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					                                   E-portfolio assignment
                                          Kevin Hutson

Write a paragraph on each of the following:

What did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this General Education class?

       I learned a lot about rock climbing and developed a passion for it. I believe that learning
about any physical or outdoor activity is learning about lifelong wellness. These types of
activities make you healthier, staying in good physical health is a very important part of lifelong
wellness In addition to being healthier these activities will also make you happier which is just as
much a part of lifelong wellness as physical health.

How would you apply this information to your life?

       I will continue to rock climb as well as do other physical and outdoor activities. This will
help build muscle and endurance and will improve my overall physical fitness. I also enjoy these
activities and continuing to do them will improve my happiness as well. The information I
learned in this class will greatly improve my lifelong wellness.

What is your intention to continue to practice what you have learned in your life and why?

       My family always goes camping, climbing, hiking, and other activities outdoors. My
girlfriend and I also want to do more outdoor activities together. We’ve been trying a lot of
different kinds to stay in shape and have fun. We have signed up for a monthly pass to The Front
so we can improve our skills and take our new experience to the outdoors. Once we have become
experts in our climbing skills, we want to travel all over the world with all our new gear and
explore places we can only climb to. We don’t have that much gear right now, but we are slowly
increasing our collection and one day we will be able to use it outside.

General ideas for improving the course?

       I think the class should talk about the Yosemite Decimal system in greater detail because
when I searched the topic on the Internet, I realized it was used for hiking and climbing. We only
talked about the class rates of difficulty, which were white for beginners, yellow for
intermediate, green for advanced, red for expert, and black for Yoda. In the widely used
Yosemite Decimal system, there are only five levels, whereas our class had six. I think that
needed to be a little clearer. Other than that, this class was great!

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