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									Oman Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to 2020- Supply, Demand,
Investment, Infrastructure (Fields, Blocks, Pipelines, LNG, Refinery,
Storage Assets) and Companies

Aarkstore Enterprise (India), April 1, 2013: Oman Oil and Gas Industry Outlook to
2020 from OGAnalysis provides a comprehensive overview of the Oman oil and gas sector,
covering the entire value chain of the industry. It analyzes and forecasts each of the oil and
gas segments in Oman including upstream sector, pipeline, refinery, LNG and storage
sectors. The report also gives detailed analysis of investment opportunities in each sector,
highlighting the growth potential and feasibility of projects. It also identifies the key
challenges, drivers and restraints in the country’s oil and gas industry and the impact of
these metrics on the industry.

The report gives outlook of Oman production and consumption of crude oil, petroleum
products, natural gas and coal to 2020. It also provides detailed information including
operators, owners, location, capacity and production for each of the oil and gas assets.
Company wise and asset wise forecasts along with competitive structure is provided for
each segment. Profiles of three major oil and gas companies and updates the major deals
and events in the industry.


• Supply- Demand forecast of crude oil, natural gas, petroleum products and coal to 2020
• Planned oil and gas projects in upstream, midstream and downstream sectors
• Oil and gas field details- production (2000-2010), location, operator, ownership
• Refineries- primary and secondary capacity outlook (2000-2016), refineries under
operation and implementation (complexity, capacity, location, start up, operator,
ownership), refinery expansions
• LNG – capacity outlook (2000- 2020), trade imports, exports, utilization rates (2000-
2011), operational and planned terminals (location, start up, operator, ownership and
• Storage- oil and gas storage capacity outlook (2000-2016), tank farm details under
operation and implementation
• Pipeline- crude oil, petroleum product and natural gas pipelines under operation and
• In addition, for all oil and gas segments, information on competitive structure and
capacity/production by company is provided
• Profiles of three major oil and gas companies in Oman along with their business overview,
SWOT analysis and financial analysis are given in detail.
• Latest events in Oman oil and gas industry from 2011-2012 and their impact on the
industry are analyzed in detail.

Reasons To Purchase

This comprehensive report is a multi-client market study and is used by oil and gas
companies, traders, constructors, equipment and service providers, investment and
financial institutions. The report allows your company to

• Identify new investment opportunities through detailed information on planned projects
• Formulate effective growth and expansion strategies through complete information on oil
and gas segments including fields, pipelines, LNG, storage terminals and refineries
• Mitigate operating risks through supply- demand outlook and capacity forecasts
• Gain a better understanding of market size, trends and challenges for each of the oil and
gas segments
• Gain detailed understanding on each of the oil and gas assets is the country
• Beat your competition by identifying new business opportunities
• Keep yourself updated with all the latest events in the country’s oil and gas industry

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