JUNK FOOD                                           women who ate 10 to 15 gm of fibre
                                                                                           a day," wrote study author Stephanie
                                       ADDITIVES STOP                                      Smith-Warner of the Harvard School
                                                                                           of Public Health.
                                       NERVE CELL GROWTH
                                       Mixing the common additives                         Eating lots of fibre did cut the risk of
                                       aspartame, an artificial sweetener, and             rectal cancer slightly, and a fibre-rich
                                       monosodium glutamate (MSG) causes                   diet is known to ward off heart
                                       nerve cell damage, say researchers at               disease and diabetes. The report was
                                       the University of Liverpool.                        published in the Journal of the
                                                                                           American Medical Association.
                                       The results from a two-year study
                                       were recently published in the journal
                                       Toxicological Sciences. The researchers
                                       found the additives were much more                  Animal Scares
                                       potent in combination with each
                                       other than on their own.
                                                                                           Create Demand
                                       Researchers were surprised to see that              for Vegetarian
                                       the additives interfered with nerve
                                       signaling systems and actually stopped              Ingredients
                                       the nerve cells from growing.                       Food safety fears have led to the
                                       Aspartame is commonly found in diet                 emergence of a new market in
                                       drinks, candies and flavoured                       vegetarian supplement ingredients,
                                       medicines, while MSG is frequently                  and industry insiders predicting that
                                       found in chips, processed cheese and                as many as half of all ingredients
                                       many processed foods.                               could be non-animal derived in the
compiled by                              The Guardian, Wednesday December 21, 2005.        next ten years. Scares such as BSE in
                                                                                           cattle and avian 'flu in poultry have
Mark Berriman and                                                                          prompted consumers and marketers
Robert Fraser                          ARE VEGETARIANS                                     to cast about for supplements
                                                                                           containing no animal derivatives, and
                                       TALLER THAN                                         that means ingredient companies are
                                       NON-VEGETARIANS?                                    having to reconsider the carriers they
                                       Apparently not. An investigation to                 use or develop synthetic variants or
    ARE YOU READY                      find out if life-long adherence to a                seek out vegetarian sources for many
                                                                                           oftheir products.
    FOR THE CHANGE?                    vegetarian diet is associated with
    A study to examine                 adult height, age at menarche, adult                Lukas Christian, global product
    consumers' readiness to            body weight and body mass index                     manager for beta-carotene at DSM
    change to a plant-based diet       (BMI), looked at 45,952 British men                 Nutritional Products, told
    has surveyed 415 randomly          and women, of whom 16,083 were                      Nutralngredients.com that he believes
    selected adults in the state of    vegetarians, found that there were no               the demand for non-animal
    Victoria. Results indicate that    significant differences in height,                  ingredients stems not so much from
    in terms of their readiness to     weight or BMI between life-long                     growing numbers of traditional
    eat a plant-based diet, the        vegetarians and people who became                   vegetarians, but from people who are
    majority (58%) of participants     vegetarian more recently.                           concerned about diseases in certain
    were in the pre-contemplatio       Nor was there a significant difference              animal species. Christian said he does
    stage of change, while 14%         in age at menarche between life-long                not expect animal-derived ingredients
    were in contemplation/             vegetarian women and women who                      to disappear completely, but that
    preparation, and 28% in            became vegetarian at age 20 or less.                vegetarian versions are likely to
    action/maintenance. Those in                                                           become more than a niche over the
                                       The study suggests that, compared                   next five to 10 years, representing
    the action/maintenance stage
                                       with people who become vegetarian                   30-50% of all ingredients.
    ate more fruit, vegetables,
                                       when adult, life-long vegetarians do
    nuts, seeds, wholemeal bread,
                                       not differ in adult height, weight, BMI             "General vegetarian ingredients also
    and cooked cereals than those
                                       or age at menarche in women.                        have a healthy image, and that
    in earlier stages. There were
    strong differences across the          Public Heaith Nutrition, 2005 Oct;8(7}:870-5.   certainly helps," she said. Chris Olivant
    stages of change with regard                                                           of the UK's Vegetarian Society told
                                                                                           Nutralngredients.com that numbers of
    to perceived benefits and          FIBRE OR NOT?                                       vegetarians tend to peak in the
    barriers to plant-based diets.     Eating lots of fibre does not lower a
    Those in action/maintenance                                                            immediate aftermath of an animal
                                       person's risk of developing colon                   health scare, but drop back down to
    scored highest for benefit         cancer, but it is a good idea to
    factors associated with well-                                                          prior levels afterwards. Overall he said
                                       consume fibre-rich fruits and                       vegetarianism has followed a steady
    being, weight, health,             vegetables anyway for your heart and
    convenience and finances,                                                              upwards curve over tbe past decade.
                                       overall health, according to an                     A 2002 Datamonitor report estimated
    whereas those in the pre-          analysis of 13 previous studies of
    contemplation stage did not                                                            that there are around 12 million
                                       725,000 men and women.                              vegetarians in Europe.
    recognise such benefits.
                                       "Specifically, we found that men and                                          www. foodnavigator-
       European Journal of Ciinica     women who ate at least 30 gm of                       usa.com/news/ng.asp?n=€5085-dsm-\'egetarian-
            Nutrition, 9 Nov 200       fibre a day had the same risk of                                              food-safety-gelatine
                                       colorectal (colon) cancer as men and

10 New Vegetarian and Natural Health                                                                                    Autumn 2006

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