September 24, 2007 (4th Meeting) I. Call to Order Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. Pledge of Allegiance Lead by Senator Aranda. Roll Call Quorum Met Approval of Minutes Friendly revision by Senator Hardy about the bike caves.





Guest Speakers A. Dr. Larry Teis, Director of Athletics and Coach Wright, Head Football Coach Dr. Larry Teis a. At Strahan the board is delivered. b. There is a new scoreboard that will be as big as the “Texas State.” c. First 2 football games the fans came out in full force. d. In two weeks we play McNeese State during Family Weekend. e. Asked the Senate to come out and support the football and volleyball teams. f. UTSA did a student vote for the athletic department and decided on a student fund increase to $480 a year. This will help boost the athletic department and maybe one day allow the addition of a football team. Coach Brad Wright a. There is a brand new offense and defense and there is talk about maybe taking some red shirts off to come up and play at upcoming games. b. We are working to be successful. c. We are making sure the guys are going to class and if they miss more than 5 or 6 classes then they are off the team. d. There has been great fan attendance. Especially at Baylor because we had about 5000 fans there. e. Asked the Senate to continue to support the team. He said, “We are not going out there to do poorly. We are doing the best we can and we want to win. McNeese is picked to win it, but we are going to do the best we can and give it our all.” Questions: Senator Sweat: Moving up to FBF level, can we compete? Wright: The move is a business decision and if we have money then we will move in that direction. You don’t want to move to D1 just to be D1. If we are going to do it then we have to do it right. Senator Clay: What is the athletic department going to do to be televised? Wright: Arkansas is going to be televised and Sam Houston will be televised. Central Arkansas and Sam Houston will both be moved to Thursday. They go through conference office to be televised. Senator Galvez: Even to show game clips on TV you have to send in clips. Do you do that? Wright: I have my own show on channel 8 and the Austin channels have stepped up to get Texas State out there. Senator Lopez: You said UTSA upped their fees what are you going to do to prevent that? Tice: They are conference USA they are getting 480 from students and there are 5 schools that get it from students. Other wise they get their money from the athletic games and events. Our problem at this university is that the alumni don’t give back. And its not just athletics it is across the board. If we do, it is not enough. Senator Schultz: As you move up to D1 you get more sponsors and if it does move up will current sponsors give more or add more sponsors? Tice: A lot of sponsors are locally owned business. He would love to have more step up. We are trying to get some from Austin but they are stuck to UT and we need to get San Antonio before UTSA gets a team.

Entertained motion and approved to extend time to 3 questions: Senator Guy: What three things would football program see as recruiting goes? Wright: You can never have good enough facilities because we are compared to UT in Austin. Guy: In terms of weight rooms? Wright: There are things that could be done to existing facilities. If they could move recruiting in the spring that would be good. We are hitting SA hard with help of Coach Travis Bush. We have to do a good job of getting more recruits. And we just need to get more money. Period. Senator Whitley: Recruitment; is now in January? Wright: Actually from November to February. Whitley: is there anything ASG can do to help? Wright: No not really, but just take care of the guys coming though. Don’t let them fall into temptations. Wardwell: a lot of people look at sports team and they look at win/loss records. I look at you guys and see you as people who sacrifice their time and bodies and all for us and don’t think for a moment that we don’t appreciate and recognize it. Tice: Our athletes do graduate higher above other athletes. When you hear athlete and scholarship some of them might get between 10 and 30%. The athletes do a great job in the classroom. We appreciate every one of y’all. Thank you! B. Jude Prather, Candidate for City Council Place 2 He wasn’t able to show. He had prior obligations.


Public Forum

Mr. Anderson: Chris Anderson was in the Senate last year and is not in because he was not elected as President. He turned in an application and wants to be appointed. Sheila Bustillos: Her job is to create a senior giving program. We have a Bobcat Statue and we want to find funds for it. 15% of TX State senior class we could get 125,000. She sent around a sheet to sign up to help. They are looking for co-chairs and student volunteers. You will ask senior class to give a certain amount of money to go towards the Boko statue. This is a great opportunity to help get alumni involved. Entertained motion to extend speaker time to 3 questions. Approved. Senator Luis: Could this start for graduating class of Fall 2007? Sheila: Absolutely Senator Spencer: Does someone have to donate a certain amount of money or just at their own discretion? Sheila: Yes if you donate at a certain dollar level then you will get these awards. Etc. Senator Schultz: What about spreading the idea to graduate seniors? Sheila: Yes, the grad house will tackle and try to make it happen. IT will be the students’ discretion as to where the money goes.

VII. a. b. c.

President’s Report It’s a great day to be a Bobcat Thanked guests for coming. Bobcat statue is something we have to move on rather quickly and we will have legislation next week. You will not have to pay money for it. It is money that you have already paid. We will do fundraising within the university unlike the LBJ statue. There will be a plaque on it and will recognized the organization forever. It will be a great legacy for us to leave. The location is not decided yet it is just an idea. College leadership program we want to hear what you have to say. We have increased membership by 20%. Constitutional Review Committee this Thursday. Dr. Teis and Coach Wright. We will have last meeting on Oct 5 and will be sending report for recommendation and it will move through to the office of athletics. This is good because of the noise we caused. Bobcat Athletics will not be successful without you guys. And its not just football. Alumni do not give back so we need to make sure we continue to give back and hold relationship with university.

d. e. f. g. h.

Sen. Ugo: Do you know who is the Bobcat statue artist? Reagan: We had an artist and we didn’t like it. SO now we have 3 pictures we are deciding between.

Clay: Senate with copy of report October. 5? Reagan: yes in a timely matter Vice President’s Report a. Introduced new members to Senate. b. If you have not been to a committee meeting please come talk to Alexis. c. The office of representative of Patrick Rose is offering an internship. d. Homecoming is coming up and we have a nomination for the king, queen, and gaillardia e. All Senators get to register early for classes next spring. Committee Reports A. External Affairs Senator Clay:  Sagewood Residences: The city is trying to develop a community meeting, so go to the city council and state your case.  Voter Registration is in the quad from 10-2pm  We are working to get the city council to come talk to ASG.  Senator Flowers: It is an inconvenience to students to talk to councilmen. They are not searching for people that are living with more than 2 unrelated students. Be respectful to neighbors.  If you don’t like the zoning laws, go through the council and let your councilman know what you want changed.  Senator Bogan Durr: We can debate this all day, and we are trying to give the Sagewood people an opportunity rather than taking a stance.  Sweat: Whenever the zoning issues happen they are trying to prevent what happened at Sagewood.  Overall zoning is a good thing, but there has just been poor planning B. Student Life Senator Gomez  Bobcat Statue: There is an opportunity with the marketing department to discuss it.  On October 6th ASG is tailgating some come out and help us support the bobcats.  Senator Guy: “I will be helping to provide free food so make sure and come out there.”  Senator Aranda: It is Parents Weekend so make sure and bring your parents.  Vice President Alexis: Make sure you show up to the tailgate because that is where you will get your game day shirts. C. Student Relations Senator Kasprzak  The Grievance session in the quad has been moved to October 9th.  Thanked Senator Adams and Senator Surprenant for helping at the university seminar classes. They talked to the freshmen about ASG.  Leadership Program: If we went to different departments and got a couple questions then that will be more accessible to students.  Passed around a sign up sheet for the grievance session.  Senator Palomo: If there are two grievance sessions this semester when is the next one?  Senator Kasprzak: Debatable.  Senator Palomo: Most students have classes either Tuesday/Thursday and Monday/Wednesday during the time the session might be. It would be a good idea to switch the days for the different times we have the sessions during the semester. D. University Relations Senator Trepanier:  Emergency two pieces of legislation for $10,000 to cover miscellaneous costs for composites.  The Senate is expanding and so are the costs for everything, so we need more money.  The next project we are working on is the library hours. X. Advisor’s Report RHA advisor: President Tommy Luna: Personally Luna is trying to build foundation for RHA. HE wants students to know what RHA is. They have equipped resident’s hall leaders with skills to lead students. They are in process of planning a master plan for RHA. With everything we do we have a deep concentration on bobcat pride and spirit. We want everything happening through each resident burning and beaming with BOBCAT SPIRIT.




New Business   A. Approval of Senate Selection Nominees for Open Senate Seats Megan Patronella o Senator Ugo: What attributes do you have? o Patronella: A lot of strengths and skills and she has a lot of pride to help ASG senate. Courtney Strange o Senator Ugo: same question. o He wants to help Texas State reach its potential.

Approved by voice vote. Senators sworn in by President Reagan Pugh   B. S.R.F. 2007-2008/2 “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” Emergency legislation has been moved and seconded. In support of this we have 3 guests: Police Chief: Howard Williams, District Attorney: Sherri Tibbe and Carrie Freeman Hays Caldwell Women’s Center

Debate:  Senator Luiz: What kind of campaigns is ASG going to do about this?  Senator Gutermuth: We have networks and other resources. There is nothing scheduled but we definitely want to work on this. There are posters and other cutouts with stories of victims.  Motion to take of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. By voice vote.  Legislation passes.


Old Business A. S.R.F 2007-2008/1 “Texas State Alums Online”  Motion to consider the legislation read. Approved.  Oskey: Last week friendly amendments were made and there were several that we asked to sponsor the bill. Now the whole senate supports this bill.  Debate: Senator Ferguson: As we are implementing this we need to keep in mind that people who have already graduated can set one up again. Senator Oskey: We contacted alumni relations and they said they have 32,000 alumni currently in their email database. Senator Hardy: What would be complications of not changing the email address? Oskey: It will automatically be changed after three months after graduation and you should have enough time to tell people it was changed to “”. This is a way for alumni to keep access. Senator Durr: Why do we have to add alumni? Oskey: Because they might have to recycle numbers. President Reagan: When you have your id number it remains in the system dating back to 15 years. Technically they have that number it is just trying to find the resources to get back to those alumni. Senator Schultz: How do we know that it won’t overload the IT system? Oskey: We have been meeting with IT department and they are ready to do it.

Senator Galvez: Has the alumni association agreed to support the funds? Oskey: No, but they are excited about the idea. Sheila: Would you consider having a donation from alumni to be able to get email? Oskey: Well that’s how it already works, but it might not work because you can get one for free. Aranda: How long will it take? Oskey: immediately Legislation passed by voice vote.

XIII. XIV.       

Questions Announcements Senator Galvez: SACA is having wakeboard tournament this Saturday the 29th, so come out and check it out. Senator Aranda: Happy Birthday to Senator Sullivan Senator Guy: Asked the senate to consider writing a bill. Senator Gutermuth: Posters are brightly colored and there are hundreds of them. Please help put them up. Homecoming King nomination: Reagan Pugh Homecoming Queen nomination: Alexis Dabney and Megan Titus All nominees accepted their nominations. Adjournment Adjourned at 8:30.


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