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November 2011 - Hawaii Holiday Vacation Rentals


									November 2011 Is it really November already?! My how time flies when you’re having fun!
In this Newsletter we discuss the Damage Waiver Program, alarm clocks and you don’t want to
miss the wedding story on page 2!

                            Toll Free Phone Number! 1-855-965-0400 We’re happy to
                            announce the commencement of our toll free phone number! We
                            will start putting this on all Hawaii Holiday web sites and
                            communications to guests. We know that many of our guests will
                            appreciate a toll free way to contact our lovely booking agents,
                            Tara and Su! Please share this with your friends and families!

Damage Waiver Program: Just as our commission structure is unique, so is our Damage
Waiver Program as it sets us apart from our competition and gives owners and guests a perfect
solution to property preservation and vacation relaxation! We get a lot of questions about this
program, here are our answers: Consider the damage waiver to be like an insurance policy for
you, paid by someone else. The guest pays a one-time nominal fee instead of being burdened
by a large, refundable security deposit. If something breaks, we fix it up to $1,000! The guest is
relieved, HHVR doesn’t have to fight with the guest who says “Hey, we didn’t break that!” and
the owner can breathe freely knowing that Hawaii Holiday has it taken care of!

Please note this is NOT a property maintenance fund. This program covers direct guest
damages, not ongoing property care. If you pay for your car insurance or homeowner’s
insurance but have no claims, you can’t call State Farm and say “I didn’t have any claims, so I’d
like my insurance payments back so I can buy new window shades”, so please don’t ask Hawaii
Holiday for access to the fund. For those of you who maintain your own properties because
you live close by or visit often, we encourage you to call Jessica if you discover a damage that
our housekeepers missed! We are happy to cover YOUR cost of repair if it is determined to be
guest related. This is just one more way we partner with you to take care of your investment!

Here are just a few of the things we’ve repaired or replaced under the Damage Waiver Program
this year: a burned counter top, several broken lamps, a smashed TV, countless broken glasses
and dinner ware, broken lanai chairs and table, broken Ohia hand railing, broken coffee
decanters, peed on bathroom rugs (eww!), missing wine openers and beach towels.

Mahalo for your business!
            Jessica, John, Su, Tara, Amanda, Denis and the Hawaii Holiday crew!
                                      Hawaii Holiday Spotlight: Rhonda and Jay Cartwright!
                                 Last January (2011) when Rhonda Summers and Jay Cartwright visited
                                 Champagne Pond Cottage, oceanfront in Kapoho, little did they know what a
                                 memorable and eventful time they would have! On their first night in
                                 Paradise, they became the victims of the Kapoho Burglar who crept into the
                                 property in the night and stole away with Jay’s pants (and wallet) and
                                 Rhonda’s shoes! Lucky for the couple, the antique, family engagement ring
                                 that Jay was carrying was NOT in his pants too! The day after the burglary,
                                 Jay proposed to Rhonda in what we can only imagine was a powerful
                                 expression of love in the face of adversity. Here is their story:

Last January of 2011, Jay and I came to the Big Island to accompany a friend to surgery in Honolulu. We
stayed with our friend for about ten days during his recuperation. To top off our trip, we jumped on the
internet in search of the perfect place to spend the end of our trip, just the two of us. We had spent our
last two vacations in Maui and Kona staying in the resort scene. This time we just wanted to spend the
end of our vacation in a rental home where we could swim and snorkel without having to take a snorkel
tour and we could do what we wanted when we wanted. Did we find the right place! The Champagne
Pond Cottage in Kapoho. When we arrived at the Cottage, we were convinced we had found paradise.
We became engaged on the second night after having a 15 year relationship. Very romantic!

We returned to the Champagne Pond Cottage to seal the deal and we married on October 8, 2011, on
the sandy shore of the Cottage property. We were honored by Hawaii Holiday's Jessica and Steve to be
our witnesses as you need two in Hawaii to marry. Tara from Hawaii Holiday also graced us with her
presence to take photos. We will be back in 2012 for another visit and will see you all when we return.

Mahalo, Jay and Rhonda Cartwright

      Steve Koch, Jay and Rhonda Cartwright, Jessica Hall          Tara Frazier, Jessica, Rhonda and Jay

                      Mahalo to the owners of Champagne Pond Cottage,

Dwayne Lerma and JoAnne Goya for hosting the Cartwrights’ special ceremony!
                   A Cut Above: Housekeeping Supplement

                    Alarm Clocks: Who needs them? Some of our guests do, of course!
                    Booked a 6AM flight back to Los Angeles/Tokyo/Aberdeen, Texas? You’re
                    going to need a trusty alarm clock to shake you out of your Hawaiian dream
                    and lead you into the dark, moist morning and to the airport! Housekeepers
                    please check that alarms are OFF during a check-out clean! We don’t want
                    the guest who is just STARTING their Hawaiian Holiday to be rudely
                    awakened by the previous guest’s alarm setting of 4:30 AM!

From the iPad of Barrie Butchart: What guests put
in garbage disposals! We know we’ve talked about this
before, but it still amazes us what visitors will put into a
sink disposal. Pictured here are a bread loaf clip, olive
seed, and some kind of skin from a stringy fruit that a
garbage disposal could never chew up. Barrie and her
crew got this all out of the disposal at Sharene and
Harrison Klein’s lovely Kihei Akahi D614. Thanks Barrie!

Guest Books: Guests LOVE to write about their experience in our properties, share great
restaurants and beaches they have found and express themselves artistically for the owners
and future guests to read and enjoy. Unfortunately, there is the occasional BAD guest book
entry. Housekeepers remember to read the Guest Book entries at every check-out. Please
remove any pages that contain unsavory write ups and re-write any good ones that are on the
torn out page.

                                                        The WHALES are coming, the whales
                                                        are coming! For Hawaii Holiday this
                                                          means two things! Get ready for
                                                        high season and keep your cameras
                                                        ready to capture amazing shots like
                                                          this one taken at Mele Kohola in
                                                               Keaau on the Big Island!

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