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					Dale Drum
2154 Stevely Ave. ● Long Beach, CA 90815 ● 562.310.2910 ● daledrum2@aol.com ●www.daledrumart.com●

EDUCATION The Art Institute of California- Orange County Bachelors of Science in Game Art and Design Related courses: Advanced Game Prototyping Game Asset Development Mapping for Games COMPUTER SKILLS Maya Adobe Photoshop

Santa Ana, CA

March 2009

Advanced Game Modeling and Texture Advanced Level Design

3D Studio Max Zbrush

Unreal 3 editor Excel

EXPERIENCE The Art Institute of California- Orange County Santa Ana, CA July 2008 to September 2008 Advanced Game Prototyping Course  Worked on a complete mod of the Unreal 3 Engine called “Category 3”  Created props for use in the Unreal conversion  Worked with deadlines and reported to leads  Worked with specifications and limitations in modeling and texturing for the Unreal 3 engine  Used photo reference to model and texture from The Art Institute of California- Orange County Santa Ana, CA July 2007 to September 2007 Level Design Course  Voted best Unreal Tournament 2004 level out of 14 students  Quarter long project done individually  Designed and built every model and texture needed for the level  Developed great time management skills to get project done before the deadline Drum Works Armory La Verne, CA July 2004 to Present Volunteer Airsoft Customizer  Design and Build innovative Airsoft props and weapons  Utilize many different tools in a garage to hand craft custom props  Gained small renown in the Airsoft community and praised for our craftsmanship  Great attention to detail to create props as close to the real thing as possible

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