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• Who Needs Data Protection?
• Evaluating Backup Software
• Three Backup Software Types
  – Legacy
  – Online
  – near-Continuous (CDP)
What Do We Protect Data From?

• Server Failure
  – Hard Drives Stop Spinning,
    Storage Controllers Corrupt Data, etc
• Accidental Drop or Delete
  – The “Arggg Sh***!” factor
• Security Compromise
  – Server, Database, Application
• Business or Government Regulation
  – Historical Archiving Rules
  – HIPPA, EU Data Archiving Regulations
 Evaluating Backup Software
• Archive Management?
  – Does application easily manage historical archives
• Archive Type?
  – People either need disk or tape or both
• Supported Environment
  – What O/S’s Virtualization is supported?
  – What Applications Are Supported?
• Data Lost in a Disaster
  – Minutes? Hours? Days?
• Backup Window Length
  – Minutes? Hours? Days?
• File or Block Based?
 Evaluating Backup Software
• Online Backup (Point-in-time Snapshots)
  – Consistent snapshot of running system
• Ease of Use
  – Graphical User Interface, Web Interface, etc
• Bare-Metal Restore
  – Bring servers back to life
• Backup Method
  – Full
  – Incremental
  – Virtual Full Backups
• Cross Platform?
  – Manage Linux Backups in Windows?
  – Manage Windows Backups in Linux?
               Backup Type: Legacy

Method                      Full / Incremental
Data Lost In Disaster       Days

File or Block Based Backup? File

Backup Window Length        Hours or Days

Online Backup (Snapshots)   No

Bare-Metal Restore          Not Possible

Backup Window               = Time to Read All Data
                Backup Type: Online

                                                        LVM Snapshots
               Live State

Method                        Full / Incremental

Data Lost In Disaster         Days

File or Block Based Backup?   Depends

Online Backup (Snapshots)     Yes

Bare-Metal Restore            Possible

Backup Window                 = Time to Read All Data
Backup Type: Continuous Data Protection ®

                         R1Soft is ONLY near-Continuous
                         Backup for Linux and Windows

 Method                      Virtual Full

 Data Lost In Disaster       Minutes

 File or Block Based Backup? Block

 Online Backup (Snapshots)   Yes

 Bare-Metal Restore          Yes

 Backup Window               = Only Time to Read Deltas
                  R1Soft at a Glance
• Cross Platform Backup & Recovery
  –   Linux & Windows servers & MySQL databases
• near-Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  – Fast backup scheduled e.g. every 15 minutes / hour
• Over 85,000 servers licensed
• Used by major hosting companies
• Division of BBS Technologies
  –   Based in Houston, Texas
  –   Systems management software for Windows & Linux
  –   165+ staff , 4,000 customers
  –   49th Fastest Growing Technology company in US (Deloitte)
  –   4th largest software company in Houston
  One CDP Server to Many Agents

•CDP Server to Agent Authentication using RSA Keys
•Blowfish and RSA Encryption over wire
•MD5 Check Sum Verification At all Failure Points
•Bare-Metal Restore with Live CD, Remote Restore, PXE Network Boot
•Hosting Control Panel Integration
•Provisioning and Billing API
•Command Line Interface
•Easy To Use Web Interface
R1Soft Implementation
Backup Load Usually Disappears with R1Soft
         (Server Load Avg. Dropped From 3.0 to 0.0 )
 Nightly Plesk Backup (tar & rsync) V.S. Hourly R1Soft CDP

          |tar   and       rsync | R1Soft CDP |
Archive Many Virtual Full Backups
      in R1Soft Disk Safe ®
Manage All Backups Centrally
Recover Files or Volumes
          Parallels Integration
• Plesk
  – Control Panel Account Level Restores
• Parallels and R1Soft Partnership
  – Technology Integration
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