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Rubric by xiaopangnv


									Brine Shrimp Lab Rubric

Brief summaries of the most important background, methods, results, and conclusions.
No more than 200 words.


Socially relevant problems which might be solved with information such as that your
results might generate…

       What are brine shrimp?

       What is unique about the Great Salt Lake that makes it suitable for artemia?

       Why are these shrimp so important ecologically? Economically?

       Explain the conditions necessary for continued abundance of these shrimp in the
       lake, and provide evidence that changes (and define them) in these conditions
       result in a lower shrimp harvest or population size.

       Why is global warming likely to affect these shrimp, either directly by evaporation
       during hotter days Or due to lack of snow upland or to overuse of water out of
       either surface inputs or ground water?

Biology of the shrimp (if not described above): limits for hatching, survival. Ways these
limits can be simulated in the laboratory.

Explanation of how/why your model system can be used to study the socially relevant

Evidence/explanation that this socially relevant problem is related to your experiments

Hypothesis at least implied, as well as the if/then prediction.


Make sure controlled conditions are obvious , as well as the independent and
dependent variables

Replicable experiment (all details!)

# trials, Statistical test to be used, basis for your conclusions made obvious

Data tables and graphs, each with a simple legend summarizing what was done to
collect the data and the significance (p values) of the data (no more than 50 words)


Convince the reader that your data is an important step in understanding the problem
and helping to develop either a solution or to prepare for the worst.

Explain weaknesses and strengths of your results and conclusion

Explain follow-up that would continue your positive impact in this area of study.


Cite any idea not your own

Try to use primary resources (but in this case, its ok to use the cites I used)

Use format agreeing with the journal (see citations in your textbook)

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