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Day One Trig Word Problems Scavenger Hunt - TeacherWeb


ABCD is the end wall in an attic. Segment AB is the
sloping ceiling.

AD = 1600 mm; <A = 56 degrees
Ramona decides to hide a large gift box, DEGF, in
the attic. If the box is 600 mm high, what is its

12,350ft I
A ski slope at mountain has an angle of
elevation of 25.2˚. The vertical height
of the slope is 1808 feet. How long is
the ski slope?

76.19m O
You are climbing Mount Cook in New
Zealand. You are below the mountain’s
peak at an altitude of 8580 feet. Using
surveying instruments, you measure
the angle of elevation to the peak to be
30.5˚. The distance (along the face of
the mountain) between you and the
peak is 7426 feet. What is the altitude
of the peak?

26.57˚ F
The string on a kite is taut and makes
an angle of 54˚20’ with the horizontal.
Find the approximate height of the
kite above level ground if 85 meters of
string are out and the end of string is
held 1.5 meters above the ground.

35.8˚                        M
From a point 15 meters above level
ground an observer measures the
angle of depression of an object on the
ground as 67˚50’ Approximately how
far is the object from the point on the
ground directly beneath the observer?

54.31˚ T
A guy wire is attached to the top of a
radio antenna and to a point on
horizontal ground which is 40 meters
from the base of the antenna. If the
wire makes an angle of 58˚20’ with the
ground how long is the wire?

4767 ft H
The swimming pool has a shallow
section of 3 feet deep and 10 feet long
and a deep section of 8 feet deep and
10 feet long. The entire pool is 30 feet
long. Find the angle of depression 
between the shallow end and the deep

4250 ft S
The Park Street Bridge in Alameda
County, California, is a double leaf
drawbridge. Each leaf of the bridge is
120 feet long. A ship that is 100 feet
wide needs to pass through the bridge.
What is the minimum angle  that
each leaf of the bridge should be
opened to in order to ensure that the
ship will fit? (Hint: bottom leg of the
triangle is length of one leaf - 2 length
of the ship)

1483mm A
You are a surveyor in a helicopter and
are trying to determine your distance
to a island. You altitude is 3000 feet
and the angle of depression to the
island is 39˚. What is the distance to
the island from the helicopter?

70.5m N
The height of an outdoor basketball
backboard is 12.5 feet, and the
backboard casts a shadow    17
long. Find the angle of elevation of the

6.11m E

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