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November 2012 Newsletter - Angelfire



                         “Lifeline of the Gasoline Industry, the Independent Gasoline Dealer.” 
CLX Edition                                                                                               November2012
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Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida is a non-profit association representing Independent
Gasoline Retailers, Convenience Stores, Gasoline Service Stations, Repair Shops, Tire Retailers, Truck
Stops and Associates throughout Florida. Our goal is to improve the interests of these independent
businesses and the motoring public. Cooperation with insurance companies provides benefits for our
members. These benefits include money-saving programs for AFLAC, group health, workers'
compensation, casualty and property and gasoline tank liability insurance. Benefits also include
financing to purchase your gasoline station property and much more.

The problems facing our industry today affect every dealer, no matter how large or small. And, since
no one individual could possibly begin to solve these problems alone, it remains that each should
join in a collective effort to protect his/her business investment.
            Join the Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida and help in the fight to keep the
                        Florida Motor Fuel Marketing Practices Act (Below Cost) law.
               Make an important investment in your business future for less than $1 a day.


Lower Gas Prices Coming for Thanksgiving AAA, Gasbuddy, OPIS predictions range from $3.25 to
                                   $3.50 national average

                             Tuesday November 6th is Election Day!
2012 average wholesale gasoline prices have changed up or down 189 times from 1 of year to date.

               Oil Will Crash to $50", says one investor
                 It's not often you read predictions of falling oil prices but self-made multi-millionaire trader and investor
                 Vince Stanzione is betting on lower oil prices in the next 5 years and a boom in U.S. oil & gas production
that will give the American economy a well-needed boost that could see the country not only being totally energy
independent but an actual net exporter by 2020 - too good to be true? A recently issued report by a trading company
sheds some light on the perhaps drastic prediction.
Stanzione uses his propriety trading system to seek out undervalued and overvalued assets, and right now one of the
most overvalued according to his model is Crude and Brent Oil and calls current prices "totally removed from reality," as
$50 to $65 seem to be more the normal in the next 5 years as demand declines and new global supply comes on tap.
"The U.S. oil and energy boom will create millions of new jobs, help give the country a competitive advantage and
eliminate the political risk premium that plays a big factor in current prices," says Stanzione. "A low-cost energy boom is
the way the U.S. can cut its current deficit and a more stable oil price will help consumers and businesses plan and
Stanzione points to lower demand and demographic changes towards motoring, more efficient engines, hybrid cars
becoming the norm and a big increase in natural gas-powered vehicles; however, he cautions that the merits of electric
cars are still questionable.
Stanzione warns that this "energy gift" should not be squandered: consumers should not return to the gas-guzzling SUV
days, investment must be made in public transport and commercial vehicles moving to natural gas and more efficient

'We Live on a Gasoline Island'
With California's closed fuel market, spikes hit independent stations hardest
LOS ANGELES -- For nearly two decades, Santosh Arya has pumped some of the San Diego area's cheapest gasoline at
his three Homeland Petroleum stations. October, wholesale prices started rising sharply, then shot up 40 cents a gallon
overnight. To break even, Arya calculated he would have to sell a gallon of regular at $5.10--almost $1 higher than at
nearby Shell and 76 stations. Instead, he shut down and waited for prices to drop.
"I've never seen anything like it," Arya, who said he lost $2,000 a day while hanging "out of gas" signs on his pumps, told
The Los Angeles Times. He has since reopened his stations in Vista, San Diego and Mira Mesa, but has struggled to
keep his prices under $4.50 a gallon.
The price runs sparked protests and calls for investigations. But it isn't a conspiracy, its economics. Oil companies, said
the report, operate what amounts to a legal oligopoly in California--an arrangement that could contribute to more gasoline
price spikes. The state's gasoline market is essentially closed, the report said. Its strict clean-air rules mandate a specially
formulated blend used nowhere else. All 14.6 billion gallons of gasoline sold in California last year were made by nine
companies that own the state's refineries. Chevron, Tesoro and BP control 54% of the state's refining capacity.
"We live on a gasoline island," Gordon Schremp, a fuels analyst at the California Energy Commission, told the Times.
"The control refiners have is an artifact of the closed marketplace we've created." The lack of competition is also reflected
at the retail level, said the report. About 85% of California's stations sell branded gasoline such as Chevron, Arco, Valero
or Mobil. Pump prices at these outlets are directly or indirectly controlled by refiners. In other states, such as Texas,
independent, non-branded stations make up as much as 50% of the market, creating more competition. But California's
independent stations are the first to suffer when there's a hiccup in the state's fragile supply chain, the report said.
In the case of an outage, refiners scramble to supply their own stations first. Independents have to rely on the volatile spot
market to fill their underground tanks. California Energy Commission data shows that independent retailers lost an
average 10 cents for every gallon sold in the days leading up to the price spike in October.
The state's fuel problems are magnified, critics say, because refiners have consolidated over the years, giving fewer
players more market power. But the Federal Trade Commission and California's attorney general have investigated this
market several times, never finding evidence of collusion or price fixing.
Refiners contend that the price of gasoline reflects the higher cost of doing business in California. It costs as much as 15
cents a gallon more to refine the state's clean fuel blend, and green regulations chip away at the bottom line. Fuel taxes,
too, are higher than in many other regions. "It's a very difficult, challenging market," Tupper Hull, spokesperson for the
Western States Petroleum Association, whose members include most of the region's oil companies and refiners, told the
paper. In August, the group released a report predicting that state rules to limit greenhouse gas emissions and push
alterative fuels could force as many as eight of California's refineries to close in coming years.
As the number of refineries shrinks, the chances that an outage could create disruptive shortages and painful price hikes

                  Southern California Gas Stations Begin to Shut Fuel Pumps
                   LOS ANGELES -- Gasoline station owners in the greater Los Angeles area have begun to shut off fuel
                   pumps due to record high wholesale fuel prices in the area. The cost of replenishing underground tanks
                   has raised an eye-popping $1/gal just in one week. A station buying 8000 gallons can expect to shell out
                   $33,840 (not including tax), up from past week, when the same volume would have cost a measly
                   $25,840 (not including tax). Some station owners, knowing they can't raise prices fast enough, are
                   choosing to sit on the sidelines until the madness is over. The news source reports that's the highest
wholesale fuel prices seen since at least November 2007, when Bloomberg began publishing those prices.
Supply shortages are cited as the reason for record high California gasoline prices. A gallon of regular gas was $5.69 in
Calabasas, while a gallon of super costs $5.89 with cash and $5.99 with credit. Such prices are causing pain at the pump
for many drivers. Recent refinery fires in the state and pipeline problems are the culprits behind the high prices that are
causing California reserves to hit a 10-year low.
Costco Wholesale Corp. is one retailer that has begun shutting fuel pumps. Its outlet in Simi Valley, Calif., ran out of
gasoline and was selling premium fuel at the price of regular, Jeff Cole, Costco's vice president of gasoline, told the news
Costco is not alone. Low-P, a Calabasas, California gas station stopping selling unleaded gasoline on Oct. 2 and ran out
of high- and medium-octane fuel a few days later the news source reported.
"I can get gas, but it's going to cost me $4.90 a gallon, and I can't sell it here for $5," John Ravi, Low-P's station owner,
told Bloomberg. "If you come right now, I have some diesel left. That's all. My market is open, but no gas."
Sam Krikorian, owner of Quality Auto Repair in North Hollywood, Calif., held a similar sentiment. "We're going to start
shutting pumps," he told the news outlet. "Gas is costing me almost $4.75 a gallon with taxes. There's no sense in staying
open. The profit margins are so low it's not worth it."
Supply shortages in California were likely caused by several factors, including the shutdown of a Chevron Corp. pipeline
last month and power failure at ExxonMobil Corp.'s Torrance, Calif., refinery.
In response to record high wholesale fuel prices in the Golden State, the California Independent Oil Marketers
Association, an independent group that represents wholesale and retail fuel marketers, asked the state yesterday to
expedite a waiver that would allow refiners to produce and sell winter-grade fuel, Jay McKeeman, a spokesman for the
association, told the news source.
"Everybody is concerned about what might happen," he relayed. "The real question is: How long is it going to last and
what can the state do?"
The proposed Keystone XL pipeline has the potential to shake up prices; all we have to do is approve and start
the Keystone XL pipeline project and lessen our dependency on OPEC and the consumer must conserve.

Nopetro Opens CNG Facility in Florida
The station is part of a planned regional network of CNG locations.
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Nopetro LLC opened its state-of-the-art compressed natural gas (CNG) facility. The station is part
of a planned regional network that will make CNG a workable cost-saving option for government and commercial fleets as
well as individual CNG vehicle owners.
Nopetro’s network of stations will give the private fleets of heavy freight vehicles that move Florida’s consumer goods a
practical way to traverse the state and region fueled by CNG. This will produce tremendous cost savings, which will
benefit consumers and the area's economy, and as individual stations are built local schools and governments will be able
to enjoy significant cost savings that will benefit the taxpayers, said Adam Putnam, the state’s Agriculture and Consumer
Affairs commissioner.
Putnam praised Nopetro and the Leon County School District for forging a partnership to produce substantial cost savings
for public schools while setting a positive, environmentally friendly example for students. “This partnership is exactly what
our legislature had in mind when it established natural gas as a key component of the state’s transportation policies,” he
said. “A network of natural gas fueling stations in major cities across our state will encourage commercial fleets and
individual consumers to make the move into Florida’s energy future.”
The Tallahassee facility--the largest and most expansive CNG fueling operation on the East Coast--is the product of an
innovative partnership between the public and private sectors. The school district is transforming its entire fleet of diesel-
powered school buses to CNG, and other public and private consumers may also fuel their CNG vehicles at the station. A
portion of each sale will benefit the school district thanks to the partnership with Nopetro.
“This is truly a day worth celebrating [as] a big step forward in the journey toward independence from expensive foreign
fuels,” said Jorge Herrera, co-founder and CEO of Nopetro, in a press release.
Nopetro identified 18 additional cities it is targeting over the next three years, including Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale,
Fort Myers, Fort Pierce, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Key Largo, Miami, Ocala, Orlando, Pensacola, Sarasota, St. Augustine,
Tampa and West Palm Beach in Florida, and Atlanta, Macon and Savannah in Georgia.

New “CNG in a Box” Fueling System Makes U.S. Debut
Retailers will get the first glimpse at a new compressed natural gas system available for convenience stores.
LAS VEGAS – Marketers will get their first glimpse at the NACS Show expo of a new CNG retailing system that will allow
them to offer CNG at their stores through simple “plug-and-play” equipment and traditional-looking Wayne dispensers,
complete with hoses and credit card reader.
The “CNG In A Box” system is being unveiled by General Electric (GE) in partnership with Chesapeake Energy Corp. and
should give marketers easy access to the growing CNG light vehicle market — passenger cars, pickups, vans, SUVs and
taxicabs, as well as buses, garbage and delivery trucks. NACS Show attendees can catch a glimpse of the system in
action in booth 6101.
However, retailers who sell gasoline as a loss leader at their stores will need to rethink their marketing strategy when it
comes to CNG, says Kent Wilkinson, a top executive with Peake Fuel Solutions, an affiliate of Chesapeake that is helping
bring GE’s CNG tech to market. ”In many operations today, a marketer’s retail price is a commodity price and a small
portion of his capital costs and he makes his money from in-store sales,” says Wilkinson. “With CNG, it’s the other way
around, it’s a high-margin product that you can use to drive people to your store,” he said.
Marketers who have hesitated to embrace alternative fuels may find the CNG box concept greatly improves their comfort
level. There’s no need for complex spec sheets because almost everything needed is included in the 8.5 ft. by 8.5ft by 20
ft. long box, including the compressor and gas cooler. Only two pieces are shipped separately, the Wayne dispenser and
the motor control center. Of course, marketers will need access to a natural gas line, the kind that runs into millions of
U.S. homes, in order to retail CNG.
Pricewise, the wholesale cost of natural gas runs about 40 cents per-gasoline-gallon-equivalent (gge) and commands a
retail price of around $2.09/gge, providing a $1.69 gross margin for utility and operating costs and capital recovery.
Retailers will often conclude that 15,000 gge/month is sufficient demand to initiate investment, Wilkinson notes.
The market for CNG has been growing steadily, especially with gasoline prices on the increase. Ford, General Motors and
Chrysler are all coming out with light-duty pick-up trucks and overall production is expected to be around 4,000-plus
vehicles a year per OEM.
Currently, there are approximately 1,100 CNG fueling locations in the U.S. serving a total 125,000 to 150,000 vehicles. In
a light-duty pick-up market, a customer base of 150 to 200 vehicles would be enough to pay off your investment in terms
of cash flow, he says. Obviously cost is a major factor and it will vary, depending on how fancy the marketer wants to get.
Generally, a CNG in A Box system will run from $700,000 to $1.2 million, depending, for example, on the dispenser
options chosen, or whether a marketer wants a canopy. Local jurisdiction requirements for spacing and public amenities,
site conditions, and whether it will be an attended or unattended operation also play a part.
Peake is currently installing the equipment at two ground-up sites in Marshall and Cleburne, Texas, and has found that
individual conditions can create a 40%-plus spread in installed costs, which is why Peake will work with customers to
develop solutions to meet their particular needs, Wilkinson added.
GE Capital is offering a financing program for qualified marketers, and is looking at a rate of 2.9% over a fixed 48-month
term. Delivery, installation and maintenance can be combined into a single monthly payment, eliminating the cost and
time associated with multiple vendors, Peake says. Payments also can be structured according to cash flow, with options
such as deferred and stepped payments. “The unit is competitively priced and based on our confidential research,
provides as much as 60% more throughput than other similarly priced units,” Wilkinson said.

Marathon Petroleum Picks Up Contracts for 1,200 BP Retail Sites
Deal for Texas City refinery offers company opportunity to grow retail brand in Southeast
FINDLAY, Ohio & HOUSTON -- Marathon Petroleum Corp. (MPC) has signed a definitive agreement to purchase BP's
Texas City, Texas, refinery, related pipelines, four terminals and retail marketing contract assignments for approximately
1,200 branded sites for a base price is $598 million, plus inventories estimated at $1.2 billion.
The BP Texas City refinery provides products throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast, Midwest and Southeast, as well as into
export markets. The light product terminals are in Jacksonville, Fla., Charlotte and Selma, N.C., and Nashville, Tenn.
The integrated acquisition also includes assignment of branded-jobber contracts supplying approximately 1,200 BP retail
locations, representing approximately 64,000 barrels per day of gasoline sales, in the southeastern United States. The
retail locations are primarily in Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. The stations will use the BP trademark
during the transition process.
"We believe in an integrated business model that allows us to participate in the value chain from crude acquisition to
refining and through to retail," MPC president and CEO Gary R. Heminger said during a conference call about the
transaction. "This acquisition expands our integrated business and supports our strategy to grow in existing and
contiguous markets."
The addition of the jobber sites "will provide additional scale to our ongoing strategy to grow the Marathon brand in the
Southeast," he said. "This transaction provides a step change in the implementation of our strategy to grow our brand
operations in the Southeast. It will nearly double our site count and will position us to expand our relationship with existing
Marathon jobbers."

Murphy Oil Corp. to Spin Off C-store Business
EL DORADO, Ark. -- Murphy Oil Corp. will spin off its downstream division, including its entire retail division, in 2013, the
company announced this morning.
The downstream company will be a separately traded company called Murphy Oil USA Inc.
"Separating these two businesses will allow each to unlock its own potential for growth," said Claiborne Deming, Murphy
Oil Corp.'s chairman of the board. "We have built two strong but distinct businesses. Murphy will be a pure-play
exploration and production company with strong returns and attractive investment opportunities, while Murphy USA will be
a leading retailer with over 1,100 retail gasoline outlets."
In addition, Murphy Oil Corp. said splitting into two companies would allow each business to focus on its "strategic
priorities with financial targets that best fit its own market and opportunities;" and "allocate resources and deploy capital in
a manner consistent with its priorities."
"We look forward to these two separate well positioned companies growing and prospering in their respective industries,"
commented Steven Cossé, Murphy Oil Corp.'s CEO.
Also, as part of the transaction, Murphy Oil Corp. authorized a special dividend of $2.50 per share and plans to buy up to
$1 billion of the company's shares via a share buyback.
The spinoff of Murphy USA is subject to customary conditions, including regulatory approval and confirmation from the
Internal Revenue Service that it can be tax-free transaction.

South Africa charges oil majors with price-fixing
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's competition watchdog said on Wednesday it had brought charges of price-
fixing against the local units of major oil companies including Chevron, BP and Total.
The Competition Commission also said in a statement the companies - as well as Shell, Sasol and Engen - had shared
detailed information about sales and customers to hinder competition.
The suspected collusion ran from the late 1980s to 2005 and included petrol, diesel, illuminating kerosene and other
products, the commission said.
"Information at this level of detail allowed the oil companies to closely track each other's sales and to align their strategies
in the market, eliminating competition between themselves," the commission said.
"This also enabled them to divide or allocate markets by deciding not to enter, or compete for, certain geographic markets
or customer groupings," it said.
The commission said it had asked South Africa's Competition Tribunal, which rules on such cases, to levy a fine equal to
10 percent of company revenue in the preceding financial year.

Irving Oil Charged With Gas Price Fixing
Company expects to "vigorously" defend itself against charges
OTTAWA-- Criminal charges have been laid by the Competition Bureau against Irving Oil and Serge Parent, manager of Irving
Oil for the province of Quebec, for fixing the price of retail gasoline in Victoriaville, Thetford Mines and Sherbrooke, Quebec.
As a result of the bureau's investigation, first made public in 2008, three charges have been laid against Irving Oil and three
against Parent.
In a statement to CBC News, Carolyn Van der Veen, spokesperson for Irving Oil, wrote that the charges "are apparently based
upon the activities of our former employees who have previously entered guilty pleas."
"Our company was not aware of these activities and, when our company became aware of them, we took immediate steps to
address the situation, including disciplinary action. Our company believes that we should not be held responsible for the actions
of employees who knowingly violated company policy," she added.
Van der Veen said the company expects to "vigorously" defend itself against these charges.
"These charges highlight our continued and steadfast commitment to combating domestic price-fixing cartels," said John
Pecman, Interim Commissioner of Competition. "Canadians are ultimately on the losing end of secret agreements that cheat
them out of their money."
By using a number of investigative tools, including wiretaps and searches, the bureau found evidence that in certain local
Quebec markets gasoline retailers or their representatives, communicated with one another to agree on the price they would
charge customers for gasoline.
A total of 39 individuals and 15 companies have now been charged with criminal price fixing in this case. To date, 27 individuals
and seven companies have pleaded guilty with fines totaling more than $3 million. Of the 27 individuals who have pleaded guilty,
six have been sentenced to terms of imprisonment totaling 54 months.
Price-fixing conspiracies are difficult to detect and prove, said the bureau. High or identical prices are not in and of themselves
evidence of criminal activity. There must be evidence that competitors have made an illegal agreement to set those prices.
When there are substantiated allegations of wrongdoing in the marketplace, the bureau will not hesitate to take action, it said.
Click here for additional information on past convictions and fines related to this cartel.
Irving Oil, Portsmouth, N.H., operates Canada's largest refinery and has nearly 900 gas stations and travel plazas in New
England and Eastern Canada.

Gasoline Stations Still Wary About E15
Retailers remain reluctant to sell the higher-ethanol blend, despite clearance from the EPA and some states to
stock it.
ROCKFORD, Ill. – The availability of E15 is off to a slow start, and some retailers say it will stay that way, even though
ethanol groups are pushing for wider usage, the Wall Street Journal reports. The blend is available at eight stations in
Kansas and Iowa, while Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota have said it could be sold there as well.
However, many gasoline stations are adopting a wait-and-see attitude, expressing concerns over the effect E15 would
have on older cars. “"Right now I don't think it opens up that large of a market share,” said R.J. Rymas, director of fuels for
the Road Ranger chain. “I have not seen anybody in any market that I operate in that is planning on doing it.”
With the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) only approving E15 for vehicles with a model year of 2001 and later,
retailers are worried about consumers accidentally using the wrong fuel. “All of a sudden now you are putting a product in
the ground that may or may not work in some of your consumers' vehicles,” said Bill Walljasper, CFO of Casey’s General
Stores. Casey’s will not be offering the fuel anytime soon.
Even some automakers have not embraced E15 for post-2001 models, although Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co.
have said the fuel could be used for model year 2013 vehicles.
Not all retailers are against the fuel. Scott Zaremba’s Zarco 66 stations in Kansas were the first in the United States to sell
E15. “We have a little bit more control over our destiny” by having another blend not as tied to oil refiners, he said.
In August, the U.S. Appeals Court for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed the challenges brought forth by trade
associations representing automakers, refiners and other industries on the EPA’s E15 waiver, saying that the groups did
not have a legal right to challenge the EPA decision.

ND tribe to get control of land for oil refinery
NEW TOWN, N.D. — North Dakota's Three Affiliated Tribes will be getting control of land for construction of a proposed
new oil refinery, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Wednesday.
Salazar's decision, announced during a news conference at the tribe's headquarters in New Town, means the tribe may
begin construction of the $400 million refinery next spring, tribal Chairman Tex Hall said.
"It's the biggest economic project in the history of our tribe," Hall told The Associated Press. "We're really excited about
this finally coming to fruition."
The tribe wants to use 469 acres of land near Makoti to build the refinery and produce feed for the tribe's buffalo herd.
Makoti is a community near the northeastern corner of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, about 30 miles southwest of
Tribal officials asked the U.S. Interior Department nine years ago to put the land into trust; a process by which the agency
will own the land and the tribe will control and manage it.
Salazar said Wednesday the agency had accepted the application and intended to put the land into trust.
As planned, the refinery will process about 20,000 barrels of oil daily into diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel, propane and
naptha, Hall said. Propane is used for heating and cooking. Naptha is a solvent.
There is voracious demand for diesel fuel in western North Dakota's oil-producing region. Hall said the tribe's refinery
should have a supply advantage because transportation costs of the refined diesel fuel will be lower, and the state's
normal tax of 23 cents a gallon will not apply, because the fuel is being produced on tribal land.
In a statement, Salazar said the refinery would employ about 140 people. If constructed, it would be the first refinery
built in the United States in more than 30 years, the interior secretary said.
"We are supporting infrastructure that will help bring American oil and gas to market while promoting tribal economic
development and self-determination regarding land and resource use," Salazar said.

Minimum Wage Hikes Coming
Five of the 10 states with automatic minimum-wage hikes have announced 2013 wage rates
PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Ten states have laws that require a mandatory bump in minimum wage rates, tied to inflation. Thus
far, five of those states have announced their new wage rates that will begin Jan. 1, 2013, the National Restaurant
Association reports.
Florida’s minimum wage will jump 12 cents to $7.79, up from the current $7.67. In Montana, the minimum wage increases
15 cents to $7.80, up from $7.65. Ohio’s minimum wage rises 15 cents to $7.85, up from $7.70, while Oregon’s starting
wage goes up 15 cents from $8.80 to $8.95. Washington state pushes up its minimum wage 15 cents, too, from $9.04 to
$9.19. All new wages will start Jan. 1, 2013.
Meanwhile, Rhode Island passed a law that will increase the state’s starting wage 35 cents from $7.40 to $7.75, set to
begin January 1, 2013. The other five states—Vermont, Nevada, Missouri, Colorado and Arizona—haven’t announced
any changes to the minimum wage. Nevada generally makes wage adjustments in July, and did not raise its minimum
ages this year. Colorado will hold a hearing Nov. 1 on bumping up the starting wage 14 cents, from $7.64 to $7.78.
Paid Sick Leave: Coming to a Town Near You
Over the past couple of years, paid leave initiatives, laws and measures have popped up in cities across the nation,
including Seattle, Orlando, Philadelphia, Miami, Denver, New York, San Francisco and Washington. Statewide mandates
have been proposed in California and Connecticut. Most of these proposed and enacted mandates would require that not
only full-time employees be offered paid time off, but also part-time and temporary or seasonal employees, leaving many
small businesses operating on narrow margins -- including convenience stores -- hit the hardest by these often arbitrary
and onerous mandates.
In today's economy, c-store operators and other retailers face greater challenges launching their business and making
payroll than ever before. C-store owners face difficulty securing business loans, difficult regulatory conditions and a highly
competitive business climate. On top of these already tough conditions, anti-business activist groups are waging a
national campaign to add paid leave to every business owner's operating costs. What they fail to recognize or even care
about is, should they succeed, less jobs will be created and more people will end up unemployed in the push to implement
their idealistic agendas.
Because the convenience store and retail industry in general relies on scheduled shift labor, paid leave regulations are
particularly costly for these businesses. If an employee is sick, or just decides to take a day off to take a family member to
the doctor or recover from a long weekend, the employer will have to pay for the labor twice, once for the sick employee
and once for the employee who covers the shift. If the owner can't find an employee to cover the shift, it costs the owner
revenues as the ability to serve customers is diminished.
Ultimately, these additional costs may be passed on to the consumer. With many of the products offered by c-stores
already heavily taxed, it is even more difficult to recoup new government mandates through pricing adjustments. If the
price of gasoline and other competitive items go up, convenience stores will be put at a significant disadvantage against
big-box grocery and retail outlets that offer gasoline or tobacco products and are in a better position to cover impacted
shifts. In order to maintain a healthy profit per employee (PPE) margin, c-store operators are left with few other options
except to raise prices. When their PPE hits zero or dips into the red, the result may be business closures and lost jobs.
                            Florida considers to redesign new license plates
                            Officials in Florida say they're ready to redesign its license plates.
                            According to the Tampa Bay Times, redesign is necessary to save costs with a simpler design
                            that make the plates easier to read so that the state doesn't lose money trying to fine red-light
                            runners and other motorists who try to drive through toll collection points without paying.

                            Manitowoc Introduces New Zero-Percent Financing Program
                            C-store operators can take part in Manitowoc Foodservice’s new financing program
                            until the end of this year.
Manitowoc Foodservice wants to give retail operators a zero-percent financing program for 24 months on purchases now
through Dec. 14, 2012.
Convenience store operators who take part in the new program can access cost-effective, innovative and energy-efficient
foodservice equipment from Cleveland, Convotherm, Dean, Delfield, Frymaster, Garland, Jackson, Kolpak, Lincoln,
Manitowoc Ice, Merrychef, Merco, Servend, US Range and Welbilt.
Companies can get their equipment faster, while they pay later for the product. The program also helps operators
preserve credit lines and cash reserves, and improves cash flow with its fixed monthly payments. The program applies to
all Manitowoc Foodservice brands.
Manitowoc Foodservice also delivers a wide variety of payment terms and rate plans through its Finance division. The
rates start as low as 5.49% for 30 months, 5.99% for 36 months and 6.99% for 48 months. The Finance division allows
payment plans up to 60 months for larger purchases.
Qualified buyers can also add other “soft costs” such as installation and preventative maintenance to the financing
package if needed. Equipment, furniture and fixtures can also be bundled into the financing program, subject to some

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Barry S. Balmuth, P.A.
Centurion Tower-Eleventh Floor *Petroleum Marketing Practices Act Federal (PMPA)
1601 Forum Place, Suite 1101
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 *Motor Fuels Marketing Practices Act Florida (MFMPA)
Toll free at 866-452-9400

                Many years of experience in the gasoline industry representing dealers in PMPA matters and
                franchise disputes!
                Barry Balmuth, litigates in eminent domain and can represent you at no cost and help you in
                obtaining compensation for business damages and for property loss when the government or
                Barry Balmuth a utility takes a portion of the property on which your station operates for a road
project. Government agencies and utilities must pay full compensation and, in many situations, business
damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs when they use the power of eminent domain to acquire property.
For complete information go to or call toll free at 866-452-9400.

                  The Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida Inc. proudly endorses AFLAC for all our supplemental
                  insurance into our “Benefit Program”.
Contact; AFLAC Randy Weber 407.908.4262. e-mail

                          General Liability, Property & Underground Gasoline Tanks Insurance

                         Insurance Recommendations, the last minute policy renewal quotes:
                         By waiting till the very last minute it will prevent the insured (you) from being able to shop for a
                         lower cost policy. Below are a couple tips to help you get the best deal on insurance.
                         Liability: At least six weeks before your policy expires, seek out competitive quotes from at least
                         one additional agent/company. You will need to know your current policy coverage and terms to
get competitive information. Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida’s / Atkinson & Associates Insurance, Inc.
money saving programs and a complete insurance package including Underground Gasoline Tanks to meet your
business responsibility.

                           Contact Curtis Colbert Atkinson & Associates Insurance, Inc.
                                             1537 Brantley Rd Bldg C.
                                               Fort Myers, FL 33907
                                                 239-980-1291 cell
                       e-mail website

                                                   Health Insurance
                         For many years we have been searching for a Health Insurance provider to meet the needs for
                         you your family and your employees.
                         I am pleased to announce the endorsement of as the preferred Health Insurance program
                         provider for the Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida. Low premiums for individual.

                               For information Contact Curtis Colbert Atkinson & Associates Insurance, Inc.
                                             1537 Brantley Rd Bldg C.
                                               Fort Myers, FL 33907
                                                 239-980-1291 cell
                       e-mail website
                          We would like to make you aware that Insurance Office of America (IOA) owns a subsidiary
                          called Payroll Office of America (POA). POA offers state-of-the art payroll, tax and HRIS system
                          solutions. They are a full service company providing all the same services as other national
                          providers. Contact Cindy Antor @ (800) 243-6899 ext 15046

                                       MEADOWBROOK INSURANCE GROUP WORKERS’ COMPENSATION
                                       DIVIDEND PROGRAM
                                       The Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida proudly sponsors Meadowbrook
Insurance Group as its source for workers’ compensation insurance. Meadowbrook Insurance Group Workers’
Compensation is available to the Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida membership.
For more Information contact: Contact: Meadowbrook @ (800) 726-9006 or Pat Moricca 407-774-9700.

  Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida-Meadowbrook Group Workers’ compensation dividend program has
                     produced a dividend on paid premiums for nine out of the last ten years.

Department of the Treasury
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

FenCEN’s Web site is located at:
December 4, 2006
FinCEN Announces Launch of FinCEN Updates E-mail Subscription News Service
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) today announced the launch of FinCEN Updates – a new, free
e-mail subscription management service designed to keep the financial industry, the media and the public informed of
news, rulemakings, advisories and other developments at FinCEN. This new secure e-mail subscription management
service permits users to customize their updates, which enables them to receive e-mails related to the topics to which
they have subscribed.
FinCEN Updates allows users to choose their subscription preferences. Subscription items include advisories, guidance,
news releases, rulings, enforcement actions, and current career opportunities at FinCEN. Users can add or delete
subscription items themselves, and have the option to password protects their accounts for increased security. Users can
opt to have FinCEN Updates sent immediately, daily, weekly, or monthly to their e-mail accounts or directly to a wireless
FinCEN selected the GovDelivery® E-Mail Subscription Management service to monitor designated website content and
to send an e-mail to alert subscribers when there is new information posted on FinCEN’s public websites. Subscribers will
receive e-mails from the
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network at the address
To subscribe to FinCEN Updates, visit FinCEN’s website at or subscribe directly at
                                            INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES
Corporate Defense Strategies Inc. / Information Research Specialist Inc.
Corporate Defense Strategies / Information Research Specialist provides national and worldwide services. We are a full
service private investigation firm that is licensed, bonded and insured. Our principle investigator has over twenty-five
years experience in loss prevention and corporate security. Our investigators are also experts in corporate theft
investigations, background checks, interview & interrogations / skip tracing and major asset investigations / judgment
recovery. In addition, CDS is a member of many national investigative associations.
Toll free (888) 361-3800
Fax - (407) 324-9856
Web Site- Corporate Defense Strategies Inc.
                                INDEPENDENT DEALER PURCHASING SERVICE
Cars                                                                                                                   New
Trucks                                                                                                            Wholesale
For the lowest possible cost of buying and selling your next vehicle; utilize our service to save hundreds to thousands on
your next vehicle purchase or lease.
No gimmicks or games, IDPS will utilize our network of dealers and work the deal from start to finish. IDPS guarantees a
savings to the buyer or there is NO CHARGE. 250 FLAT RATE FEE
If anyone has any R12 Freon in storage, IDPS Group is paying $15 dollars per pound for R12 Freon virgin or
reclaimed any size amounts.
Contact Ken Broudy Office: (407) 324-5422 & (407) 383-9889 Cell E-mail:

                        S. O. S.
              Safehouse of Seminole Domestic violence is a social issue, which crosses all boundaries and threatens the
              very fabric of our society. At Safehouse of Seminole, we are dedicated to breaking this cycle of violence
              through our shelter and community outreach programs. Our crisis line and shelter programs provide victims
              and their children with the resources they need to begin healing from past and preparing for their future.
              Believing that education and awareness are vital tools for change, we provide educational programs in
              Seminole County Schools and other community organizations. 24-Hour Crisis Line 407-330-3933.
              Safehouse of Seminole needs your donations
Your contribution to Safehouse may be tax deductible on your annual tax return, as Safehouse is an organization
of the type described in section 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(A)(vi) under the Internal Revenue Code. Our registration
number is SC-05086.

Safehouse of Seminole Wish List:
Personal Needs – Bedding Needs – Baby Food & Needs -- School Needs – Grocery/Kitchen/Cleaning Needs – Holiday
Needs – Miscellaneous Items for everyday Needs!
Contact the Safehouse of Seminole @ 407-302-5220 for a copy of their Wish List.

Please make checks payable to and mail to
Safehouse of Seminole PO Box 471279, Lake Monroe, FL, 32747-1279
     $10____ $15____        Name__________________________________Telephone_______________________
     $20____ $50____        Address_______________________________________________________________

AMSOIL Dealership Opportunities

Synthetic motor oil is the fastest growing area of the "do it for me" market, and AMSOIL has a great product line for your
Whether you are buying AMSOIL for yourself, your garage or to become an independent dealer, I am here to help you!

Jerrold Schiff

Schiffkey Consultants Inc.
Jerrold Schiff
Land: (407) 772-2081 Mobile: (407) 619-8441

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Underground Storage Tanks Service and Sales

Equipment Problems with Gasoline

** Fuel Quality Inspections
** Fuel Quality Testing Services Provided
** UST & AST Sampling & Inspection by Experienced Technicians
** Fuel Purification & Water Removal from all types of Petroleum based fuels
** Phase Separation Solutions
** Tank Cleaning
** Basic Tank & Site Maintenance
Contact John Evon @ 813-333-3597 or


*Newsletter                                                             (407) 774-9700

*Help Line Pat Moricca                                                  (407) 774-9700

*Attorney Barry S. Balmuth                                      Toll free (866) 452-9400

*Meadowbrook Insurance Group Workers' Comp. Dividend Program Contact: Meadowbrook
*Meadowbrook Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) @    (800) 726-9006

*Health Insurance contact Curtis Colbert                                 (239)-980-1291 cell
*Property & Casualty Liability Curtis Colbert                            (239)-980-1291 cell
*Underground Storage Tank Insurance Curtis Colbert                       (239)-980-1291 cell

*Chokshi Accounting & Tax Services, Inc. Dinesh Chokshi                   (407) 332-8311 Fax (407) 332-7111

*ATM EXPRESS contact: Linda Stewart or Keith Howard              Toll Free (888) 600-4368

*RPM Inc. Receipts-Printing-Marketing Bill Page                            (727) 443-1442 (800) 398-0987

*Pump Computer Board Corrosion Protection & Solutions LLC
Contact Ronald Knight or Robert Kay                                        (813) 831-1238

*AFLAC Contact Randy Webber                                                (407) 908-4262

*Payroll Cindy Antor                                                       (800) 243-6899 ext 15046


Lewis & Raulerson, Inc.
P. O. Box 59
Waycross, Georgia 32502
Florida: Ryan Firth
                                   Gasoline Retailers Association of Florida
                                         Welcomes All New Members
                                      Membership Does Not Cost, It Pays

                                             Consumer Advocates, LLC
                                                  Amy Cottrill, Owner
                                            Titilayo “T” Cogdell, Manager
                                            E mail

A Medwaiver provider for companion, respite, PCA and in home support services. "Our passion is to help
individuals with disabilities and the elderly".
Serving Seminole, Orange, Osceola and Brevard.
For information contact: Amy Cottrill or Titilayo “T” Cogdell @ 321-352-0607 or 941-773-8758

Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida
The Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida is the leading voice for individuals with Down syndrome and their
families. We offer hope, encouragement and acceptance through advocacy, education and awareness so that each may
realize their potential as members of our community.
For information, 407-540-1121 web site

Altamonte Springs Special Needs Cheerleading - Sparklers
Through successful sports training and competition, City of Altamonte Springs Special Needs Cheerleading - Sparklers
develop physically, socially, and physiologically. The positive experiences the athletes have and ongoing, City of
Altamonte Springs Special Needs Cheerleading - Sparklers programs builds confidence and self image, which carries
over into all aspects of their lives.
Altamonte Springs Sparklers information
contact Ranwa Nin El-khoury C(407)929-7254 W(407)571-8814 F(407)571-8809

                                St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
                                      Altamonte Springs Florida
                                  A Unique Stars Theatre Program
                                         ‘Angels Among Us’
                                            The Best Of
                                         ‘Angels Among Us’
                                With 27 Unique Special Angels of all Ages

Cast Father Tom
Lisa Cioffi - Frank Corso
Gerry Kelly - Debbie Karleskint

Produced and Directed by
Elsie Doughty
A must-see!
For information, please contact
Elsie Doughty @ (407) 252-0957 or
Pat Moricca @ 407-774-9700

‘Angels Among Us’ shows have received GREAT
REVIEWS. Comments from people; I never saw any
performance like it; I was moved by the special
angels; Everyone should see the show; It brought
tears of joy to my eyes; It is a heart-warming
experience that makes you feel better as a human
being; A classic and much more.

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