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HD Experience Worksheet

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					HD Experience Worksheet
Thank you for choosing Best Buy for your new Home Theater purchase. We strive to fulfill your unique needs and to
deliver the best experience and service possible.

Lets help you find the right TV
 • Why are you looking to purchase a new Television?
 • What have you researched and have you seen anything that you’ve liked?
 • What type of Television are you looking for? (Plasma, LCD, LED)
 • Are you planning on wall mounting your new Television or using a stand?
 • What is your brand preference?
 • Who will be using the Television?

What do you use your television for?

  TV                        Movie                        Gaming                              Audio
  • Comcast                 • BluRay                     • XBOX 360                          • 1 Room
  • DirectTV
                            • DVD                        • Playstation                       • Multi Room
  • RCN
  • U-Verse                 • Streaming                  • Wii                               • 2 Channel Audio

 Let us show you what is possible.

    Applications                                              Accessories
    Many televisions now have internet capabilities.          Choosing the correct accessories for your new
    Some of the functions that you use your                   Home Theater system can make or break your
    computer for can be done through your                     experience. Quality HDMI cables, power lines,
    television or BluRay player. Ask an associate how         and internet connections can make your viewing
    these applications can be used with your TV.              experience that much more enjoyable.

   •   Cinema Now     •   Napster         •   Youtube         •   BluRay Player   •   Furniture       •   HTIB
   •   Netflix         •   Pandora         •   Facebook        •   HDMI Cables     •   TV Mounts       •   Components
   •   Blockbuster    •   Vudu            •   Twitter         •   DVD Player      •   Smart Remotes   •   Speakers

How fast is fast enough?

• How fast is the internet connection in your home?          • Is your network Wired or Wireless?
           Recommended Geek Squad Services
Geek Squad can help you set up your home theater system. We’ll work with your needs, your budget, and your
dream. We can stop by for an in-home consultation to discuss the possibilities. We can also calibrate your TV,
connect your home theater to the Internet, program your remote control and ensure your home theater is
meeting your needs. Geek Squad Agents make it easy, safe, and secure to get up and running. Try us today.

   Home Theater Setup                                         TV Mounting
    • TV and Video Setup $99.99                                • 26” & Smaller $149.99
    • Home Theater Setup $149.99                               • 27”-40” $249.99
   TV Calibration $199.99                                      • 41” & Larger $349.99
                                                              Audio Setup
   Home Networking $129.99
                                                               • Up to 2.1 $199.99
    • Add device to an existing network $49.99                 • Up to 5.1 $499.99
   Remote Control Programming $149.99                          Inclusive AV Packages
    • Add on Remote Control Programming $99.99                 • Advanced Setup and Mount $449.99
                                                               • Premium Setup and Mount $799.99

             Geek Squad Black Tie Protection
Geek Squad Black Tie Protection is the kind of setup, performance, and ongoing support plan you need,
putting the power of the Geek Squad at your command. Black Tie Protection is available on a host of products,
and its sold exclusively at Best Buy. In short, Black Tie Protection is probably everything you wanted -- and more.

Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Includes
  Performance: We’ll keep your electronics working as well as the day you bought them.
  Security: We’ll protect your product from power surges and everyday wear and tear.
  Support: We can provide your with access to our network of 21,000 Geeks.
  No Lemon: If your product require four qualified repairs, you’ll receive a comparable replacement.

                                                 Room Setup
Hardwiring is the most common way of connecting a computer
to a television. There are three di erent types of connections.
Choose which type of port your computer has below:



          Push 2 TV
Browse the Internet and view music, pictures and video from
your compatible laptop on your HDTV with this wireless
adapter that features a compact, lightweight design for
portability. Computers must have at least an i5 processor for
this devices to funtion correctly.
    Media Players
A device that connects to your television that streams media
to your television. An internet connection must exist in the
home to successfully use these devices. Ask an associate for
more details. These are a few that we have to o er:

Apple TV
D-Link Boxee Box
Western Digital WDTV
Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Media Player

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