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									Women’s Health Program

Grey Nuns Community Hospital

Having your baby
Information for patients and their families

Healing the Body

Enriching the Mind

Nurturing the Soul


Health Program

This booklet is designed to help you better understand our programs and services so you are ready for your stay with us. We encourage you and your family to review it and keep it on hand as a reference. Our staff are always available to answer any questions you may have.

The Caritas Family of Facilities
The Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre, the Misericordia Community Hospital, and the Grey Nuns Community Hospital are the three health care facilities that make up Caritas Health Group. The word “caritas,” the Latin word for love and charity, reflects the values of the Caritas founders-the Misericordia Sisters and the Sisters of Charity (Grey Nuns). Together these facilities have served Edmonton and area for over 100 years. As a Catholic organization extending care to people of all faiths and traditions Caritas is proud to carry the legacy of our founders into the modern world. Our Mission is summed up in three simple phrases that draw from a rich tradition of holistic and compassionate care:

Healing the Body Enriching the Mind Nurturing the Soul
It is with this in mind that we provide care to those we serve.
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital
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Our Philosophy of Care
Compassion is at the core of how we care for those we serve. Through compassion, we foster hope and commit to serving those in our care with dignity and respect. Our belief is that providing compassionate care enables: · Patients to be well informed decision makers in all aspects of their treatment and care. · Families to be active participants in the care of their loved ones. · Staff to be fulfilled by their work. In this book you will find information about: The Hospital Before the Birth Obstetrical Assessment Clinic Labour & Delivery Post Partum After the Birth Intermediate Care Nursery When You Go Home

The Hospital
On-Site Services There are many services available to you at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital while you are here. Cafeteria The Sunshine Cafeteria at the Grey Nuns, located on level zero, is open to visitors and patients alike from 7 am to 9 pm daily, serving a variety of lunch and supper specials as well as snacks, drinks and sandwiches. For snacks after the cafeteria has closed, there are a number of vending machines located beside
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

the main staircase. There are also vending machines in room 3564, the Obstetrics Waiting Room for patients and visitors. Gift and Flower Shop Gift and flower shops are open daily in the lobby of the hospital. The shop is run by the Associates of Caritas with proceeds going to patient comfort initiatives in the hospital. Items available include greeting cards, magazines, scratch lottery tickets, snacks, books, batteries, flowers, gifts, and some toiletries. Flowers can be ordered directly from the Flower Shop in person or by phone at (780)735-7549. Telephones/Cellular Phones Telephones are available in the delivery room free of charge as well as the Obstetrics Waiting Room. To access an outside line from a Caritas telephone dial '9' and then the number you wish to call. If you are on Unit 31/32 you can rent a phone through the Gift Shop on the main floor. For more information, please call our gift shop at (780)735-7548. Payphones are also available on the units and in the main lobby. All proceeds from phone and television rentals go to the Associates of Caritas, which uses the funds to enhance patient comfort in our facility. Please keep your cellular phone off while you are in the units. If you must use your cellular phone please go off the nursing unit before turning your phone on. A TTY/TDD telephone is available for any patient who requires it. This device allows a deaf or hearing-impaired person to communicate via telephone with another TTY/TDD telephone or via the Message Relay Center. If you require a TTY/TDD telephone, please ask your nurse and she can contact Caritas Telecommunications at 930-2900.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


Television Televisions are available for rental on most units. Televisions may be rented through the Associates of Caritas. To rent a television, pick up an order form from the front of the Nursing Unit. Fill it out and return it to the small box at the same location. Arrangements may also be made through the gift shop. For more information, please call the gift shop at (780)7357548. Patient Inquiries To allow us to spend as much time as possible with our patients, it is best if you select one family member as a spokesperson. This one person can call the unit for information and keep the rest of the family updated. Please have only one person call the unit. To inquire about the status of a patient or for general inquiries please call the Grey Nuns (780)735-7272. You may also ask your unit nurse for the number of the direct line to your unit. Smoking For health and safety reasons, smoking is strongly discouraged. Patients, staff, and visitors are not permitted to smoke on hospital property including the outside grounds. Perfumes etc. As a courtesy to other patients and staff, please do not use perfumed toiletries during your stay. Some of your fellow patients and care providers may have severe allergies to these items. Lost & Found Any belongings left behind after discharge will be sent to Security Services. If Security Services are unable to contact you, the belongings will be put in safekeeping until claimed (up to 60 days for valuables and 30 days for clothing). Please bring photo identification with you to claim your items. For more
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

information please contact Security Services at: (780)735-7140.

Massage Services

Prenatal and Labour Massage
Prenatal and labour massage services are available to all women who are giving birth at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital. These massage treatments benefit both mothers and infants by reducing stress, promoting relaxation, alleviating pain and strain on weight-bearing joints and reducing swelling in hands and feet. In addition, prenatal and labour massages provide emotional support and physical nurturing, improve infant wellbeing, and facilitate post-partum recovery. Certified prenatal and perinatal massage therapists perform all massages. Labour massage prices: 30 minute massage: $35 60 minute massage: $65 90 minute massage: $90

Infant Massage
Infant massage benefits both babies and parents. Studies show that babies who are held, massaged, carried and rocked grow into adults who are more compassionate and cooperative. It not only provides families with special focused time with their infants but also facilitates parent-infant communication, helps parents understand and respond to their baby's non-verbal cues and increases parents' ability to help their child relax in times of stress. Babies experience many benefits from massage including having healthier immune systems, sounder and longer rest, a deep bond with their parents, and relief from discomfort from gas, colic, indigestion and teething.


Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


Infant massage prices: Individual massage session (one hour): $55 Basic class (Three 1 ½ hour sessions): $65 Extended class (Five 1 ½ hour sessions): $85 To book an appointment or find out more about prenatal, perinatal and infant massage please call (780)735-7165. Parking If you arrive before 10 pm parking is available in the public lot at the front of the building. After 10 pm you are asked to park in the lot by the emergency entrance as the main doors are locked. Please check posted signs for parking fees and payment methods. Parking rates are set by the Capital Health Authority. A parking pass is available if your baby needs to stay in the Intermediate Care Nursery. Please check with your nurse in the nursery about the rates.

Before The Birth
Prenatal Education Program The Grey Nuns offers different programs to meet the needs of our families. These programs are: · regular 6-week program with 2 hour of teaching each class · weekend class, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 12 hours · tour of the obstetrical unit on scheduled Tuesday evenings Your doctors office has information on the classes. Classes fill quickly so please register early!

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


To register or receive information on the classes: Call (780)735-7449 and leave a message as prompted. OR Check the website at www.caritas.ab.ca for information on the classes and registration or see back cover.

Obstetrical Assessment Clinic
Some pregnant women may come to the clinic to be assessed before they go into labour. Your doctor's office books the time with the Clinic. Please arrange to be on time for your appointment. The first time a woman comes to the clinic she must stop in admitting to be admitted into the hospital. She does not need to stop in admitting for subsequent visits. Women come to the clinic: · for a non stress test (NST). · to see an obstetrician. · for ripening your cervix with a medication. · to complete the pre-admission process for an elective Cesarean section. · some patients require an ultrasound of their baby which is done in our Diagnostic Imaging Department. You will also need a NST in the clinic. Antenatal Home Care Program The hospital takes part in a program for pregnant women who need to be seen more often by a nurse before their baby is born. Their doctors refer women to this program. Obstetricians will see a woman who is being cared for by her family doctor before going on the program. A nurse with Labour and Delivery experience will make visits to the pregnant woman in her home to assess how she and the baby are doing. Home support can be arranged by the nurse if needed.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


The pregnant woman's health problems must be of a certain type for her to take part in this antenatal program. These problems may include: high blood pressure during pregnancy, labour starting early in the pregnancy, spontaneous ruptured membranes (water breaking early in pregnancy), pregnant with more than one baby (twins or triplets)

Antepartum Care in The Hospital
Some women will require care in the hospital before their baby is born. Your physician will discuss with you the reason for your admission. You are normally cared for in our antepartum unit that is combined with the unit where you go after your baby is born.

What to Bring to the Hospital:
· Prenatal records from your doctor · Alberta health card · Health insurance information · Shampoo · Comb / Brush · Toothbrush & toothpaste · Deodorant · Housecoat and slippers · Front opening nightgown or pajamas (many women prefer to use the hospital gowns) · Underwear · Breast feeding pillow if you wish to use one · For baby- disposable diapers if you do not wish to use the hospital cloth diapers and pins For labour: · A clock with a second hand is in each room but some people prefer to bring a watch

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


· Camera/video camera if you wish · Something to focus on such as a picture or stuffed animal · CD/Tapes of relaxing music. Each Labour room has a CD/Tape player · Socks · Popsicles to keep your mouth cool · Snack for the coach For going home: · Loose fitting clothes for mom · A CMA approved infant car seat for the day you go home For baby: * Undershirt, gown or sleeper * 2-3 diapers, pins and rubber pants (if using cloth) * sweater, bonnet and booties * receiving blanket, warmer blanket and bunting bag (in cooler weather) Please leave your valuables at home where they are safe.

Arriving at the Hospital
The doors by emergency are always open. The front doors are only open from 6 am to 9 pm each day.

The hospital has 2 admitting areas to receive patients. · Main Admitting by the front door is open M-F from 7 am to 8:15 pm. · They are open from 9 am to 5:15 pm on Sat, Sun and holidays.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


· Emergency Admitting is attached to the Emergency Department is open 24 hours/day. · You can go to either area when you come in if both are open. · When you come to the Admitting Department, we do not want you to wait in a long line. Please make sure you let the hospital staff know you are pregnant if you feel you are waiting in the line. · A hospital porter will bring you up to the unit unless you are coming for Induction, elective Caesarian Section, or as an outpatient through the Obstetrical Assessment Clinic. · If you are told by a physician or nurse to come directly to Labour and Delivery, please do so. If you are not sure where to go, please check with Admitting and they will ensure you come up right away. · Please bring in any papers your doctor has given you and give them to the nursing staff.

Labour and Delivery
What will happen in Labour and Delivery?
· You will go to a room where a nurse will assess what is happening with you and your baby. · Depending on what is happening you will either: * Go to a birthing room * Go to an antepartum room (for women waiting to have their babies but not in active labour) * Be sent back home · All birthing rooms are private rooms where you will labour, have your baby (vaginal births) and stay for about an hour after the birth.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


Special situations
If you are having twins you will labour in the birthing room. When you are ready to deliver your babies you will be moved to an operating room in Labour and Delivery. After the birth of your babies you will go back to the birthing room for about 1 hour before you move to the postpartum unit. If you have a Cesarean section your babies will be delivered in the operating room in Labour and Delivery and you will recover in our recovery room. In both of the above, mothers and babies will stay together unless there is a concern with either.

Coping with Labour
Many women are concerned about something to help them cope. We have several different options for you. These options are discussed as you progress in labour. 1.) Walking/tub/shower · Mothers are encouraged to be up walking. · A tub is available for labour. · A shower is in each room. 2.) Laughing Gas · Available in all rooms. · Frequently used at the end of labour before you begin pushing. 3.) Narcotic Injection · Are given to the mom following a doctor’s order. · We most frequently use morphine. On frequent occasions, we also give something to stop the nausea that may be a side-effect of the narcotic. 4.) Epidural · Available for mothers once they are in active labour. · They are ordered by your doctor. · Put in by anaesthetist who is available 24 hours/day. · Ongoing care is provided by nursing staff once the
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

epidural has started. · Although moms do not normally walk most are able to easily move their legs and change position with little assistance 5.) Spinal · Used for Cesarean Sections. One-time injection in the back by an anaesthetist. You will be awake for the birth of your baby. 6.) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) · This is a method of reducing the pain of labour by using a small, battery operated device with electrodes that attach to your skin. You feel a tingling through the electrodes and you control the strength of this tingling. · TENS works by blocking the pain along certain nerve pathways. It also causes your body to release endorphins, which are your body's natural pain relievers. · If you would like more information about using TENS please call Rehabilitation Medicine at (780)735-7161. The receptionist will arrange for you to talk with or see a physiotherapist. Please call during your pregnancy as TENS equipment must be rented from an outside source.

Rooms Available
The following rooms are available once you deliver; all have a bathroom, shower and sitz bath. People often have insurance that will cover the extra costs. It is a good idea to check your coverage before you come to the hospital. · There is no cost for the rooms in Labour and Delivery. · The room you will be moved to after your delivery will be chosen at the time of delivery. This is on a first delivered, first booked basis.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

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Type of Room Description
Ward Semi Private Theme Room more than 2 2 Beds/Room 1 Bed/Room Double bed, TV, phone, special menu
This room is not appropriate for moms needing the use of a standard hospital bed for care (eg. the first 24 hours after a C-section).

no charge $24/day $40/day $90/day (includes $40/day private room fee)

* If you do not get the room you wish, you will be charged for the room you have requested. eg. ask for semi, get private - pay $24/day.

What will happen after your baby is born?
· If you and baby are fine, you will have your baby to hold and cuddle. · Nursing staff will help you and your baby with breastfeeding at this time if you are breastfeeding. · Some babies need to go to the intermediate care nursery. You will be seeing your baby there. · After the first hour following birth you and your baby will be moved to the post partum unit. · You and your baby will remain together in the same room until you go home, unless there is a medical problem. · Nursing staff will be available to help you with breastfeeding while you are in hospital. · You will be shown how to express your breastmilk and you will be given a written instruction sheet on this, which you can refer to once you are home. ·Most babies do not need to be given anything other than breastmilk for their first 4-6 months. If for some reason your baby needs some other type of feeding while in the hospital the staff will explain this to you. · Normally your baby will be with you at all times with nursing staff to assist you with your care and your baby's care · You will be encouraged to feed your baby whenever he
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

or she seems to be hungry. · We recommend that you avoid using bottles or soothers while your baby is learning to breastfeed because it can change the way your baby sucks or cause your baby to prefer the bottle, which can make it more difficult for your baby to breastfeed successfully. · Before you leave the hospital you will be given a list of telephone numbers of people who can provide extra help and support with breastfeeding when you are at home.

Labour and Delivery
· You are encouraged to decide in advance who you want to visit you while you are in labour. It is most helpful for mom if visitors have some idea of the labour process. · You may have up to 2 people with you at the time of the birth. · In the event that you have a caesarean section, one person is able to go with the mother to the operating room if she is awake when the section is done. All other friends and family will wait in the waiting room · After the section is done, the person who came with the mother to the operating room can stay with the mother and baby in the recovery room. Others may come in once the nursing staff are assured that both mother and baby are doing well. This normally will be at least 30 minutes after the mother and baby have gone to the recovery room.

Postpartum Units - After the delivery
· The baby's father, grandparents and brothers and sisters can visit any time.
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

· For others, visiting times are between 11 am and 8 pm. Your baby can be in the room when visitors are present. · It is up to you to decide who may hold your baby but all visitors must wash their hands before holding your baby. · If you do not wish to have visitors, please ask the staff to put a sign on your door. · If visitors have a cold or flu or any illness that can be spread to your baby please encourage them not to visit while you are in the hospital.

How long will you stay in the hospital?
· Most moms and babies stay 24 to 36 after a vaginal birth · After a Cesarean Section moms and babies stay 2 to 3 days · Patients may stay longer if there are any problems with mom and/or baby

Intermediate Care Nursery
If your baby is in the Intermediate Care Nursery please follow these visiting guidelines: · Wash your hands for a full minute when you enter the nursery · If healthy, brothers and sisters of the baby are welcome, no other children are allowed · Notify the ICN nurses as to who can visit your baby when you are not present · If visitors have a cold, flu or any illness that can be spread to your baby they should not visit · Only 2 visitors with your baby are allowed at one time · Only visit with your own baby. Information on each baby is confidential
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

· New moms need privacy when nursing their newborns, please be considerate

When You Go Home
When you leave the hospital the Business Office would like:
· To know if you have any insurance policies that will cover your costs (such as private room coverage) · Money or cheque to cover any fees for private or theme rooms (costs not covered by insurance) · Money or cheque to cover the $164 circumcision tray if used · If the Business Office is closed when you go home, the hospital will send you a statement. The hospital appreciates that all payments are made at the time of your discharge. Thank You

Help from Community Health
If you live in the Capital Health Region a nurse will phone you the day you leave the hospital. She will ask about you and your baby and answer any questions you may have. The next day the nurse will visit you in your home. She will check you and your baby, do the baby's blood test, help you with feeding your baby and answer any questions you may have. The nurse will come back to see you in your home or talk to you on the phone as often as you need. This is a free service.

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


There is also a 24-hour hotline number available for information and advice. You will need to get rest for the next few weeks. It may be good to have family or friends help you. Community Health Centres offer many programs to new families. These include: · Breastfeeding support · Immunization · Having your baby weighed · New mothers groups · Parenting groups Check the centre nearest you for dates and times.

Breastfeeding Support
· There are several lactation consultants working on the post partum unit to help you with breastfeeding. · There is a breastfeeding resource room available. A full- range of breastfeeding supplies including manual or electric breast pumps are available for sale or rent. · There is also a breastfeeding clinic available to mothers having problems after they go home. Please ask your doctor for a referral if you are having problems. You will be seen by a pediatrician who is a lactation consultant, as well as one of the lactation consultant nurses for support and advice.

Other Information
Birth Registration
· You will be given the forms by hospital staff after you deliver. · You will complete the forms before you go home.
Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital

· Help can be provided if needed by the hospital staff.

· Circumcision can be done if requested while the baby is still in the hospital · Many mothers choose to wait and have the circumcision done in the pediatric clinic on Unit 23 on an outpatient basis. · The hospital currently charges a tray fee of $164 for the procedure. · There is also a fee for the doctor. This payment varies and is arranged between the patient and doctor.

There is a playroom for young children on Unit 32. Please be sure an adult is always with the children.

Snack Area
There is a small kitchen on the unit for snacks for patients only.

Hostel Beds
If mom is ready to go home and baby isn't, we have hostel beds where mom can stay. There is no charge for this room but nursing care and meals are not provided. Check with the ICN nurses for more information.

Important Phone Numbers
see back cover

Women’s Health Program · Grey Nuns Community Hospital


Important Phone Numbers
Grey Nuns Community Hospital Switchboard 735-7000 Prenatal Information, Tour and Booking Line 735-7449 · leave a message and our booking clerk will call you Obstetrical Assessment Clinic 735-7656 Labour and Delivery 735-7036 Post Partum 735-7033 Intermediate Care Nursery 735-7037 Breastfeeding Clinic 735-7346 Community Health Healthy Beginnings Hotline 413-7990

Grey Nuns Community Hospital 1100 Youville Drive West Edmonton, Alberta T6L 5X8

Grey Nuns Community Hospital Prenatal Information Website: www.caritas.ab.ca Click on: Hospitals, then Grey Nuns (left side), Featured Programs, Grey Nuns Labour & Delivery, scroll down for Prenatal Information
Ó Caritas Health Group 2006 Form 50957

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