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									                                           THE FINGERPRINT PROCESS:

Students’ fingerprints must be cleared for Fieldwork Observations.

1.      Self-Register: Start by registering with NYSED by clicking on “Self-Register” in Step 1 at:
        You will also need to use this account to apply for your teacher certification later, so please put your
        username and password in the spaces below and keep this in a safe place.

USERNAME: ______________________________________________

PASSWORD: ______________________________________________

2.      Apply: Once your TEACH Account has been created, log in, click the “TEACH On-Line Services” tab,
        and from the menu of options under “Fingerprint Links,” choose “Submit Application for Fingerprint
        Clearance,” and then follow the instructions. When the application asks if you've been fingerprinted by
        NYCBOE and mentions the OSPRA 104 form, check "No" unless you've worked for the Board of
        Education in the New York City. Under “Reason for Fingerprinting” choose “Teacher Certification.”
        Check “No” for needing fingerprint cards if you plan to use LiveScan. Choose the “Credit Card” rather
        than the “Coupon” payment option. At the end of the application, you will pay the OSPRA processing
        fee via credit card. When the screen states that your payment has been received (their version of a
        receipt), copy that page and save it.

     3. Fingerprints: We offer LiveScan processing of fingerprints here at the University Police Station. You
        MUST bring proof of your fingerprint application from your TEACH account along with a $20.00
        processing fee in cash. (Log into your Teach Account, go to "Account Information," then highlight
        "Fingerprinting" in the blue box, then click on "GO" and print the page.) Call 845-257-2222 to make
        your appointment with University Police.

     4. Check application. When your TEACH account verifies receipt of your fingerprints, it will say:
        "Fingerprint Information: Your DCJS and FBI results have been received." (If there are any problems, a
        message will indicate what needs to be cleared up regarding your background check.)

     5. Documentation: Make a copy of your fingerprint verification with your account data at the top, put
        “Fingerprints” and your name in subject line, and send this to your department secretary, so that it will
        be documented on your transcript BEFORE you start Fieldwork Observations: Elementary: or Secondary:

        After the Introduction to Student Teaching Meeting (one year prior to Student Teaching), be sure to send
        a copy of your fingerprint verification to also.

If you have any questions about this process, please check: and and

If you still have questions after reviewing the Web sites noted above, please contact: (518) 473-2998

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