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					                        America'^ Favorita Circui W««kly

Volume 2                           July 23, 1973                 Number 29

  show does ok The Winner                   Three prizes •• a raal elephant
      Owner/manager Ralph Schappach-
 sr, of the Diamond "S" Wild West      or $5*000 in cash or a trip t* India
 Rodeo, went into the hospital on      — ware off Mud in a racant "Name
 July 2nd for a knee injury, suffer-   the Elephant* contest sponsored by
  ed during a bull-dogging event on    Plantar* Peanuts.
 that day. Ha is now getting around         The elephant, a one year old
 with the help of two conns.           Indian female, is owned by tha Plan-
      Thus far this season the show    ter* Peanut Co, They selected the
 has been doing good business. They    name "Cinders!lephant" submitted by
 are using s 200 ft* long canopy       James Vullo, of Buffalo, N.Y., while
 top and all rolling equipment, sow    he selected tha cash priza.
 18 to 20 pieces, are newly painted,
      Cherrokee Hammond is the show
 announcer, while Tex and Marcy May*
                                        The winn show
                                          Karl Winn1s European High Wire
 nard furnish the music, with organ  Show wound up its recent tour with
 and drums. This is the second year  s July 9th dete at Seattle, Mash.
 the Baynarda have bean on the show* The show had opened at Eureka, Cal,
  on tofir                           on June 20th and business for the
                                     three week run was described as "be*
      The Murillos, balancing act,   ing very good."
(Salvador Murillo and Ulyses Reyes)
recently embarked on e three month        Attendance at Seattle was hurt
tour of South America* The act, was  because the ahow'a phone room opsr*
booked by Leo Grand of New York      ation had been closed down early in
City, for a tour with Sergio Ventor- promotion (see Circus Report for
ino'a Circus International, out of   May 7» 1973). Two shows were pr«»sen«
Lima, Peru*                          ted at the Manorial Stadium In the
 (Continued on Page 3)               Seattle Center*
 Peg* 2                                                The Circus Report
Test of Time
    'jJhen he was just 9 yrs. old, Joe
C. Brown, became a part of the Five
                                         the same route
                                              Last month Doc Miller, general
.*tarvelous Ashtons, an acrobatic       eg- it for Lewis Bros, Circus, was
troupe that toured with circuses        traveling over some of the seme
and carnivals*                         mountain roads he made in the 1920'i
    Later he reflected, "I suppose     with e wagon show. In fact he vie*
                                       ited the very spot where, back in
the lessons I learned in the circus    those days, lightning had killed
stuck with me all through life* I      the show's only horse, as the show
guess the main thing VMS the eager-    inched its way over the Last Rivet
iess to please that circus perfor-     Mountain range in e storm.
mers have."
                                              Doc reports that many old-tim-

a tv film
     Recently an ABC-TV crew spant
 four weeks on the Alberto's Ciicus
                                       ers in the mountains ask about the
                                       Old Dominion Shows. Silvan-Drew,
                                       Silver Bros., Mighty Haag and Teete
                                              It all recalls, ha added, e
 in Australia, during its tour of      once familiar comment to would-be
                                       know it alls on various show*.
 Tasmania. The show* based in Port-. "Makes no difference whether you
 lend, Victoria, was selected as the came over here from Tests Bros, or
 subject of the specie! TV film, be- Rlnglings, -• on this show we do it
 cause of its entertaining shoe*       this way."
    The film, in color, is called
 "A Pig Countfy • Alberto's Travel*
 ing Circus and Zoo.* It las alrea- eral afact they e van dey-
                                      and-datad        fe« towns*
 dy been shown in Australia and is
 now reportedly for sale to British        Sole Bros* hes 2 tlgere, 5 Hone
 and American TV outlets,             3 camels, 3 monkeys, 4 elephants
                                      and several hoi6*0 <HMJ ^Oni68« Al»
    Alberto's Circus is currently     berto's is somewhat smaller and
 playing in Queensland, while Sola    haa 2 lions, but an Interesting
 Bros* is also playing same gen- and attractive midway with a merry-
                                      go-round, dart stand, knock-em-
THE CIRCUS REPORT is published each down and shootlng gallery.
week by Don Marcke, 525 Oak Street,
El Cerrito, Celif, - 94530                 Vern Ellis, an Australian circus
                                      fan and model builder, haa turned
Subscription ratest $1*00 per month performer and is now featured in a
or $5.00 for six months| $10.00 for rola bola act*
e full year* Air Mail service is an
                                                   • ... by M. L. Dupont
extra $2.00
July 23, 1973                                                   Page 3

NOTES a group of four* wae
 Clown Arena*
                                       This year the
                                       fair at Sante
                                       Rose, Calif. ,|
reportedly signed Tor the fair at       (Jul. 16-28)
Santa Rosa* Calif, this weak.           is presenting]
  Allen's Petting Zoo played Placer-   three etage
villa, Calif, early this month.        shows, in
                                       piece of the usual two shows. In
  The Heppytime Circus is having its   some cases acts are held over for
trucks ralettered and numbered.        the following show, while other
  The Karl Minn European High Mire     ecte are changed.
Show reportedly drew good crowde at       Those appearing on the fair's
Burlington, Mash, on July 7th.         shows includet Pearce Sisters, The
  Rinqling's Blue Unit switched some   Snyder Bros., Lou Jecklich, Guy it
routes from its announced tour. Thus   Ralna, Ouane Dancers, Glen Ash and
the show was att Shreveport, La. on    the group called The Bright Side.
July 13-15| Jackson, Mise. on July      NOTES . . « .
17*18 and Alexandria, La. July 20-22       The Golden Days of Chivalry wa-
  The Shreveport Times for July 8th     gon wee pulled from the July 4th
(Shreveport, La.) carried three sep-    Milweukae parade when its team of
arate circus item* in the one issue.    horses wae startled by sons unknown
  The Heppytiee Circus got a plug in
the Santa Rosa, Calif, newspaper       ON   TOUR (Continued)
lest week on the besie it wee the on         In 1970, the Murillos wade a
ly ehow in the west that cerries a     tour of the Orient and Jepen, which
•enagerle.                             wae followed by a 1971 tour in Cana-
  Rudy Bros, date et Cincinnati, Oh.   da and the U.S., along with dates
was not in a Coliseum as was report-   for Polack Bros. Circus. Last year
ad, but rather they played under one   they appeared with the Three Cabal-
of Harold Bernee1 tents.               leros Disney show, and early thie
  Ohio CfA members are expected to     year played some detee with the Cat-
                                       ti Charles Circus.
put in a bid for the 1974 convention
which they hope to hold et Spring-           Salvador (Sal) Murillo, who is
field,                                 fro* Dallas, Taxes, has a new part-
   About e million people were on      ner this season in Ulyses Reyes, of
hand to see the July 4th Circus par-   Lot Angeles, Cel«, the son of Alf««o
ade at Milwaukee, Misc.                redo Reyes. Ulyses father, before
                                       being crippled in en auto accident,
  A cemel in the Milwaukee parade      was for five ysars featured et The
broke loose during the event, bbt      Dunes in Lee Vegas, Nov. in the or*
was quickly retaken.                   iginel role bole act.
                               Fisher Brtfs. Circua             Bob Haawond Shows
ROUTES                           Jul    23 Akron, Colo*           Jul 25-29 Fairbault, Minn     •o
Beatty-Cole Circus                      24 Yume                 0. L. Manning Shows             a
  Jul    23 Oil City, Pa.               25 Wray                   Jul 23-28 Riaereburg, Pa.     a
         24 Youngstown, Ohio            26 Brush                Megerle Shows
         25 Canton                      27 La Salla               Jul 28-Aug 4 Warren, Ohio
Cardan Johnson Circus                   28 Eaton                Midway o* Mirth Shows
  Jul 23-24 Fergus Falls, Mnn Royal Bros. Circus                  Jul    25 Decatur, 111.
       25-26 St. Cloud           Jul    23 Hearst, Ont. Cano.   Mid-South Showe
          27 St. Peter                  24 Smooth Rock Fella      Jul 23-28 Hodgenville, Ky,
          26 Cannon Falls               25 Cochorane            Mid-State Shows
Caraon a Barnes Circus                  26 Iroquia Fella          Jul 26-29 Rockton, 111.
  Jul     23 South Elgin,111.           27 Marathon             Millar Spectacular Shows
          24 Hanover Park            28-29 No Show                Jul 23-26 Marehall, Mo.
Circua Kirk                    Royal Wild West Circus           Miaslaeippi Valley Shows
  Jul     23 Cambridge, Ohio     Jul 23 Fair Lawn, N.J.           Jul 23-28 Benton, 111.
          24 Woodefield                 24 Enroute              Moore's Greater Showa
          25 Powkatan Point             25 Ledyard, Conn*         Jul 24-29 Oceole, Nebr.
          26 New Mertlnavllle           26 Hebron                     23-26 Smith Center,K3.
                        W. Va.          27 Old Saybrook               27-29 Clay Center,Neb
          27 Racine, Ohio               28 Oakdale              Murphy Bros. Exposition
          26 ot.Pleasant,*. Va Royson Bros. Circus                Jul 25-29 Hibbing, Minn.
Clyde Bros. Circus               Jul 23-24 Bryson City, N.C.    Pugh Showa
   Jul 23-24 Iowa City, Iowa          25-26 Andrews               Jul 23-28 Oblong, 111.
       26-29 Pekatonia, 111.          27-26 Murphy              Ralthoffer Showe
Diamond "S" Wild Weet          Tommy Scott-Tim McCoy Show         Jul 22-28 Matartown, NY
   Jul    23 Rockeway, N.J.      Jul     23 Merrill, Wise.      Roae City Rides
          24 Honaadale, Pa.              24 Enroute               Jul 24-28 Montgomery City,   a
          26 Morindaville.W.Va           25 Appletom                                      Mo   r>
       27-28 Proctorville,0hio           26 Two Rivers          Skarbeok Showe
George Matthews Circus                   27 Chilton               Jul 25-28 Hale, Mich.
   Jul 24-26 Prospect, 111.              28 Plymouth            Ralph Wagner Showe
Hoxie Bros. Circus                       29 Sheboygan             Jul 25-28 Hico, Texas        •o
   Jul    23 Lancaster, Pa.    Sells It Grey Circus                                            O
          24 Willow Street                                            FAIRS •t••••••           "1
                                 Jul     23 Ludlow, Msss.
          25 Kenneth Square              24 Naw Britain,Conn    Ionia Free Fair
          26 Media                       25 Cromwell              Jul 26-Aug 5 Ionia, Mich
          27 Newark, Dele.               26 Meriden             Mother Lode Fair
          28 Thorofare, N.J.             27 Windeor               Jul 26-29 Sonora,     if.
Wei. Kay Circus                          28 Eeet Otie,Mass      Sente Barbara County fair
   Jul 23-24 Eeu Claire, Wiec John Strong Circus                  Jul 24-29 Santa Merie,Cel
King Bros. Circus                Jul 23-24 Canton, Ohio         Stete Fair
   Jul     23 Ormo, Wise.             25-26 Akron                 Jul 28-Aug 8 Crest .ills,
          24 Two Rivers               27-29 Cleveland                                 Wont.
          25 Sturgeon Bay      Wallenda Circus                  Yuba-Sutter Fair
          26 Oconto              Jul 27-28 Golfport, Miss,        Jul 25-29 Yuba City, Cal.
          27 Marinatte
          28 Iron Mountain     OTHER ROUTES                      QUESTION
         28 Iron Mountain       OTHER ROUTES                   QUESTIOK
Lewis Broa. Circus              Peggy Flaming Ice Show            Mhat happened to the
  Jul    23 Widdleburg, H.Va      Jul 24-29 Valley Forge. Pa. petrified man" that was dug
         24 Blacksville         Holiday on Ice                up near Creede, Colo, about
         25 Wannington            Jul 23-Aug 12 Knoxvilla,Ten 1892?
         26 Belington           Little People of America Con.
         27 Parsons               Jul 23-27 Oakland, Calif*       The fabricated figure,
         28 Kingwood            Mexican Rodeo                 for that is what it was, was
Miller-Johnson Circus             Jul 27-29 Loa Angeles, Cal. dug up by J. J. Dora in Apr.
  Jul 22-24 Hartford* Conn.     Steamboat Days                of 1892* The piece of scul-
      25-26 Materford             Jul 27-29 Peorla, 111.      pture was given the name of
         2? Stafford Springs    Topper* the Clown Magic Shorn "McCinty" by the Creade
         28 Danbury               Jul 23-27 Ottawa, Ont. Can. Candle, local newspaper. Mc-
Olympic Int'l Circus            ••••• CARNIVALS ...«••••      Cinty had been bought in
  Jul    25 Pocono, Pa.         American Eagle Shows          Denver, end burled near
Polack Bros. Circus               Jul 24-26 Ord, Nebr.        Creeds by Bob Fitzsimmons, a
  Jul    25 Klemath Falls.Orq         27-29 Atkinson          gambler (not the fighter)*
Ringling-Barnum Blue Unit       Amusements of America         After some manipulations, he
  Jul 24-25 Mobile, Ala.                                      and         Smith became
                                  Jvl 27-Aug 4 ffliddlet'n,N.Y. "Soapy"was eventually its
                                                              owners. It
      27-30 Memphis* Tenn.
Ringling-Barnum Red Unit
                                Atlas Greater Shows           shipped east, where it dis-
  Jul 24-Aug 8 Inglew'd.Cal.
                                  Jul 26-29 San Loandro, Cal* integrated. There have been
Royal Lipizzan Show
                                Central State Shove           other such hoaxes in the
  Jul    24 Bakerafield,Cal.
                                  Jul 26-28 Pratt, Kane,      past, such as the Cardiff
         25 Fresno
                                Continental Shows             Giant, ard The Solid Wuleoon
      26-27 San Francisco        Jul 27-29 Bradford, Vt*
                                Dell A Travera Shove
      28-29 Oakland               Jul   23-28 Butler, Pa.
Rudy Broa. Circus               Don*s   Amusements
  Jul 24-29 Baltimore, Md.        Jul   23-26 Sibley, Iowa
                                James   H* Drev Shows
                                  Jul   23-28 Olney, 111.
                                Great   American Shone
                                  Jul 23-28 Herlock, N. Y.
Peg* 6                                                 The Circus Report
Lessons to Be Learned                  ANNOUNCEMENT       A ONETIME CHANCE
                                           The Immense and Colorful
      In a recant issue gf "The En-
quirer" newspaper, clown Emoiett       L. WILSON POARCH INT'L COLLECTION
Kelly was quoted as saying -- You                OF CIRCUSIANA
rtust stick to life's simple virt-       is up for grabs In its entirety
ues and you'll have a sure-fire re-
cipe for happiness.                    This collection amreces thousands
      You don't need a lot of mater-   of Itens of circusiana and hundreds
ial things, said Kelly. "All you       of circus titles and will be sold
really need are a loving family, a     to the highest bidder above the
lot of friends, food enough to fill    S4,800 minimum. Payment must be by
your stomach, shelter to keep you      certified cashier's check and win*
unarm and dry, and a bed soft enough   ning bidder must agree to packing
to sleep on.                           and shipping cost or effect prompt
                                       pick-up* All bids must be in not
     "If you have these things, you    later than midnight, Thursday, Sep.
should be satisfied — you have         20, 1973.
got enough** he said*
     for inner happiness, Kelly re-    Collection includes more than 7009
ports, you must be yourself* There     photos (1,200 ere 8xlO's)| 375 U.S.
is no uae trying to copy others,       and foreien programs, 100 books,
for that is a lie that is bound to                  ,0
                                       200 lithos, 2 0 0 negatives, 400
backfire in your face* Be honest       slides, 14 albumns of recordings,
with others* he added, you'll al-      45 route books, all White Tops
ways be happier and aafer with the     sinoa 1941, hundreds of press re-
truth.                                 leases, and hundreds of miscellan-
                                       eous items such as heralds, flyers,
     Looking beck on his own life,     tickets, passes, etc.
Kelly who is 74 said, he was alweyi
in too much of a hurry. "Now that      SEND BIO TOi L* Wilson Poerch
I'M seal-retired, I have to stop                    3706 No. Rosser St.
myself fro* hurrying*                               Alexendrla, Ve. 22311
     "Try to live your life at an      THIS IS TRULY A •BARGAIN"
easy pace* Don't be in too much of
a rush,                                are doing the right thing."
     "I have only one religion. Do
unto others as you wieh to be done         According to Kelly, his Weary
by* At long a* you follow that won*    Willie appeals to people because
derful rule, it doesn't matter what    they feel sorry for him* No matter
faith you follow.                      ho* many problems you have, Willie'
                                       is in worse shape. By comparing
     "You'll always know that you      yourself to Willie, you feel better
  July 23, 1973                                                      Pag* 7
                DWIGHT MOORC (pictured
                laft) had his dog act        Happytime Circus
                at Pleaaanton and Free-         The program currently being pre
                no, Calif, recently.       sented by the Happytime Circus con-
                                           sists oft
                POPO, The Clown, prasan
                tad threa kiddie show*          Wiss Heidi - Juggling
                at an Oakland, Calif*           Kokq the clown and a balloon
                atora on July 14th.             Three trained goats
                                                Waking of balloon animals
                DAVE TuiOflCY had his kid       Wire walking dog
                dia cara at the Pleaa-          Goofus and Koko - role bola
                anton, Calif, fair aar-         Hula Hoop contest
                liar thia Month.                The Beby gorilla
                DAN RUSSELL provided            The Wendany Family - acrobats
 stock for a rodeo held at Sonoma, Ca           Three liberty ponies
 on July 14-15.                                 High dive dog
    J. KING ROSS was featured in the           A general rundown on the show,
 July 15th issue of Grit magazine.          including its physical equipment
                                            was reported en July 2nd.
     BILLIE GRUBBS is lithographer for
 Lawla Bros. Circus. He also serves
 in working «ith the show sponsors.                            for reading The
                                                               Circus Deport*
    FRANK and BERNICE DEAN visited                             We'd like to have
 GAYLORD WAYWARD and BUTCH and SHIELA                          you tell your
 FRANK ON THE Royal Llpizzan Show at                           friends about it,
 Long Beach, Cal. on July 9th. Butch                           so they too can
 is the eon of veteran wild vast par-                          be a regular raa-»
  orner TAfflA FRANK. On July 11th                             der.
'FRANK DEAN got photos of Gaylord's         For Just $10.00 a yaer you'll get
 •ulea and horaes for an upcoming           a copy every weak - so order today*
 magazine article.
                                           Writet Don PlerckB, 575 0*»k Street,
      JAMES HARGROVE and BOB TRIPP were             El Cerrito, Cel. 94530
 seen visiting at the Pleasanton, Cal,
 Fair last week.
                                          credits OTTO GRIEBLINC with a great
      GREG STONE, a CFA member, is now deal of his success.
 handling announcing chorea with the
 Anderson Roman Show.                          HAROLD SIMMONS has reportedly
                                          quit show business and ia now work-
      HARRY RAwlS, mgr. for King Bros, ing at a golf course in Florida.
 reports his son is handling conces-
 sions on the Beatty-Cols show*                THE GREAT UNUS who is now retir-
                                          ed, reportedly owns a shopping cen-
      RON SEVERINI, an RBBB cl uin,       ter near Sarasota, Fla.
 July 23, 1973                Page 8

 The Big One
           .. ..... by H. T. Dreyfus
    Caught Singling Blue at Houston
(July 4*11) and enjoyed the sho«.
The whole production maa beautiful*
wardrobe ia great and that Midget ie
a real crowd pleassr. Clown Oougia
Ashton was a merry screaming sensa-
tion in all his skits. H« has the
walk and Minnarisais of Chaplin down
to s T.
    On Friday evening (July 6) Char-
lis Bauoiann was mauled by ona of hia
tigers during a rehearsal aftsr the
night show* Hasn't able to find out
how badly he was hurt, but he didn't
make any shows on Saturday*

f. valle dies
      Felix Valle* acclaimed as one
of the world's greatest cowboy
rope spinners, died at the age of
58 on June 29th. Will Rogers, Jr.,
said, "he probably was the great*
set two handed roper there has
      Valle was known for his work
in theatres, fairs, circus and mo-
tion picures. During the offseason
he worked as a playground roping
instructor in the Los Angeles area.
He had been on the John Strong and
DaWeyne Bros. Circus, but for the
past 6. or 8 years was semi-retired,
     Among the ropers attending
ths services at Holy Cross ^ema-
tary in Culver City, Calif, on Jul.
2nd weret Frank and Bernice Dean,
Les Walker, Sylvester and Barbara

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