Simplifying procurement with Government Procurement Service

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					Case study:
Simplifying procurement with Government Procurement Service

                                                                                                       “GPS provides
                                                                                                 a complete tool kit.
                                                                                                  There are certainly
                                                                                           times when a full tender
                                                                                          process is what you need,
                                                                                           but if you are looking for
                                                                                          proven technologies, this
                                                                                            is a highly effective way
                                                                                               of finding them. It is a
                                                                                                      quick, efficient
                                                                                                    and effective way
Government Procurement Service (GPS), formerly Buying Solutions and the
                                                                                                      of purchasing.”
OGC, was established to help public sector bodies find a way through
the complex European laws on procurement by centralising spending on                          Marcus Hobbs at Compass
                                                                                                Point Business Services
common goods and by doing so, cut down the time and cost associated
with procurement.
The EU Procurement Regulations are designed to encourage competition and innovation,
however, in certain cases they can result in lengthy and complicated purchasing processes. GPS
aims to identify certain categories of goods and services that could be procured at a national level
and reduce some of this burden.

Capita’s software services division has been awarded the
following Lots and Frameworks:

Framework RM865: Local Government Software                         leisure related software application solutions
Applications Solutions                                          •	 Lot 7: Communities - social housing software application
 •	 Lot 1: Management and Finance – revenues, benefits and         solutions
    finance software application solutions                      •	 Lot 9: Environment and Public Protection - highways and
 •	 Lot 2: Management and Finance – performance                    transport software application solutions.
    management, planning and decision making software
    application solutions                                       Framework RM713: Software Application Solutions
 •	 Lot 3: Social Care and Education - social care related       •	 Lot 1: Bespoke Applications,
    software application solutions                               •	 Lot 4: HR, Finance, Procurement, Transactions Management
 •	 Lot 5: Social Care and Education - libraries, museums and       and ERP Solutions.
Case study

Best practice procurement
                                                                     “GPS enabled us to purchase software for the new shared service
Suppliers are only admitted onto GPS Frameworks following            within a couple of months, which was half the time of the normal
a full EU procurement tender based on quality and price. The         tender process. If it was not for GPS, we would have been unable to
Framework is then made available to central government               meet the targets we needed to achieve.”
departments and other public sector bodies from which to
                                                                     Cutting costs and getting value for money
Compass Point Business Services (a shared service established        The shorter timescales can mean using GPS saves money
by the South Holland and East Lindsey District Councils) used        in administering the tender process. Competitive rates
the Framework to purchase a number of Capita’s software              have already been secured from businesses to ensure value
modules, including their revenues and benefits system. Marcus        for money.
Hobbs, transformation lead at Compass Point Business Services,
explains the process:                                                “Working for a comparatively small authority, we benefit from
                                                                     the economies of scale that have been negotiated into the
“Suppliers are pre-qualified so it is simply a question of           framework agreements. If we were going out ourselves as a small
identifying the right Framework for your needs. You then publish     organisation with no more than 500 users, we would not get
notice of your requirements and receive expressions of interest      the same commercial rates as we do through GPS,” says Paul at
from businesses.                                                     Christchurch BC.

“We invited suppliers in on one day and elaborated our needs. This   Jane Lubbock, head of business improvement at Oxford City
helped us quickly identify suppliers who were keen to work with      Council, used GPS’s framework to re-tender the council’s rents
us. We could then evaluate written responses and make a choice       and revenues application: “Through GPS we were able to procure
within a set timeframe.                                              an upgrade to our software. This is a key system for the council
                                                                     and the ability to procure and implement an upgrade needed to
“The great thing is that the whole process from beginning to end     be done without affecting the delivery of the service. Using GPS
is pre-defined for you, conforming to best practice so you can be    frameworks we were able to re-tender and renegotiate a new
assured that you have followed the correct procedure legally.”       contract with Capita, which included several new modules at an
                                                                     extremely competitive price.”
Keeping it simple and saving time
The simplicity of the system and the pre-selection process
                                                                     Legally compliant
means procurement is faster and tendering is more targeted.          All GPS commercial procurement solutions are compliant with
                                                                     the new EU procurement directives, as well as UK procurement
This was the experience of Christchurch Borough Council and          regulations. Pre-agreed terms and conditions offer local
East Dorset District Council. After receiving a challenging audit,   authorities sound contractual safeguards.
they used GPS when they made the decision to move quickly to
a shared service model in their housing department.                  “The fact that there is a standard contract, which is legally
                                                                     compliant, helps save time,” agrees Paul at Christchurch BC.
Paul Downton, information manager at Christchurch BC
explains, “We had a very tight timeframe of six to nine months       A complete purchasing solution
to get this up and running with many complex decisions to make.
One of these was which software would support our new shared         In 2010-11, GPS managed £7.6bn of procurement, delivering
service. A traditional tender process would have taken too long if   significant and sustainable cost reductions to the public sector.
we wanted to meet our projected start date.”                         As budgets and staffing continue to be squeezed it is likely the
                                                                     trend for simplified procurement will continue, if not increase.
The quickest route to market was to go through GPS. After
asking businesses on the Local Government Software                   “GPS provides a complete tool kit. There are certainly times when
Application Solutions Framework to tender, the authority             a full tender process is what you need, but if you are looking for
purchased Capita’s OPENHousing housing management                    proven technologies, this is a highly effective way of finding
software system.                                                     them. It is a quick, efficient and effective way of purchasing,” says
                                                                     Marcus Hobbs at Compass Point Business Services.

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