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PROSPER is intended to educate and inform through condensed articles, reviews, descriptions of legislative actions, announcements and events occurring for the benefit of members of NACM MidAmerica. To include an item of interest for the PROSPER, please contact Mike Brittain, CAE ( “Read and PROSPER”

Survey Shows…81% of Receivables paid Current and 30 In a recent poll of NACM MidAmerica members…64% of receivables covering ALL industries are being
paid current and another 17% are being paid 30 days past the due date. These figures represent a wide variety of industries. Individual member receivables may vary widely by industry segment and by each company within an industry. We also learned that very few members are using any kind of credit decision-making tools or software, but a surprising 74% of members want more information about products that will help them make credit decisions. This month, each Credit Industry Group sponsored by NACM MidAmerica will receive a survey questionnaire designed to gather receivable data specifically for their group. Please answer the survey and return it prior to the group meeting. Then plan to attend your group meeting to get the results of the survey.

New Credit Manual Now Available
Using Outdated Resources could cost your company money… th 2006 Manual of Credit & Commercial Laws, 97 Edition NACM‟s #1 Best Seller, is now available. From the new Bankruptcy Law and Sarbanes-Oxley to state lien laws and bad check statutes, this book has become the ultimate tool for the credit management profession. Price of Manual is $99 and includes one free year of the NACM online Resource Library. If you haven‟t ordered yours yet, contact the association at 405-235-1341 or

Members Express Shock & Awe
Its fun to see the surprise on members’ faces when we show them how to help themselves to a myriad of information online. Even though we have talked about how the website is such a valuable tool to the credit management of many companies, we continue to be thrilled when we hear the comments members make when we show them everything the website does. “Oh my gosh…this is really going to help me a lot” was the latest comment which was made by member rep Angie Ogle of Forest Lumber Supply, Oklahoma City. The NACM MidAmerica web site,, has evolved to become a valuable resource for members looking for everything from a good credit application, general information on credit related topics, what to say when you must decline credit or put an existing account on credit hold or C.O.D., lien law and related notices, hot legal issues, current collection activity on accounts placed for collection, timely news on NSF check writers, consumer credit reports, D&B, Experian, Equifax and, of course the NACM reports now with trade information from all over the U.S. The next time we‟re around, let us show you something you might not know – yet. Or, call us to schedule a visit. We‟ll show you how to save time, get new ideas, and get the most value for yourself and your company from the NACM MidAmerica membership.

NACM MidAmerica Celebrates 100th Year
What else happened in 1906? President Teddy Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in ending the war between Russia and Japan. That same year he was the very first President to leave the United States territorial jurisdiction when he went to Panama to “see how the big ditch is getting on”. A lot of things have changed in 100 years but some things have remained the same. The hard work and lots of dedication by board and staff involved….and most of all, caring members like you who have helped NACM MidAmerica reach this milestone. Thanks.

Big Brother Arrives at NACM MidAmerica?
We Know Who‟s Reading Prosper…and When Saves You Time. Just Click on “In This Issue” in Left Column and jump directly to the article you want to read. When George Orwell wrote about Big Brother in his book “1984” I don‟t think he was talking about NACM MidAmerica. Yet, with the communication method used here, we are able to track how many members opened the Prosper last month (86%), when and how often it was opened, and who went to the links provided (5%). We also saw whose emails bounced (8%) and who forwarded the Prosper to someone else (which we like very much).

Fortunately, there is plenty of room for improvement as only 2% of members forwarded the Prosper to someone they know. The new technology introduced last month is designed to help us track those email addresses not working right, or if we are failing in relevance or timeliness of importance of the topics, articles or other items of interest to the membership. We hope You like the new communication format. For the first time in recent memory, we actually received emails praising the quality and crispness of the January Prosper (see „Member Comments‟ at NACM MidAmerica home page). Let‟s hope we can live up to the standard set in January as we go forward. Please go to our website homepage,, and click on the “Get Email Updates” for a fast update of your email address. Thanks.

Pick a Member to Serve on Board of Directors
NOMINATIONS for New Board Members Open „til Friday, February 10 Recommend a member who you feel will represent the best interests of the NACM membership. It could be someone you have met at an education session or a member of an industry credit group. It might even be someone like YOU. The nomination process is anonymous, so don‟t be shy. Those nominated will be presented to the th Nominations Committee on February 15 . Qualified candidates are presented to the full membership for election to th the board of directors. Newly elected board members are presented to the membership after March 15 and will be seated in April. For details about board member duties and involvement, contact Mike Brittain, CAE, President, NACM MidAmerica at 405-235-1341. (See list of current board members in left panel of this edition of Prosper. Board members completing terms March 31, 2006: Deretta Austin, Norman Supply Co.; Michael Saliba, Great Plains Coca Cola; and Bob Vick, Coppermark Bank. *Note to Brandi – resend nominations form in email format this time.

New Information at:
Notice to Owner – A mandatory notice required by Oklahoma Statute when selling construction materials to an owner-occupied dwelling. Notice to Owner language available at home page. Click on buttons: ”Downloadable Forms” or “Construction Services”. Title 42 of Oklahoma Statutes – The complete Oklahoma Lien Law from Sections 42-142 through 42-143.4 dealing with Materialmen‟s Liens on real property.

Coming in February: Promissory Note; Assignment of Payment; Purchase Money Security Instrument Agreement; Equipment Security Agreement. Also Available:
Lien Waivers, Pay Online, New Bankruptcy Law and Credit Denials in Commercial Transactions. See it all at

Departments – New Services Coming SOON and Now Available
Coming Soon! Credit Decision Automation – Web-based Decisioning Customize your company‟s criteria to automate routine transactions, free time for credit analysis and focus on your expertise to manage higher risk accounts and those customers who do not meet the credit criteria you know makes a profitable customer. NACM MidAmerica HAS THE TOOLS TO HELP NOW! 405.235.1341 Now Available! Collections Workflow Management – Get More Done in Less Time Can‟t quite get to all of those 30-45-60 or 90 day accounts every month? Let NACM MidAmerica make these routine calls on your company‟s behalf. Our staff becomes an extension of your credit department making those routine calls in a way consistent with your own effort. No collection fees. Just a one time monthly fee determined by the amount of effort you decide – 1 or 2 telephone contact(s), one or two letters. Any combination you want determines how much you pay for the service. Free your time to concentrate on other, perhaps more critical areas. No additional employee costs or overhead. Price for service is based on number of customers, amount and type of contact you desire. Price ranges from under $1 to less than $10 per account.

Did You Know?
Fax Numbers on Websites constitute invitation – Because of recent federal legislation fax numbers made available on websites are considered by law to be an invitation to unwanted fax solicitors. Therefore, members will not find our fax number on the website. However, if you want to fax the association, the fax number is 405-232-5567.

Industry Group Reports Now Online – Effective February 1 industry group reports are available to group members online after each industry credit group meeting. No more waiting for mailed or emailed packets. Just logon and go to the „group‟ button for the most recently completed meeting reports. Extreme Makeover Home Edition for Tulsa Family - NACM MidAmerica Members Participated Some of the vendors, sponsors and volunteers who worked on the Tulsa family‟s home makeover for the popular network show Extreme Makeover Home Edition are members of NACM MidAmerica. Air date of the Tulsa family‟s makeover is, as yet, unknown. The NACM MidAmerica members who participated are:  Mill Creek Lumber  Mill Creek Carpet & Tile  Mid Continent Concrete  Forest Lumber Supply  Hertz Rentals  Metro Builders Supply  Weyerhaeuser  Wood Systems  Sanders Nursery  Sherwin Williams  Tulsa Home Builders Association  Cellular One  Bank of Oklahoma  Bank of America  ConocoPhillips  Great Plains Coca Cola Congratulations to all of the members who participated in this exciting process. ASA of Oklahoma – Chapter of the Year Fantastic News! The Oklahoma Chapter of American Subcontractors Association (ASA) will be recognized as the ASA Chapter of the Year in March at the upcoming National Business Forum and Convention in Newport Beach, California, March 8-11, 2006. The award is presented as recognition of the chapter for efforts and success in 2005. Congratulations to Executive Director, Francie Dix whose incredible level of personal commitment, intensity and professionalism have led, and continue to lead, the way. Believe it or not, the ASA of Oklahoma will also receive the award for the best Government Relations Chapter in the nation as well. Wow! Congratulations Francie, Mike Jones of M.L. Jones Company, 2005-2006 President of ASA of Oklahoma and the entire board of Directors of ASA of Oklahoma. Well Done! NACM MidAmerica is proud to have started the ball rolling for ASA of Oklahoma. Deductions Management Group NACM MidAmerica is looking for companies who would be interested in forming a Deductions Management Industry Group to discuss accounts and agenda topics such as: Deduction Management Tools; Imaging; Outsourcing; Measures of Performance; other. We will learn the right stuff for credit professionals to focus on when dealing with deduction management. Interested parties should call or email Mike Brittain at 405-235-1341 or Oklahoma Legislative Bills to Watch this Session Pass-through Tax Exemption for Churches Pay-if-Paid Legislation Retainage Improvements Right to Remedy Streamlined Sales Tax Lien Law Fair Pay in the Private Sector Call Mike Brittain at the association office or watch for as these issues develop during the 2006 Legislative Session


Education, Meetings & Fun Events

April 7-9, 2006 – “On Our Way to Santa Fe” - 5 Annual Chairman‟s Get-A-Way, Santa Fe, New Mexico Golf Tournament – Friday, May 12 – Perkins, Oklahoma – Cimarron Trails Golf Course. May 21-24, 2006 - NACM Credit Congress, Nashville, TN Register online at Click on Credit Congress (Nashville logo). Sold Out June 8 & 25 2006 – The Lion King, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, OK (call to be placed on wait list


Watch for announcements or call the association office for details 405-235-1341 email:

ONE BIG NACM MidAmerica Golf Tournament in 2006
Friday, May 12, 2006 – Cimarron Trails, Perkins, Oklahoma th Regrip Your Ball Retriever and join us. As part of the 100 birthday celebration for NACM MidAmerica, this year one big, centrally located, tournament is planned. Instead of a tournament in Tulsa and a tournament in Oklahoma th City, one tournament, held on May 12 in Perkins, Oklahoma will entice golfers of all levels to play and celebrate th the association‟s 100 year. So beginner or pro, come have fun. We‟re looking for sponsors for this event. Interested parties should contact Mike Brittain at 405-235-1341 or

January Hornets Tickets Winners - Sam Paschal, Paschal Tile; Donna Ohl/Jim Sutton, Construction
Building Specialties; Joanie Shelton, Red Rock Distributing; Christine Nicholas, Petra; Mary Womack, ATC Freightliner; Margaret Watral, Federal Corp; Angie Ogle, Forest Lumber Co.; Sharilyn Young, Oklahoma Lumberman‟s‟ Association. Win tickets in February. Place collection accounts with Carla at NACM MidAmerica. Enjoy the tickets yourself or Use Hornets Basketball Tickets to Reward Good Customers or Great Employees – Win two (2) free club level tickets to Hornets home games between now and April 14, 2006 and enjoy the game or be a hero by awarding the tickets to your favorite prompt paying customer or your best collector or credit assistant. Two drawings will be made to give away four tickets to each home game. Here‟s how to enter: Place collections and have your name added to the „net‟ for the drawing. See the Hornets button on the home page of our web site at

Nashville 2006 Credit Congress & Exposition –– The premier event for Business Credit Professionals.
More than 2000 credit colleagues gather to exchange best practices and preview latest innovations. Keep pace with your industry and profession and benefit from 4 days of education. May 21-24, 2006.

2005 “Write Off” Book Deadline February 17th (WIN TICKETS) – NACM‟s annual Write Off Book is now gathering information on member‟s experiences with customers who didn‟t pay them in 2005. Report write offs by sending the names of companies, addresses, amounts written off and principals of the companies to Brandi at the association office by February 15, 2006, Call or email for more details and watch for write off forms. or 405-235-1341. Get your write off‟s in today for publication in March. On Our Way to Santa Fe for 5th Annual Chairman‟s Get-A-Way April 7-9, 2006 (Win Tickets) $249 pp. Shop,
explore, spa, golf. Surprise yourself. Details on web site call Francie 405-235-1341 ext 22
Board of Directors „05-„06 Deretta Austin, Norman Plumbing Supply ● Kaye Dunlap, Meeks Lumber ● Russ Grimm, Heatwave Supply ● Jerry Henry, Mill Creek Lumber ● Bill VanSant, Oklahoma Home Centers ● Mike Saliba, Great Plains Coca Cola ● Matt St. John, Hope Lumber ● Bob Vick, Coppermark Bank ● Jon Hines, Rainbow Concrete, Mike Brittain, CAE, President, NACM MidAmerica. ● Director Emeritus Lloyd N. Riffer II, CCE, Past National Chairman; In Memoriam, George Huston, 1924-2005. Your NACM MidAmerica Staff Mike Brittain, CAE, President ● Bobbie Terry, Bookkeeping & Office Mgr. ● John Bannon, Industry Groups Tulsa & Arkansas ● Inez Freeman, Publications ● Teresa Jackson, Credit Reports & Group Services ● Brandi Terry, Credit Reports & Group Services ● Carla Watson, Collections

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