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									            Texas Success Academy is a Private School
                     Excellence in Education
                  online and distance education
            Regionally, Nationally and Internationally.

              IN THE WORLD.

                     We only hire the BEST
Texas Success Academy (TSA) is a Distance Learning Private High        Abraham
School /Home School in the business of assisting students to         Lincoln once
receive a high school diploma, not a GED equivalency certificate..    said: “I will
We have Christian values and believe Luke 1:37 “For Nothing is
impossible with God.”
                                                                     prepare and
                                                                     someday my
TSA was founded by a group of educators, who among them, has          chance will
40 years of experience working with students, from pre-school to
the University level.
We offer the most integrated student and teacher friendly
curriculums that are aligned with state and national standards for   Your Chance
university and college.                                                is NOW
Our faculty and staff comply with the No Child Left Behind Act
with the Department of Education. Our staff is comprised of
Highly Qualified Certified Teachers who hold Bachelor’s,
Master’s and Doctoral degrees.
           Your education is important to us.
                         What We Offer

v We serve high school age and adult students worldwide who want to
    earn their high school diploma.
v   Texas Success Academy Distance Learning is the alternative to regular
    high school, and our main focus are on students who have only a few
    credits left before they graduate or did not pass the TAAS, TEKS,
    TEAMS or any State Test.
v    Our high school courses are designed to be accelerated and can be
    finished in a short time.
v   We also offer 3 (three) elective credits for your work experience and
    2.5 credits for life experiences. For a total of 5.5 credits.
v   Flexible: Classes start every week and are available 24/7/365 and you
    can work around your schedule.
v   Affordable: Tuition is inexpensive and you can pay as you go.

A TSA High School Diploma is as close as your computer or a phone call

Migrant Education Program
                                  Our Programs
v Crash Course to Success                        v Specialized Program
Under the Crash Course to Success method,        This program is for that student who dropped
the student has completed all the required       out of school, due to family problems or had to
courses from the high school they are            go to work and have never been able to go back
transferring from and have a minimum of          to school, now is the time. Your transcripts will
22 credits, but didn’t pass the TAAS, TAKS       need to be evaluated to determine which
or TEAMS, or any other STATE TEST.               courses transfer and how many credits are
                                                 needed to complete your high school diploma.
v GED Fast Track to High
   School Diploma                                v Migrant Education--High
If you have a GED and want a high school            School Equivalency Program
diploma you may be eligible for the “GED          The High School Equivalency Program
Fast Track to High School Diploma                (HEP) helps migratory and seasonal farm
Program” if you have earned 16 credits           workers (or children of such workers) who
depending on your official transcripts. You      are 16 years of age or older and not currently
must have at least 16 credit hours to apply to   enrolled in school to obtain the equivalent
this program, if not you will need to apply to   of a high school diploma and, subsequently,
the specialized program.                         to gain employment or begin postsecondary
                                                 education or training. The program serves
                                                 more than 7,000 students annually
                           Tuition and Fees

Transcript evaluation, registration and application   $ 75.00
Crash Course to Success                               $395.00
GED Fast Track to High School Diploma                 $595.00
Specialized Program                                   $995 .00 per year
Official Transcript after two free                    $ 10.00

Partial and Full Scholarships Available.
                          A Word From Our Director/Principal
                                   Dr. C S Chappell

Dear potential new student,

I want to take this opportunity to WELCOME you to Texas Success Academy Distance Learning Private
High School and express my excitement about having you as a student here.

I have taught school from Pre-K through university level and I must say I’ve enjoyed every wonderful
experience I’ve had.

Now as a Director/Principal, I have an opportunity to help those of you who, for one reason or the other
didn’t have an opportunity to complete high school and receive your high school diploma.

You’ve come to the right place. We care, and we’re here for your success. It doesn’t matter how long
you’ve been out of school, as long as you are at least 18 yrs. old; we will evaluate your transcript and see
what we can do to help you be successful and finally get your High School Diploma.

Enclosed please find our Registration Packet. It includes an application, registration, enrollment form
and the release of student records form; so that we can give the Registrar your official transcript and she
will evaluate it to see how many credits you need to graduate.      Dr. C S Chappell

 Getting an official High School Diploma from Texas
 Success Academy could be in your hands in a few
 months (depending on your high school credits).
                Texas Success Academy
                3901 Arlington Highlands Blvd #200
                Arlington, TX 76018

Call us Toll Free at 1(800) 918-7640 or
Local 214-785-2363
Email: info@TexasSuccessAcademy.com

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