The name of this body shall be the Hahndorf Netball Club Incorporated and it shall hereafter be referred to as the Club.

2.1. 2.2. 2.3. To promote interest in netball. To promote good fellowship among those interested in netball To educate, train, coach and encourage members of the Club.

3.1. 3.2. Any person who is interested in netball shall be eligible for membership. (a) The annual membership for all classes of membership shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting in each year.

(b) The different classes of membership are: (1) Honorary Life Member An Honorary Life Member is entitled to free membership and entitled to vote at Delegates’ Meetings. He/She is also eligible to hold office. Senior Member A Senior Member is entitled to hold office and is entitled to be a Club Delegate Junior Member (Age Grade) Persons under the age of seventeen years or qualifying juniors as determined by the Association shall be eligible to join as junior members at such special fee as shall be determined but they shall not be entitled to hold office, or vote or take part in business procedure at meetings of the Club.





Non-Players Non-Players are entitled to be a Club delegate at Club meetings and they are also eligible to hold office.



A properly constituted Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting may appoint any person as an Honorary Member or Honorary Life Member of the Club in recognition of services rendered in promoting the interests and objects of the Club. Any member may resign from the Club and such resignation must be in writing and forwarded to the Secretary of the Club. Upon any person ceasing to be a member of the Club for any reason whatsoever he/she shall not be entitled to the return of his/her membership subscription or any portion thereof.


4.1. All complaints against any member must be forwarded in writing to the Secretary to reach him/her no later than 48 hours after the incident has taken place The Tribunal may expel from the Club or otherwise punish or penalise any member whose conduct at the sporting complex, in the opinion of the Tribunal, is discreditable or injurious to the character or interests of the Club. Before any member is expelled or otherwise punished or penalised his/her conduct shall be enquired into by the Tribunal and the member shall be given the opportunity to defend him/her self and to justify or explain his/her conduct. Provided that three Tribunal Members are present when the matter is enquired into, and the majority is of the opinion that the member has been guilty of such conduct or action as aforesaid, then the Tribunal may expel or suspend him/her from membership, otherwise punish or penalise him/her.




Should any member fail to appear at any enquiry or any adjournment thereof, the Tribunal may proceed in that member’s absence to conduct the said enquiry and to make its findings as hereinbefore empowered.

5.1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held not later than March in each year, and members shall be given notice in writing at least fourteen days before such meeting. The annual report and audited balance sheet or financial statement shall be submitted to Delegates at the Annual General Meeting.




The Annual General Meeting may make any By-Laws necessary for the proper administration of the Club. Any By-Laws so made shall not be repealed, added to or amended unless and until: (a) Notice of intention to propose such repeal, addition or amendment is first given in writing by a member of the Club to the Secretary of the Club not later than thirty days prior to the date of such Annual General Meeting or a Special Delegates’ Meeting to be convened for the purposes of repealing, adding to or amending the By-Laws and is included in the Agenda for such meetings. (b) Such repeal, addition or amendment is proposed at such Annual General Meeting or a Special Delegates’ Meeting and is approved by not less than two-thirds of the voting Delegates present at such meeting and voting thereon.


The election of Officers and Committees for the ensuing twelve months shall take place at the Annual General Meeting together with any other business mentioned in the notice paper convening the meeting.

6.1. Ordinary General Meeting shall be held from February through to November inclusive. If at any General Meeting there be no quorum within thirty minutes of the time appointed for the meeting then the meeting shall lapse unless a majority of the members present decide to adjourn the meeting for a period not exceeding fourteen days. If there be no quorum within thirty minutes after the time appointed for such adjourned meeting then the meeting shall lapse altogether.


The President or Secretary may summon a Special Meeting by the Secretary receiving written application from three members stating the business for which the meeting is to be called.

8.1. The President of the Club shall be the Chairman at all meetings. Should the person not be present then a Vice-President shall be Chairman and if there be no Vice-President present the Delegates shall elect a member to take the chair.



(a) At all meetings the Chairperson’s decision on points or order shall be final.

(c) The Chairperson shall have a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberate vote. 8.3. 8.4. The quorum shall be one-third representation of elected members. Only members present in person shall be entitled to vote.

9.1. Executive A. The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. B. The business and affairs of the Club shall be under the management and control of the Executive Committee, provided however, that except in the case of extreme urgency the Committee shall not take any action contrary to decisions made at a General Meeting. C. The Executive Committee may, subject to the decisions made at “General Meetings’, exercise all the powers of the Club and do all such acts and things as may be done by the Club or which it considers necessary or expedient to carry out the objects of the Club. D. The Executive committee shall meet as often as may be required to conduct the business of the Club. The President or the Secretary shall have the power to call a meeting of the Executive Committee. E. The Chairperson at all Executive Committee meetings shall have a casting vote in addition to his/her deliberate vote. F. (1) All members of the Executive Committee shall be notified at least four days before the date of such meeting.

(2) The accidental omission to give to any member, or the non-receipt by any member of any notice required to this Constitution, shall not invalidate or affect any proceedings at such meeting. G. The Executive Committee shall have the power to delegate any of its power to delegate any of its power to a sub-committee to deal with any particular matter or matters and upon such terms as the Executive Committee may think fit.


H. Unless otherwise determined the members of the Executive Committee of the Club shall hold any property, real and personal, belonging to the Club. 9.2. General Up to ten members as considered necessary at the Annual General Meeting to include umpires, coaches, or senior members of the Club. 9.3. Sub-Committees To be formed as considered necessary by the Executive.

10.1. Players who are members of the Committees must be financial members of the Club. Should any vacancy occur in the General Committee or any other Committee of the Club, other than in the normal course of elections, the Nominations Committee shall fill such vacancy from the financial members of the Club and such member duly elected shall hold office for the unexpired portion of his/her predecessor’s term. This appointment shall be sanctioned at the next General Meeting. The President and the Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all subcommittees.



11.1. Nomination for each candidate for election as office bearer or Committee Member shall be proposed and seconded respectively by two members at the Annual General Meeting. The election for the office bearers and the other Committee members shall be by ballot of members present and voting thereon, held at the Annual General Meeting. No ballot shall be required when the number of candidates nominated for each office does not exceed the number of vacancies and they shall be declared duly elected.


12.1. 12.2. The financial year shall be from January 1st to December 31st. All monies of the Club shall be paid into the accounts of the Club at such banks as the Executive Committee may from time to time direct.



No monies shall be drawn from the Club’s account save by cheque signed by the bank signatories authorised by the Executive Committee. No cheque shall be signed or money withdrawn unless such withdrawal has been approved by the Executive Committee, or in case of urgency, by the President and the Secretary.



The books and accounts of the Club shall be audited annually by an auditor appointed by the Annual General Meeting.

This shall be the only Constitution for the Hahndorf Netball Club Incorporated and shall come into force forthwith and shall not be altered, varied, added to or repealed unless one months’ written notice is given, and two-thirds of financial members present at an Annual General Meeting or at a meeting specially convened for that purpose are in favour of such alteration, variation, addition or repeal.

The property, assets and income of the Club, whatever derived, shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Club, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred either directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise by way of profit to members generally of the Club. Provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to any officers or servants of the Club or any member in return for services actually rendered, nor prevent the payment of interest on money borrowed from any member of the Club. Should the Club for any reason whatsoever cease to function, any member of persons holding any Club money or property shall forthwith pay the same to the Executive Committee.

In furtherance of the objects of the Club to borrow or raise or secure the payment of money in such manner as the Club may think fit and to secures the same or the repayment or performance of any debt, liability, contract, guarantee or other engagement incurred or to be entered into by the Club in any way and in particular by the issue of debentures, perpetual or otherwise charged upon all or any of the Club’s property (both present and future) and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities.


In the event of winding up the Club, the funds, after the liabilities have been discharged, shall be deemed to be the property of the district and distributed to another sporting body in Hahndorf as proposed by the Committee at the time of winding up.

All matters not dealt with in this Constitution will be considered by the Executive and brought into effect if necessary in the forms of By-Laws of the Club.

• • • In this Constitution masculine includes feminine. “In Writing” or “Written” means and includes printing or other means of representing or reproducing words in visible form. Words importing singular include the plural and words importing plural include the singular where the context permits.


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