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									              Medical and Health Services
Medical Services
General Information –
Registration - Service Personnel
There is no requirement for Service personnel to register as new patients. This
procedure is carried out by unit medical assistants or clerical staff in the medical
centre on receipt of medical documentation from the unit administration office.
Serving personnel are registered at the medical centre where their unit is registered.

Registration – Dependants and entitled Civilians
Dependants and UKBCs should register at their local medical centre bringing in
details of their unit contact address and details, telephone number, their NHS number
and details of their previous medical practitioner. Once registered, medical centres
will obtain their health records direct from the UK or previous medical centre.
There are strict rules for entitlement to BFG facilities for sponsored organisations and
it is currently limited to MOD Civil Servants, Health Service and SCE staff and their
dependants. Unfortunately NAAFI employees are not covered by these arrangements
and only NAAFI UKBC Staff are entitled to Primary Health Care Support.
Dependants and entitled civilians living in Paderborn, Sennelager or Bad Lippspringe
can register at either Barker Medical Centre or MRS Sennelager.
• Do register at your Medical Centre as soon as you arrive.
• Do – if you have young children under 5yrs old, please make yourself known to the
  Health Visitor.
• Do use the routine clinics and appointment system at your own medical centre.
• Do keep your appointments at the Doctor or Hospital, or ring in good time to
  cancel them.
• Do let the Practice Administrator know if there is a system that is not working
• Do try not to come without an appointment, unless it is very urgent.
• Do try not to misuse the Emergency / out of hours service.

BFG Health Service takes confidentiality of medical information very seriously and all
staff are required to sign declarations of understanding of the issue. Patients should
be assured that we take concerns in this area very seriously and try to ensure that tight
confidentiality of patient details are kept to only those staff who need to know.

All four of the main Garrison medical centres (MRS Sennelager, Barker, Detmold &
Hameln) provide medicines dispensary service. Hours for each service sometimes vary
and it would be appropriate to check with the relevant medical centre.
                   p A d e r b O r n ,   S e n n e l A G e r   &   d e T m O l d   2 0 0 8

Our dispensaries only carry limited ranges of key items and if patients (or visitors)
have special needs then it should be discussed with the dispensary staff or GP in
advance. Unfortunately we do not provide ‘Over the counter’ (OTC) medicines
available for purchase and all items will be given only by prescription.
Limited ranges of OTC medicines are available for purchase at the NAAFI.
Pharmaceutical items can also be purchased at a local German apotheke (chemist).

Hospital Liaison
Throughout the Designated German Provider (DGP) Hospitals there are a team of
Hospital Liaison Officers (HLOs). This team offers a translation service and tries to
ensure that your visit or stay at the hospital is as smooth as possible. Please refer to
the section on hospitals for more information.
In order to improve links between the medical centres and hospital departments
Hospital Liaison Officers are now based at MRS Sennelager. This means that
should you be referred to hospital by your doctor you can make all the appropriate
arrangements through an HLO. Patients are encouraged to speak to the HLOs if they
have queries or need support over hospital care.

Eye testing is carried out at the MRS and Barker Medial Centres, by a contracted
German optician by appointment. Local opticians in Paderborn, Elsen and Schloss
Neuhaus can carry out eye tests and provide glasses or contact lenses at prices
comparable with NHS prices.

Home Visits
Home visits are not routine, but are available if viewed clinically appropriate by the
GP All requests should be discussed with the doctor concerned. This reflects current
UK practice.

Transport to Medical Centres
Transport to medical centres is not an entitlement and patients are expected to make
their own way, though Unit Welfare Officers may be able to help where there are
difficult circumstances. The Garrison Transport Office do provide patient transport to
hospital and the service can be booked through the medical centres.

Car Parking
Car parking space at all of the medical centres is limited and patients are obliged
to use the adjacent Patients Car Parks. However, we do have some spare spaces
allocated at MRS Sennelager for expectant mums and patients who have mobility
problems. There is no disabled pass scheme.

Visits of Relatives or Friends
Currently being assessed by GOC UKSC(G)
Relatives and friends are Not Entitled to BFG Health Service facilities.
However, for immediate and necessary treatment, provided that a sponsorship form
has been completed with your families officer, the medical officer in charge may allow
a close relative to be seen for urgent problems (e.g. forgotten heart medication). This
is not an entitlement and is at the discretion of the GP on duty. Furthermore, relatives
will not be entitled to follow-on treatment such as x-rays or hospital referral and are
advised to bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or evidence of Private
health insurance to cover any German GP or hospital costs.
p A d e r b O r n ,   S e n n e l A G e r   &   d e T m O l d   2 0 0 8                 7

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
All Service personnel and their dependants must obtain EHIC, (which replaces the
old E111 Scheme) as medical bills resulting from illness/accidents outside the BFG
area will not be met by the MOD. This includes travel to and from the Channel ports
via France, Holland and Belgium or family holidays in the southern part of Germany.
The form can be taken with you to a hospital or GP or Health Insurance Company as
directed when medical care is required.
EHIC provides subsidised or free medical treatment whilst visiting most EC countries.
Please note that not all EC Countries give absolutely free treatment, and in many
cases the individual has to bear a proportion of the charges. This can easily be
overcome by taking out private medical insurance.
EHIC can be obtained from Forces Post Offices or by writing to: DD Overseas Branch,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE98 1YX.
This will be issued for every family member. Forms are available from BFG Post
Offices. Alternatively, you can apply online:

Patient Participation Groups
There are regular meetings in the Garrison where patients or unit representatives can
meet, obtain information and discuss issues around medical services. We are very
interested in receiving feedback on our services and taking advice on future plans.
Good work has been achieved by these groups in developing facilities and providing
information. Anyone is welcome. Details are available through Unit Welfare Officers,
notice boards, medical centres or by contacting the Garrison Information Officer on
05254 982 2069.

Compliments and Complaints
We are very open and mature about any complaint that you may have. We may
be able to use it to improve that service or problem. Please contact the practice
administrator or senior nurse at your local medical centre if you are having difficulties.
If we are unable to resolve these difficulties satisfactorily there and then, you are
encouraged to make a formal complaint under under the BFG Health Services
complaints procedure. Complaints can be taken verbally by senior staff within the
Medical Centre or can be made in writing to:- Regional General Manager, BFG
Health Service (Paderborn), John Farmer Building, c/o MRS Sennelager, Talbot
Barracks BFPO 16.

Patient Responsibilities
A lot of effort and resources go into making the BFG Health service a success, but we
would ask that patients also play their part:
• Please keep to booked appointment times where possible or if you cannot make an
appointment please let us know so we can offer that appointment to another patient.
It is important to let us know at least five working days beforehand if you need to
cancel a hospital appointment. The Garrison Commander takes the issue of those
who do not attend booked appointments very seriously and numbers and units are
• Please be polite with staff working in medical centres, they work hard for your
8                   p A d e r b O r n ,   S e n n e l A G e r   &   d e T m O l d   2 0 0 8

Incidents of harassment and offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and will be
reported to the chain of command for both serving personnel and dependants.
• Please let staff know if your problem is urgent or an emergency, they will make
special arrangements if that is appropriate.

Health Service Standards
Standards expected of the health service are laid out in the patients’ charter standard
guide for the health service and we are expected to try and maintain these standards.
Where it is not possible the local medical centre will advise you.
The BFG Health Service is managed locally by a team based at the John Farmer
Building, Depot 90, Normandy Barracks, Sennelager. The service is essentially a
partnership between Army Medical Services, SSAFA and Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust
with HQ based at Wegberg. Local management is led by a Regional Clinical Director
(RCD), Regional General Manager (RGM) and Hospital Operations Manager. For
information or contact please call: Tel: 05254 982 4551 (Mil 79 4551)

Looking for work?
If you are a health professional or looking for clerical/support openings in our
challenging but positive environment please contact either the RGM (05254 4551)
or make contact with the practice administrator or senior nurse at your local medical
centre. Very often there are vacancies for dependants and we would give you a warm

More Information:
BFG Health Service Booklet - ‘A Guide to entitlement and how to get the best from
the BFG Health Service’ (2004)
BFG Health Service - Patient Care Standards
All are available at medical centres.
Additionally medical centres and departments also produce their own local guides
and newsletters periodically and we contribute regularly to ‘Punchlines’ magazine.

Medical Centres
Medical cover for patients in Sennelager, Paderborn and Detmold is provided by three
medical centres, MRS Sennelager, Barker Medical Centre & Detmold Medical Centre.
Out of hours, weekend and public holiday emergency cover is provided by a 24 hour
service based at MRS Sennelager.
The medical centres are staffed by teams of health professionals including GPs,
practice nurses, health visitors, midwives, community psychiatric nurses, dispensary
staff, supported by combat medical technicians and clerical staff. MRS Sennelager
and Barker provide general practice facilities for Service personnel, their families and
entitled civilians. Detmold, unfortunately does not provide for Service personnel and
access is restricted to families and dependants only.
Some Specialist services only are available at Alanbrooke Medical Centre in
Alanbrooke Barracks and the John Farmer Centre in Depot 90 (near Normandy
p A d e r b O r n ,   S e n n e l A G e r   &   d e T m O l d   2 0 0 8            

Community Services
A number of community services are also provided within the garrison area and can
be accessed either directly or through your GP.
Health Visiting Service Based at each main medical centre.
Midwifery Service
Community midwives based at each main medical centre. They work very closely with
the DGP hospitals to support expectant mums.
Community Mental Health Team. Tel Mil 79 x 3630 Civ 05251 101630
Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPNs) based at Alanbrooke Barracks medical centre
are supported by a visiting psychiatrist. There is also a community adolescent mental
health service based in Osnabrück.
Primary Care Rehabilitation Facility. Tel Mil 79 x 4042 Civ 05254 9824042
A physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre based at the John Farmer Building, Depot
90 in Normandy Barracks, Sennelager provides a comprehensive range of services by
physiotherapists and a remedial instructor for both military and civilian personnel.
Speech & Language Therapy. Tel Mil 79 x 4047 Civ 05254 9824047
This is a service which works very closely with the local garrison SCE schools and
educational psychologists. Service operates from the John Farmer Building, Depot 90
Normandy Barracks, Sennelager.
Consultant Paediatrician. Tel Mil 79 x 3447 Civ 05252 101447
A service works from the paediatrics department based at Alanbrooke Barracks
medical centre.

Dr Marsden at the Medical Centre.
0                  p A d e r b O r n ,     S e n n e l A G e r   &   d e T m O l d   2 0 0 8

Medical Reception Station (MRS)
The MRS is situated in Talbot Barracks, within Normandy Barracks. It offers a primary
health care service to Service personnel, entitled civilians and their families. It is
the largest Medical Centre of the Garrison offering a variety of clinics and services
including Forward Outpatients for some specialties such as dietician and optician.

Troops Sick Parade
An exclusive walk-in service is provided for troops who have been injured or had an
illness during the preceding 24 hours. Your unit must know that you are attending.
Long Term problems are best seen in a routine surgery appointment, made via

Nurse Clinics
The practice nurses run a nurse-led appointment system for General Clinics; Well
Woman Clinics; Family Planning and Diabetic Clinic; Asthma Clinics; Pregnancy
Testing Service and a new patient check Service. Appointments should be made in
advance via reception.

Doctors Clinics
The doctors run various clinics throughout the week. These include an evening family
planning clinic, a weekly Kings School pupils clinic, minor surgery and medicals e.g
for insurance purposes or troops - see Practice Leaflet for details.

If you require longer than 10 minutes, please could you state this when booking your
Opening Times          Monday –Friday                     0800 – 1630 hrs
                       Family Planning Clinic Monday 1700 – 1900hrs
                       Closed on Tuesday afternoons for staff training.
                       (Emergencies will be dealt with)

Contact Numbers
                                  Mil Tel                 Civilian Tel
Reception & Appointments          79 x 2414               05254 982 2414
Forward Out Patients              79 x 2977               05254 982 2977
Health Visitor                    79 x 2980               05254 982 2980
Community Midwives                79 x 2975               05254 982 2975
EMERGENCIES ONLY                  79 x 2333               05254 982 2333
                                                          05254 87996
Emergency German Ambulance 0112                            112
p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r    &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8                41

Barker Medical Centre
The Barker Medical Centre is located in block 9 within Barker Barracks. It is a three
doctor practice providing routine and urgent medical care. It has its own dispensary
and a variety of nurse and doctor clinics. We also have an optician who visits the

Troops Sick Parade
Sick parade runs from 07:30 to 08:30 for soldiers with an injury or for assessment of
illness that has developed over the previous 24hrs. Soldiers will be triaged by the duty
medic and see the doctor if required. Chronic or on-going problems should book a
routine doctor’s appointment via reception.

Nurses Clinics
We offer a selection of nurse led services, these include; family planning/sexual
health, asthma advice, diabetes advice, minor illness treatment/assessment, wound
care, and travel immunisations. As all nurses are not specialists in all areas, where
possible please specify the type of appointment you need so we can ensure the
appropriate nurse is available to treat/assess you.

Troops Clinics
This clinic provides routine daily appointments for soldiers to receive routine care;
including wound care, pulheems/medicals, vaccinations and venepuncture.

A routine doctor and nurse appointment is 10 minutes, some clinics require longer
appointment slots. Please ask at reception as they will be able to advise you. Please
note if you have more than one problem to discuss with the doctor please ask the
receptionist to book more time for you.

Opening Times
Monday - Friday 08:00 - 16:30
Pharmacy (08:00 - 10:00) (10.30 - 12:30) (14:00 - 16:30)
Closed on Tuesday afternoons for staff training, however staff are available to
deal with medical emergencies.
Contact Numbers                   Mil Tel:                 Civilian Tel:
Reception & Appointments        (79) 3258             05251 101258
                                (79) 3256             05251 101256
Dispensary                      (79) 3188             05251 101188
1PWRR Medics                    (79) 3306             05251 101306
Practice Administrator          (79) 3309             05251 101309
Health Visitors and Midwives are contacted via reception.
35 Engineer medics are contacted via reception.
3 Bn REME medics are contacted via reception.
Emergencies only - during working hours                    05251 21217
Emergencies only - out of hours & bank holidays 05254 982 2333
Emergency German Ambulance                                 112
42                  p a d e r b o r n ,    s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8

Detmold Medical Centre
The Medical Centre is located in Siegfried Strasse in Detmold, next to the community
centre and has a small car park. Services are provided for families, dependants and
entitled civilians. Service personnel must use the medical centre identified by their
Unit, if they are unable to attend their identified Medical Centre they must telephone
their Medical Centre/Medic for advice.
As well as a GP and Primary Care Nurse service, a health visitor and midwife
also work from the Medical Centre. There are visiting services such as community
psychiatric nurse, speech & language therapist. An optician visits the Medical Centres
in Sennelager & Paderborn, you are welcome to access this service at either Centre.
Opening Times         Monday –Friday                 0830 – 1630
                      Closed on Tuesday afternoons for staff training.
Contact Numbers
                                                         Civilian Tel
Reception & Appointments                                 05231 20324
Emergencies - during working hours                       05251 21217
Emergencies - out of hours & bank holidays               05254 9822333
Emergency German Ambulance                               112

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       Autohaus H. IKEMEYER GmbH
        Paderborner Straße 55 • 33104 Paderborn-Elsen
        Tel.: 0 52 54 - 9 54 00 • Fax: 0 52 54 - 6 5316
p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8                43

Emergency Medical Services
In the evening, weekends and holidays or during medical centre closures, telephone
services for Barker and Detmold are diverted to MRS Sennelager.
Please also note that:
1) Out of Hours at MRS Sennelager there are normally only two members of staff
on medical centre duty and they are not able to undertake routine bookings or
The service is for emergencies only.
2) Although staff at the MRS can authorise the calling of an ambulance, they cannot
organise duty transport.
3) Patients based in Hameln should ring 05151 2333 (Mil 83 2333) in an
emergency, out of hours telephones will be diverted to MRS Sennelager for telephone
advice. Please see the Hameln Guide.

Emergency Contact Numbers
                                                Mil Tel               Civilian Tel
Emergency Out of Hours
All areas use MRS Sennelager                    79 x 2333             05254 982 2333
                                                79 x 2658             05254 982 2658
                                                                      05254 87996
Emergency during working hours (0800-1630hrs)
MRS Sennelager                                  79 x 2333             05254 982 2333
Barker Barracks Medical Centre                  79 3256               05251 21217
Detmold Medical Centre                                                05231 20324
Emergency German Ambulance                      0112                  112

St Vincenz Krankenhaus, Paderborn
The provision of secondary health care, or hospital care, is provided by St Vincenz
Krankenhaus. This is the Designated German Provider (DGP) and is under contract
with a top UK London Hospital. St Vincenz Krankenhaus is used for all routine and
emergency treatment. The hospital is situated on 3 sites close to the centre of town. It
has a total of 563 in-patient beds and all the wards have between 10 and 16 rooms
with a maximum of 3 beds per room.
Should a child be admitted to hospital then parents are able to stay too, if the parent
requests it. Should all the parents’ beds be occupied a reclining chair will be offered.

The Hospital Liaison Officers
The role of the Hospital Liaison Officer (HLO) is to facilitate your stay in hospital. An
HLO is available within normal working hours on the telephones listed below. They
are also available out of hours in cases of emergency to overcome any language
difficulties. In this instance they will be called by the German hospital staff. It is
imperative that if you need to go to hospital in an emergency that you try at the
44                   p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8

earliest opportunity to inform the MRS Sennelager so that they can assist in your
admission procedures and make the necessary arrangements with the duty HLO.
An HLO is also situated at the MRS in Sennelager from 8:00-12:00 hrs Monday to

 Inside the HLO office at the MRS Sennelager in Normandy Barracks.

Friday to answer any questions concerning hospital treatment or to assist in various
other matters relating to your hospital care.
Many of the German doctors and nurses in the main hospitals speak excellent English
and will always endeavour to make you feel at ease by speaking English. They are all
fully familiar with the HLO system and will call one for you should you request it.
There are also a number of DGP across Germany that provide specialist care and
treatment for more specific needs. You will be admitted to one of these should your
medical needs require it.
Summary of services provided
Haus 1: This is the main hospital site and is located virtually in the centre of
Paderborn. A new wing, reception and cafeteria have been built which has improved
the already excellent facilities which cover:
General Surgery       X-ray                  Adult Intensive Care
General Medicine      Cardiology             Orthopaedic Surgery
Haus 2: This building is also known as the Landeshospital and is situated within the
inner ring road on the other side of the town centre from Haus 1. It caters for:
Neurology             Ophthalmology          Oral Surgery
Haus 3: This part for the hospital is the Frauen- und Kinderklinik and is about a
kilometre from the main hospital on the other side of the inner ring road. It specialises
Maternity            Gynaecology            Paediatrics
p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8                 45

Karl-Hansen-Klinik: All Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) patients are treated at this Klinik
in Bad Lippspringe.
Opening Times          HLO in Hospital                    0800 – 1700 hrs
Monday -Friday         HLO at MRS Sennelager              0800 – 1200 hrs

Contact Numbers
                                  Location                Tel No
HLO MRS Sennelager                                        05254 9305667
Normandy Barracks                                         Fax No: 05254 9305668
Haus 1                Am Busdorf, Paderborn               05251 861445

Haus 2                Im Kisau, Paderborn                 05251 861445
Haus 3                Husener Strasse, Paderborn          05251 864113
Karl-Hansen-Klinik Bad Lippspringe (ENT)                  05252 954331
Bielefeld-Rosenhöhe (Dermatology)                         0521 9438803

Dental Services
Dental treatment in British Forces Germany (BFG) is provided by the Defence Dental
Services (DDS). This is a tri-Service organisation which ensures that all the Garrisons
in BFG have dental cover. All Military personnel, their families and entitled civilians
may be treated by the DDS.
The dental service is in great demand with its primary task to ensure that all
serving personnel are 'dentally fit'. There may, therefore, on occasions be delays
in the treatment and referral services that are available to other entitled personnel
typically during periods when units and formations are undergoing preparation for

Opening Hours
The times of opening vary from Centre to Centre however as a rule your Dental
Centre will be open between 0800 - 1630 hrs. The most current opening times can
be found on the internet. You can access this through either:
There are three Dental Centres in the Paderborn/Sennelager area and one in
Families arriving in station registering for treatment should contact their Unit Welfare
Office, who will advise them which Dental Centre to attend. Unlike the Medical
Centres, there is no need to register unless treatment is required.

Dental Appointments
All Personnel can arrange for a check-up and routine dental appointments in person
at their Dental Centre or by contacting the Dental Centre:
46                   p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8

If you require emergency treatment during normal working hours contact the Dental
Centre as soon as possible ideally before 0830hrs, so that an appointment can be

 Reception & Appointments                    Mil Tel                 Civilian Tel
 Detmold                                                             05231 303226
 Alanbrooke Barracks                         79 x 3570               05251 101570
 Barker Barracks                             79 x 3290               05251 101290
 Normandy Barracks                           79 x 2482               05254 982 2482
 Emergencies out of working hours            79 x 2658               05254 982 2658

Emergency treatment Out of Hours, weekends and Public Holidays
All personnel requiring emergency treatment outside of normal working hours should
contact the Dental Centre by telephone where an automated message will advise you
on the local centre's call out procedure. Details of emergency cover are also usually
held at the medical centre and through unit guard rooms.

Non Attendance of Appointments
Should there be a need to cancel an appointment, it is requested this is done at
least 24hrs in advance so that this appointment may be offered to another patient
at short notice. Appointments that are not kept waste time and money. Patients who
persistently fail to keep an appointment may be invited to see the Senior Dental
Officer (SDO) before further appointments can be offered.

Entitlement to Treatment
All Military Personnel, dependants and United Kingdom Based Civilians (UKBC) are
entitled to routine dental treatment provided they carry the appropriate identification.
Visitors including close relatives are not entitled to treatment. They can access
emergency treatment through local German providers but need to ensure that they
are in possession European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). In case of difficulty your
local dental centre may be able to advise on the details of local civilian practices.

Boarding School Children
Children at boarding school in the UK are entitled to emergency treatment when
visiting their parents. Routine treatment during the school holidays is available;
however, parents. Routine treatment during the school holidays is available; however,
parents who wish their children to have a check up during busy holiday periods
should make appointments in advance to avoid disappointment. Orthodontic
treatment is not available to children at boarding school in the UK: if required, this
needs to be accessed locally in the UK.

Charges for Dental Treatment
All Military Personnel will receive free dental treatment. Treatment for dependants and
UKBC's is subject to charge; however, there are a number of exemptions.
Exemptions from dental charges are available to expectant mothers and those
women who have had a baby within 12 months. All children in full time education
and those families receiving income support are also entitled to free treatment.
Financial Charges are levied in line with the UK National Health Service dental
charges in England and all treatment is placed in one of three payment bands. The
p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8                47

most current charges will be posted in your Dental Centre, local HIVE and the Unit
Administration Office (UAO).
Payment of treatment is expected to be prompt and your Dental Centre will advise you
how to do this via the UAO. Failure to pay for your dental treatment may also leave
you without access to a dental facility. It is important that you register with your Dental
Centre on arrival in station.

 Neuhäuser Str. 36 • 33102 Paderborn
48   p a d e r b o r n ,   s e n n e l a g e r   &   d e t m o l d   2 0 0 8

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