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What’s Causing That Headache?
We all get headaches from time to          possible causes of headache pain,          of relief. You don’t have to be one of
time, but figuring out Why we’re suf-      including:                                 the millions dependent on pain med-
fering or how to get rid of them isn’t     • Stress                                   ications. If you suffer from headaches,
always easy. Millions of individuals       • Muscle tension                           schedule a comprehensive evaluation
take daily or near-daily doses of pain     • Nutritional deficiencies                 with your doctor of chiropractic. If
relief medications to rid headaches,       • Hormonal imbalances                      neck and spine dysfunction is
often providing only                       Most headache sufferers turn to over-       causing your pain, regular adjust-
temporary relief and causing a variety     the-counter drugs as their only form       ments might be an effective solution.
of unpleasant side effects.

A number of clinical studies note the
effectiveness of chiropractic adjust-
ments in relieving headache symp-
toms, an observation confirmed by a                                                       visit us today!
recent literature review that provided                                         
evidence of a potential spinal cord
Evidence points to a variety of

Headache Relief With Regular Chiropractic Care
Nobody likes headaches. They can           one visit per week, for                    researchers wrote. The researchers
strike with little warning and cause       chiropractic manipulation;                 indicated that a larger clinical trial
debilitating pain -- especially cervi-                                                testing the relationship of HA and
cogenic headaches (HA), which are          Group two                                  chiropractic treatment is warranted,
defined as pain that originates in          received a total of nine office visits,   and concluded that there are benefits
the cervical spine, or neck area, and      three visits per week, for                 to “9 to 12 [chiropractic] visits over 3
refers up to the head. Researchers          chiropractic manipulation; and            weeks for the treatment of HA/
investigated the effect of chiropractic    group three received 12                    neck pain and disability. A larger
treatment on HA in 20 randomized           total visits, four visits per week.        number of visits than 12 in 3 weeks
patients, specifically focusing on the                                                may be required for maximum relief
relationship between the number            Researchers discovered a correlation       and durability of outcomes.”
of chiropractic treatments and pain        between the number of chiropractic
relief. Participants were assigned to      visits and positive outcome in head-       If you suffer from headaches, your
one of three treatment groups for          ache patients. “For HA pain, substan-      doctor of chiropractic can help. Make
comparison:                                tial differences were found between        an appointment for a chiropractic
                                           participants receiving 1 treatment         evaluation today.(2)
Group one                                  per week and those receiving either
received a total of three office visits,   3 or 4 treatments per week,” the

Head Toward Alternative Medicine
Many people suffer from chronic            treatment                                  ever, as not all forms of
headache pain, despite a wide vari-        would be effective for headache pain.      alternative therapy are proven safe
ety of treatment options. Those who        The following represent some of the        or effective. Research any form of
find relief through drugs often must       most-used CAM therapies for head-          treatment before you consider using
deal with negative side effects.           ache, based on patient response:           it, and ask your doctor of chiropractic
Complementary and Alternative              • Massage                                  about its validity. (3) adjustments
Medicines, or CAM therapies, are           • Physiotherapy /Rehabilitation            might be an effective solution.
increasingly being considered by           • Acupuncture
those who cannot find symptom re-          • Chiropractic
lief elsewhere. Seventy-three severe       • Herbs / Nutritional Supplements
headache patients at an outpatient         • Reflexology
head/neck pain clinic in New York          If you suffer from headaches or other
 were recently interviewed about           conditions that don’t      respond
their knowledge, use, and opinions         adequately to standard medical care,
about CAM. Nearly 90% of the suf-          consider some
ferers thought some form of CAM            form of CAM therapy. Be careful, how-

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