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									                                       CURRICULUM VITAE

Name:                Eva Eugenia Pérez Escarria
Address:             Vreeswijkstraat 175
Postcode:            2546 AE
City:                The Hague
Telephone:           070-7808344 / 06 51772230
E-mail:              eperez27ar@casema.nl / eperez27ar@hotmail.com
Nationality:         Dutch / Spanish


2007                 Effective Written Communication – British School

2006                 Adobe Photoshop – Cheltenham Computer Training Course

1990- 2004           Several IT Trainings in The Netherlands

1988-1990            V.W.O 3 Dutch Secondary level at Joke Smit Amsterdam

1989-1990            AVS Centrum Utrecht Video Production

1987- 1988           UCLM. Engels Filology Secondary Level

1986-1988            Spanish and Latin American Language – UCLM Madrid

1980 -1982           Institute Dante Alighieri, Amsterdam – Italian

1977- 1980           Escuela oficial de idiomas Mangold Madrid – English

1975 - 1977          British Institute - Buenos Aires -Argentina- English

Employment history
2006 – Now           OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
                     Technical Secretariat Den Haag – The Netherlands

                     POSITION Assistant to Head of Government & Political Branch

2005- 2006           OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons)
                     Technical Secretariat Den Haag – The Netherlands

                     POSITION: Assistant Director Verification Branch

                     Makes appointments for the Branch Head and organizes the agenda.
                     Schedules and communicates with colleagues and counterparts in regard to
                     internal meetings as well as meetings outside the Technical Secretariat.
                     Makes appointments for the Branch Head; drafts, types and formats various
                     documents in accordance with the correspondence manual;
                     Reviews written correspondence and documents for completeness
                     and grammatical correctness and prepares final version for signature
                     and transmission; receives and makes telephone calls from or to
                     representatives of Member States.
            Provides the Branch Head with copies of all relevant Executive Council (EC)
            documents prior to each EC session;
            Maintains a chronological file of all incoming and. outgoing
            correspondence; receives and finalizes Final Inspection Report (FlR)'s notification
            faxes from the Documents, Registration and Archiving's (DRA) Archive Clerks in
            conformity to the Manual of Confidentiality Procedure (MCP); informs State Parties
            (SP) when their FIRs have been prepared and finalized for collection by an accredited
            representative of the Embassy of the SP; focal point for the correspondence
            management system (CMS), responsible for issuing unique registration numbers for
            each correspondence generated by the Branch, correctly indexing them according to
            the CMS procedures, as well as being responsible for the timely distribution of signed
            copies to the Correspondence Management Unit; operates and maintains the
            documents declarations database; responsible for the printed output of the Electronic
            Data Management System (EDMS);provides administrative support to the Branch;
            ensures that the handling of confidential material within the office of the Head,
            Declarations is done in accordance with the Confidentiality Manual procedures;
            assists Branch Head and Declarations staff in maintaining contacts with outside

            MC AFFEE

            POSITION: Spanish translator

            Responsible for the coordination of translations and layouts of the software user
            interfaces and documentation (manual, references, guides. Consultation
            with colleagues about the deadlines and project management for each product, like
            VirusScan, WebShield, etc., videoconference with central office in Santa Clara to
            discuss new projects, direct intake of new products, distribution of tasks: software for
            the programmers and to the IT staff and to the translators and vendors, organization
            of schemes for deadlines, revisions and editing of the projects, consultations with the
            DTP department for the final processing and completion of the products. Responsible
            for the quality assurance of the final product in cooperation with the IT project
            manager. Translations are made with Trados, Catalyst, Microsot Office, Adobe
            Acrobat, Frame Maker.

1997-1999   NOB Television,

            POSITION: Spanish translator

            Responsible for receiving the daily orders of subtitles for various programs through
            the Central Point, the coordination of the target languages for various programs,
            check in of the equipment and the satellite connection with NBC television channel in
            U.S.A and to reach the deadlines. Translation of films and TV programs from English
            into Spanish for subtitling purposes.


            Building up the client portfolio, coordination and organization of projects, delegation
            of tasks and instructions in different combination of languages to other translators.


            POSITION: Interpreter English - Spanish
                         Responsible for interpreting at the marketing department.

1990-1992                DELTA TRAVEL SERVICE B.V. AMSTERDAM

                         POSITION: Interpreter English – Spanish – Italian – Dutch

1989 - 1990              CEINCU S.A. MADRID SPAIN
                         POSITION: Interpreter English – Spanish

1988                     BRINKMAN’S PRODUCTIONS B.V.

                         POSITION: Production Assistance

Client references:
                        E.U. organizations
                        Sony Inc.
                        Fuji Film / Dirección Comercial, Barcelona
                        Boskalis B.V.
                        Amsterdam Police department
                        Douwe Egberts
                        Iberia S.A.
                        WilkensVertaalbureau
                        Charles V. Snyder, Jr. / Denver EE.UU.
                        Doedens Lawyers
                        Mitsubishi Electronics
                        Dose & Feresin s.n.c. Visco, Udine (Italia)
                        John Hancock Financial Services, Brussels (Belgium) and Massachusetts (EE.UU.)
                        Francorosso Incentive, Milan (Italia)
                        G.E.B
                        Instromet (Italia)
                        Micro Tower Inc. U.S.A.
                        Eurostitch Magazine

Translation tools:

                         Trados Suite, Catalyst, FrameMaker, MS Office XP, RoboHelp, Wordsmith tools,
                         HelpQA, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Tools


                         Spanish =        A (Native)

                         Italian =        B

                         English =        B

                         Dutch =          B

                         French           B

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