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Gurnee Police Department Monthly Report ... - Village of Gurnee


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									Gurnee Police Department
    Monthly Report
    September 2012

  Honor • Integrity • Service
CONTENTS                                                                                        The Cover Photo
  THE COVER PHOTO ............................................................... 1             The Gurnee Exchange Club held the eleventh annual
  CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY ................................................... 2                  9/11 Community Remembrance Ceremony on Sunday,
  GURNEE CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION .................................. 2                          September 9th from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. at Viking
  GURNEE VILLAGE BOARD ..................................................... 2                  Park. This event recognizes the heroism, bravery and
  CITIZEN RECOGNITION ......................................................... 3               generosity demonstrated by sworn public safety
  LAW ENFORCEMENT EXPO.................................................... 3
                                                                                                personnel and civilians on September 11th, 2001 as well
  GLADIATOR ASSAULT CHALLENGE ....................................... 4
                                                                                                as by all Americans in the subsequent years.
FIELD OPERATIONS DIVISION.......................................4

  DAY SHIFT PATROL ............................................................... 4
                                                                                                The ceremony included the presentation of the
  VISITOR ORIENTED POLICING (VOP) UNIT........................... 6                             Exchange’s 2011 Fire Employee of the Year,
  GURNEE MILLS ..................................................................... 7          Lieutenant Gary Miller; Law Enforcement Officer of
  SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA ................................................. 8                   the Year, Officer Martin Deperte and Civilian Police
  D.A.R.E. ................................................................................ 8   Employee of the Year, 911 Communications Operator
  SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS .............................................. 8                     Lisa Crum-Cliff.
  POLICE CANINE TEAM .......................................................... 8
  NIGHT SHIFT PATROL ........................................................... 9              Mayor Kristina Kovarik and Captain Randall Lynch,
  TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT ..................................................... 10                  Commanding Officer Naval Station Great Lakes were
  PHOTO ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM ...................................... 11                           guest speakers at the event with members from the
  MAJOR CRASH ASSISTANCE TEAM ...................................... 11                         Gurnee Police and Fire Honor Guard, Gurnee Public
  COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICERS ........................................ 11                        Works Department, Gurnee Park District, Girl and Boy
  LAKE COUNTY MAJOR CRIME TASK FORCE ....................... 12                                 Scouts of America, 2012 Gurnee Queens and various
  LAKE COUNTY GANG TASK FORCE ..................................... 12                          elected and local leaders were in attendance.
  INVESTIGATIONS UNIT ........................................................ 12
  L.C.M.E.G. REPORT ........................................................... 13              The Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society, RTC
  FIREARMS PROFICIENCY PROGRAM .................................... 14                          Great Lakes Recruit 50 Flag Unit and the Gurnee
  EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN UNIT .............................................. 14                    Fourth and Fifth Grade School Singers were each a part
  NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM ................................... 14                             of the presentation.
  N.I.P.A.S. ............................................................................ 15

SUPPORT SERVICES DIVISION..................................... 15 The ceremony included “The Blue Ribbon Field”
                                                                                                symbolizing child abuse prevention, which was adopted
  911 COMMUNICATIONS CENTER.......................................... 15
                                                                                                by the National Exchange Club as its program of
  RECORDS UNIT .................................................................... 16
                                                                                                service. In 2007, more than 3.2 million cases of child
  TRAINING UNIT ................................................................... 16
  PROPERTY/EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT ..................................17
                                                                                                abuse were reported. In that same year, an estimated
  POLICE PENSION FUND BOARD.............................................17                      1,760 children died from abuse or neglect.
  POLICY MANUAL UPDATE (LEXIPOL)...................................17
  INTEROPERABLE COMMUNICATIONS....................................17                            (Pictured are Officer Dave Bertaud and Officer Tom
  FOIA MANAGEMENT .......................................................... 18                 Woodruff representing the Gurnee Police Department
  CHILD PASSENGER SAFETY PROGRAM ................................ 18                            Honor Guard. Photo courtesy of Jay Patrick)
  COLLECTIVE BARGAINING .................................................. 18

TREND ANALYSIS ......................................................... 20

  VEHICLE CRASHES .............................................................. 20
  TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT ..................................................... 20
  ACTIVITY ............................................................................ 21
  CRIME ................................................................................. 22
                                                                                      Gurnee Police Department | 2

Citizen Police Academy                                    Gurnee Civil Service Commission
The Citizen Police Academy (CPA) is a 13 week             The Civil Service Commission is composed of three
program designed to give the public a working             members, appointed by the mayor, as provided by law.
knowledge of the practices, policies, and procedures      The Civil Service Commission makes the rules for
governing the Gurnee Police Department. The schedule      appointments and removals of certain police, fire and
consists of twelve 3-hour blocks conducted on a weekly    public works employees, including police officers and
basis. The comprehensive instruction covers different     police sergeants.
areas routinely addressed by local law enforcement.
The sessions have been designed to incorporate an         On September 25th, Chief Kevin Woodside attended a
interactive format, providing the participants with a     meeting of the Civil Service Commission with Human
"hands on" experience whenever practical. Instructors     Resources Director Christine Palmieri to present a
are certified police officers, supervisors and other      proposed rules change allowing for a lateral hiring
personnel with expertise in various areas. Class 2012-    process for experienced police officers. The
20 began on August 23rd and will conclude on              Commission received the proposal and indicated that it
November 15th.                                            would be presented for legal review.

The class met for the third time on September 6th for
instruction on the function of police patrol, DUI         Gurnee Village Board
enforcement and felony traffic stops. Officers Jeff       On September 10th, Chief Kevin Woodside attended a
Hauptman and J.R. Nauseda were presenters and             meeting of the Village Board. During the meeting Chief
several officers participated in the mock felony stops.   Woodside proposed that the Village adhere to the
                                                          tradition of scheduling Halloween “trick-or-treating”
The fourth session, on September 13th covered the 911     during weekend daylight hours. The Board approved
Communication Center, Emergency Medical                   the recommendation to set Trick-or-Treat hours for
Dispatching and included a tour of the 911 Center.        Halloween 2012 on Sunday, October 28th from 2:00
Communications Supervisor Al Marquardt and Shift          P.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Leaders Jim Richardson and Wendy Mann presented.
                                                          Chief Woodside assisted in executive session with the
On September 20th the class met for instruction on        presentation of the collective bargaining agreement
arrest procedures, police use of force and defensive      negotiated between the police sergeants, represented by
tactics. Officers Darren Baker, Jim Caldwell, Matt        the Illinois Council of Police (ICOPs). The agreement
Bendler and Detective Mike Langer and were                was then unanimously approved by the board.
                                                          On September 24th Chief Woodside attended a meeting
The sixth meeting of the class on September 27th          of the Village Board. During the meeting Chief
covered the functions of the D.A.R.E. unit, the           Woodside presented a Citizen Recognition plaque to
Investigations (Detective) unit and the Crime             Matthew K. Van Vyve for his heroic actions on May
Prevention unit. Officers Darren Baker and Matt           19, 2012 (see ‘Citizen Recognition’ below).
Baumann, Detective Mike Mann and Crime Prevention
Technician Tom Agos were presenters.                      Other business at the meeting included the unanimous
                                                          approval of a 2 year renewal to the Motorola
On September 20th, Officer Carol McClanathan              maintenance contract covering all department portable
presented a “Transient Criminal” seminar for the CPA      and squad radios, various 911 equipment, the radio
Alumni Association.
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 3

tower, and communications equipment at the water
towers.                                                    Gurnee police quickly arrived placing the man under
                                                           restraint. “He was still screaming. He tried to bolt over
At this meeting the board issued two proclamations         the cement wall again,” said Van Vyve.
making October 2012 “Crime Prevention Month” and
“Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”                       On Monday night, the Gurnee Village Board and the
                                                           Gurnee Police Department honored citizen Van Vyve
                                                           for his bravery by presenting him with a plaque
Citizen Recognition                                        commemorating his heroism.
At the September 24th meeting of the Gurnee Village
Board, Matthew K. Van Vyve was presented with a            “Your selfless actions saved this man’s life. You also
Citizen Recognition plaque for his efforts in saving       prevented this person from putting the truck driver and
another man’s life. As reported by Ed Collins in the       other passing motorists at significant risk,” Police Chief
Lake County News-Sun:                                      Kevin Woodside told Van Vyve.

It was just after 6 a.m. on May 19 this year when          Mayor Kristina Kovarik also added her congratulations
Gurnee resident Matthew K. Van Vyve reached out to         and praised Van Vyve’s heroic actions.
help someone in need, just like someone had done for
him nearly a dozen years ago, saving a distraught man      Van Vyve responded that he considered the experience
as he tried to take his life in Route 41 traffic.          a God-given chance to repay an old debt. Years ago he
Van Vyve literally ran into traffic and tackled a man      said he too attempted to commit suicide but was saved
who was trying to step in front of a fast-moving semi-     from death by others. “God works in mysterious ways,”
tractor trailer. “I just made a split-second decision. I   he said simply.
honestly believed the semi was going to hit my ankles,”
he said.                                                   He had been saved by a therapist from the Lake County
                                                           Health Department, having slit his wrists he was ready
It all started when Van Vyve noticed a broken down         to die when she came to check on him and called an
silver Impala parked outside River Valley Gardens at       ambulance. He spent a year in an Elgin mental health
2351 N. Route 41 with fire coming from under the           facility and then went to counseling after that. “I
hood. He is chief of operations for the landscaping and    graduated from the therapy group home. I live a normal
wood company based there called A Plus Landscaping.        life,” he said.
The driver emerged from his car visibly upset and
yelled at Van Vyve that “I just can’t handle life          “I got it together, but I had a lot of help. I successfully
anymore” and walked out into busy early morning            changed my life. I know where I am going because I
traffic on Route 41. “He was quite young, it struck me     know where I’ve been,” he said.
how young he was,” said Van Vyve.

One car quickly swerved to avoid hitting the distraught    Law Enforcement Expo
man, but then a swift tractor-trailer semi bore down on    The 8th annual Law Enforcement Exposition was held
him. At that point and risking his own life, Van Vyve      at Westfield Hawthorn Mall on September 8th -9th.
rushed onto the highway, grabbed and tackled the man,      Twenty four police and police-related agencies were on
hastily pulling him to safety onto the shoulder of the     display including our own patrol Tahoe and 6-wheel
road. Van Vyve had already called 9-1-1 when the car       ATV. Other departments brought squad cars, police
first pulled over with smoke coming from the engine        motorcycles, a Humvee and a law enforcement
compartment.                                               helicopter.
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 4

                                                             the description of those stolen from Menards were in
Officers Brian Carey, Bill Stashkiw, Tim Lavris, Dana        the vehicle. The driver, a heroin addict, admitted to
Dingman, Phil Mazur, Carol McClanathan and Kirk              taking the items and was charged with felony retail
Helgesen were present to man the display and answer          theft.
questions. Crime Prevention Technician Tom Agos and
Traffic Safety Technician Bob Janusz assisted with           On September 5th at 12:40 p.m., Officer Tim Lavris
setting up and breaking down the display.                    and Officer Ron Conley were dispatched to Drexel
                                                             Avenue reference a suspicious subject entering a home
                                                             through a west side garage service door. Officer Kevin
Gladiator Assault Challenge                                  Schreiner set up a perimeter on the east side of the
On Saturday, September 29th, Officers Tom Woodruff,          home, as Officer Lavris and Officer Conley entered the
Dion Snyder, Brian Funke and J.R. Nauseda competed           residence. As they ascended the half flight of stairs to
in the Gladiator Assault Challenge in Lake Geneva,           the main level they encountered a male in the residence
Wisconsin. The Challenge is the Midwest's premier test       without authorization. The suspect was taken into
of endurance, speed, agility, strength, mental stamina.      custody and questioned by Officer Conley about other
The Gladiator Assault Challenge obstacle course is a         crimes. The suspect was charged with one count of
series of challenging physical obstacles an individual or    residential burglary for the crime on Drexel and
team must navigate. The 5 - 7 mile course will               admitted to at least one other residential burglary in
challenge you with running, climbing, jumping,               Waukegan.
crawling and balancing elements with the aim of testing
overall endurance.                                           Officer Ben Bozer investigated a hit-and-run accident
                                                             reported by a third party. The reported license plate
                                                             number was not correct, so Communications Operator
Field Operations Division                                    Howard Thomas began running different combinations
Under the leadership of Deputy Chief Jim Caldwell, the       until he located a license plate registered to a Gurnee
Field Operations Division is comprised of Patrol and         address. Officer Bozer along with Officer Phil Mazur
Investigations and is responsible for delivering police
                                                             went to the address and observed a suspect matching
service.                                                     the description of the driver with a car that also
                                                             matched the 911 caller’s description. Officer Bozer
Day Shift Patrol                                             obtained an admission from the suspect placing him as
                                                             the driver in the accident and cited him for leaving the
Under the leadership of Commander Saundra
                                                             scene of an accident, failure to give notification,
Campbell, Sergeant Jon Ward and Sergeant Jim Lange,
                                                             driving without a driver’s license on his person and
the day shift (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.), handled 2,526
                                                             failure to give aid after an accident.
incidents during the month, this includes calls into the
911 Center and officer self-initiated activity, including:
                                                             The North Chicago Police Department located one of
                                                             two vehicles stolen from the Pembrook Club
On September 1st at 3:30 p.m., Officer Rick Vorpagel
                                                             Apartments parking lot on September 14th. Officer
responded to a retail theft at Menards. The offender left
                                                             Kevin Schreiner went to North Chicago to perform
the store with several hundreds of dollars in power
                                                             evidence work on the recovered vehicle. While there he
tools and left the area traveling east on Route 132. A
                                                             spoke to a witness in the area who provided a lead on a
store manager wrote down the plate number and
                                                             suspect. Officer Schreiner was able to make contact
description of the vehicle. That information was given
                                                             with and identify the suspect. Subsequent questioning
out over the radio and Officer Jeremy Gaughan
                                                             by Officer Schreiner and Detective Jesse Gonzalez led
executed a traffic stop on the vehicle. Tools matching
                                                             to a second offender responsible for stealing the other
                                                                                          Gurnee Police Department | 5

vehicle. The suspect was charged with 2 counts of            Officers Ken Heerdegen, Lisa Moe, Matt Bendler,
possession of stolen auto and attempted obstruction of       Chad Tompoles, and Bill Stashkiw responded to a four
justice.                                                     car crash on Route 21 at Riverside Drive at 6:19 a.m.
                                                             on September 8th. The driver who caused the crash was
An offender in a hit-and-run accident fled from the          arrested and charged with DUI and other traffic
Wal-Mart parking lot. Officer Kevin Schriener located        violations. One of the other drivers in the crash was
the offending vehicle on Route 41 and executed a             also arrested. He was driving on a suspended driver’s
traffic stop. The victim confirmed the identification of     license for DUI, and had an active arrest warrant
the offender and vehicle. Officer Schreiner determined       through the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for unlawful
that the driver was in possession of a fraudulent            possession of a controlled substance. He was
driver’s license. The suspect was charged with               transported to the Lake County Jail.
fictitious driver’s license, no insurance, failure to give
aid, leaving the scene of an accident, revoked driver’s      Officer Hauptman conducted a reconstruction of an
license, no seatbelt, reckless driving, and failure to       accident at Rt.41 and Ferndale. A vehicle made an
report an accident.                                          illegal U-turn and was struck by eastbound traffic. The
                                                             offender did not receive serious injuries and was issued
Officer Tami Martin responded to Condell Hospital in         citations for failure to reduce speed, operating
Libertyville on September 9th for a Domestic Battery         uninsured vehicle, illegal turn and failure to yield
report. The victim was being treated for injuries she        turning. The passenger in the other vehicle suffered
reported as a result of a battery received from her          severe injuries.
husband at their home in Gurnee. It was reported that a
firearm was discharged during the confrontation. After       Follow Up: In 2010, Officer Chad Tompoles arrested
interviewing the victim and finding evidence of a            Rachel Kodner for retail theft at Wal-Mart. The
gunshot at the home, an arrest warrant for the husband       offender placed a child seat in her cart and then went to
was obtained.                                                the customer service booth and returned the car seat for
                                                             $165.00. The entire incident was observed by a loss
On September 26th, Officer Lisa Moe received a report        prevention officer. The offender had multiple arrests
of a threat received at a residence in Gurnee. A 17 year     for retail theft and has spent time in DOC for theft. She
old male and his family were threatened via Facebook         was charged with two counts of felony theft. Judge
with severe harm by an acquaintance of the 17 year old.      Phillips found her guilty and placed her on 24 months
Officer Moe was able to identify and locate the              of probation, a $100.00 fine, 8 months of periodic
offender in Mundelein. He admitted threatening the           imprisonment and 150 hours of public service.
victim and his family because he would not accept his
“friend request.” He was issued a citation for disorderly    Follow Up: In March of 2012, Office Carol
conduct.                                                     McClanathan responded to Key Lime Cove for a report
                                                             of underage drinking. Two offenders were located and
Officer Lisa Moe responded to a report of a suspicious       Vontrae Tucker-Shead was charged with consumption
subject on the railroad tracks behind the 100 block of       of alcohol by a minor. Judge Rozenberg found him
Waveland Avenue on September 17th. The subject was           guilty and sentenced him to 60 days in the county jail.
located in his car a block from the tracks and identified
as a known metal scrapper with a local history of theft.     Follow Up: In November of 2011. Officer Brian Carey
He was in possession of a bucket of railroad spikes and      took a hit and run accident at the Wal-Mart. The
was arrested and charged with theft and criminal             vehicle was located and the owner would not cooperate
trespass to railroad property.                               in identifying the driver. Through video and
                                                             identification made by the victim it was determined that
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 6

Ronnie Thompson, who was revoked for DUI was the            being enhanced. Judge Booras found him guilty and
driver. A warrant was issued and he was found guilty        sentenced him to 18 months of probation, a $200.00
of driving while revoked, enhanced. He has been             domestic violence fine, and 75 hours of public service.
sentenced by Judge Hughes to 18 months in the Illinois
Department of Corrections.                                  Follow Up: In January of 2012, Officer Dana Dingman
                                                            arrested Christopher Lugo for aggravated battery,
Follow Up: In November of 2011 Officers Kirk                criminal damage to property and theft after he battered
Helgesen and Phil Mazur responded to the area of 41         his ex-girlfriend then took her car and attempted to
and Delany for an intoxicated subject. He had a car         strike her with the vehicle as he left. Witnesses assisted
stereo in his jacket and further investigation revealed     in the case and he was arrested and charged with
that he committed two burglaries to motor vehicles in       aggravated battery. Judge Booras found him guilty and
the area. He was charged with two counts of burglary,       sentenced him to 3 years and 6 months in the Illinois
possession of burglary tools, and possession of stolen      Department of Corrections.
property. Judge Levitt found him guilty of criminal
trespass to vehicles and sentenced him to 120 days in       Follow Up: In May of 2012, Officer Lisa Moe
the Lake County Jail.                                       investigated a burglary from motor vehicle on
                                                            Dorchester. Waukegan police arrested several people
Follow Up: In June of 2012 Officer Jim McDermott            and information led to the identity and arrest of Ivan
arrested Kristan Doman with unlawful possession of          Negron, along with three other subjects in connection
cannabis, resisting a police officer and obstruction of     with the Gurnee burglary. Judge Booras found him
identity after attempting to enter Six Flags with           guilty of theft and sentenced him to 30 days in the Lake
cannabis. She lied to Officer McDermott about her           County Jail.
identity and then attempted to run from the security
office. After being identified it was revealed that she     Follow Up: In August of 2012, Officer Matt Bendler
had an outstanding warrant for soliciting and a             was investigating a forgery case when he came upon
probation violation. Judge Rozengberg found her             Federal Marshals looking for Anthony Russell. Officer
guilty of resisting. She was fined $200.00 and              Bendler had just had contact with him regarding his
remanded to the Lake County Jail for 7 days.                case and had returned to arrest him. He fled and was
                                                            captured and charged with violation of an order of
Follow Up: In September of 2012, Officer Jason              protection and escape. Judge Shanes found him guilty
Kalinowski arrested Darnell Murry at Sears after a          of felony failure to return from furlough and sentenced
retail theft attempt. Further investigation revealed that   him to 120 days in the Lake County Jail.
he was using another person’s identity. He was
charged with identify theft and obstructing
identification. He was stopped earlier in the day for the   Visitor Oriented Policing (VOP) Unit
same offense in Pleasant Prairie but he fled. Pleasant      Assigned to Dayshift Commander Saundra Campbell
Prairie Police came to Gurnee to speak to him and he        and under the leadership of Sergeant David Farrow, the
was subsequently charged for that offense. Judge            Visitor Oriented Policing (VOP) Unit is responsible for
Simonian found him guilty of identity theft; he was         supplementing patrol in various assignments focusing
sentenced to 30 days in the Lake County Jail.               on Gurnee Mills, Six Flags and other locations that
                                                            attract visitors to the village. The nine officer unit
Follow Up: In June of 2012 Officer Brian Carey              includes two school resource officers, two D.A.R.E.
arrested Deano Meriweather for domestic battery. It         officers and a police canine team. This month the VOP
was later learned that he also committed a domestic         team handled 365 calls for service, they completed 5
battery in Waukegan, which resulted in his charges
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 7

traffic enforcement details, 16 hotel/motel/business
checks and 25 extra patrols.                               Gurnee Mills
                                                           During the month officers responded to 206 calls for
In September, the team issued 65 citations and made 35     service and conducted over 348 hours of police patrol.
arrests.                                                   Additionally, there were 12 extra details conducted on
                                                           mall property.
Officers Phil Mazur and Carol McClanathan made
contact with management at several apartment
complexes and established contacts.
                                                                    Gurnee Mills - Calls for Service

On September 9th Officer Mazur was stationed with          300
Air-One at the Waukegan Air Show.                          250
On September 11th, Officer Jason Kalinowski was            150
alerted to a suspicious subject at the Sears store.        100
Officer Kalinowski approached the subject and began
to investigate. Officer Kalinowski was able to                   Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
determine that the subject was attempting to commit               11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
the offense of Identity Theft. After being arrested, it
was determined that the subject had just committed a
similar offense in Wisconsin, had fought with police       Officer Dan Wielgat worked in partnership with Crime
officers and fled in his vehicle. In addition, the         Prevention Technician Tom Agos, Gurnee Mills
offender had an active arrest warrant through the U.S.     Security and the Simon Property Group to set up five
Marshal’s Office.                                          Active Shooter trainings, including the video, “Shots
                                                           Fired! When Lightning Strikes.”
On September 15th, Officer Carol McClanathan
investigated an accident where the driver had fled prior   On September 6th, Officers Chad Smits and Dan
to her arrival. With assistance from Officer Dave          Wielgat hosted a Retail Awareness Meeting for the
Bertaud and Sergeant Glenn Nelson, the driver was          north-end tenants of the mall.
located, arrested and charged with DUI.
                                                           On September 6th, Officer Smits arrested a subject who
On September 26 , while on his way to work, Officer        stole almost $500 worth of denim from Neiman
Chad Smits observed a reckless driver entering Gurnee.     Marcus. The same subject has tried to steal several
Officer Smits notified dispatch and followed the           times in the past.
vehicle until marked units arrived. The driver was
found to be under the influence and arrested for DUI.      On September 8th, Officer Smits recognized a subject
                                                           that had been previously banned from Gurnee Mills
On September 26th, Officer Mazur assisted with an          inside the mall. With the assistance of Officers Matt
accident where the offending vehicle had left the scene.   Bendler and Jim Lazaro, the offender was arrested after
The offending vehicle was located by Sergeant Jon          a foot chase.
Ward and Officer Tami Martin. Officer Phil Mazur
questioned the offender, determined she was highly         On September 15th, Officer Wielgat provided security
intoxicated (.313 BAC, nearly 4x the legal limit) and      for “Coffee with the Mayor” at the Starbuck’s inside
charged her with DUI and other traffic offenses.           the mall.
                                                                                                   Gurnee Police Department | 8

On September 20th, Officer Wielgat investigated an
Aggravated Battery in Lot J. A female victim stated                 School Resource Officers
that she was attacked by three women while walking to               School Resource Officers (SRO), as part of the Visitor
her car. The suspects were identified and aggravated                Oriented Policing (VOP) Unit, are assigned to each
battery and theft warrants have been issued for two of              school district during the academic year to provide law
them.                                                               enforcement services, training, appropriate student
                                                                    counseling and serve as a liaison between the school
On September 21st, Officer Smits investigated an                    district and the police department. Officer Frank
internal theft at one the retail stores where an offender           Tuggle is assigned to Warren Township High School
was utilizing UPS to ship stolen merchandise to another             and Officer Jim McDermott to the schools of Gurnee
state.                                                              District 56 and Woodland District 50.

                                                                    Detectives Tuggle and McDermott handled 17 calls for
Six Flags Great America                                             service between the schools, ranging from truancy to
During the month officers responded to 135 calls for                unlawful possession of cannabis to battery to theft.
service and conducted over 133 hours of police patrol               They are called upon daily to provide other services,
at Six Flags. There were 8 drug related and 10 theft                most notably to mediate and counsel and speak with
related cases in September. Gurnee Officers assisted                students and administrators.
Six Flags Security on 17 calls and there were 8 accident
reports.                                                            On September 13th, Detective McDermott attended
                                                                    Teen Court. There were five cases set to be released.
          Six Flags - Calls for Service
                                                                    On September 21st, Detective McDermott attended the
                                                                    Illinois School Resource Officer Meeting in
                                                                    Bloomington, IL. Detective McDermott is the current
                                                                    president of the organization.
                                                                    Also, on September 21st, Detective McDermott
                                                                    attended the first Friday Night Alternative dance of the
                                                                    school year at Woodland.
      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                                                                    Police Canine Team
                                                                    Officer Phil Mazur and his canine partner Shane, in
D.A.R.E.                                                            addition to their other patrol responsibilities, were
Officer Darren Baker and Officer Matt Baumann, as                   deployed 16 times and received 33 hours of training
part of the Visitor Oriented Policing (VOP) Unit, are               during the month (obedience, tracking and narcotics
assigned to instruct Drug and Alcohol Resistance                    identification).
Education (D.A.R.E.) during the school year.
                                                                    Deployments included:
Officers Baker and Baumann completed the first Fourth               2 Assists to Gurnee officers
Grade program. The remainder of the semester will be                4 Assists to other agencies
dedicated to the more in-depth, fifth grade program.                5 Narcotic/drug searches
Non class time is dedicated to researching ways to                  5 Public demonstrations
improve the current curriculum.
                                                                                          Gurnee Police Department | 9

Officer Mazur and Shane attended two memorials in            On September 11th at 3:45 a.m. Officers Jim Caldwell,
September; Round Lake Police Department and the              J.R. Nauseda, Dana Dingman and Dave Bertaud were
Northern Illinois Police K-9 Memorial.                       dispatched to Timothy O’Tooles for a burglary in
                                                             progress. It was discovered that a burglary had occurred
On September 16th, Officer Mazur and Shane                   and the offender was no longer on location. Initial
completed a public demonstration at Old Navy during a        investigation indicated the offender possibly left in a
family oriented safety event.                                taxi. Officer Caldwell had observed a taxi in the area
                                                             upon his arrival and was able to confirm with the cab
On September 17th, Officer Mazur and Shane                   company information that led to the identity of the
completed demonstrations/instruction for two classes at      suspect. A short time later, Communications Operator
the College of Lake County Tech campus.                      Courtnee Bjoring, by monitoring Waukegan police
                                                             radio traffic, heard that the Waukegan P.D. was in
                                                             contact with our suspect. She then contacted Waukegan
Night Shift Patrol                                           P.D. and the suspect was taken into custody and
Under the leadership of Commander Willie Meyer,              ultimately charged with burglary.
Sergeant Glenn Nelson and Sergeant Brian Smith, the
night shift (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) handled 1,920           On September 17th at 7:00 p.m. Officers Kelly Hansen
incidents during the month, this includes calls into the     and Brian Funke investigated a parental kidnapping that
911 Center and officer self-initiated activity, including:   occurred at KinderCare. Initial investigation indicated
                                                             that the child’s father took the child without consent
142 traffic details                                          and may have taken the child to Connecticut. Officers
226 bar, business and hotel checks                           and Detectives were able to track the two to the father’s
262 extra watches                                            parents’ house in Connecticut. A warrant was obtained
                                                             for the arrest of the father and the baby was entered into
The night shift officers arrested five DUI offenders.        LEADS as a missing/parental abduction out of Illinois.
                                                             With the assistance of the Torrington, Connecticut
On September 5th at 10:45 p.m. Officers Mark Gliva,          Police Department, the father was taken into custody.
Dana Dingman, and Dave Bertaud were dispatched to            The child was placed in protective custody until the
the area of Route 41 and Route 132 for a subject             mother arrived and they were safely reunited.
walking in the roadway attempting to make a car hit
him. Upon arrival, the subject told officers that he         On September 27th at 1:25 a.m. Officer Tom Woodruff
wanted to die and told the officers to kill him. The         observed a vehicle he believed belonged to a subject
officers were able to talk the subject into cooperating      with multiple arrest warrants. The vehicle had just
and he was transported to the hospital for evaluation        entered Waukegan’s jurisdiction. Officer Woodruff
without incident.                                            checked the suspect’s Gurnee address and discovered
                                                             the vehicle was missing. He and Officer Brian Carey
On September 9th Officer Woodruff handled a                  waited a short time for the vehicle to return and were
telephone harassment report. The victim stated that she      able to take the subject, who had run from Gurnee
had been receiving letters on her door requesting that       police officers on more than one occasion in the past,
she meet with an unknown subject. The victim then            into custody without incident.
began receiving nude pictures of male genitalia on her
cell phone. The case was turned over to Det. Traci           On September 30th at 9:20 p.m. Officer J.R. Nauseda
Pugliese. The suspect was identified and charged with        investigated a burglary from the clubhouse on Derby
two counts of disorderly conduct.                            Drive. He learned that a television had been stolen and
                                                             the offenders were seen on security video. The
                                                                                           Gurnee Police Department | 10

investigation led to the arrest of two juvenile offenders.
Officer Kirk Helgesen located proceeds from other
burglaries in the area and with the assistance of
                                                                       Traffic Enforcement Activity
Detectives Traci Pugliese and Mike Langer other
burglaries were cleared.
This month officers J.R. Nauseda and Jim Caldwell            400
instructed for the Citizen’s Police Academy.
Officers Brian Carey, Marty Deperte and J.R. Nauseda           0
attended a total of 6 Child Safety seat events.                    Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                                                                    11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                                                                                    Citations        Warnings
Traffic Enforcement
Traffic Enforcement is a primary responsibility of
every police officer assigned to patrol. Our emphasis on     In September, 642 uniform traffic citations and 124
traffic enforcement is offenses that cause vehicle           warning tickets were issued for traffic offenses. Of
accidents or increase the likelihood of injury when          those citations 301 were for the primary offenses that
accidents occur. Those primary offenses are driving          either cause accidents or increase injuries; 12 were for
under the influence of alcohol, speeding, failure to use     DUI, 86 for passenger restraint violations, 132 for
proper passenger restraint devices (seatbelts and child      speeding and 71 for offenders driving without a license
safety seats), along with driving with a suspended or        (suspended, revoked or never issued).
revoked driver’s license.
                                                                           License     September 2012
The department seeks assistance with funding through                      Violations
the Illinois Department of Transportation to pay special                 DUI
attention on holiday traffic enforcement throughout the                  2%
year. Through this funding, on September 1st a Traffic
Safety Checkpoint was conducted with the assistance of
the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and the Secretary of                             21%              Secondary
State Police. The following activity was documented
during the duration of the checkpoint:                                                 Belt           53%
4    Arrests for Driving under the Influence
12   Arrests for No Valid Drivers’ License
7    Arrests for Suspended/Revoked Drivers’ License
17   Citations for Failure to Wear a Seatbelt
2    Citations Failure to Secure a Child
36   Citations for No Insurance
14   Citations for Additional Moving violations
6    Citations for Equipment Violations
2    Citations for Open Transportation of Alcohol
5    Unlawful Possession of Cannabis
3    Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
2    Curfew
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 11

Photo Enforcement Program                                                    2012 Activations vs. Citations

In July 2009, to further our objective to reduce              3500
accidents and injuries, the village began a photo red         3000
light enforcement program at four intersections within        2500
the village:
• Route 132 & Hunt Club Road
• Route 132 & Dilleys Road                                    1000
• Route 132 & Route 21                                         500
• Route 41 & Delany Road                                         0
• Washington Street & Hunt Club Road                                  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun            Jul   Aug Sep

The program is now under the full time management of
Traffic Safety Technician Bob Janusz.                        Major Crash Assistance Team
                                                             The Gurnee Police Department is a member of the
The system activates when a potential violation is
                                                             Major Crash Assistance Team (MCAT), a joint venture
detected. Every activation generates a set of
                                                             combining the accident investigation and reconstruction
photographs and a video of the alleged violation that is
                                                             resources and expertise of the Lake County law
reviewed at least two times, with a final review by a
                                                             enforcement community. There were no requests for
Gurnee police officer assigned to patrol and responsible
                                                             service from MCAT or activations involving Gurnee
for traffic enforcement. Because each of these
                                                             officers this month.
activations is reviewed by a police officer, more than
half are rejected and never sent to motorists.
                                                             Community Service Officers
This month, for all intersections combined, there were       There are five Community Service Officers (CSO)
2,591 system activations. After these activations were       assigned to Field Operations working shifts from 7:00
reviewed, 1,178 citations were mailed to red light           a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CSOs are un-armed uniformed
violators and there were 39 hearings conducted on            personnel who assist police officers in non-arrest
issued citations.                                            situations and respond to service calls such as vehicle
                                                             lock-outs, vehicle accidents occurring on private
Approximately 140,000 vehicles travel through photo          property, motorist assistance and animal complaints.
enforced intersection approaches daily. This month an        This month Community Service Officers responded to
average of 39 red light photo citations were issued each     425 calls including; 66 vehicle lockouts, 44 motorist
day.                                                         assists and 51 animal complaints.

Beginning this month the administrative hearings will be
held the first and second Tuesday of the month in the
afternoon, instead of the first and third Tuesday in the
morning. This change was made to accommodate officers
working 12-hour patrol shift who may be required to appear
at these hearings.
                                                                                       Gurnee Police Department | 12

              CSO Calls for Service                         Investigations Unit
                                                            Under the leadership of Commander Diehl the
                                                            Investigations (or Detective) Unit began the month of
500                                                         September with 36 open investigations.
300                                                         Twenty-eight new cases were opened in September:
                                                            1 Child Abduction
                                                            1 Domestic Battery
                                                            2 Aggravated Batteries
  0                                                         1 Aggravated Assault
      Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul-12 Aug- Sep-
       11   12   12   12   12   12   12          12   12
                                                            1 Suicide by Firearm
                                                            1 Credit Card Fraud
                                                            2 Identity Thefts
Lake County Major Crime Task Force                          1 Disorderly Conduct
                                                            1 Suspicious Circumstance
Officer Jeremy Gaughan is assigned as an investigator
                                                            1 Residential Burglary
with the Lake County Major Crime Task Force. He is
                                                            4 Motor Vehicle Thefts
pulled from his assignment as a patrol officer when the
                                                            1 Burglary from Motor Vehicle
task force is activated for a homicide or other major
                                                            1 Burglary
                                                            3 Thefts
                                                            2 Assist Other Agencies
Officer Gaughan assisted the Zion Police Department
                                                            3 Background Investigations
from September 11th through the 13th on a homicide
                                                            2 Civil Assists
investigation. The case involved a local business owner
who had been shot outside his business.
                                                            Thirty-two cases were closed during September:
                                                            7 Cases were closed by arrest
Officer Gaughan assisted the Highland Park Police
                                                            5 Arrest Warrants Issued
Department from September 24th through the 27th in a
                                                            2 Exceptional Clearance- No Prosecution Desired
death investigation involving a victim found inside a
                                                            6 Administratively closed- Leads Exhausted
home that had been burned.
                                                            2 Administratively closed- Insufficient Evidence
                                                            7 Administratively closed- No Crime
Officer Gaughan assisted the Deerfield Police
                                                            2 Administratively closed- Declined by States
Department on September 29th for a death investigation
involving a victim found in a hotel room.
                                                            1 Referred to Other Agency

Lake County Gang Task Force                                 Twenty-six previously opened cases remain open and
On September 6th, Officer Jason Kalinowski attended         under investigation:
the monthly Lake County Gang Task Force meeting.            1 Criminal Sexual Assault
He was able to exchange information with other local        1 Home Invasion
agencies about local Gang Member contacts.                  1 Sudden Death Suspicious Circumstances
                                                            1 Missing Adult/Female
                                                            2 Residential Burglaries
                                                            1 Burglary
                                                            2 Burglaries to Motor Vehicle
                                                                                       Gurnee Police Department | 13

2 Motor Vehicle Thefts                                   On September 27th, Detective Mike Mann instructed
5 Thefts                                                 the Citizen Police Academy on the role of the Gurnee
2 Identity Thefts                                        Police Department Investigations Unit.
2 Frauds
1 Credit Card Fraud                                      On September 27th, Detective Traci Pugliese attended
1 Deceptive Practice                                     the Terrorism Liaison Officer Committee (TLOC)
1 Suspicious Person                                      meeting in Schaumburg. The TLOC is comprised of
1 Disorderly Conduct                                     law enforcement officers from local police departments
2 Background Investigations                              located within FBI Chicago Division territory. TLOC
                                                         provides a venue for local law enforcement to interact
Detectives worked 42 hours of uniformed patrol duties    with each other and with the FBI to share ideas and
during the month. The uniformed patrol assignments       intelligence regarding the nation's war on terrorism and
allow detectives to keep current with patrol             to discuss the counter terrorism challenges.
responsibilities and equipment. Assignments are made
with input from patrol supervisors based on scheduling   On September 28th, Detective Jesse Gonzalez assisted
needs to cover training, time off and sick time.         the Grayslake Police Department with a felony drug
                                                         investigation. Detective Gonzalez assisted with
Detectives performed 3 sex offender registrations        Spanish translation during interviews, which resulted in
during the month of September. Two of the                obtaining a confession.
registrations were for non-resident sex offenders
attending school in Gurnee. One was a scheduled
registration for a resident of Gurnee that included a    L.C.M.E.G. Report
residency check.                                         The Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group
                                                         (LCMEG) is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement
On September 11th, Detective Traci Pugliese assisted     task force concentrating in illegal drugs, gangs and
the Waukegan Police Department with a child              weapons offenses. This month L.C.M.E.G. opened 18
abduction investigation.                                 new cases and made 12 arrests throughout Lake
On September 18th, Detective Jack Metcalf assisted the
Lake County Bar Association with preparation for         On September 20th, Deputy Chief Jim Caldwell
training regarding juvenile sex offender registration    attended the Lake County MEG Policy Board meeting
updates.                                                 at the Vernon Hills Police Department.

On September 20th, Detective Jack Metcalf attended a
                                                                      MEG Unit - Cases Opened
meeting for the Juvenile Officers Association Fall
Conference on “Teen Dating Violence.”                    60
On September 20th, Detective Mike Langer assisted
with instructing the Citizen Police Academy in “Use of
Force.”                                                  30
On September 26th, Commander Jeff Diehl, Detective       10
Mike Langer and Detective Jack Metcalf attended           0
“Liquor and Tobacco Compliance” training.                     Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                                                               11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
                                                                                                Gurnee Police Department | 14

                  MEG Unit - Arrests                                Evidence Technician Unit
                                                                    The Evidence Technician Unit is comprised of officers
                                                                    trained in crime scene processing and evidence
100                                                                 collection. During the month of September Evidence
 80                                                                 Technicians worked on 106 new cases and processed
 60                                                                 219 pieces of evidence for a total of 102 hours.
 20                                                                 Fifty items, where the owner was unable to be
                                                                    identified, were prepared for auction in October.
      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                          In July of 2012, the village experienced 8 burglaries to
                                                                    motor vehicles within close proximity. Officer
                                                                    Stashkiw located and lifted prints on one of them that
Firearms Proficiency Program                                        resulted in a computerized AFIS match on a suspect
Under the direction of Commander Jay Patrick,                       who was incarcerated in the Lake County Jail on other
Sergeant David Farrow and Sergeant Brian Smith                      charges. Because the incriminating fingerprint was
monthly firearms training is conducted for all police               located on the outside of the vehicle no charges have
officers.                                                           yet been approved by the Lake County State’s
                                                                    Attorney, however, valuable intelligence information
The focus of firearms training for the month of                     was gathered.
September was close quarters combat. Officers
received refresher training in weapon retention                     In June of 2012, a resident of the Ravinia Woods
techniques as well as pistol take away techniques.                  subdivision was on vacation when several people
Officers also received instruction on dynamic                       entered their home. They stayed in the home and hosted
movement, creating distance and firing while moving.                a party, did some minor damage and removed personal
All of these techniques were demonstrated using inert               items. Officers Brian Funke and Dion Snyder
training weapons.                                                   performed the evidence duties and were able to locate
                                                                    and lift several prints. Identification was made of one
Live fire drills were then incorporated to reinforce                of the offenders and Detective Pugliese was able to
techniques presented. Close quarters shooting while                 obtain an arrest warrant for Jacob Castro. Castro was
moving backward, movement to right while firing,                    the second suspect in the case identified through
movement to left while firing. The session concluded                forensic evidence.
with traffic stop scenarios using shoot/no shoot targets.

Officer Marty Deperte conducted firearms training for
                                                                    Neighborhood Watch Program
the CLC police department. Topic was non-dominant                   The Neighborhood Watch Program, led by Crime
hand shooting.                                                      Prevention Technician Tom Agos, coordinates
                                                                    meetings with each of the 30 organized groups
                                                                    throughout the Village at least twice annually. This

                                                                    Meetings included training featuring the video “Shots
                                                                    Fired! When Lightning Strikes.”
                                                                                      Gurnee Police Department | 15

Patrol beat 96 (Christine Thompson Park                   Detective Mike Langer spent 16 hours instructing as a
neighborhood) had a Neighborhood Watch meeting on         supervisor at the NIPAS Mobile Field Force Basic
September 6th. The meeting was facilitated by Crime       Training.
Prevention Technician Tom Agos. Commander
Saundra Campbell, Sergeant Dave Farrow, and Officers      Officer Bendler attended 24 hours of training with the
Tami Martin, Carol McClanathan, Jason Kalinowski,         ILEAS/NIPAS Tactical Response Team in September.
Kirk Helgesen, and Dana Dingman also attended.
                                                          Officers Mytnik and Stashkiw attended 8 hours of
Patrol beat 49 (Pembrook Oaks area neighborhood) had      training with the ILEAS/NIPAS Mobile Field Force
a Neighborhood Watch meeting on September 13th. The       this month.
meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention
Technician Tom Agos. Officers Ben Bozer, Phil             The NIPAS MFF staged part of their team during the
Mazur, and Dana Dingman also attended.                    Ryder Cup PGA tournament at Medinah Country Club
                                                          in Medinah. There were no incidents or arrests reported
Patrol beats 54, 68, and 82 (northeast side area          during this deployment.
neighborhoods) had a Neighborhood Watch meeting on
September 20th. The meeting was facilitated by Crime
Prevention Technician Tom Agos. Mayor Kovarik,            Support Services Division
along with Officers Jim Caldwell and Mark Gliva also      Under the leadership of Deputy Chief Terri Kincaid,
attended.                                                 the Support Services Division is comprised of the 9-1-1
                                                          Communications Center and the Police Records Unit.
Patrol beat 103 (Southridge) residents had a              This division is responsible for policy development,
Neighborhood Watch meeting on September 27th. The         training, facilities, administrative support and research,
meeting was facilitated by Crime Prevention               physical facilities and fleet management.
Technician Tom Agos. Mayor Kovarik along with
Officers Tami Martin and Jeff Hauptman also attended.
                                                          911 Communications Center
Officer Marty Deperte and Crime Prevention                The 9-1-1 Center, under the leadership of Supervisor Al
Technician Agos met with Brookhaven management            Marquardt, Shift Leader Jim Richardson and Shift
and residents for a Neighborhood Watch meeting.           Leader Wendy Mann, handled 6,213 non-emergency
                                                          calls, 313 seven-digit emergency calls and 1,701 (9-1-
                                                          1) emergency calls. 4,337 police calls for service were
N.I.P.A.S.                                                handled, 353 rescue calls, and 190 fire related calls. Of
The Northern Illinois Police Alarm System (NIPAS) is      the 353 rescue calls, 66 were pulled for Emergency
a joint venture of suburban municipal police              Medical Dispatch (EMD) quality assurance review and
departments in the Chicago metropolitan area that         scoring.
provides an Emergency Services Team (EST) for high
risk tactical situations and a Mobile Field Force (MFF)   The communication operators answered 94.5% of all
for deployment for crowd control. Officer Matt Bendler    incoming calls, and 93.8% of all 9-1-1 calls, within 10
is assigned to the EST and Officers Andy Mytnik, Mike     seconds. On average this month, the busiest phone
Langer, Bill Stashkiw and Phil Mazur to the MFF.          times were between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., with 25
These officers train regularly with the NIPAS unit and    calls per hour. The twenty-four hour graph wavered
will be reassigned temporarily when their team is         between a low of 5 calls to a high of 50 calls, per hour.
activated for a major event.
                                                                                        Gurnee Police Department | 16

                                                            Communications Operator Alicia Petro attended the 24
Records Unit                                                hour EMD Certification course.
Under the leadership of Supervisor Al Marquardt, the
records unit entered 186 accidents, 387 incidents, 240      Officer Chad Smits and Officer Dan Wielgat attended a
supplements, 110 arrests, 714 traffic tickets, 141          16 hour Organized Crime Task Force seminar.
warning tickets, 107 non-traffic citations and 85
parking tickets. Along with the above mentioned data        Officer Rick Vorpagel attended the 24 hour Breath
entry they filed over 5,400 items within the division,      Alcohol Certification course.
and they processed 1,557 other requests based on
citizen contacts, to include 62 FOIA requests.              Officer Ryan Butler was sworn in as a Gurnee police
                                                            officer on September 6th by Village Administrator Pat
The records division is also responsible for citizen        Muetz. Officer Butler then reported to the Police
contacts (phone and walk up window), processing             Training Institute at the University of Illinois,
freedom of information requests, taxi applications,         Champaign for the basic police officer training
witness/court letters, parking ticket payment letters and   academy on September 9th.
payments made, subpoenas, other department requests,
records checks, house watch requests, accident              Officer Kelly Hansen is in field training with Officer
requests, officer requests, expungements, getting tickets   Brian Funke serving as her Field Training Officer.
ready for court and the daily distribution of department
mail.                                                       Officer Tom Woodruff attended police honor guard gun
                                                            salute training.
Administrative Hearings: This month the records
division had training, meetings and guideline               Officer Helgesen attended use of force for patrol and
completion on the new administrative proceedings that       juvenile court Act training.
will be taking place the first two- (2) weeks of every
month. At this time, those hearings are only dealing        Officer Jim Caldwell attended combat mindset training.
with ordinance violations dealing with parking issues.
                                                            Officer J.R. Nauseda and Tom Woodruff attended
                                                            Officer Down training.
Training Unit
Staff documented a total of 542 hours of training this      The majority of department personnel completed their
month; 456 for sworn police officers and 86 for civilian    on-line LEADS security awareness training, a new
employees, highlights included:                             LEADS requirement.

Detectives Jack Metcalf, Mike Langer, and Cmdr. Jeff        On September 4th, Officer Phil Mazur trained with Air-
Diehl attended an 8 hour Supervising Liquor and             One (Law Enforcement Helicopter).
Alcohol Compliance checks course.
                                                            On September 10th and 11th, Officers Chad Smits and
Sgt. Dave Farrow and Officer Phil Mazur attended a 32       Dan Wielgat attended the Cook County Retail
Hour Police Cyclist course.                                 Organized Crime Task Force annual seminar. The
                                                            officers were able to attend breakout sessions on topics
Chief Kevin Woodside, Deputy Chiefs Terri Kincaid           including identifying and finding people, understanding
and Jim Caldwell attended the Northwest Police              eBay: use for investigation/prosecution, organized
Academy training on grievance processing.                   retail crime, turning information operational, identity
                                                            theft and ATM skimming.
                                                                                         Gurnee Police Department | 17

                                                              ongoing with the goal of publishing the manual by the
On September 20 , Officers Jim McDermott and Frank            end of the year.
Tuggle attended an 8 hour teen dating violence
symposium at the College of Lake County.
                                                              Interoperable Communications
                                                              Commander Jay Patrick sits on the Interoperable
Property/Evidence Management                                  Communications Committee of Lake County (ICCLC).
Community Service Officer Chris Saffell is the                The Committee is made up of members of the public
manager of the Property and Evidence Room and                 safety community, non-government agencies
responsible for inventorying and maintaining all of the       (schools/hospitals) and communications vendors with
physical evidence and other property that comes under         goals to promote interoperable radio/data
the control of the police department. This month CSO          communications among first responders in and around
Saffell managed 106 new cases involving evidence              Lake County.
processing and logged 219 pieces of evidence.
                                                              The meeting of the Interoperable Communications
                                                              Council of Lake County (ICCLC) was held on
Police Pension Fund Board                                     September 4th. Major topics discussed were:
The duties of the Police Pension Fund Board are set out
in state statutes, and specifically include the control and   County-Wide Radio System Evaluation Committee
management of the pension fund, the enforcement of            –Garry Gorr advised that the County has contracted
contributions, to hear and determine applications and to      with RCC Consultants to do an assessment and needs
order payments, to make rules necessary for the               analysis for the County. He introduced David Galyana,
discharge of the board's duties, to pay expenses, to          managing consultant for this project. The project will
invest funds and to keep the records of the board             be in two phases - Phase 1-needs assessment, Phase 2-
meetings and proceedings. The board is comprised of           specify functional requirements. The intent is to have
five (5) members, each serving two year terms. Two            some of results by December, with deliverables
members are appointed by the mayor, two are elected           possibly by January 1.
by the members of the police force, and one is elected
from the pension beneficiaries.                               TICP/OPS Plan Sheets – Jeff Lilly stated that Tactical
                                                              Interoperable Communications Plan/Operations Plan
Officer Ron Conley and Officer Jeff Hauptman serve as         (TICP/OPS) plan sheets are being put together which
the representatives elected by the active members of the      are directed at dispatch centers to list their dispatch
police force. This month Officer Hauptman approved            channels, channel capabilities, what agencies they serve
the pension fund’s monthly benefit and vendor                 and what interoperable assets they possess. The NEIL
payments                                                      group will then distribute this to their members. This
                                                              will also be part of the annual revision of the TICP.

Policy Manual Update (Lexipol)                                Director of Homeland Security – LCSO Chief Wayne
Under the direction of Deputy Chief Terri Kincaid the         Hunter advised that the Lake County Director of
department has undertaken the project of reviewing and        Homeland Security position has been filled by Lt. John
updating the entire policy and procedure manual. The          Lucas, an 18 year veteran with LCSO and 20 year
first goal of the project is to update and convert all        veteran ranking command officer of Antioch fire.
policies and procedures to a digital format that will be
securely accessible via the web. Work on this project is
                                                                                          Gurnee Police Department | 18

FOIA Management                                                      Child Safety Seat Installations
Deputy Chief Terri Kincaid serves as the Gurnee Police
Department Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
Officer. The nature of many of the documents                 80
requested requires careful attention by staff to ensure
that we are providing the transparency that the law
intends along with protecting the identity and rights of     40
all the people involved. This month 62 requests for          20
records or documents through the Freedom of
Information Act were processed.                               0
                                                                  Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                                                                   11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

Child Passenger Safety Program
Technicians were able to participate in National Seat       Collective Bargaining
Check Saturday on September 22nd. This is an event
                                                            Gurnee police officers are represented by the Fraternal
sponsored by Illinois Department of Transportation,
                                                            Order of Police (FOP) and Gurnee police sergeants by
AAA and the Illinois Secretary of State in an attempt to
                                                            the Illinois Council of Police (ICOPS). Negotiations
have as many child seat checks as possible on a
                                                            with both groups, for contracts that expired on April 30,
specified Saturday. This event, held at the Holiday Inn,
                                                            2012, concluded with this press release issued on
was one of 83 held in Illinois. Technicians were able to
                                                            September 20th:
check 10 seats during this time, and give one seat to a
child needing an appropriate seat for safe transport.
                                                            At the two most recent meetings of the Gurnee Village
                                                            Board, the Board of Trustees approved labor contracts
During the month we also held checkpoints at Bass Pro
                                                            with the police bargaining units. The contracts will
Shop, Warren Newport Township Public Library, and
                                                            expire on April 30, 2015. Gurnee patrol officers are
Old Navy. A total of 76 child seats were checked this
                                                            represented by the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP),
month, bringing the year to date total to 433; 63 more
                                                            while sergeants are represented by the Illinois Council
seats than last year at this time. Of those seats checked
                                                            of Police (ICOPs).
this year only 28 were correctly installed. This means
94% of child seats that Gurnee technicians have
                                                            In a change from past negotiations, representatives of
encountered have been installed incorrectly.
                                                            both bargaining units agreed to meet with Village
                                                            representatives without legal counsel through most of
In addition to checkpoints, One Hope United requested
                                                            the process. The officers were able to agree to a
assistance in training their staff regarding the proper
                                                            proposal in seven meetings and the sergeants had an
transport for children. One Hope United is often
                                                            agreement worked out in just four meetings. Without
referred cases where children need transportation, or
                                                            the need for a labor attorney in a majority of these
assist in visitation issues and/or required supervision.
                                                            meetings, the Village was able to save several thousand
Officer Marty Deperte and Shift Leader Wendy Mann
                                                            dollars in legal fees.
provided training to 13 staff members during a 3-hour
training session. We were able to provide One Hope
                                                            The FOP contract with patrol officers provides a final
United with two new seats that were provided to us by
                                                            adjustment of 2.11% in the first year. Unlike previous
the Illinois Department of Transportation for
                                                            contracts, there is no fixed adjustment in the remaining
participating in National Seat Check Saturday.
                                                            two years. Future adjustments will be based upon the
                                                                                       Gurnee Police Department | 19

Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Chicago area and         values are exhibited by all Village employees on a daily
any market adjustment necessary in officer base salary      basis as they serve the residents of Gurnee, I’m pleased
when compared to similar departments in the area. The       to see our police employees display them so strongly at
sergeants also agreed to a three year contract with a       the negotiation table.”
non-traditional wage schedule.
                                                            The sergeants bargaining team included Sergeants Jim
Gurnee Police Chief Kevin Woodside commented                Lange, Jon Ward and Dave Farrow. The bargaining
“Things get done quickly when reasonable people come        team for the patrol officers was made up of Officers
together and put the needs of the community first. I        Jeff Hauptman, Mark O’Brien and William Stashkiw.
have the utmost respect for the officers and sergeants at   The teams explained that given the current economic
the table focusing on a fair agreement that made sense      environment, they felt more would be accomplished by
for both sides.”                                            continuing to foster a strong working relationship with
                                                            the Village. The bargaining teams appreciated the
Mayor Kristina Kovarik stated, “The Village Board and       opportunity to work side by side with the Village and
I commend staff and members of the Police                   Chief Woodside on the new salary adjustment model
Department bargaining units for thinking outside of the     and look forward to continuing this strong working
box. By basing salary adjustments largely on the            relationship in the future.
Consumer Price Index, taxpayers can be assured that
changes are fair and justifiable.” She continued to say,
“To diverge from the traditional approach to bargaining
requires trust, respect, and an open-mind. While these
                                                                                                   Gurnee Police Department | 20

Trend Analysis
Vehicle Crashes
                       Vehicle Crash - Severity                                              Vehicle Crash - Type

250                                                                 140
200                                                                 120
150                                                                  80
100                                                                  60
 50                                                                  20
  0                                                                   0
      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                  11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

               Total           Non-Injury           Injury                             Roadway               Private Property

Traffic Enforcement
          Traffic Enforcement Activity                                                       DUI Arrests

800                                                                 25

600                                                                 20
400                                                                 15
200                                                                 10
  0                                                                  5
      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                           0
                                                                          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                        Citations       Warnings                           11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                  Speeding Citations                                          Suspended/Revoked/No Valid License

200                                                                 80
150                                                                 60
 50                                                                 30
  0                                                                 10
      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-    0
       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                                                                           11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
                                                                                                       Gurnee Police Department | 21

             Passenger Restraint Citations                                                   Parking Tickets

200                                                                      250

150                                                                      200
 50                                                                       50
  0                                                                        0
          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
           11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                  11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                        Calls for Service                                                           Arrests

6000                                                                     200
3000                                                                     100
      0                                                                    0
           Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-         Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
            11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                         Reports Taken

          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
           11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
                                                                                                       Gurnee Police Department | 22

                      Residential Burglary                                              Motor Vehicle Burglary

10                                                                       35
6                                                                        20
4                                                                        15
2                                                                         5
0                                                                         0
         Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
          11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                  11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                                  Theft                                                          Retail Theft

100                                                                      50
80                                                                       40
           Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-    0
            11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                               Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
                                                                               11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

                              Auto Theft                                                     Battery & Assault

5                                                                        20
4                                                                        15
1                                                                         5

0                                                                         0
         Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-          Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
          11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12                                  11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
                                                                                                 Gurnee Police Department | 23

                   Criminal Damage                                             Domestic Violence Reports
40                                                                 50
35                                                                 40
20                                                                 20
15                                                                 10
10                                                                  0
 5                                                                      Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-
 0                                                                       11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12
     Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun- Jul- Aug- Sep-               Domestic Disturbance           Domestic Battery
      11 11 11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12

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