final
pair would take care of the held animals, as well as render assistance where needed. The
others were to help out in any capacity that was required, either attending to Noah and his
family, or aiding the animals.
     Everyone gathered at the Ark's entrance, looking into the jungle expectantly. Then, it
happened: Pairs of animals began to arrive. The first were a small herd of juvenile cattle
- a clean animal. They ascended the ramp, mooing contentedly, breaking off into pairs of
male and female. Noah and his wife selected seven pairs, handing them off to Shem to
bring them to their stalls. A few stray cattle followed behind; they were brought to the
other side of the Ark, where they were shooed out a door protected by a gate. The
animals, confused, walked down a ramp which led them outside the compound, set up for
this very purpose.
     "Hey - why did Noah take seven pairs of cows?" Christina protested. "I thought they
only took two pairs of each animal!"
     "Actually, Noah was told to take two of each kind of animal, but of clean animals, he
was to take seven," Amanda gently told her. "The clean animals could be used for food
after the flood, or also to sacrifice to God. This way, they wouldn't wipe out any of the
kinds of animals."
     "I guess I should go back and read the story a little better," Christina said,
     "Don't worry about it!" reassured Bob. "Most people either skim the passage,
thinking they already know what happens, or only remember what they were told about
Noah when they were a child. When we were kids, no one told us that they had to bring
seven pairs of clean animals - it would have made the story too complicated for children
(because then you'd have to explain why some animals were clean!) Most people also
think the Flood lasted forty days and forty nights, although that's only how long the rain
lasts! The Flood itself will last for over a year! Unfortunately what we are taught as
children colours our perception of the story even into adulthood!"
     Several birds flew into the opening to the Ark, alighting gently on Negeb's shoulder.
She looked at the bright red birds and walked gently to the area where they would be
held. They chirped wildly, as if they were excited or disturbed about something.
However, they never attempted to fly away, nor did they show fear toward the people.
     Several minutes later, a few cat-like animals bounded up the ramp. The male was
gold with small spots covering its body, having large fangs, while the female was
adorned with black stripes set on an orange background. Amanda and Michael looked at
them intently, not able to decide if they were tigers, panthers, jaguars, lions, or a different
feline type - they seemed to combine characteristics of all of them.
     "Perhaps this kind gives rise to all of the various felines. It seems to be a mixture of
everything!" Amanda commented to Michael.
     Michael began, "Funny how you think of lions, tigers, and bears…"
    "Oh my!" Amanda interrupted.
    Michael smiled. He continued, "Well, we think of them coming onto the Ark as
distinct creatures. But those distinctions didn't happen until after the flood. The ones that
are coming onto the Ark have a mixture of characteristics. They aren't even recognizable
as creatures that exist today!"
    "It is really cool," Amanda agreed.
    "Look what's coming up next! Awesome!"
    Following behind the felines, a group of young Tyrannosaurs Rex began boarding.
They were barely three feet in height, and their scales were a dull orange colour - quote a
contrast from the bright red adults they had seen earlier. They were led down one level
by Japheth.
    In this manner, animals continued to enter the ark, pair by pair - an average of one
pair every minute. From time to time there was a lull in the action, then suddenly a large
group of animals would arrive. Michael was struck by several things: First, the variety
of the animals, and second, the gentleness of the animals toward one another. It seemed
as if they had suppressed their natural instincts to hunt and kill one another, knowing they
had a goal to accomplish. Noah informed him, however, that most animals didn't hunt
and kill other animals. They were still content with eating fruits, vegetables and berries
that they had eaten prior to the fall. It was not common to see an animal attack and kill
another animal or human; although it did happen. So Michael realized that what he was
seeing was not as unusual as he'd first believed.
    The animals encompassed virtually every type of creature imaginable: Ursines,
felines, canines, equines, dinosaurs, avians, and so on. Many were similar to creatures
seen in Michael's day, but many were not. Michael found himself watching at the door to
the Ark to see what would come next. When there was a pause, he walked up and down
the decks of the Ark examining the animals, their habits and behaviour.
    Michael began to wonder if insects were coming on board. During his scheduled
break, he began to look high and low for any insects which might be concealed on board.
His search was rewarded as he observed numerous spiders, flies, mosquitoes, and other
crawling and flying insects had infested virtually every corner of the Ark. Michael
smiled as he realized that these unwitting stowaways on the Ark would also repopulate
themselves on the earth.

    Three days later, the Ark was over half-full. The area outside the compound was
crawling with animals of all kinds. Many had been rejected from the Ark, being
    Amanda wondered what the people outside the Ark were thinking. They must have
been aware of the steady stream of animals that were moving toward the compound.
They had not seen a single soul since they entered the Ark.
    The climate was changing due to the modification of the earth's tilt. For the first
time, according to Noah (who at first was confused by them), clouds appeared in the
heavens, billowing and floating across the sky. Winds blew with varying intensity. The
temperature rose, and the air inside the Ark was stifling. The manual labour the people
were performing made things even more difficult. A few were starting to grumble and
get restless in the relentless heat.
     The animals continued to stream aboard. By this time, Noah and his family had the
movement of the animals through the Ark down to a science. With amazing efficiency,
they appeared to know exactly where to bring each animal. They could bring virtually
any animal to its correct location within a few minutes. They were aided by the fact that
the animals behaved well, as if they knew what was happening.
     In the evening of the fourth day, they became aware of a commotion outside the
compound. A large group of people had gathered outside the gate, another angry mob.
Several small animals were trampled and killed as they were entering the camp. The
group cleared the entrance and began to spread throughout the compound. Many were
carrying weapons, including the fire which they had attacked with previously. They
relentlessly attacked the compound, razing its walls.
     Noah watched helplessly as a large group of men and Nephilim descended on the
house in which they had lived for many years. They plundered it of anything left behind
and burned it to the ground. The group cheered as a ball of flames erupted from the
home. Samah hugged Noah as they mourned their loss.
     Having destroyed the home, the group turned on the Ark. Fire shot from a catapult,
streaking toward the open door. Miraculously, however, the fire fizzled and dissipated as
it struck the entrance. This angered the crowd greatly, and with much intensity, they
continued to log fireballs at the Ark. Each one had the same outcome - it disappeared as
it struck the Ark. Everyone looked around in amazement, comforted by God's protection.
     The multitude was insane with fury. With a wild cheer, they rushed the Ark. The
few animals that remained scattered in fear and were quickly destroyed. With spears,
sticks and torches held high they forged ahead. Noah and his sons circled the entrance to
the Ark, ready to stand their ground.
     The raging mob reached the top of the ramp and slammed into an invisible barrier.
Several people bounced back, toppling those beneath them. A large cascade of humanity
slid down the ramp.
     Noah beseeched them in their native language. His wife translated to the travellers
who where there, telling them that he was ordering them to retreat, as they were protected
by God, and they could not destroy them. He told them that if they didn't leave, they
would be killed.
     The horde ignored Noah's warnings. They continued smashing against the Ark with
incredible anger. They were so loud, they didn't hear the vast herd of animals that had
closed in around them.
     It was a scene of incredible horror. At once, the spirits of ursines, dinosaurs, felines
and canines were stirred, and they attacked the multitude of people. The inhabitants of
the Ark could barely watch as sharp teeth sank into flesh. People and animals scattered
everywhere - it was like a giant battlefield below them.
     Bodies fell as far as the eye could see. Remains were dragged into the forest and
savaged. Blood ran like water as the animals went into a frenzy. A full grown
Tyrannosaurus Rex stepped on the ramp and roared loudly. People fell from the incline
in a vain attempt to escape the rampaging animal. A large Nephilim was grasped in the
jaws of the T. Rex and tossed aside, hurtling through the air, landing on a group of
escaping people.
    Death was everywhere, so much so, that the occupants of the Ark had to leave. They
could not bear to watch this judgment on the people any longer. Retreating upstairs, they
could hear the cries of the warriors as they succumbed to the animals.
    "I have never in all my years of working with animals seen such carnage," Noah
informed them.
    "You are right, father," Shem said, "The animals have been stirred by the changes
occurring on the earth. They are behaving unnaturally. It is amazing the numbers of
animals that have been brought to this place."
    Christina began to feel ill, overwhelmed by the things she had witnessed. She ran
from the room.
    After several minutes of distracted discussion, Amanda went to tend to her best
    "T, are you OK?"
    "I can't take it anymore. I've seen too much! I didn't ask to come here! To see all
these people die! Why?"
    Amanda hugged her friend, holding her tightly. Christina cried uncontrollably,
sobbing in great heaves. Amanda closed her eyes and prayed for her friend, asking for
strength to get through what they would face.
    Amanda allowed Christina to cry for a long time before she said a word. As her sobs
abated, she said, "Tina…Christina…I know how you're feeling. I'm overwhelmed as
well. It's too much for us to have to see, but I know there is a reason why we've been
called to witness this. People are dying every day, and these people not on the Ark are
like those people in our time lost without hope. I can only wish that seeing this can make
us stronger witnesses."
    Christina wailed, "Seeing all this just hits too close to home. And I don't know how
I'm going to make it to the point when the Flood happens. I know we're best friends, but
there's a lot you don't know about me."
    "You know that you can tell me anything."
    "I have a hard time with witnessing people dying, and especially the thoughts of so
many people dying in the Flood. I've seen enough death in my life."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well, I mean, you've met my parents, right?"
    "Yes, of course."
    "Well, they're not my real parents. They're actually my aunt and uncle. My
parents…they…" Christina began to cry again, overcome with emotion.
    "It's okay, I understand." Amanda put her arm around Christina as she tried to find
the words.
    "My parents…drowned when I was barely seven years old. We were on a family
vacation on a boat when a sudden storm came up. My dad tried to get the boat back to
shore, but it was capsized by the wind. I was wearing a life jacket, but my parents
weren't. They couldn't swim, and I watched helplessly as they struggled to stay afloat."
    Things now made sense to Amanda. Christina had always had an unnatural fear of
thunderstorms, and of water, but she never really stated the reason for it. Amanda was
moved with compassion for her friend.
    "Oh, Christina, I'm so sorry. I had no idea…"
    "I've always felt like their dying was my fault, like I should have been able to save
them. After all, I had the life jacket. Maybe I should have given it to them or
    "Come on, Christina, you know you can't blame yourself. You were six years old!
There was nothing you could do!"
    "I understand that, but a part of me…"
    "Don't do that to yourself!"
    "And I feel so bad for what I put my aunt and uncle through. I grew up as a bitter and
angry teenager, never being able to deal with the guilt I had for my parents' death. Before
I became a Christian, I was rebellious, and not exactly a saint. Sometimes I catch myself
thinking that God brought me here to punish me for the bad things I did as I was growing
up. Why else would He make me face a Flood, when it's my biggest fear?"
    "Christina, if you've asked God for forgiveness, then you have been forgiven for your
sin. He would not punish you in that way. Remember what Psalm 103 says, 'He will not
always accuse, nor will he harbour his anger forever; he does not treat us as our sins
deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the
earth, so great is his love for those who fear him; as far as the east is from the west, so far
has he removed our transgressions from us.'"
    "Can He even forgive you if you haven't kept yourself pure, I mean, like, sexually?"
    "Yes, even that. If you know you were wrong, have asked forgiveness, and turn from
your sin, you will be forgiven."
    "What if you've taken another human life?"
    "Christina, I told you, don't blame yourself for your parents…"
    "No, not that. Oh Mandy, I know you won't want to be my friend anymore if I tell
    "Christina Lopez, there's nothing you could tell me that would change our
    Christina swallowed hard, fighting back tears. "Well, I told you I wasn't exactly a
saint when I was a teenager. I got pregnant when I was sixteen by some guy I just met. I
couldn't afford to keep the baby, and the guy was angry with me, so I took what I thought
was the easy way out, and I had the pregnancy terminated. I feel so guilty to this very
day. I thought it would be simple - that my problems would have ended. But the
problems just began. More guilt, untold depression, physical pain. It wasn't the easy way
    Amanda cried with her friend. "God has forgiven you, Tina. You need to forgive
yourself. You can't change the past, but you can change the future."
     "I know…but it's hard."
    Amanda and Christina prayed, asking God to heal her heart.

    In the evening, the animals returned, beginning to board the Ark once again. Michael
and Amanda, holding hands, stared at the moon, and were startled. Bright flashes could
be seen, leaving behind dark markings on its surface.
    Without warning, a large bright object slammed into the surface of the moon. The
resulting explosion was amazing to watch, even to the naked eye. A huge cloud rose
from the moon, and the surface beneath the cloud was ringed with fiery red.
    "A huge meteor just hit the moon and broke right through the crust!" Amanda
exclaimed, "Look! You can see the lava that's come flowing to the surface around the
impact site!"
    They retrieved the others, as they watched the cloud subside. Bright red lava flowed
from a hole on the moon's surface, spreading to cover a large area. After a time, the
edges began to darken, turning as black as coal.

    Late at night, all the travellers were sleeping on the floor of the living room. Japheth
and Yashah were sleeping in their quarters, and the room was quiet. Trevor awoke from
his sleep.
    He began to step gingerly over his sleeping companions, heading toward the door.
Michael rolled over, snoring loudly and startling Trevor.
    Trevor snuck down the stairs to the entrance of the Ark. Michael, sensing that
something was not right, awoke and looked around the room. He spotted Trevor's vacant
sleeping area and became concerned.
    Michael crawled over to Bob and woke him gently. He motioned for him to come
with him, and they snuck down the stairs.
    Meanwhile, Trevor was talking to Noah, who was positioned at the entrance to the
Ark. "Noah, I couldn't sleep, and was wondering if I could take over the watch at the
    Noah said, "I guess I could use a break. I've been here for a number of hours, and I
haven't seen any animals for a while. I'll be back in a few minutes." Noah left, with a
resigned look in his eye.
    Just as he left, Michael and Bob appeared from the corridor. Michael blurted out,
"Trevor! What are you doing?"
    "I have to get out of here. I'm tired of being cooped up!"
    "No! Noah strictly told us not to leave the Ark - we can't return!"
    "You don't really believe that do you? I don't know what you think his intentions for
us are, but I don't think he has our needs at heart. He is just telling us to stay here so that
we are under his power, and can't escape. We don't belong here, and he knows it. He's
going to do away with us."
    "Trevor, you're talking nonsense," Bob implored. "They've treated us nothing but
kindly since we've arrived."
    While Bob was talking, Michael snuck toward Trevor, trying not to arouse his
    Bob noticed Michael moving, and attempted to distract Trevor. "You saw that there
is some sort of barrier around the Ark - you won't be able to get back in."
    Michael jumped on Trevor's back, tackling him to the ground. He gritted his teeth,
saying, "Trevor, let's get back upstairs. You are sleepwalking or something!"
    Bob joined Michael, pinning Trevor to the ground. With almost superhuman
strength, Trevor threw the two men from him and rose to his feet.
     Michael and Bob stood, blocking the large entrance as best they could. Trevor looked
at them with vacant eyes and charged at them.
     Michael braced himself as he absorbed the bulk of the impact. He flew backwards
and toppled out the door. The momentum carried Trevor through the door with him.
Bob spun around, having taken a glancing blow and fell through the door. He fell off the
ramp to the ground below. Michael and Trevor rolled down the ramp, hitting the earth
with a thud.
     "Ooooh…" Michael moaned.

    Noah and Shem ran to the opening of the Ark, wondering what the commotion was.
They could discern two crumpled bodies at the base of the ramp.
    "What has happened?" Shem asked, worry in his voice.
    "They have left the Ark," Noah replied, matter-of-factly.
    "You knew this would happen?" Shem was incredulous.
    "I knew some would leave, but not whom."
    "Can we bring them back in?"
    "We cannot."
    "What will become of them?"
    "I do not know. They must find another way back to their time. I had hoped my
feelings were not correct."

    Michael awoke, his head throbbing. He stared up at the star-filled sky, trying to
determine what happened. He looked over and saw Trevor, unconscious on the ground.
Then he remembered the series of events that brought him there. What could Trevor
have been thinking?
    Michael quickly ascended the ramp, spying Noah and Shem above. He braced
himself, banging into the invisible barrier that separated him from the Ark.
    "We're trapped…" he sighed.
    Michael could see Noah and Shem's sadness as he stared at them. They were within
reach, yet he could not touch them. Michael was ready to curse God, realizing that he
would be caught in the flood and killed, but he wondered why God would bring him so
far only to die in this manner.
    "I trust that God has an answer."
    Noah thought. "I know of one place that will be safe from the Flood for certain.
Once place that survives."
    "Of course! The portal! How far are we away?"
    "You are quite a long journey - several days. You must leave as soon as possible. If
you don't make it, there's no telling what will happen."
    "What do we do when we get there?"
    "Here, take this card." Noah tossed the golden card through the opening. You must
make it there; otherwise you all may be trapped here."
    "I need to see Amanda!"
    Noah went to retrieve Amanda, informing her of the horrible turn of events. She
rushed downstairs, with Michelle following behind.
    "Mike!" Amanda cried.
    "Mandy. I'm so sorry. We tried to stop Trevor from leaving."
    "I want to go with you!"
    "No, Amanda, you have to stay with the others. Be strong for them. Pray for us. We
will make it to the portal."
    "I know you will."
    Michelle jumped in, "Mike, what happened to Bob?"
    "I'm not sure. I don't remember anything once we hit the ramp. He must have fallen
out, but he's not at the bottom of the ramp. I'll find him."
    Michael searched around the ramp, finding several bodies of the warriors which
attacked them. He shuddered as he touched them in the dim moonlight, feeling nothing
but cold flesh. Suddenly, he came upon Bob, whose body was still warm. Michael
picked him up and carried him to the top of the ramp.
    "He's still alive, but he's unconscious. He must have fallen off the ramp."
    "Here, pour some water on him." Noah slid a container of water through the door.
    Michael poured the water over Bob's head, and he began to wake up.
Simultaneously, Trevor began to stir at the bottom of the ramp.
    "What have I done?" Trevor wailed.
    "We're trapped outside the Ark!" Michael stated firmly.
    "Seriously, we can't get back inside? The door's right there!"
    "We were told that we couldn't leave the Ark, or we'd leave its protection. We must
now journey to the portal - and if we don't make it, we'll all be doomed."
    Trevor yelled, "Ridiculous!"
    "We have to hurry - the journey will take a few days. Let's go now!"
    Trevor was sulking, angry at the turn of events.
    Helping Bob to his feet, they exchanged good-byes with the others inside the Ark.
They shuffled solemly down the ramp, heading off into the dreary forest.
                                  Chapter 9: To The Portal

    Amanda was tossing and turning. Her thoughts shifted to Michael, wondering if he
was all right. She tried to pray, but continued to get distracted by her wandering
thoughts. Finally, she decided to get up and make herself a cup of tea. She was surprised
to find Michelle and Christina already awake in the kitchen, deep in conversation.
    Michelle's head lifted as the door opened. "Couldn't sleep either?"
    Amanda shook her head. "How could I, with Michael and Bob walking who-knows-
    "I feel the same way. I'm very worried. That's a long way for an old man like Bob to
walk, and with all those dangerous animals and people out there. I know they can't be
seen, but the danger is still there, especially from the animals."
    "I sure hope they make it…our lives depend on it."
    "Tina was sharing with me some of the things she talked with you about. She said
you made her feel much better."
    Christina nodded. "I'm sure glad you're still my friend. I never told anyone about my
past because I was worried that people wouldn't like me anymore."
    "That's foolish. What kind of friend would I be if I abandoned you just because you
did some things years ago that you regret?"
     "I do regret them. But even after I became a Christian, I've found I still struggle with
things. I wish I could say I haven't given in to temptation since I accepted Christ."
     Michelle consoled her. "Becoming a Christian isn't a guarantee that you'll never sin
again. In fact, the temptation gets even stronger as the Enemy steps up the battle for your
soul. It's a long process to resist sin and become more like Christ. The thing is, you'll
never be perfect, but you always need to be trying, asking for forgiveness when you fail.
I still struggle with sins in my life, like jealousy, gossiping, and selfishness. But it's a
battle I try to win every day."
     "I just wish I was more like you, Mandy. You seem to have it all together."
     "Ha! Whatever you do, don't try to be like me. Try to be like Jesus; he's the example
to follow. I have my own issues to deal with. I grew up always wanting to be accepted,
and my self-esteem suffered. When I was in high school, much to the chagrin of my
parents, I got mixed up in a bad crowd. Even though I was a Christian, I valued my
friends' opinions more than God's, and longed to be accepted by them. I fell into
drinking, and smoking, just because all the cool people were doing it. Thankfully my
parents put me in my place when they found out what I was doing. I hated them for the
heavy-handed stance they took on me, but I now know they did the right thing. Today, I
still wrestle with lack of self-esteem, the desire to be accepted, and lack of faith."
     "Wow. And I thought I was the only one that didn't have it together."
     "If we say we were without sin," Michelle said, "we deceive ourselves. None of us
are perfect, even if we might appear that way on the outside. I don't think anyone could
live even one day without committing a sin. And it only takes one single sin to
contaminate us in the eyes of God. That's why we can't earn salvation for ourselves.
That's why we need to accept God's gift of salvation by believing in Jesus Christ - He
gives us what we can't earn."
     "Yeah, I do understand that. I guess I just thought real Christians were able to live
without doing wrong."
     "Now you know - we all strive to be more like Christ, but we know we'll never
actually arrive there until the day that God calls us home."
     The three paused thoughtfully. "I wonder how the guys are doing?"

    "Why did you do it?" Michael asked angrily.
    "I just had to get out of there. I still don't trust those people." Trevor's reply was curt
and firm.
    "'Those people' were our friends! They've done everything for us! They've shared
everything with us!"
    "Then why did they send us out to almost get killed, and then try to keep us trapped
aboard the Ark? How much do you really know about them?"
    "Well, we know from the Bible that Noah and his family were righteous. Nothing
we've seen from them has contradicted that knowledge. They've asked us to go on
missions for them to help them out - not to get us killed. These are dangerous times."
    "Yeah, right. Well I know from the Bible that Noah goes out and gets himself drunk
after the Flood. Some righteous man that is!"
    Bob grabbed Trevor's shoulder forcefully, turning him around. "Listen here! Noah,
like us, has made mistakes. The Bible shows heroes, warts and all."
     A loud howl pierced the night. The three cowered.
     Michael rallied them, "All right, that's enough. We have to get back to the portal, and
we don't have a moment to spare. It's a long journey, and a dangerous one. We can't
spend time fighting!"
     "What if the animals out here do to us what they did to those people that attacked
us?" Bob inquired timidly.
     "We run," Trevor answered.
     "But I can't run that fast…"
     "That's OK. All I have to do is outrun you!"
     With a beam of moonlight shining on Michael's face, Trevor was able to see him
glaring at him, shooting daggers with his eyes. Trevor hung his head.
     "We need to get out of this area," Michael commanded. "There are too many wild
animals about, and we cannot spend the night here. They're all congregating in this
place, so we must be careful."
     The three forged northward through the forest, keeping an eye out for any movement.
Michael lit a torch, hoping to ward off any animals in the area. The light caught a glint
off in the distance. Two large yellow eyes were staring at them. The eyes looked fierce
and ready to pounce.
     Out of the darkness, a shadowy creature emerged, circling them and huffing at the air.
It was a large, black bear-like creature, with white teeth bared. The fangs were long and
deadly. Blood dripped from the end of one of the teeth.
     The three shrunk back in terror as the bear approached. It roared - a horrible guttural
sound which shook the forest. Michael slid his hand in his pocket and pulled out the gift
that Noah had given him - one of their slingshots. He had only fired it a few times
before, but he felt he couldn't miss at such close range. His free hand entered his other
pocket, and slowly, he brought out a stone.
     In a quick motion, he fired it at the bear. The bear reared back, struck in the chest,
falling to the ground with a thunderous boom. Michael smiled at Bob. "That was easy!"
     Suddenly, the bear exploded from the underbrush. Leaves flew everywhere as the
bear tore at everything in its path. It charged the three, who scattered.
     The bear swiped with its paw, sending Michael flying. The bear, smelling blood,
hovered over Michael, who was groaning in pain. Michael looked up in time to see the
giant figure descending on him. Hot, rancid saliva dripped on his face.
     Unexpectedly, the bear suddenly flew upwards, disappearing into the darkness.
Michael heard a loud whimpering sound, followed by the rustling of leaves as a large
object sailed through the trees. Another face appeared over Michael's. It was huge and
terrifying, with a row of razor-sharp teeth. The teeth were covered with blood, and the
stench was unbearable.
     A giant nose sniffed at Michael, and the head swung to the side to reveal a gigantic
green eye. Michael froze on the ground, expecting to be devoured at any moment.
     As the jaws closed around him, Michael was surprised how painless death was. He
felt the teeth press into his body, and the hot breath and moistness of the creature's mouth
could be sensed against his skin. His thoughts turned to Amanda, how far they came, and
how he wished they would be able to continue their journey together. Hadn't Methuselah
prophesied that they would do great things together? How could death, then, come so
     Michael was shocked to be deposited on a rough surface. He felt his arms and legs.
The wounds from the bear were all he noticed. He could feel every limb; he was
completely intact. He felt the ground where he rested - it had a scaly feeling - bumpy and
coarse. In the moonlight, Michael could see the scant outline of a long neck and small
head. He was sitting on a diplodocus!
     "Thank you! Thank you!" he found himself yelling through the jungle. A flock of
birds, startled, burst from the trees above.
     A flickering light could be seen moving through the trees. Bob's quavering voice
emerged, "Is that you Michael? Are you OK?"
     "I'm fine! I was rescued by a dinosaur!" Michael slid down the back of the dinosaur,
whose long neck bent around so that the creature could look at him again. When Michael
hit the ground (somewhat harder than he'd hoped), he noticed that the diplodocus had
scars on its legs - the exact ones he'd received earlier in the battle with the Nephilim.
This was the same diplodocus that had carried them into camp with their provisions!
     Bob and Michael reunited; there was no sign of Trevor. They both called into the
darkness. No response. They called again. Nothing.
     Michael walked over to the dinosaur, which was standing motionless. Its head moved
around wildly, as if it was surveying the area for intruders. He stroked the base of its
neck, and the large head descended in front of him. Michael walked over to its nostrils
and stood in front. The dinosaur sniffed him, causing a rush of air to flow around his
     Michael abruptly said, "Can you find Trevor?" He pointed out into the forest. "Find
     He backed up, standing beside Bob. "Boy, do I feel like an idiot, trying to play fetch
with a dinosaur. 'Here, Fido, find him! Good boy!'"
     Somehow, the dinosaur seemed to understand. He began to sniff through the
underbrush, moving from side to side. The diplodocus stopped abruptly, emitting a
horn-like sound. Michael and Bob ran over to where the head was located, and to their
surprise, Trevor lay facedown, covered in underbrush.
     Michael flipped Trevor over and was horrified; his face was covered in blood.
Michael removed the canteen that was strapped to his side and poured water on his face.
     "Well, it's just a minor wound," he said, relieved, as the blood washed away.
     Bob searched the ground, finding a jagged rock that was covered in fresh blood. "He
must have tripped and fell on this rock."
     "I wonder if this beast can give us a ride out of here."
     "Just like when we rode in to camp!" Bob said enthusiastically.
     Michael and Bob struggled to get Trevor on the dinosaur. The friendly creature
helped push the three of them onto its back, seeming to comprehend their need.
     Michael recalled the command that Shem had used to get the animal to move. He
uttered the word, to the best of his recollection, loudly. The dinosaur spun around and
began lumbering through the trees. The formidable creature knocked trees down with
ease - even the largest tree was no match for the dinosaur's strength.
     "I think I'm going to call him 'Dino,' like in the Flintstones," Michael stated, smiling.
     "Dino it is!"
     The dinosaur trudged northward, three on its back.
    As the sun rose, the animals continued streaming toward the Ark. Kelly shrieked as a
pair of large rodents climbed the incline into the entrance. They were fat and round, with
long ears and sharp fangs. Their fur was grey and black, and they didn't correspond to
any animal that the four women knew. Ham escorted the animals to a cage on the upper
    A herd of sheep entered the Ark. They were adorned with a variety of colours, black,
white, grey, brown and yellow. They had an unusual mixture of features, some with long
ears, some with short, some with horns, and others with them absent. The sheep bleated
widely, as Noah selected seven of the finest pairs, sending the others on their way.
    Amanda admitted to the others, "Not knowing what is happening with Michael, Bob,
and Trevor is killing me. I wish I knew that they were safe."
    "God will watch over them," assured Noah gently, "but I do not know the outcome. I
just know that His will be done."
    "It's going to be very hard to make it through the next few days."
    "Try to keep yourself busy, so you don't dwell on the negative. There is still much to
be done before the Ark is closed!"
    Amanda wandered up and down the aisles on the three decks that contained the
animals. Many small animals, such as rodents and other mammals, were stacked in
neatly-designed cages to conserve space. Each cage was designed to be self-cleaning.
Amanda was amazed how well-behaved the animals were. Most were settled in their
pens and cages, looking around at the other animals and resting. Most of them spent their
time sleeping, unaware that anything was happening.
    The smell of the Ark reminded Amanda of her visits to the farm in her younger days,
and she found memories of days with her parents flooding back. How she loved their
visit to a stable near their house when she was ten years old. She always dreamed of
having a horse. When her eyes focused again, she was standing in front of two of the
most majestic young equines she had ever seen. They looked very similar to modern
horses, albeit with some stripes on their back, and Amanda realized that this pair would
be the parents of all future equines, containing the genetic variability required to produce
Clydesdales to miniatures, zebras, donkeys and mules. Amanda realized that other
varieties of the horse, such as the so-called Mesohippus and Merychippus would die out
in the flood, their genetic variability lost.
    She continued to wander, praying often for the three men who were journeying to the
portal. She asked for guidance and protection, that they would make it safely and be

    The sun was a welcome sight, and it didn't take long before it began to feel warm
again. Michael realized that he had fallen asleep; it felt good. Bob awoke next, and
finally, Trevor came to. His head wound had stopped bleeding.
    Trevor was shocked to realize that they were riding on a dinosaur, a feat he wouldn't
have thought possible. The last thing he remembered was running quickly to the forest
and falling. He saw a bright flash and then he was out.
    "My aching head!" he exclaimed, moaning.
    The dinosaur was making good progress. They crossed a large river, which looked
familiar to Michael. Was this the river they discovered last time they were here? The
water was fairly deep, reaching halfway up the dinosaur's back. They made the crossing
easily, then proceeded up a large hill. Smaller animals were scattering in all directions.
    The dinosaur happened upon a group of large beavers waddling toward the water.
They were as tall as Michael, perhaps taller. The three watched the beavers in
amazement, hardly believing their eyes. The next herd of animals that they encountered
were miniature elephants, only one or two metres tall, yet almost modern looking.
    The three of them ate only what they carried with them. The dinosaur didn't stop day
or night, intent on its mission. It seemed to know exactly the way to go, which seemed to
trigger memories in Michael's mind. He shared some of his remembrances with the other
two. Bob smiled warmly; Trevor was somewhat indifferent. They continued on.

     A lone pair of penguins waddled into the Ark. Amanda laughed. They looked quite
amusing in their black and white adornment, and seemed oddly out-of-place in the Ark.
She had always thought of them as cold-weather animals, but it was obvious that they
lived in warm water at some time in the past. The birds were led down a level into a
small enclosure.
     "That was the final animal," Noah beamed. "The entire ark is full!"
     "Amazing. This has been an incredible experience," Kelly said. "I will remember
this forever."
     "It sure brings the Bible to life," Amanda whispered to Michelle and Christina.
     Noah ordered, "OK, stand back everyone, we are going to be closing the door!"
     The door was attached to a set of pulleys, which would be used to raise the door when
a rope was pulled. Shem grabbed one rope, and Ham grabbed the other. They pulled
with all their might.
     The door began to rise, slowly at first, then faster. Suddenly, however, one of the
ropes broke. One end of the door tilted precariously, while the rope spiralled out the
door, hanging over the side.
     The other rope, burdened by the total weight of the door soon broke as well, and the
door, still attached to its hinges, slammed to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.
     "Great, how are we supposed to close the door when we can't go outside the Ark?"
Japheth lamented.
     At once, a huge gust of warm wind blew through the door. It was such a strong wind
that it was difficult to remain standing. The end of the door began to vibrate, then raised
off the ground. The door closed loudly, the sound echoing throughout the Ark. The
artificial light in the Ark barely was adequate after looking at the bright outdoors.
     "Well, I'll be! I guess God closed the door for us!" Noah exclaimed.
     "I always wondered how that happened!" Michelle stated, excited.
     "It's about time to get the animals settled. The rain will be here soon, and our journey
will begin!"
     Christina's eyes showed fear. Amanda grasped her hand, which was cold and
clammy. "You can do it. I know you can!" she reassured her. Christina smiled
     Michael recognized the barren, rocky area that the dinosaur had reached.
     "The portal is around here somewhere!"
     "What's that coming toward us?" Trevor screamed.
     Michael was surprised he hadn't seen it before. Several dinosaurs, large T. Rex, were
closing in on them. Around them were hundreds of Nephilim, riding horses.
     "Oh no, not again!" Michael moaned. "Déjà vu!"
     Before they could say another word, the large dinosaurs were on top of them. They
slid quickly down the dinosaur's back, running as fast as they could to get out of the way.
     They watched helplessly as the two dinosaurs attacked their adopted dinosaur, Dino.
Dino squealed as one of the T. Rex sank its teeth into its fleshy back. Blood oozed from
the wounds. The other T. Rex began to attack Dino's neck. Dino thrashed, biting the
second T. Rex on the back.
     The Nephilim searched furiously for that which they could not see, but could
somehow feel. They were not going down without a fight, their fate now sealed for
judgement in the Flood.
     Michael, Trevor, and Bob scattered, looking in vain for a place to hide on the barren
land. Michael headed in the direction in which he recalled the portal to be located. He
furiously searched the ground, while Nephilim scattered around him.
     Michael looked back in time to witness one of the T. Rex get his arm torn off by their
companion dinosaur. The T. Rex thrashed wildly as blood spurted from the wound. The
other T. Rex bit down on the neck of Dino, and they heard a loud snapping sound. Dino's
neck went limp and it sank to the ground.
     "No!" they said in unison.
     Distracted by the loss of their friend, Michael was hit by one of the horses' hoofs. He
fell to the ground, and the Nephilim began to bear down on him.
     Bob was no match for the quicker Nephilim. They brandished their swords and
swung in his direction. He suffered a large wound to the back, collapsing.
     Trevor was surrounded by Nephilim. They circled him, as if they were able to see
him, and raised their swords in victory. Trevor cowered; swords blazed in the sunlight.
                          Chapter 10: The Fountains of the Deep

    Unbeknownst to everyone, bright streaks began to flash across the sky. A giant
meteor slammed into the ground not far from where the battle raged. Out of the corner of
his eye, Michael spotted the entrance to the portal lift slightly as the ground shook around
    Horses and riders crashed to the ground; T. Rex toppled from their mighty height.
    The Nephilim looked to the sky. Dark clouds began to expand in a vertical direction.
Lightning flashed across the heavens; followed by an explosion of sound.
    More streaks of light appeared in the sky, brighter than the lightning. The ground
continued to shake under the constant barrage of meteors. The earth opened up where the
meteors fell - the subterranean waters began to spew from the gaping wounds in its crust.
    Clouds gathered in the sky; soon it was overcast and dark. The Nephilim were frozen
in fear, their bright eyes opened wide.
    Far in the distance, the top of a shallow mountain exploded, spraying hot lava high
into the air. A plume of black smoke and ash erupted, mingling with the billowing
    "Guys, follow me! I know where the portal is!" Michael yelled.
    Bob struggled to get up, his back soaked with blood. Trevor ran over to assist him,
dragging him toward Michael. A few of the Nephilim, ignoring the signs in the heavens,
pursued them.
    Michael pulled out his slingshot. He loaded it with a smooth stone and fired with all
his might. It found its mark - the arm of one of the pursuing Nephilim. He fell from his
horse, writhing on the ground in pain.
    As a curtain is drawn across a stage, so did the waters begin to fall from the heavens.
The deluge was heavy, as if all the waters in the sky began to cascade at once. From
across the field, Michael could see the white sheet advance toward them. He ran to
Trevor and Bob and began to help drag Bob across the unforgiving rocks.
    One of the Nephilim continued to pursue them. Michael fumbled for the slingshot,
dropping it on the ground. He tried to grab it, but the Nephilim's horse's hoof crushed it.
He grasped Bob's arm and continued to move him over the rocks toward the portal.
    When the rains slammed into them, it felt like a giant waterfall dumped on their head.
Michael and Trevor were thrown from their feet, the remaining Nephilim were tossed
from their horses.
    Michael could no longer see anything - the Great Deluge had begun.

     Amanda watched the skies with great anticipation and fear. She was the first to spot
the bright meteors hurtling through the air, leaving grey streaks behind them in the
daytime sky. A large meteor collided with the earth a distance from the Ark. The ground
trembled. The Ark shook, boards creaking under the stress of the earth's motion.
Everyone ran to the windows, holding hands and praying.
     The animals throughout the Ark became restless. Noises were heard from every
floor, but they could not escape. The entire ark was a discordant jumble of sound.
     The sun disappeared from the sky, covered by a huge cloud. Amanda was familiar
with thunderclouds, and this was no ordinary thundercloud. Dark and oppressive, day
virtually turned to night as the clouds thickened. Lightning danced across the sky in arcs,
thunder soon followed with its pounding, rolling beat.
     A great fountain of water appeared in the sky where the meteor hit - steam, and
vapour dissipated into the air. The ground around the great tear became saturated with
water as it bubbled to the surface.
     The ground around the Ark became a sheet of water as the waters below the earth
rushed from their hiding place. The Ark jolted under the pressure of the water,
threatening to topple to its side. Everyone stumbled as the Ark lurched to one side.
Christina held on to Noah, grabbing the first person she could reach, paralyzed with fear.
     The water began to slowly rise, waves driven by the relentless wind crashed against
the side. The Ark skidded across the ground, throwing everyone to the ground. It was
now at an angle, tilted slightly as it came off its stilts.
     The heavens opened. With a crash of thunder, the water slammed the Ark relentlessly
from above. Noah and his sons ran to the stations to close the windows. The water,
falling onto the opened deck of the Ark poured into the lowered decks. The pounding of
the rain was intense. Noah struggled with the controls that closed the flaps. Amanda
rushed over to help, and with both their strength, the flap on one side was closed.
    Noah's sons each manned one of the controls. They fought against the gushing water,
finally closing the panels. The water which had entered the Ark sloshed around, soaking
everything in sight.
    The skylights were useless, as the rain blurred the view of the sky. All they could see
was that it was dark.
    The many sounds terrified them. Thunder crashed from every direction, and meteors
continued to pound into the earth. The Ark shook, lurched and slid, making standing
impossible. Everyone sat in the living quarters, bracing for the next movement. Noah
prayed that his creation would hold through the worst of the storm.

    The city of Abel carried on business as usual. People were milling about in the city
square, carrying on transactions and generally enjoying themselves. Food was being
bought and sold, and people were standing around talking.
    In the south side of the city, beautiful music flowed from a variety of instruments. A
man, dressed in exquisite gowns, stood to one side. A woman, wearing a veil and
wrapped in a dress of the finest beadwork, joined him in front of family and friends. The
crowd applauded in joy a two people were about to be joined as one in a beautiful
ceremony. A slight breeze danced through the audience.
    Across town, a group of children played. They kicked a ball around, trying to hit
targets scattered around the playfield. Two children collided while chasing the ball, then
began an argument. They rolled in the dusty ground, throwing punches at each other.
    In the city palace, the king and his queen dined on the finest food the earth had to
offer. A great feast was spread before them; it was a day of celebration. Servants
attended to their every need, adding and removing plates overflowing with fare. The best
wines were opened, having been aged for many years. It was a festival for the ages.
    A lone shepherd rested on a mountain outside the city. His flock of sheep was
grazing lazily on the side of the mountain. His eye glistened as he noticed the sky begin
to change. Clouds exploded from the side of the mountain, building furiously as high as
the eye could see.
    A huge meteor plunged from the heights above. It burned, streaking to the ground.
The shepherd witnessed it explode into a furious rage on the outskirts of the city of Abel.
Smoke rose from the crater, followed by a spray of steam, shooting hundreds of metres
into the air.
    The shepherd felt the earth beneath him heave violently and begin to flow, almost like
liquid. He looked beneath him, where cracks were forming in the once-solid ground.
Visible in the fissures was the red-hot glow of magma. Steam began to seep from the
crevasses. The shepherd, being sprayed with the burning liquid, ran for the base of the
mountain; but it was too late.
    The rocks beneath him gave way, swallowing him and his herd up. Lava poured from
the mountain, burning everything in its path. The lava raced down the mountain, toward
the city.
     A large group of men in Abel raced toward the gaping hole that had been torn in the
earth's skin. A large portion of the city lay in ruins - death was instantaneous for the
unwitting inhabitants in the meteor's path. For the rest, a far worse fate awaited.
     Hot water spewed from the puncture, raining down on those nearby. The water
coming forth began to increase in intensity, until the surrounding regions were covered in
a sheet of water. The sky flashed in anger as thunder echoed through the city streets.
     At once, the floodgates of the heavens were opened, sending sheets of rain pouring
down. The rain funnelled through the streets, carrying people and debris with the strong
current. The foundations of homes were undermined, and walls began to collapse around
     The joy of the royal feast was smashed as loud sounds began to explode from outside.
The king and queen of Abel, startled, sent their servants to investigate. Upon opening the
door, a huge rush of water flowed through the entrance, flushing the servants along with
it. The water raced through the corridors and rooms of the palace, seeking its own level
in which to rest. But there was no rest for the water; it continued to increase as it
overwhelmed the streets outside.
     The water entered the room in which the royal couple was enjoying their feast. It
overpowered the tables and chairs, smashing them to bits. Food plunged into the raging
torrent, as the water extinguished the warm fire.
     The king ran to his queen, embracing her. The water tore at them, throwing them into
the wall. The deluge blasted the walls, taking it piece by piece. Soon, the palace was
overwhelmed, and it crumbled into a heap of ruins, only to be washed away by the flood.
      The children on the edge of the city cowered in fear. The sound and sensation of the
meteor hitting the earth had frozen them; but the never-before-seen sight of lightning
filled them with awe and trembling. They were too transfixed to see the water advance
upon them, too distracted to realize that rain was dropping from above.
     The entire group was inundated at once. They were carried away at the mercy of the
water; unable to resist its incredible pull. Some were carried under, others were tossed
against walls and other objects, and still others grabbed onto a piece of floating debris,
hoping to find shelter.
     The wedding was interrupted, as people cast worried glances to the sky. They had
heard of Noah's warnings, but no one had believed him. Rain would overwhelm the
earth? Such a sight had never been witnessed. The water would overflow the banks of
the river? Ridiculous! Now, they were not so sure.
     The rushing waters came from behind, picking up row after row of chairs. People
tried to retain their footing, but it was futile. The bride and groom attempted to flee, but
soon they were swallowed up by the raging river. People were screaming and wailing
and cursing. People and wreckage intermingled in a frightening mess. Numerous
injuries were sustained, but it was impossible to fight the water which inundated them.
     In a flash, the city was destroyed. The water's fury reduced every building, every
tree, and every rock to rubble. The slurry mixed together in a thick soup, engulfing every
person and animal, carrying them to their death. The water carved out channels in the
bare rock, rushing to find the lowest space it could find.
    A group of Nephilim and people raced to the Ark. They began banging on the side,
begging to be taken aboard. The water shifted the Ark further, crushing several of them,
and taking others away with them. Some retreated to higher ground; indeed, the highest
places were a temporary sanctuary for many people and animals.
    Several of the highest hills around the city and Ark became crowded with those
fleeing the rising waters. People, squeezed together by the thronging mass of life, began
resisting, pushing others into the flowing waters. One by one, the waters plucked them
from the high places, drowning them in the silt-laden liquid.

     Michael grasped at the ground, unable to see his companions for the pouring rain. He
felt as if he were pinned to the ground, having trouble resisting the push of the water from
above. Miraculously, he found Trevor's arm, and Trevor had a hold of Bob.
     Michael dragged them with all his might toward the entrance to the portal, which was
now covered by a layer of running water. On the horizon, a crest of water advanced
toward them, having been released from beneath the earth.
     He found the entrance to the portal, but it was too heavy for him to move with one
hand. He screamed at the others to position themselves around the rock which guarded
the portal. They could barely hear him, but they followed his instructions as best as they
     The three pulled with all their might. The water on top weighted the entrance down,
and they could barely lift it. The leading edge of the huge wave of water was closing in
on them - through a small break in the rain, Michael was able to spy its ominous
     Energized by the newfound urgency, Michael expended his last ounce of energy to
raise the entrance. The three were sucked into the hole by a rush of water. One of the
Nephilim spied the rock being lifted and ran over. He slid off the horse and scurried into
the entrance before the rock came crashing down.
     At that moment, the rush of water spread over top of the entrance, but it was sealed.
The Nephilim were slammed by the water, thrust to the ground. The two T. Rex, one
seriously injured, were also powerless to resist the water's pull. They fought, but
succumbed, falling to the ground. The water also began to carry away the body of the
     Michael panted breathlessly as he saw the lone Nephilim drop down the stairs leading
to the portal. "One of the Nephilim has found us! We can't let him make it to the time
     The three were exhausted, but charged the Nephilim. The Nephilim was unable to
feel the blows inflicted by the three, but swung at the air, striking the heroes in
succession. Michael picked up a heavy rock, and, feeling a surge of adrenaline, hurled it
at the Nephilim. He reeled, being hit directly in the head. Trevor and Bob began picking
up rocks, throwing them at the Nephilim with raging fury.
     The Nephilim struggled against the pelting rocks which appeared to come from
nowhere. Blood poured from several wounds, but the three men were relentless.
     Michael, Trevor and Bob picked up every rock they could find, until the Nephilim
ceased moving. Exhausted, they collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath.
    When the three had finally caught their wind again, the only sounds that could be
heard was the dripping of water around them, and the roar of the waters scouring the
earth above.
    Michael smiled at Trevor and Bob, excited that they had escaped the Flood, and were
now safe. "We made it, guys! I can use the return card that I have for the portal - we
should be able to go back to our time again!"
    "Thank goodness! The thought of just sitting at my desk is pretty inviting right now,"
Trevor said.
    "I wish we could have stayed in the Ark," Bob sighed. "I would love to have been
there when it started floating. I wonder when we'll meet up with the others?"
    "I'm not sure," Michael admitted. "I know time stops when we're inside the portal,
but I'm not sure what happens when we go back in separately. Indeed, if they do return.
I'm not even sure how they will get back, because we've only been able to come back
using this one card in the machine. Maybe we'll have to rescue them at a future time."
Michael was sad, thinking that Amanda might be forced to live for a long time without
    Tired, the three were sitting in the corridor chatting, when the roof began to collapse
above them. Rocks began falling from above, crumbling under the weight of the
overflowing water.
    "Everyone, get to the table!" Michael commanded.
    Small streams of water began to flow on their heads as they ran for the larger portion
of the cave. Behind them, the roof collapsed, releasing a torrent of water. Michael and
Trevor made it safely in the room, and Bob dove into the room, just as a mixture of rocks
and water threatened to engulf him.
    Fortunately, the rocks that caved in blocked the water from inundating the cavern.
They formed a good seal, which Michael shored up by collecting rubble from around the
    "Let's just get back…" Trevor insisted.
    Michael slid his return card into the time machine. The portal appeared, much to
their relief. Hastily, Trevor jumped in, followed by Bob and Michael. The light
surrounded them, carrying them back to their time.

    The water, rising each moment, lifted the Ark from the ground, buoying it up with a
mighty heave. The occupants felt the jolt as the Ark rose into the water. It tossed and
turned as it was carried along with the rushing flow.
    The Ark slowed as it scraped on the rock below. Noah noticed that one of the
indicators was showing a breach in the lowest level.
    "A gash must have opened when we scraped bottom! Let's seal it up!"
    Shem and Japheth grabbed onto the pole which enabled them to slide to the lowest
level. They sailed down quickly, identifying the compartment where the water was
entering. They rushed to seal the area where the gash was located.
    With that situation rectified, the Ark continued to sail along with the water.
Suddenly, everyone was thrown down as the Ark came to a sudden halt. The Ark had hit
a grove of trees.
     The water continued to rise, pounding against the side of the Ark. The Ark pressed
against the trees, until they could no longer withstand the force of the water and the Ark.
Some trees completely uprooted, while others snapped in half. The Ark nudged forward,
stopped by more trees.
     This continued for half an hour, until the forest was completely levelled. The water
had risen significantly, and the Ark was free to move about.
     Amanda was surprised to see how content Christina was. She shuffled over next to
her, smiling. "How are you doing?"
     "Not bad. I've amazed how peaceful I feel. Maybe it's best that we can't see outside,
or it might freak me out. Even though I can see everything in my mind, I have a great
     "That's awesome. I kind of feel the same way about Michael and the others. Even
though I know the earth is being covered with water, I have this strange feeling that
they're OK."
     "I'm sure they are. So do you think we're going to have to stay here for the entire
duration of the Flood?"
     "I don't know. I hope not! I can't imagine what Noah and his family will be going
through to have to live here for a year. I'm secretly hoping the portal will appear, and
we'll be able to go back."
     The Ark lurched from side to side as it encountered turbulent waters. Water was
being vomited from the earth in numerous locations, where meteors had opened up the
crust and where cracks had formed. Where the waters met, violent action occurred. The
Ark spun and was tossed when it hit them.
     Michelle began to feel nauseous due to the violent rocking of the boat. She retired to
the motionless room, where she was able to rest.
     Suddenly, Noah was aware of an unnatural light emanating from the opening to the
stairs. He shuffled down the stairs to investigate. Before him was a small glowing door
standing in the aisle. The animals in the surrounding pens were frightened at the sight.
They cowered in their cages. Noah called upstairs to the travellers, asking if they
recognized what they were seeing.
     "The portal!" Amanda cried. "We're going home!"
     "It has been a pleasure, and we very much appreciate the help you were able to give
us in getting the Ark ready. We could not have done it without you," Noah told them.
     "It was an honour to experience this, and to see you again," said Amanda, speaking
for the others.
     "No long good-byes. We will meet again - soon."
     "We will look forward to it. I always hate to go back, but I know I don't envy you
having to stay in this Ark until the Flood is finished."
     "God will remember us. It doesn't feel like home, but it is our home for now."
     "Thanks again. May God be with you until we meet again!"
     With that, Amanda, Christina, Michelle and Kelly walked into the glowing door,
which disappeared behind them. They were on their way home.
    The earth was being reshaped and reformed, as meteors continue to rain down. Water
poured furiously from inside the earth, where they had been trapped since the second day
of Creation.
    The entire planet was enshrouded in clouds, a violent storm which has never seen an
equal. The water stored in the atmosphere was shed like a garment, inundating the
ground with torrents of water.
    The meteors which had destabilized the crust of the earth had caused boiling magma
to pierce through the tenuous skin. Volcanoes erupted everywhere, as lava oozed into the
water and mixed with the churning sediment.
    Earthquakes occurred everywhere as the crust shifted. The large river which ran
through the continent split at its seams, pushing the land masses apart beneath the waters.
    The lowest levels of the earth, the sea bottoms, were the first to be overwhelmed with
the choking mixture of water, debris, and crushed rock. Vast numbers of sea-dwelling
creatures were overwhelmed and buried by the compacting slurry.
    Birds were hurtled to the earth, unable to fly against the waters which struck them
from above. Swamped, they plunged into the rushing water below. From the smallest to
the largest, none were able to find the strength to remain in the air.
    Even the swimming creatures, fish, whales, and ichthyosaurs, were unable to fight
against the powerful currents generated by the churning waters. Exhausted, untold
amounts of them were captured by the sediments, burying them in layers at the bottom of
the sea.
    The land-dwelling creatures, everything that had the breath of life in them, fought
valiantly to escape the waters which were covering the land. But the power of the rain
and rising waters were too much for them, even for the most powerful of the dinosaurs.
One by one, creatures were apprehended by the silty waters, covered as the life was
choked from them.
    The waters continued to rise, exterminating everything that could breathe. God's
judgement on the earth was complete.

    Throughout the solar system, meteors from the exploded planet rained on all the
heavenly bodies. The moon was blasted with several large meteors, opening up pools of
lava, which cooled and hardened to a black colour. Smaller meteors rained upon the far
surface of the moon, pock-marking it with large numbers of craters.
    From Mercury to Pluto, moons and asteroids, no body orbiting the sun was exempt
from the judgement of God. Rocks were thrust in all directions, scarring the surfaces of
even the smallest spheres.
    The faces of the planets and moons were never the same again. Volcanism was
triggered on a number of the bodies, obscuring the surfaces, hiding much of the evidence
of the catastrophe which had occurred. Others, however, would show God's fury until the
end of time.
    Nothing would be the same again.
                                  Chapter 11: Evidence

    Michael turned on the flashlight they had wisely left in the cave when they left for the
     "I'm so glad to be on dry ground again! I don't want to see another raindrop as long
as I live!" he exaggerated.
     "That was an amazing experience, but I am happy to be back," Bob concurred.
     Suddenly, to the surprise of the first three to enter the portal, more shapes began to
     "Amanda!" Michael yelled, rushing up to lock her in an embrace.
     "Michael! You made it!"
     Bob and Michelle hugged tightly, and the others exchanged cordial greetings, happy
to see one another.
     The two groups of people exchanged experiences, informing each other what had
happened while they were apart. Everyone felt fortunate to be able to escape with their
     "Let's get out of here and change our clothes. We all look terrible! And we're soaked
to the bone!" Michael stated the obvious.
     One by one, they exited the cave into the basement, changing into clean garments.
The clothes they had picked were similar to the ones they had left in, so as not to arouse
suspicion from the people at Ultigen.
     They ascended the stairs, greeting people as they headed back to the office. They
received a few strange looks, everyone looking somewhat dirty and dishevelled, even in
their new clothes. The office was buzzing with activity, as families toured the area.
     Michael locked the office door behind him, and everyone fell into chairs or on the
floor, overwhelmed with what had happened.
     They continued to chat informally about Noah and his family, the Ark, and the Flood,
of which they had witnessed the beginning.
     At one point, Trevor wondered, "So, this Flood that we watched, which supposedly
covered the entire earth a few thousand years ago…where's the evidence we can see
today? It seems to me there's none! So how could this have really been true?"
     "Look around you with new understanding. You will see that the evidence was there
all along, but much of it has been interpreted incorrectly," Amanda replied.
     "For many years, scientists believed that fossils and the geological features of the
earth were remnants of the Flood. But when new ideas came along about the earth being
old, and the features being explained using only the slow processes that were happening
today, that evidence was reinterpreted to fit the old earth scenario," interjected Bob.
     "That's a uniformitarian interpretation, right?" Michelle asked, proud of herself.
     "That's right!"
     Amanda added, "Let's start with fossils. Trevor, how do they form?"
     "Well, first, an organism needs to be buried by sediment, obviously. Then, over
millions of years, the sediment turns to rock, and voila, you have a fossil!"
     "You're partially correct. The organism does need to be buried by sediment. If it's
not, it can't form a fossil. Animals and fish that die usually get consumed by scavengers,
insects, and bacteria. This happens pretty quickly. Even the bones eventually get broken
down, so you're right, it does need to be buried quickly, kept from scavengers, in an
environment where bacteria cannot break them down. The fossilization process does not
take millions of years, though."
     "It takes rock a long time to form!" he protested.
     "What about cement?"
     "Pardon me?"
     "How long does it take cement to become solid after you add water?"
     "Hours, I guess, but cement is a special mixture that doesn't occur in nature, so you
can't use that argument."
     "Under the right conditions, though, rock can form quickly. I would argue that the
Flood provided the right conditions for burial, and a mixture of sediment that bonded
quickly to form rock. I've seen all sorts of fossilized modern objects, like a hat, a bag of
flour, even boots encased in solid rock. Tools have been found embedded in rock as
well, so we know that rock certainly does form quickly in nature.
     "Fossilization is a very interesting process. Many so-called 'fossils' aren't even
fossilized. Normally, when something turns into a fossil, the original materials, the bone,
even tissues are replaced by minerals, so that a virtual copy of the original is left, even
down to the microscopic structures. Some fossils, however, still have some of the
original bone and tissue intact. Did you know that dinosaur bones have been found with
bone material intact, and even some red blood cell proteins? That's powerful evidence
that these things were buried recently, as organic material should not survive for millions
of years."
     "Or maybe it's evidence that organic material does in fact survive millions of years!"
     Michael interrupted, "Come on, Trevor. We work with proteins all the time. You
know how quickly they degrade in natural environments. It's ridiculous to believe they
could last that long."
     Trevor hung his head.
     Michael continued, "And beyond the fossil evidence, there's the geological evidence.
It has been assumed by geologists that the different layers in the rocks were laid down by
individual advances and retreats of oceans, each leaving a layer with distinct properties.
A great example of this is seen in the Grand Canyon, where layer is stacked upon layer,
with each layer made up materials with different colours, sizes, and so on. However,
there are a number of arguments that can be made against that view.
     "There are number of fossils, especially trees, which straddle layers. They are
sometimes called polystrate fossils. They could not have stood for long periods of time
while oceans advanced and retreated, covering them. They would have decayed. They
must have been buried quickly, the layers laid down at once."
     Trevor objected, "How can a mixture of sediment separate into layers like that?"
     "Well, we've actually seen evidence, experimental and in the natural world, that
sediments can form layers when deposited by moving water. At Mt. St. Helens, for
example, the ash, water, and mud that flowed down the mountain was deposited in fine
layers. If we hadn't witnessed it, we would have thought it had been deposited one layer
at a time. But experiments have also been done that show this is an actual phenomenon.
I find it intriguing that a single identifiable layer can be deposited over thousands of
miles. Look again at the Grand Canyon. You can see the same layers virtually
throughout the entire canyon, over a vast area. To me, that points strongly to a single
large event depositing all the layers at once."
     Amanda said, "Not only that, but in many areas of the world, these layers show
evidence of being folded and bent. This must have happened while the sediments were
still somewhat wet, because if they were solid rock, they would have broken. Whatever
caused the layers to bend, it had to have happened shortly after the layers were deposited.
The Flood would have been the perfect agent to lay down the layers, and the seismic and
tectonic movement during and after the Flood would have been able to fold the layers in
some places."
    "Let's say that all these things you've said are true, what about all the evidence that
the layers at the bottom are older, and the creatures are more primitive? That's pretty
strong evidence that it couldn't have been laid down all at once."
    Bob entered the conversation, "But the creatures in the bottom layers of the
"geological record" aren't actually more primitive - some of them are quite advanced!
The trilobite has an advanced set of eyes with incredible optic properties. The order of
the fossils is best explained by the Flood. The vast majority of fossils are marine
creatures, which would have been the first to be buried in the Flood, as the sediments
engulfed the world-wide ocean. The bottom-dwelling creatures would be in the bottom
layer. Very few non-marine creatures are represented in the fossil record, as they would
either not have been buried, or would have died and floated through the water. Some, of
course, would have been entombed by silt, but not as many as marine life."
    "Don't even get me started about dating the rock layers, either," Michael admonished.
"The radioactive dating methods are fraught with assumptions that are not good
assumptions. There may be other agents such as exposure to elements, temperature, or
pressure, which may cause the 'dates' to vary from top to bottom in the record. The
results may not truly reflect the dates of the layers, but some other factors. It's
worthwhile to explore the other side of the argument when it comes to radiometric
    Amanda also stated, "You should also find out about all the layers of the fossil record
that appear to be reversed or missing according to what should be expected. Geologists
have words such as unconformity, paraconformity, and so on. I think it's better to believe
these are illusions, there are no such things in the Flood model."
    "I can't just accept all this; I have to study more about it."
    Michael gently guided him, "I know what you mean, brother. I went through the
same emotions. It wasn't until I put aside my presuppositions and biases, and looked at
the evidence objectively, that I saw the logic of the creation position. I'm confident the
same will happen to you."
    Kelly, who had been sitting aside, listening intently, started questioning as well.
"Guys, I noticed that Noah brought dinosaurs on the Ark. If dinosaurs survived the
Flood, why don't we see evidence of them living after?"
    Amanda took the initiative to answer the question. "That's a great question! We
mentioned earlier the unfossilized dinosaur bone and tissue that has been found, which is
great evidence that dinosaurs lived recently. There's also lots of palaeontological
evidence that humans lived with dinosaurs. For example, a number of pictographs from
around the world show animals that unmistakably resemble dinosaurs. There have also
been carvings and inscriptions found that depict dinosaurs, like the Ica stones. I know
these are disputed, but it's worth studying the evidence. Also, I know you come from
China. What "mythological" animal figures so much in the art and history of China?"
    "The dragon, of course."
    "It's worth nothing that depictions of and writings of encounters with dragons are
almost universal, found in most cultures throughout the world. China has a number of
them, as does Scandinavia, England, Africa, and even throughout America. And what
historical creatures do dragons resemble?"
     "Dinosaurs! I've never thought of that before!"
     "That's because we've been trained to reject any evidence that dinosaurs and man co-
existed. Why do you think the Chinese calendar would contain all real animals and one
mythological animal? Why are there so many references to using dragon bones for
various purposes? Isn't it more logical to believe that dragons really existed, and that the
Chinese were eyewitnesses to the terror of dinosaurs?"
     "You know, a lot of things in Chinese culture make sense when you think of it that
     "A lot of stories in England are based on encounters with dragons, and the
descriptions resemble dinosaurs. Most scholars believe these are myths, but why are they
so prevalent? Why are dragons listed as a real animal in ancient zoological books? Even
the Bible has passages that refer to dragons!"
     "Come on, I've never heard that."
     "Many references to dragons have been taken out of more modern translations,
because of the belief that they were mythological. But there are a couple of descriptions
of animals, the Leviathan, and the Behemoth, in the book of Job, if analyzed carefully,
could certainly refer to dinosaurs."
     Michael changed the subject. "Speaking of "universal beliefs", do you realize that
almost every culture around the world has some sort of flood legend? I could understand
if a few isolated tribes had a myth about a flood that it could be a coincidence, but it's
found everywhere, even in cultures that had no known contact. If the Flood was a real
event, and the world re-started with eight people, the traditions of the Flood would be
handed down from generation to generation, and all people would have some knowledge
of it. Sure, the stories would be corrupted over the years, but many of the legends have
surprising similarities. Some of them include: The flood covers the entire earth, a few
chosen people were saved, they are saved in a boat, and they repopulate the earth. Some
of them parallel the Biblical account almost exactly, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. I
think it makes a lot of sense if all these stories are rooted in true history."
     "That is really cool. I've been listening very closely to everything that you guys have
been talking about, and it makes a lot of sense to me. I would really like to read the Bible
more, because if it is so logical to believe what it says, that I want to know more."
     "Absolutely! We'll for sure get you one!"
     Trevor glared at Kelly, apparently upset that she gave in so easily. He was still not

    There was a knock at the door. "Michael, are you in there?"
    It was Norm Charleston.
    The door clicked as it was unlocked.
    "Hey, why did you lock the door? I looked for you down at the Gene Splicing Lab,
but you weren't there. Are you already finished your tour?"
    "Um, yeah, it was pretty quick. It was over most of the people's heads."
     "Heh, heh. Yes, it can be a bit daunting. Boy, you guys all look terrible. And you
     "Yeah, sorry about that." He wasn't sure what kind of excuse to offer, because they
all seemed rather lame.
     "Well, I'd love to show all of you around the rest of the building, if you'd like."
     "No, Norm, don't be foolish. I'm sure you've got a lot of people to talk to!"
     "Well, not you Mike, but the rest. I've scheduled you for a talk with some of the
media - so you can wow them with the progress you're making on your project."
     "Oh, that sounds great." He turned to Amanda and rolled his eyes.
     "Come on!"
     Norm directed Michael downstairs, where a group of reporters congregated. He led
the rest on a tour of the building, which none of them felt like doing at the moment.
However, they went grudgingly.

     After everyone completed their duties, they gathered once again in Michael's office.
     "OK. So when do we go back?" asked Michael.
     "What do you mean?" said Amanda. "Are we supposed to go back?"
     "I think so. Noah gave me this card to activate the time machine." He handed it to
     "Hmm…do you have the card that we originally used to travel to Noah's time?"
     Michael went through his pockets. He indeed had the card, which he also gave to
     Amanda looked at both of them, scrunching her face as she was deep in thought.
"Why didn't I notice it before? I always wondered what the numbers were that were on
these cards. I think I've figured it out! These two numbers are only about three hundred
apart. They must correspond to the number of days, maybe since the creation of the
world! I'll bet you this new card that you received will take us to the end of the flood!
Let's go!"
     "Not so fast!" said Trevor. "I don't want to go back. It's too much in too short a
     "We have to go. Everyone that wants to go back, raise your hands." Everyone but
Trevor raised their hands, obviously excited to return.
     "Sorry, but you lose. Come on, let's go!"
     "Sorry, you lose! I don't have to go. You can't force me!"
     "Maybe once you see what happens after the Flood, you might start thinking a bit
     Unhappily, Trevor followed the group back down to the basement. "I can't believe
I'm doing this - after getting hurt several times and almost killed, I'm going back there?
     Michael placed the new card in the appropriate spot on the table. The table came to
life, casting light everywhere. One by one, they entered the portal, mostly excited about
what they would see. They had almost forgotten the horror of what they had seen. But
the memories would come flooding back as they returned to the place that they'd left.
                                  Chapter 12: Round Trip
    The travellers appeared on the lowest deck of the Ark. The room was cheerful, and
hardly a sound could be heard, save that of the animals rustling and eating.
    Amanda and Michael headed upstairs, followed by the others. Not seeing anyone,
they went to the topmost deck, where the living quarters were located. Samah greeted
them with surprise.
    "Noah! Our guests have returned!" she exclaimed.
    Noah came rushing out of one of the back rooms.
    "Welcome back! It is wonderful to see you again. It has been a long journey, but we
are safe!"
    Amanda spoke for the group. "We'd love to hear about what happened after we left!"
    Noah motioned toward the floor and chairs of the living room. "Please, take a seat. I
will fill you in on the occurrences of the past year."
    Everyone found seats throughout the room. Amanda sat beside Michael on the floor,
both smiling happily. They were excited to be back, and everything seemed so tranquil
compared to the day they left.
    "The rain poured hard for forty days and nights. It was the most difficult part of the
journey. The sound of the rain was deafening, and we struggled to get some rest. One
morning, we saw the sun shining through the skylights, so we decided to open the
windows. It was beautiful outside. The clouds dissipated, and the Ark ceased tossing
and turning. We were so relieved!
    "We took measurements of the depth of the water. It was 406 metres deep - over 6
metres higher than the highest of the mountains on the earth. Everywhere we looked, we
saw water. Occasionally, a mat of vegetation, or bloated animal corpses would float by.
There was nothing that would have been able to survive the Flood, at least those that
breathed the air of life. Even those that escaped to higher ground would surely have been
taken down by the rains and drowned. It was horrible to think about.
    "However, through all this, God has been watching over us. He has sustained us as
we have been drifting upon the surface of the waters. The animals have all survived, and,
other than a few minor incidents, they have been very docile. Outside, a steady wind has
been blowing, and we were been able to determine that the water was receding. Over
three months ago, we ran aground at the top of a mountain. Since then, we have been
able to see the tops of the mountains around us.
    "We waited for forty days after we first saw the tops of the mountains, and sent out a
raven to see if it could find a place to land. We saw it flying back and forth through the
skylights, but it did not land permanently. We presume it fed itself on the carrion floating
in the water. I then sent out a dove, and it returned, unable to find a place to land. After
seven days, I sent the dove out again. This time it sent back a freshly plucked olive leaf!
We rejoiced greatly, knowing that trees were beginning to establish themselves again -
the olive tree is one of the first trees that would take root. It also indicated that the land
was once again dry enough for plants to grow. Another seven days passed, and I sent out
the dove again. It has not returned.
    "I removed the covering from the ark, and can now see that the surface of the earth is
no longer covered with water. We have been waiting since then for the land to
completely dry up - it is still saturated with water. We are also hoping that God will give
his command to leave the Ark soon. It is the twenty-seventh day of the second month
today. We have now been on this Ark over a year."
    "Wow," exclaimed Amanda, "aren't you tired of living on the Ark? I mean, you must
be ready to get off!"
    "We have been patient, continuing in our duties of taking care of the animals. We
have been busy, and have not had the opportunity to feel sorry for ourselves. Besides, all
of us have taken the opportunity to read about the history of our civilization - each of us
has learned so much! God has truly provided for us, and for that we are grateful."
    Samah interjected, "Still…we wouldn't argue if God told us to leave the Ark right
    Everyone laughed.
    "What does the earth look like?" Michael wondered.
    Shem was next to answer. "From our vantage point, we can hardly see anything. Just
the tops of the mountains around us and a small amount of land below us. It has been
stripped bare, but we can only imagine the extent of it."
    "The animals - have they been restless?"
    "Some have awaken from their hibernation," Noah responded. "I have a feeling they
can somehow sense that we will be leaving the Ark soon, and they are being prepared.
Their noises are increasing, but they are still well-behaved."
    The conversation continued, the travellers peppering Noah and his family with many
questions, well into the night. For them, it was an opportunity to fill in the blanks in the
Biblical record. How blessed they were to hear the details first-hand!

    When everyone awoke the next day, Noah assembled the group in the main living
area. "Last night, God appeared to me, telling me that it was time for us to leave the Ark.
We are to open the door in the Ark and release the animals according to their groups.
God will then direct them where to go. Our long wait is over - it is time to build our
dwellings upon the earth again."
    Amanda was filled with excitement. She couldn't wait to see what the earth looked
like after the flood. She knew the others must be feeling the same - especially Noah and
his family. It had been hard enough for her to be in the Ark for such a short time. She
was amazed how Noah and the others were able to stay inside it for over a year.
    Noah and his sons led the group down to the level with the door. They turned the
latches and slowly released the ropes that were holding the door closed. As the door
began to open, hazy sunlight spilled into the Ark. The door continued to open, until its
bottom rested on the earth below.
    Noah walked to the opening of the door. His sons followed; their wives were next.
Amanda and other others watched Noah disappear down the ramp, descending to the
mountain on which they rested. By the time he reached the bottom, everyone was
standing at the door. No one spoke a word, being completely at a loss.
    The devastation was overwhelming. Indeed, every tree and plant had been ruthlessly
torn from the earth. In its place was dreary brown rock, as far as the eye could see.
Patches of rotting vegetation fouled the land, interspersed with diminutive green shrubs.
The mountain was one of several surrounding them, but straight ahead rolled a large
valley. The Ark was resting on a plateau, virtually flat. The sky was a dull blue colour,
and the sun was a bright, ruddy orb. Despite looking in all directions, there was hardly
any verdant foliage, and no beautiful colours of flowers. The world was a sharp contrast
to even the way the earth looked even in Amanda's time.
    A gentle breeze blew through the door of the Ark. It was cold - much colder than any
of the antediluvians had ever experienced, having lived in a constantly tropical
environment. Amanda could see them shiver as the wind touched their skin.
    Noah walked a short distance from the end of the ramp and fell to his knees. He cried
out in a loud voice, "Oh, God!" His face sank to the ground as he lied prostrate. "Oh,
God! I am an old man - why must I witness this desolation? The world we have
abandoned was so beautiful, so much a reflection of Your glory! Now, we are left with
nothing! Nothing! The waste! The ruin! Why has Your Spirit departed from the earth?
Why have we fallen from Your favour? Why have you withdrawn Your grace? A
thousand woes!" He mumbled incoherently, dissolving into tears, rending his garment
and placing dirt on his head.
    Noah's family rushed down the ramp to console him. Amanda, Christina, and
Michelle made a motion toward the bottom, but Michael held them back. "We should not
interfere…" he advised.
    The group waited at the entrance to the ark for what seemed like hours. They
observed Noah trembling and unable to stand. Amanda said a prayer for their friends,
sympathizing with their loss. Words could not express the emotions that she felt as she
surveyed the landscape. She found it difficult to reconcile this world with the one they
had been in just a short time before. It felt foreign and eerie. She shuddered at the
thought that the people before her represented the entire population of the world, and
those travelling with her through time didn't even count. Even though she was mourning,
she still felt wonder and shock that almost 7 billion living people developed from this
insignificant group.

Someone says after the ark lands, "We know exactly where the ark is located - think of
the sensation when we return to our time and we find the ark!"
The ark is burnt, struck by a storm.
Someone mentions that Noah is their great-great-…-grandfather.
Ice age?
Oldest living things - 4,000 years old (or so)

TGR I: Before the flood
TGR II: The flood
TGR III: The Tower of Babel
TGR IV: The Fall
TGR V: Creation
TGR VI: World Impact
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Bible, Evidence for                                                          195
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Genesis, Is it a myth?                                                92
God, As an engineer                                                   201
God, Causeless Entity                                                 41
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Inspiration from nature                                               201
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Jesus Christ, Evidence for                                            196
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Magnetic Pole Reversal                                                110
Males and females were designed differently                           93
Molecular clock hypothesis                                            12
Most scientists believe that oxygen levels were higher in the past.   121
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Natural Selection                                                     10, 36
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Redshifts                                                             48
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