WCL308_ Inventory Your Network and Clientswith Windows by hcj


What is the Springboard Series?

Inside of Microsoft we are                                                     To the IT pro, our goal is
• A turnkey IT pro engagement platform for depth and breadth                   • Be the definitive resource for Desktop IT pros
• The program to mobilize MS marketing and field to                              • Open, honest; show don’t tell
  focus on desktop OS IT pros                                                    • Information at right time, right level across Adoption Lifecycle

                                                               Springboard Technical Experts
                               Straight-talk Monthly Feature                                        TalkingAboutWindows                  one-Windows
   Virtual Roundtable Events                                        Panel Event Support
                               Articles and Overview Guides                                               Video Blogs              TechCenter in 10 languages
                                                                      and Resources
www.microsoft.com/teched       www.microsoft.com/learning

http://microsoft.com/technet   http://microsoft.com/msdn
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