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									58 Blairderry Road, Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4SB Tel: 020 8674 4844 Fax: 020 8671 0062

Dear Parent Thank you for enquiring about Oak Tree Day Nursery in Streatham Hill. We understand that choosing a nursery is a very important decision. You want to be sure that your child will receive the highest level of care and attention, and that they will be looked after in a safe and happy environment. Please find enclosed our prospectus.

Come along and meet us We would like to invite you and your child to visit the nursery to look around our excellent facilities and discuss your requirements with us. To arrange a visit or if you have any questions, please call us on 020 8674 4844.

We look forward to meeting you and your child very soon.

Yours sincerely, Nursery Management

Welcome to Oak Tree Day Nursery
Oak Tree day nursery is a private day care nursery catering for babies and pre-school children between the ages of three months and five years. It is based in a house that has been completely renovated, recently, with spacious playrooms and an outside garden. We are able to offer full and part-time sessions, the nursery is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, 50 weeks per year. We have a short break at Christmas and in the summer in addition to 3 staff training days. The dates are published at the beginning of each year. The nursery aims to provide an educationally stimulating, and caring environment where children are valued. We ensure the highest standards of care and education for your child. Our staff are fully qualified Nursery Nurses responding to your child’s individual needs. We intend to participate in the governments Nursery Education Grant Scheme for three and four year olds, which enables parents to receive, on a termly basis, a contribution towards nursery fees. As is required under this scheme, a programme of learning is in place which aims to lead children to achieve a number of early learning goals by the end of what has been termed their foundation stage education (age 3-5). We have a few places subsidised under the Childcare Affordability Programme (CAP), aimed at helping low income parents with nursery fees. This subsidy is in addition to any Childcare Tax Credit you may be entitled to. Please speak to our Nursery Manager for further details. Caterpillar room Our baby rooms offer a safe, caring environment, with bright soft toys and equipment. A high staff ratio with qualified motivated staff, ensuring a secure relationship between parents, baby & staff. The babies are stimulated with music, singing, arts and crafts and one to one interaction. As they develop their individual skills, we prepare them for gradual integration into the pre school groups. In the baby rooms the staff to child ration is 1:3. Bumble Bee room Our Little Learners group are generally aged 18 to 23 months, however your child may come earlier or later, depending on their individual needs and stage of development. Areas for quiet and imaginative play, as well as plenty of space to move freely, are provided to enhance and encourage your child’s confidence and development. Stimulating activities include story time, messy play, and Arts & Craft in addition to a wide range of toys and books.

Lady Bird and Butterfly rooms A child will move through to this stage between their second and third birthday. Our approach is to ensure that learning is fun. The children are introduced to activities, which will enable each child to develop at their own pace. Our activity programme allows children to learn and develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need when they move to their first school. Our curriculum is in line with the Early Learning Goals and is displayed on the nursery Parents Notice Board.


We provide an exciting environment for children of all ages, even the very young – to keep them stimulated, interested and happy. We implement learning activities to suit the child’s needs for learning including reading, writing, drawing, painting, and craft. We arrange educational trips to nearby activities and places of interest, always with your permission. Weather permitting, the children will have an opportunity of playing outdoors in our garden. The children are motivated to help themselves and to think independently. We encourage the children to build relationships with peers and adults, to develop selfesteem and social skills.



 

Extra Curricular Activities In addition to the Early Years Curriculum, we also provide Music & Movement and French classes for the children. Caring for our staff Our staff are really important to us. We recognise that through their dedicated efforts we are able to deliver the exceptional care your child needs and for which we strive. We recruit staff with great care and have high expectations of them. We pay competitive salaries to attract motivated, high quality staff and ensure they are provided with good working terms and conditions and good career developmental opportunities. We close for 3 days a year to allow for staff training.

Parent’s Evening & Evaluation Process Parent’s evening will be held three times a year. The parent’s evening is an opportunity to discuss your child’s report, progress and development in an informal environment; this is with your child’s key worker. We will be asking parents to fill out an evaluation form across the year. The evaluation form will be used to improve the service we provide to you as we value your comments. Mealtimes Mealtimes are an important part of the day. We value the importance of your child receiving healthy well-balanced meals with a good selection of fresh ingredients. We also ensure that mealtimes are fun with the older children helping to serve each other and encouraging table manners. Settling in Period We are aware that a settling in period is a delicate transition from the home environment to the Nursery environment; therefore we are suggesting you spend an agreed period of time with your child. Clothing & Hygiene Please dress your child in a clean orderly manner in clothes suitable for play bearing in mind the various tactile activities the children will be involved in throughout the day. Shoes should preferably have non-slip soles and long hair should be tied back and fastened with clips. Please do not send your child to nursery wearing jewellery or looped earrings. Your child’s name should be marked on all items of clothing. Babies attending the baby unit will need to be provided with nappies and pre-made bottles of milk to suit their requirements. Nursery uniform which consists of polo shirt, sweatshirt and school bag with nursery logo are available for the children in the Pre School. You will be given a price list if your child is coming into the Ladybird or Butterfly room. Medicines Prescription medicines are only administered with written consent from the parent, stating the correct dosage and times to be given. All medicines must be clearly marked with the child’s name. The nursery follows stringent procedures to ensure medicines are correctly administered.

Toilet Training We would like the parents to work with us; together we will be able to encourage your child to become potty trained. Please provide enough spare clothing in the event of an accident. Sickness When a child becomes ill at our nursery, every effort will be made to contact the parent/carer to collect their child as soon as possible. A member of staff will comfort and care for the child until the parent arrives. Please do not send your child to the nursery if he or she has diarrhoea, vomiting or temperature. Please notify the manager before 9.30am if your child is unable to attend. Child Protection Policy If a concern may arise, the Nursery Nurse will inform the Nursery Manager in regard of the nature of child abuse and /or neglect; the staff have a responsibility to be aware of Child Protection procedures in line with OFSTED regulations. OFSTED and the Social Services Department will be contacted promptly.

Accidents If a child has an accident/ or incident while at Oak Tree Day Nursery, the Nursery Nurse will present to you a copy of the accident / incident record, for parents to sign. Complaints Procedure If you have a complaint about the service that we provide at the nursery please make an appointment to speak to the manger or the director. We will look into the matter and work out an acceptable solution with you. If you feel that you have not been dealt with in a satisfactory manner, you may contact OFSTED at the following address: Ofsted South Regional Centre Freshford House Redcliffe Way Bristol BS1 6NL Tel: 08456 404040 Registration & Fees

If you wish to book a place for your child, we request that you complete a registration form and return to the nursery with a £35.00 registration fee. Please note that the registration fees are non refundable. A deposit equivalent of two weeks fees is required on acceptance of a place, followed by 1 month’s fees in advance. The deposit is fully refundable. Preferred method of payment is by standing order on a monthly basis on the first day of each month. Parents should always obtain a receipt for any payment made. Please see our terms and conditions on the attached Nursery Fees sheet.

Concessions Parents who either walk or use public transport to the nursery are entitled to a £5 per week discount on their full time fees. Part time or daily users will receive an appropriate pro rata discount. This financial incentive is designed to minimise the impact of car use to the vicinity.

Come and visit us The best way to choose a nursery is to come and see it for yourself. If you would like to make an appointment, or if you have any enquires about our facilities, please do telephone us, we’ll be happy to welcome you and your child for a visit around the Nursery.

The Nursery will be closed on the following dates

2009 02/01/09 09/04/09 10/08/09 11/08/09 – 14/08/09 24/12/09 – 31/12/09 holidays & Staff Training Staff Training Staff Training Summer closure Christmas closure (note that 25th & 28th are public 26th & 27th are weekend)

2010 04/01/10 01/04/10 09/08/10 10/08/10 – 13/08/10 24/12/10 – 31/12/10 holidays & Staff Training Staff Training Staff Training Summer closure Christmas closure (note that 27th & 28th are public 25th & 26th are weekend)

Oak Tree Day Nursery 58 Blairderry Road, Streatham Hill, London SW2 4SB NURSERY FEES
0-24 Months Full Time: £190(Weekly) Part Time Weekly: £145 (5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons) Daily: £44.00 Part Time Daily: £33 (1 Morning or 1 Afternoon session) Full Time: £155 (Weekly) Part Time Weekly: £105 (5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons) Daily: £37 Part Time Daily: £26 (1 Morning or 1 Afternoon session) (Not eligible for the Nursery Education Fund (NEF)) Full Time: £140 (Weekly) Part Time Weekly: £95 (5 Mornings or 5 Afternoons) Daily: £34 Part Time Daily: £23 (1 Morning or 1 Afternoon session)

2-3 Years

3-5 Years

NEF (Nursery Education Fund) Eligible 3 & 4 year olds (If your child is 3 or 4 years old and eligible for the NEF) NEF ONLY 15 hours per week (TERM TIME ONLY)

FREE Any additional sessions will be charged at the 3-5 years (non NEG) rate above.

Children entitled to NEF who are attending nursery all year round (TERM TIME AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS) Full Time: £105.00 (Weekly) Part Time Weekly: £65 (5 mornings or 5 Afternoons) Daily: £27 Part Time Daily: £15 (1 Morning or 1 Afternoon session)
The fees stated above for eligible 3-5 year olds have taken into account the free 15 hours entitlement for 38 weeks of the year.

Music and French lessons - parents contribution (the nursery will continue to meet most of the cost)

Music lessons for 0-2year olds: £2.50 per month Music and French lessons for 2-5year olds: £5 per month
All fees are payable monthly in advance. Calculated by multiplying the weekly fee by 52 and dividing by 12. Walking discount Parents who walk or use public transport are entitled to a weekly £5 discount on fulltime fees. Part time and daily users will receive an appropriate pro rata discount. This policy is aimed at minimising the impact of parents using cars to visit the nursery. Please note that this is monitored by nursery staff, as we have to provide this information to the planning department of the council.

Oak Tree Day Nursery 58 Blairderry Road, Streatham Hill, London SW2 4SB

Terms and Conditions
1. There is a registration fee of £35.00 payable on acceptance of a place (this is non refundable) 2. A deposit equivalent to two weeks fees is payable in addition to a months fee in advance before the agreed start date. The deposit is fully refundable only on receipt of 30 days written notice to terminate your child’s place. The deposit will be refunded to parent on the child’s last day in the nursery. 3. Full day attendance is 8am to 6.00pm 4. Morning half day attendance is 8am to 12.30pm 5. Afternoon half day attendance is 1.30pm to 6pm 6. Parents will be charged a late fee if they do not collect their child on time. The charge will be £5 for the first 15 minutes, thereafter £1 per minute will be charged 7. Fees include: for full-day children, breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and drinks. For part-time children attending morning session, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks. For part-time children attending afternoon session, tea, snacks and drinks. For babies, parents are asked to supply disposable nappies and formula milk. Visits and trips are extra. 8. Fees are payable during nursery closure, staff training days, public holidays and when your child is absent. 9. Fees are payable monthly in advance on the first day of each month preferably by standing order or cheques or nursery vouchers. 10. We participate in the Nursery Education Grant (NEG) scheme, which entitles an eligible three or four year old child to 15 hours of free nursery attendance per week for 38 weeks of the year. This has been taken into account in the discounted NEG rate shown above. Your child would normally be entitled to the grant in the term following their third birthday. 11. Fee changes due to birthday will be implemented in the month following the month in which the birthday occurred. 12. Fees not paid on the due date will attract a levy of £10 per week for every week overdue. Deposit will be forfeited and child’s place terminated after 14 days of non-payment of fees. 13. For unpaid cheques and unpaid standing order, there will be an administrative charge of £15 payable by the parent. 14. Parents are required to give at least 30 days written notice if they wish to terminate their child’s place or change their child’s sessions. Fees must be paid in full for the notice period.

Registration and Information Form
Child’s first name: Middle names: Date of Birth: Child’s first language: Home Address: M/F Religion: Disabled? Y/N Surname: Known as: Ethnic Origin: Access requirements:

Please attach a passport photo of your child here

Post Code: Telephone Number: Name of mother / guardian: Occupation: Home Address:

Post code: Telephone Number: Work Address: Post Code: Work Number: Name of father / guardian: Occupation: Home Address: Ext:

Mobile Number:

Post code: Telephone Number: Work Address: Post Code: Work Number: Notes: Ext:

Mobile Number:

Contact # 1 Name: Relationship to child: Address: Post Code: Home Number: Work Number: Contact # 2 Name: Relationship to child: Address:


Mobile Number: Known as:

Post Code: Home Number: Work Number: Contact # 3 Name: Relationship to child: Address:

Mobile Number: Known as:

Post Code: Home Number: Work Number: People Authorised to pick up child Name Password: Relationship to child

Mobile Number:

Telephone Number(s)

MEDICAL DETAILS CHILD’S DOCTOR Name: Address: Telephone Number: CHILD’S HEALTH VISITOR Name: Address: Telephone Number:

INJECTIONS Whooping cough MMR Polio/Diphtheria/Tetanus ALLERGIES / SENSITIVITY Milk Nuts Eggs Wheat Fish Other






DIETARY REQUIREMENTS (Please state below):

OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS Diabetes Asthma Eczema Fits Other



If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, please provide specific details regarding possible symptoms or reactions to any of the above and the exact actions to be taken by staff

ADDITIONAL MEDICAL INFORMATION – e.g. any operations or regular medication

EMERGENCY TREATMENT CONSENT I hereby give consent to the Senior Staff at Oak Tree Day Nursery, to arrange emergency treatment, should they feel it is necessary. Emergency treatment consists of arranging medical advice from my child’s Doctor or from the NHS help line, and/or transportation to a hospital. I understand that my child’s health remains my responsibility and should the Nursery become concerned at any time then I shall be contacted and requested to either take my child home or arrange to meet us at the hospital, if the condition determines the need for emergency treatment. Signed (parent/guardian): Date:

LOCAL OUTING CONSENT I hereby authorise my child to participate in the nursery’s activities which includes visits to the library, walks and various local outings organised by the nursery. Signed (parent/guardian): Date:

PHOTO AND VIDEO CONSENT We sometimes take photos and video recordings of the children during activities and play for nursery or educational use only. Please indicate your consent below. I hereby authorise my child’s photograph to be taken for nursery or educational use only Signed (parent/guardian): Please state which sessions you require and your preferred start date: ____________ Full time: Yes/No Monday Morning’s 8am-12.30pm Afternoon’s 1.30pm-6pm Where did you hear about Oak Tree Day Nursery? _________________________ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Date:

How will you be traveling to the nursery? _________________________________ (If you are walking to the nursery then we offer a discount on your fees. This is £5 for a full time session per week. Or £1 per day for daily rate or 50p per session for morning or afternoons sessions) Your Child’s last Nursery: _________________________________________________________________

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of service, policies, procedures and fee structure for Oak Tree day Nursery and agree to abide by them. I will give 30 days written notice if I need to withdraw a confirmed nursery place. PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:_______________________________ DATE:_________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME:_____________________________________________________________

Please return this form FAO: -

The Manager Oak Tree Day Nursery 58 Blairderry Road Streatham Hill London SW2 4SB 020 8674 4844

A non-refundable registration fee of £35.00 is payable upon acceptance of a place. All the above information will be held in accordance with our confidentiality policy. We will offer you a place when one becomes available, this form does not guarantee a place.


We have some funding under the Childcare Affordability Programme (CAP) to assist parents with the cost of childcare. The funding is for 3 years, from 2005 to 2008. The key objectives of CAP are to:  Make childcare in London more affordable for lower income parents;  Enable parents on low incomes in London to stay in, return to, full or part-time work and flexible work;  Provide parents with greater access, choice and flexibility in childcare at greater quality. Affordable Flexible Childcare – we have some funding available. This funding allows us to offer discounted places to parents on child tax credit. We are also able to offer a flexible service to parents who do not wish to book a full day or enter into a contract with us for regular childcare. Parents will be able to drop their child for a minimum of 3 hours per day and pay £4.50 per hour. Parents will only pay for hours used. Parents of new children will be required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of £35 to register.

Eligibility Criteria for CAP You must be  Registered with the Nursery  be in receipt of Child Tax Credit of more than £547.50 (in 2005/06).

To apply You can apply by contacting the Nursery Manager on 020 8674 4844. You will be required to present your latest tax credit award letter OR any evidence to show that you qualify for a higher rate Child Tax Credit as a result of childcare costs.

I confirm that offer to start (name of child) will be taking up your

Full / Part (delete as appropriate) at Oak Tree Day Nursery on .

Enclosed is the registration fee of £35 and deposit of £ place. (Deposit = 2 weeks fees)

to secure the

-----------------------------------------------------Parents signature


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