lp96Effects of Overpopulation 11-12 by xiaopangnv


									                                               SOCIAL STUDIES
                                              LESSON PLANNING
                                        Lesson 5- Effects of Overpopulation
Grade/Course: 9 / World Geography
Unit: 6: South and East Asia
Unit Understanding: South and East Asia have faced the problem of overpopulation with varying degrees of
Objective: -
        Readiness-- 7(C) describe trends in world population growth and distribution
        Supporting-- 15(A) identify and give examples of different points of view that influence the development of
         public policies and decision-making processes on local, state, national, and international levels
        15(B) explain how citizenship practices, public policies, and decision making may be influenced by cultural
         beliefs, including nationalism and patriotism
   The hook is based upon the universal        HOOK- Think back to our Taylor Burning scenario from yesterday...after all
 generalization and should be something        class have been relocated the State Board of Education says that Taylor is
  that all students can answer with prior      OVERPOPULATED and must act to make a change....Brainstorm three
                knowledge.                     solutions to fix Taylors overpopulation problems.
Universal Generalization:
                                               Yesterday we discovered what is meant by OVERPOPULATION and the
        Strong traditions are                 effects overpopulations has a on a place and its resources using the More or
         difficult to change.                  Less Activity In our matrix we saw how overpopulation is more of a
                                               disadvantage than advantage...today we will look at what some countries in
                                               SE Asia have done to stop this issue.

                                               Today we will look at 2 countries (China and India) who are suffering with the
                                               problem of overpopulation and how they are attempting to handle it.

                   Line                        Clear modeled instructions:
Students explore lesson content and create
graphically organized notes that allow them    Students will read from two different texts- 1 China 2- India
     to learn the unit understanding.          Each reading will explain the Causes that led to that country’s
                                               overpopulation problem and the effects/solutions that that country
South and East Asia have faced the             has tried to develop to fix it. As students read they will complete two
problem of overpopulation with                 separate Multi Flow Maps (cause & effect chart).
varying degrees of success.

                Sinker                         Quick Write- Have students respond in their ISN to the following
 Independent practice activities that allow    prompt
   students to extend their new, deeper
 understanding of the unit understanding.      Which country has done a better job at controlling its population?
        (Processing Activity)                  Explain why using at least three specific pieces of evidence from your
                                               notes (Multi flow map)

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