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65, Jan Van Der Heijdenstraat
2522 EL, Den Haag, Netherlands

MyTransfer BP 2493 L-1024 Luxembourg

Cell: +31623704102
Email :
Skype: simbajp
                                                                            With M. Yunus

Personal Data
Development finance and banking specialist in 40 countries since

Present Position
EU chief of project at Oxfam Novib linking MFIs with remittances (1.8 m EUR)
Executive Director MyTransfer Luxembourg SA since April 2001
Board member of the European Microfinance Platform re-elected in November 2010
Founder of the Swiss Microfinance Platform (with actors representing USD 1bn of MF investments -
Elected at the board in Oct ’08)
Representative of OITFM in Europe (Remittances observatory for the UN 48 LDCS
countries) and founder of the World Diaspora Fund

Previous positions
Managing Director of RAFAD Foundation and the International Guarantee Fund (sept 2006 – may 2008)
Former member of the Management team of the Microfinance Information eXchange
Former board member of CLUSSIL , IT security group of Luxembourg (CSSF, banks, …)

Main conferences
Microcredit Summit in Jordan (2004) : speaker on MIS selection
Microcredit Summit in Canada (2006) : speaker on migrant remittances
Moderator at the Microfinance New Technologies Summit (2008)
Radio interviews: 1 hour live alone on RSR, the 1 state owned radio (18/01/2008), Radio Cites
(18/12/2007), many other conferences in Geneva (5 times speaker during Q4 ’08)

        Graduated from INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DU COMMERCE DE PARIS (3 years) 1987 – 1 in
        economics out of 2382 candidates (entry exam)
                                                                        st     nd
        Graduated from INSTITUT TECHNIQUE DE BANQUE – 1 & 2 year - Paris- Official
        training centre of banking industry (C.F.P.B.) – 1 of national practice both years
       Graduated from HESSI – Paris- Security Management of Information Systems, 1995

Language Ability
French: Mother tongue
English: Fluent – Certified CEF/ALTE level C2/5 (the highest in the Common European Framework)
German: Working knowledge – 11 years studying German at school

Age 45 years old
Key experience
Jean is a development finance specialist with more than 20 years of experience as a consultant in the
banking & microfinance industry in France, Africa & Eastern Europe.
He served at the Centre International du Crédit Mutuel (5 bank network in France) 87-89, Société
Générale (Paris) 89-90, Field Specialist of the World Council of Credit Unions (USAID contract – US
government) 90-92, Microfinance fee-lance consultant (Crédit Mutuel - computerization for all foreign
projects, World Bank, Banques Populaires) 92-94, Chargé de mission Caisse d’Epargne (France) 95-
99, PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxembourg (99-2003) in Luxembourg and Switzerland.
April ’01: he established MyTransfer, his own company dedicated to Microfinance with the agreement
and support from PricewaterhouseCoopers.
From Jan.’04 to August ‘06, he was in charge of the technical issues of the Microfinance Information
eXchange .
From Sept ’06 to May ’08, he was managing director of both RAFAD foundation ( and
the International Guarantee Fund (

Computer science
Ms Office : PowerPoint, MS Project, Excel, Word
Experience in new technologies and programming languages: Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS
Frontpage, HTML, Javascript, ASP, MySQL, SQL server, PHP, Foxpro, Vignette and TCL. OLAP
tools: Business Objects, Crystal Reports

Professional history
Since 2010 : EU Project Manager for INAFI Remittances (Oxfam Novib)
Redefined the strategy to offer remittance-based products to 10 leading African MFIs and 10 leading
Migrant organizations in Europe.
Building a Mobile and Internet Banking Platform.
Building a marketing campaign throughout Europe among African migrant including Financial literacy
and the European Migrant Entrepreneurship Awards

Since 2001: Executive Director & Founder MyTransfer (Luxembourg)

Advisory for microfinance institutions in Africa and Asia since 2002

Unique reviewer of all Microfinance software reviews published by the Microfinance Gateway from
CGAP (World Bank & main donors): this is the main consulted section of the 1 Microfinance portal:

Technical assistance to the following microfinance institutions:

       December 2009 : Ministry of Agriculture, evaluation of a farmer loans program (EuropeAid)
       Aug. 2009 - Nov. 2009 : IFC SME lending project for the 1st bank of Haiti (Sogebank)
       2008-2009 : UCEC MK , 1st MFI in Chad
       2008-2009 : PASED Sudan (with 3 evaluations in Egypt)
       2008 : FINDEV Azerbaidjan
       June 2006: Fondation Credit Agricole du Maroc
       March 2006: Assistance to 3 MFIs in Ethiopia and PAIDEK in Kivu - RDC
       January – February 2006: RFP of CCCP Mozambique (IRAM - AFD)

         2 Half 2005: Specifications of the Microfinance module of CABS, a banking solution of CEB,
         a provider in Jordan for Al Rafah Microfinance bank in Palestine (October 2005), Assistance
         to implement Delta at the National Microfinance Bank of Jordan (December 2005)
         1 Half 2005: Assistance to ENDA Tunisie (IS fund), AMSSF Morocco (IS Fund), GFRS –
         Kenya (CIDR)
        Needs analysis of ADEFI – AFD (assessment of legacy system in Madagascar April 2004,
         evaluation of potential MIS in ACEP Senegal May 2004)
        Needs analysis of CRDI (Burma – GRET/UNDP March 2004)
        Selection of the Microfinance MIS of Kafo Jiginew, 1st IMF in Mali (Call for Tender Lux-
         Development December 2003 to March 2004)
        Evaluation DDRK project in Mali for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg (head of
         mission PWC with 6 experts) September 2003
        MIS selection for CVECA Mali (funding BNDA/CGAP) July 2003
        MIS selection for 3 MFIs in Ethiopia (CIDR) June 2003
        Evaluation of Adbanking - Aquadev Burkina Faso for CDE (European Union) August 2003
        Evaluation of SAF 2000 in Burkina Faso for PAFMR (Call for Tender European Union) April -
         May 2003
2002:   functional analysis of smartcard for MFIs (INT 106 of Lux-development)

Design of and an online settlement and grouping platform to
lower the cost of migrant remittances through Microfinance institutions

From September 2006 to May 2008: Managing Director of RAFAD Foundation
( and the International Guarantee Fund ( – Geneva

During the last 20 years, RAFAD was focused on Microfinance guarantees, especially through FIG
established 10 years ago in order to mobilize local resources from banks in the South through UBS
stand-by letters of credit (average leverage of 3).

Through RAFAD, I also built a Microfinance advisory practice in areas such as MIS (IT), remittances,
performance standards, reporting and micro-insurance.
I was the unique writer for the new CGAP software reviews. This was the first time in history that all
the IT solutions were evaluated under a common framework.
I am responsible for management and fundraising for the guarantee fund FIG. With a low net loss of
0.56% over the last 5 years, no calls on guarantees were reported in 2006 and 2007. With the
support of AECI (Spanish cooperation) and many other new investors, FIG doubled its size from CHF
3 to 6 million and decentralized its decision process to FIGAL, its office in Managua, Nicaragua where
the next annual General Assembly was held in april 2008 (previous AGM in Cotonou , Benin).

September 2006: training of NGO field experts on MIX reporting at the HQ in France near Paris
September 2006: MIS selection of a leading MFI in Haiti (ACME for BID)
October 2006: MIS evaluation for Bank Asia in Bangladesh (PlanetFinance/SEDF-IFC)
November 2006: Panelist at the Microcredit Summit in Halifax on Remittances
Spring 2007: Launch of a large UNFPA/RAFAD survey on the social impact of Microfinance among
3000 female borrowers in 14 countries
June 2007: MIS assignment for Triple Jump at LAPO in Nigeria
October 2007: Constitutive Assembly of the Swiss Microfinance Platform
October 2007: ILO/OECD/KfW feasibility study in Bangladesh to finance micro health insurance for
migrants’ families through remittances (including a 3 week on–site)
November 2007: Elected Board member in Luxembourg of the European Microfinance Platform
December 2007: MIS assignment for Women’s World Banking in Burundi
January 2008: MIS assignment for ARDI Foundation (Credit Agricole du Maroc)
March 2008: MIS assignment at UCEC/MK in Chad

Summer 2008: PASED Sudan

January 2004-August 2006: Member of the Management Team in charge of IT–
Microfinance Information eXchange ( (Washington DC)

Responsible of technical issues at the MIX since January 2004 (RFP management, update of the 3
MIX websites, implementation of the new Oracle AS Portal)
3 Microsoft servers, 2 Linux servers, about 10 workstations
Participant at the launch of the Year of Microcredit at the United Nations - November 2004
Panelist at the Microcredit Summit in Amman on MIS (IT)- October 2004
Orator of 2 roundtables on IT innovation and MFI reporting at the MIS Tradeshow in Ouagadougou –
January 2004

1999 - 2003 : PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consultants -

- European Commission: Study on the security of online payments in the 15 EU countries docs/fraud/study-security/200309-finalreport_en.pdf
- Telefonica: Pan-European Delphi study on new technologies
- Axa Luxembourg & PwC-FRS department: Technical assistance on IT tools for closing statements
- PricewaterhouseCoopers Morocco: Orator E-banking seminar and proposals
- DEXIA – BIL Online 2 benchmark & performance reviews on a panel of leading European banking &
brokerage websites (commercial attractiveness/user friendliness versus security)
- Spin-off Internet banking for a bank from Zürich: PFS High level analysis
- Largest private Swiss bank in Ticino : Ebanking strategy 7 months in Lugano
- Major bank in Luxembourg E-banking strategy
- Clearstream: Programme management
- Conference PWC “E-business in Financial services” held in English at Le Royal
- Leading manufacturer(70% market share) IT strategy

1995 – 1999 : Chargé de mission – Groupe Caisse d'Epargne (1 French out of 2
is customer)- Metz

Data Processing and Organization Department - budget FRF 160 mio (includes security, LAN-WAN-
phone, funds transfer, internal mail, building & furniture, check clearing, Internet Banking
 Recruited to lead the department (25 employees)
 Tests team manager on data centre in Strasbourg
 Disaster Recovery Plan manager at the regional level (Alsace & Lorraine)
 Webmaster (

1992 – 1994 : Microfinance consultant (free lance, 80% abroad) - Les Ulis,
France (near Microsoft French headquarters)

   Designed a multilingual Microfinance software SIMBA from France operating in 10 countries with
    a 250 page user manual.
   Coordinate the implementation in several development projects in Africa.
   Missions: Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burundi , Senegal, Congo.
   Microcomputers training (L'Oréal), 2 other bank softwares in France.
   Writing of bank softwares. Initiating computerization of national banking networks.
   Organizing the customer service department of a computer firm.

1990-92:Data Processing Advisor,World Council of Credit Unions,USAID Lomé
Youngest field advisor. World league - 85 million members in 84 countries.
Assigned to FUCEC-TOGO, Togolese league of CUs, my task consisted in establishing a
computerized management system of accounting, loans and deposits for CUs managers. The
software INFOCOOPEC, extremely user friendly, required 2 years of work with a Togolese
programming specialist and 35,000 programming lines. About 15 national leagues are interested in it
and French Crédit Mutuel adopted this software for their CUs movements in Burundi, Congo, Guinée-
Conakry, Sénégal and Ivory Coast.

1989 – 1990 : Organizing advisor - Société Générale Headquarters
Achieved two organizational studies on central departments of headquarters.
 "Mission MARC91" : Planning to move all the staff of Financial markets Department to set up a
   200 seat traders room for financial futures above Galeries Lafayette Sport shop (this bank
   handles 40% of French financial futures) using Artémis software to realize Gantt planning
 Mission "Maitrise d'Ouvrage Bureautique" : definition of computerization policy of the biggest of
   the ten departments of the headquarters (more than 1,000 people).

1987 – 1989 : Management and D.P. advisor - International Centre of French
CU league (C.I.C.M.)
French Ministry of International Cooperation on development project COOPEC in Burundi (from 0 to
100.000 members within 5 years). Organized a Data Processing Department which managed 92% of
all CUs loan balances with my own custom software.

My software SIMBA translated in French, English, Polish and several African dialects like Wolof, Kirundi, Swahili,…
Still operational in Africa, it was used in about 10 national movements in Africa and Eastern Europe.

My References                                                   - CRDI – Myanmar (2004)
- COOPEC Burundi French Cooperation (87-89)                     - AMSSF Morocco (2004)
- FUCEC Togo USAID WOCCU (90-92)                                - ENDA Tunisia (2005)
- Crédit Mutuel de Guinée-Conakry (92-94)                       - GFRS Kenya (2005)
- MUCODEC, Congo- Brazzaville (92-94)                           - AMB Palestine (2005)
- Projet AFVP/World Bank Ivory Coast (95-96)                    - NMB Jordan (2005)
- CREP Ivory Coast (92-94)                                      - CCCP Mozambique (2006)
- CPEC Senegal (92-94)                                          - PAIDEK RDC (2006)
- FUCEC Togo (90-92)                                            - Fondation Credit Agricole Morocco (2006)
- Seychelles Credit Union (1994)                                - ACME, Haiti (2006)
- RCPB Burkina Faso (2002-2003)                                 - BANK ASIA SME lending (IFC), Bangladesh (2006)
- SKOK foundation , Gdansk, Poland                              - ILO GTZ OECD remittances study (2006-2007)
- MUFEDE Burkina Faso (2003)                                    - UNFPA social impact on Microfinance in 15 countries (2007)
- Kafo Jiginew Mali (2003)                                      - LAPO Nigeria Triple Jump (2007)
- CVECA Koro & Niono Mali (2003)                                - Ardi Foundation Credit Agricole Morocco (2008)
- Buusaa Gonofa, Wasasa, Eshet                                  - FINDEV Azerbaidjan (2008)
 (3 MFIs in Ethiopia – 2003& 2006)                              - AEDP, Ministry of Agriculture, Grenada (2009)
                                                                - Sogebank IFC SME Lending Haiti (2009)


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