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									        SUBSTITUTE LIST from the Harrisburg Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
                                               (Listed in alphabetical order)
NAME                       ADDRESS                     PHONE        EMAIL                           COMMENTS
Karen Appel                465 Countryside Lane        439-1914     hinote@comcast.net              can also do liturgical
                           Harrisburg PA 17112         599-5809
Chelsea Barton             4 Dishley Drive        991-5499          cbarton3@u.rochester.edu        June to August only
                           Mechanicsburg PA 17055

Delight St. John-Brainerd 32 Pleasant View Drive 766-1445           delizia@pleinjeu.org            can also do liturgical
                          Mechanicsburg PA 17050
Barbara Carpenter          5416 Pond Road              652-3908                                     summers only
                           Harrisburg PA 17111

Craig Deimler              PO Box 4330                 648-7692     Partnered223@comcast.net
                           Harrisburg PA 17111
Josephine Freund           382 Petersburg Road         245-0479                                     can also do liturgical
                           Carlisle PA 17013
Don Golden                 5228 Royal Drive       766-0157          orgelmeistereins@peoplepc.com can also do liturgical
                           Mechanicsburg PA 17055
Ellen Hunt                 23 N. Homestead Road        463-9012     ellenhunt@ruthhunter.com        can also do liturgical
                           McAlisterville PA 17049
Rich Miller                223 East Canal Street       856-7638     iamrichmiller@verizon.net
                           Hershey PA 17033
Shelly Moorman-Stahlman 2200 Brandt Road               269-8623     moorman@lvc.edu                 can also do liturgical
                        Annville PA 17003
Bev Palmer                 273 Austin Drive            469-7127 bpalmer02@comcast.net               can also do liturgical
                           Grantville PA 17028         571-9343 (cell)
Doris Savage               12 Wineberry Drive     697-4042          dorisagohbg@comcast.net         can also do liturgical
                           Mechanicsburg PA 17055
Judy Schrack               536 Mountain Road           432-4920 jnschrack@aol.com                   can also do liturgical
                           Dillsburg PA 17019          805-9463 (cell)
Joyce Shoemaker            45 Oneida Road              737-8287
                           Camp Hill PA 17011
Carolyn Wright             408 Ford Drive              361-5128     carowall@dejazzd.com            can also do liturgical
                           Elizabethtown PA 17022
Charles Yocum              705 Linwood Street     774-5761          charles.yocum@comcast.net       can also do liturgical
                           New Cumberland PA 17070

Please call or email Timothy Koch at 737-9921 X229 or timothy.koch@trinitycamphill.org to be added to this list. This list
also appears on the Chapter Website in the Jobs and Substitutes section- visit harrisburgago.com

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