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									           February 26 to March 4

“March, master of winds, bright minstrel   “Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March,
and marshal of storms that enkindle the    that month of wind and taxes. The wind
         season they smite."               will presently disappear, the taxes last us
~Algernon C Swinburne, March: An Ode               all the year." ~Ogden Nash

     Organic                                             Kiwis
Red Delicious Apples                                   2 / $1.00
     $1.49 lb.
      Organic Celery                                   2 / $1.00
        $2.79 bu.
                                              Green or Red Leaf
       Organic                                     Lettuce
   Red Leaf Lettuce                               2 / $3.00
      $2.79 hd.
         Organic                                        3 / $ .99
    Valencia Oranges
      In 4 lb. bags                                  Red Onions
        $4.49 ea.                                     $1.99 lb.

Organic Bartlett Pears                      Loose Baby Spinach
      $1.99 lb.                                  $3.99 lb.
       FEBRUARY         26 - MARCH 11

 AMY’S                                                 OLD CHATHAM                               BLUE DIAMOND
 FROZEN BURRITOS                                       SHEEP’S MILK YOGURT                       ALMOND MILK
 ALL VARIETIES, 5.5 OZ. - 6 OZ.                        ALL VARIETIES, 6 OZ.                      ALL VARIETIES, 64 OZ.

 YOU SAVE $1.20!!
                                                       YOU SAVE $.80!!
                                                                                                 YOU SAVE $.50 OFF OUR EDLP!!
          A quick, easy and healthful                           Creamy yogurt made with               Add some flavor to any plain
         food that’s great as a snack,                              real sheep’s milk!                  cereal without adding
                lunch or dinner!                                                                            a lot of sugar!

 LOOZA                                                 MARY’S GONE CRACKERS                      PURELY ELIZABETH
 FRUIT NECTARS                                         ORGANIC CRACKERS                          GF GRANOLA
 ALL VARIETIES, 33.8 OZ.                               ALL VARIETIES, 6.5 OZ.                    ALL VARIETIES, 12 OZ.

YOU SAVE $1.30!!
                                                       YOU SAVE $2.20!!
                                                                                                 YOU SAVE $2.40!!
       Quality, flavorful fruit nectars                         Dairy, wheat and gluten free         High quality ingredients loaded
        manufactured in Belgium                                  with no GMOs, trans-fats or              with health benefits!
                 since 1948!                                         hydrogenated oils!

 GUIDO’S OWN                                           JUSTIN’S                                  VICTORIA
 ORGANIC APRICOTS                                      ALMOND BUTTERS                            PASTA SAUCE
 SINGLE VARIETY ONLY, 8 OZ.                            ALL VARIETIES, 16 OZ.                     ALL VARIETIES, 26 OZ.

YOU SAVE $1.00!!
                                                       YOU SAVE $2.20 OFF OUR EDLP!
                                                                                                 YOU SAVE $3.00!!
        Try adding sliced apricots to                       Once you’ve tried this all-natural    A truly outstanding taste experience
     salads, home-made trail mix, or to                     almond butter, you’ll find a way        whether for topping pasta or just
        top freshly cooked chicken!                             to add it to everything!             adding to your favorite recipe!

 FIELD DAY                                             FIELD DAY                                 GUIDO’S OWN
 PITTED RIPE OLIVES                                    ORGANIC EVOO                              BASIC MULTI
 ALL VARIETIES, 6 OZ.                                  SINGLE VARIETY ONLY, 750 ML.              SINGLE VARIETY ONLY, 60 CT.

YOU SAVE $.70!!
                                                       YOU SAVE $3.00!!
                                                                                                 YOU SAVE $1.50!!
         Great in pasta dishes, as a                          First cold pressed Spanish olive        Taking a basic multi-vitamin
      pizza topper or minced in a food                            oil that is perfect for your         can help keep you healthy
       processer to make tapenade!                                        family chef!                    during cold season!

                         Our CAFÉ SPECIAL This Week!                                                                     SEE CAFÉ FOR DETAILS

                           FIRE CIDER SHOT
                                                                                                                         PITTSFIELD STORE ONLY
                                                                                                                            VALID THROUGH
                                                                                                                              MARCH 4TH!

                                                                   PINOT NOIR $11.99
                                                                   Hahn Family Winery 2011


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