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                                                October 2010
                  By Angelo Scebba – GlenLakes Community Association Manager
                        Tel: 352-596-6351 or

Hello, hello, hello, three of them as this month marks my three year anniversary as the Community Association
Manager. Time flies when………you’re getting old, ugh! Seriously though, it’s a pleasure to be part of our
beautiful community and wonderful development. It may have given me a few of my grey hairs, but the day to
day pace in this office will keep anyone on their toes and feeling young. Hoping everyone is enjoying the
community more than ever and that we continue to be the premier community in Hernando County.

Irrigation Rain Sensors:       Hernando County Utilities Department has the following rebate until the end of this
year. Everyone in GlenLakes is a HCUD customer; so if your home was built before 2001, you are NOT in a
villa section, live in an estate home with your own irrigation system and do not have a rain sensor for your
automatic sprinkler system, then you are probably qualified for the Rain Sensor Replacement Program. This
program entitles you to a $50.00 water bill credit (one time) for installing the sensor. There are published
contractors on the website ranging from the $50.00 to $75.00 charge for the installation. Hence, basically you
can have a rain sensor installed for free ($50.00 upfront charge minus $50 water bill credit). This is a great
program in helping us with our current and future water demands in the County. Please contact the Water
Conservation Division at 352-754-4705 for any questions/assistance or go to their website:

Mailbox Kiosk – Lenox:       Back in March of this year I promised to get the very last power permit for the
Lenox Mailbox Kiosk (closest to GLB). Last month I fulfilled that promise and now all of the eight Mailbox Kiosks
have permanent power for our lighting needs. Of course the new lighting is energy efficient, on a timer and will
only be motion activated. For the record, we still prefer our residents to get their mail during day light hours as
the new “MAIL IN” signs make it even more convenient to do so. On topic; as a friendly reminder, do not enter
the mail area when our “Mail Ladies” are present distributing the mail. Ok already, enough of this, I’ll stop

Coming Holidays: I’m starting a bit early this year in an effort to make it easier and more convenient in
asking you for your continued generosity. 1) For the guys that serve you daily, an additional coupon is in your
quarterly coupon booklet. 2) Every year we get more and more involved with our local Toys For Tots. We break
our own records and more importantly the little ones have wonderful memories thanks to you! Buy, buy, buy and
we’ll keep you posted on our in-house collection center locations.

Sandwich Board:       It gave birth! We now have two white A-Frame boards. Its’ technology of communicating
isn’t far from smoke signals, but we have had such a positive response from our residents. That said, we now
have one at the automated back entrance/exit gate, exactly like the one at the main entrance. We will only take
them out as needed. If it’s not out there, we don’t have anything new or last minute to communicate to you.

June Article: A few months back I shared a little note of my personal life about the loss of my dog. I felt it best
to communicate this experience in hopes that my words would touch another beings life a little, even make it a
sliver better. In saying that, please go to our website, the HOA section, then Pictures and enjoy a couple of pics
of “Patches”. Patches came from the Jacksonville Humane Society. She is about twelve weeks old. The
shelter offers all kinds of articles and information but one stuck out, that I have to share an excerpt of: Take a
moment today to be thankful for your pets. Enjoy and take good care of them. Life would be a much duller, less
joyful experience without our four legged critters… We get so much from our four legged pets who sadly live
shorter lives than we humans. We need to make their lives as well as our own, a mutual relationship that has no
comparison with other relationships….You don’t need to wait for heaven, to be surrounded by hope, love and
joyfulness. It is here and now on earth and has four legs.

Next Month’s Article: I tried to provide as many topics as I could in this article as I will most likely not have an
Article in November issue of the Eagle. Tisk-Tisk, I know you’re heart broken. I’ll be out of the country visiting
family and friends rejuvenating myself for the coming Holidays.

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