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					              臺北市私立靜心國中九十七學年度九年級英語科第二次定考 B5U7~B6U1
(一) 字彙評量:10%
1. There wasn’t any ghost; it was only your _____.          (A)idea (B)believe (C)imagination (D)think
2. Most people put _____ on both sides of the doorway before the Chinese New Year.
    (A) red envelopes (B)good lucks (C)firework shows (D)spring couplets
3. They didn’t have much time to get along with each other. That’s why they can’t _____ their friendship well.
    (A)discover (B)prepare (C)develop (D)protect
4. Since I started to work, I’ve got little time to read a _____.    (A)film (B)ceremony (C)e-mail (D)novel
5. A ____ is passed from one person to the next in the relay race.       (A)square (B)home run (C)dash (D)baton
6. There are many _____ during Chinese New Year.             (A)celebrations (B)events (C)hamlets (D)channels
7. ______ the sun is shining, it may rain later.        (A)Perhaps (B)although (C)According (D)However
8. At the beginning of the race, we _____ by three meters.         (A)quicked (B)led (C)faster (D)better
9. What _____ is your coat made of?             (A)clothes (B)kind (C)material (D)event
10. His idea was _____, so we were glad.         (A)used (B) creative (C)excited          (D)confused
(二) 選擇題:(No.11~No.34 @1 % ; No.35~No.44 @ 2% )
11. Your homework _____ before you go to bed, Tom. (A)should be done (B)might have done (C)would have done
     (D)could be doing
12. ______ is true that John has two girlfriends.        (A) That (B) This (C) It (D) What
13. The police found the boy _____.            (A)who broke his legs    (B)that his leg was broke
     (C)which the leg was broken         (D)that has been broken the leg
14. I won’t do anything _____.         (A)which are difficult for me (B)is difficult for me (C)which look difficult
     (D)that is difficult for me
15. The man _____ a white shirt and blue jeans hit me on the head.        (A)that wearing (B)who was in
     (C)that were wearing       (D)wore
16. Newton was one of the greatest men _____ever lived in the world.           (A)who (B)whose (C)what (D) that
17. All you need to do is _____ out the garbage as soon as possible. (A)took (B)to take (C)taking (D) being taken
18. Students _____ the lessons will easily nod off in class.      (A)that is boring (B)boring with (C)who are bored with
     (D)that bore
19. The man _____ to Japan twice is her uncle.          (A)who has visited (B)who has gone (C)that has been (D)has visited
20. Do you know the girl _____?              (A)I spoke to her (B)I spoke to (C)that I spoke (D)who I spoke
21. In his free time, Mr. Smith likes to read the books _____.        (A)which he is interesting      (B)which he interests in
     (C)which he is interested      (D)which he is interested in
22. The man _____ has an honest face.          (A)who I bought the tomatoes      (B)I bought the tomatoes (C)from whom I
     bought the tomatoes       (D)from that I bought the tomatoes
23. I’m thankful to the man _____ given me back my wallet and credit cards.           (A)that have (B)who have been
     (C)that has been (D)who has
24. I _____ eat meat, but I don't like it anymore.      (A)is used (B)use to (C)used to (D)is used to
25. That’s the small village _____.          (A)where Wendy grew up in        (B)in that Ruby visited
     (C)which Jill was born in        (D)in where Judy lives now
26. I called Mr. Johnson ______.           (A) with whom I have had dinner last night (B) whom I had dinner last night (C)
     with whom I had dinner last night (D) with whom I have dinner last night
27. The room _____ is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.           (A)which I sleep    (B)where I sleep
     (C)I sleep there (D)that I sleep
28. The streets ____tourists were as noisy as ever.       (A)crowded with (B)was full of (C)was filled with (D)filled of
29. This is just _____ I am thinking about.       (A)what (B) that (C) how (D) who
30. Tom has a pen pal _____.              (A)whose name is Mark       (B)who live in New York       (C)who is he
     (D)which lives in California
31. In a library, people can read books or magazines _____.         (A)writing well for many years (B)which cost much
     money (C)they are interested in (D)are interesting to them
32. _____ the teacher said was very important to us.          (A)Which (B)That (C)What (D)Who
33. Look at the boy and his dog _____ crossing the road.           (A)that are (B) which is (C) who is (D)they are
               臺北市私立靜心國中九十七學年度九年級英語科第二次定考 B5U7~B6U1
34. Do you know ______?           (A)did the accident happen (B)how long the river is (C)was the movie
     (D)can get to there
35. Have you ever seen _____ my dad did for me?            (A)this kind of toy that (B)what was the toy (C) the toy about
     (D)the toy with which
36. You can try to use the software (軟體) that, I believe, _____ you resolve (解決) the problem you have now.
       (A) is helped (B) has helped (C) will help (D) is helping
37. A: Please call me if you ever get a chance to visit Taitung. _____ B: Thank you. Taitung is a beautiful place. I’d
     love to have a city tour in Taitung with you.     (A)I will show you around. (B)I’ll give you my address. (C)You
     can buy different things there. (D)You can come by plane.
38. Eileen: Wow, the toy looks great! Is that expensive? Linda: No, it’s cheap because _____.             (A)I have no money
     (B)I am using it      (C)I didn’t have to pay for the materials (D)I can sell it to you
39. Tim: Why are you making the lantern?        Chip: I want to _____. Tim: That’s sweet of you. I think she will be happy.
     (A)give it to a boy I like    (B)give I like girl this   (C)give it to the girl who I like   (D)give who I like girl this
40. (選出正確的意思) I used to go to the movies with my family.                 (A)I went to the movies with my family before, but
     now I don’t.     (B)I went to the movies with my family before and now I still do. (C)I enjoyed seeing a movie with
     my family before, but now I don’t. (D)I enjoyed seeing a movie with my family before and now I still do.
41. Sweeping should be done by New Year’s Eve. If you sweep on New Year’s Day, good luck _____.                  (A)will stay
     with you all the time (B)comes in the new year (C)will bring you much money (D)will be swept away
42. School was over. Tom was going home. On the way, he saw a tree on which there was a sign.
     (A) It was a sign, not a tree that Tom saw.     (B)It was a school that Tom saw.       (C)It was a tree that Tom saw.
     (D)It was a home that Tom saw.
43. The man Mr. Li is talking to is John’s teacher.        (A)John is talking to Mr. Li.     (B)I’m talking to John’s teacher.
     (C)Mr. Li is talking to John’s teacher. (D)The man is talking to John’s teacher.
44. Mr. Lin has a son, who is working in the hospital.         (A)One of Mr. Lin’s sons is working in the hospital. (B)Mr.
     Lin, who is working in the hospital, has a son. (C)Mr. Lin has only a son, and he is working in the hospital. (D)Mr.
     Lin’s son must be a doctor.
(三) 克漏字選擇及閱讀測驗 46 %
      The Chinese New Year was coming soon. The Wang family were very busy            (45)   it. Bob’s dad started to clean
the yard and the living room. He       (46)      Bob and Judy to clean the dining room. Bob also    (47)      the kitchen
after he cleaned up the dining room. Judy      (48)     the floor and helped her mom wash the vegetables they just    (49)
the supermarket. Judy asked her mom         (50)    they bought so many tangerines. Judy’s mom said, “Because the
word ’tangerine’ sounds like the word for luck in Chinese.” The whole family were so busy, of course, they are very happy
as well.
45. (A)to prepare for (B)preparing for (C)to prepare (D)preparing
46. (A)had (B)made (C)helped (D)asked
47. (A)had swept (B)helped sweeping (C)helped sweep (D)made sweep
48. (A)mopped (B)picked (C)checked (D)displayed
49. (A)brought from (B)brought for (C)bought from (D)bought for
50. (A)when (B)how (C)which (D)why
Dear Miss Help,
     My son, Stanley, is in his last year of junior high. He used to be a hard-working student.     (51)      at home after
school. He usually got good grades. On the weekend, he usually played basketball with me in the park. After that, we usually
had some drinks and talked a lot.
     But now Stanley is very different. He met some net friends three months ago. (52)            They like to play online games.
He rarely does his homework. He is now getting bad grades in the monthly tests at school. He doesn’t want to talk to me or
play sports with me.    (53)        I am afraid that he will get a bad grade and not be able to enter a good senior high school.
    What should I do?

              臺北市私立靜心國中九十七學年度九年級英語科第二次定考 B5U7~B6U1
51. (A)He didn’t do his homework (B)He did his homework and studied hard          (C)He played online games with friends
     (D)He watched TV before he finished his homework
52. (A)He helps me with the housework. (B)He talks to his teacher more often.       (C)He does homework with them in
     the library (D)He talks to them on the Internet every evening.
53. (A)He studies hard now. (B)He is taking a trip next week.       (C)He is going to take the BC test.
     (D)He will play sports on the weekend.
       Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is a team sport in which two teams of five active players
each try to get points against one another by throwing a ball through a 10-foot high hoop (籃圈) under organized(有組織的)
rules. The team with more points at the end of the game wins.
       In early December 1891, the basketball game was invented(發明) by Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian PE instructor(指
導教練) in Springfield, USA. In the beginning, he just wanted to find an indoor game for his students in winter. He wrote the
basic rules and nailed a peach basket with a bottom onto a 10-foot high wall. The players got one point by shooting the brown
soccer ball into the basket. He called the new game "Basket Ball". This new kind of sport soon became one of the most
popular sports in North America.
54. In what time of the year was the basketball game invented?
       (A)In spring.    (B)In summer.      (C) n autumn.    (D) In winter.
55. What is NOT true about Dr. Naismith?
       (A)He wrote the rules for the game.         (B)He was the best basketball player in 1891.
       (C)He wasn't born in the United States.      (D)He was a PE teacher in Springfield.
56. What's the best title (標題) for this passage (短文)?
       (A)The Most Popular Sport in the World         (B)The Life of Dr. James Naismith
       (C)The History of Basketball       (D)How to Play Basketball Well
       Christopher Collin, a 15-year-old boy, lived in America. He grew up in a poor family. He helped his blind mother
and took care of his younger brother and sister. He worked at a convenience store and got US$200 a week. The money he
made helped his family move out of a very terrible place and into a better house. When his mother was sad and frightened at
night, he would stay up until the morning came. He would hold her hand and try to comfort(安慰)her.
     Now, even though Christopher was hit by a car and killed on Sunday, he could still keep taking care of his mother.
Sally Collin, 51 years old, got one of her son’s corneas(眼角膜)on Thursday. The doctor believed she could see the world
once again.
     “He kept his words,” Mrs. Collin said. Christopher said to his mother before, “Mom, I’ll never leave you and I’ll
always be your eyes.” Six other organs 器官)
                                         (         from Christopher’s body—his heart, liver 肝) both kidneys 腎) and both
                                                                                          (     ,             (     ,
lungs(肺)—were given to five other people around the country.
57. How did Christopher help his mother?
    (A) He took care of his brother and sister.    (B) He got a job.    (C) He comforted her.     (D) All of the above.
58. Which of the followings is TRUE?
    (A) Sally Collin got a new kidney.      (B) Sally Collin worked at a convenience store.
    (C) Christopher was a big help to his mother.       (D) Christopher was hit by a car but was luckily saved.
59. How did Christopher keep his words?
    (A) He gave his mother a lot of money.       (B) He gave his mother part of his eyes.
    (C) He held his mother’s hand at night.       (D) He gave organs to 5 people.
60. What can we learn from the story?
    (A) Christopher always lived in a nice house.       (B) Christopher had few friends.
    (C) Christopher loved money but not his family.        (D) Christopher is already dead.
     In the past, people did not play with toys like we have now; they made toys by themselves. Take my family for
example. My brothers made bamboo guns and shuttlecocks by using things around them. My sister and I used paper to
               臺北市私立靜心國中九十七學年度九年級英語科第二次定考 B5U7~B6U1
make paper dolls. Handmade toys are not only cheap but also creative, and I am sure there won’t be one that looks the same.
It is a pity(憾事) that most children now don’t like to make toys by themselves. They may think making toys is difficult and
wasting them too much time.
61. Which is true?
       (A)In the past, the children didn’t play with toys.
       (B)In the past, the children played with toys just like we have now.
       (C)In the past, the children made toys by themselves.
       (D)In the past, the children asked their parents to make toys for them.
62. How are paper dolls made?
       (A)By using the paper. (B)By using the bamboo. (C)By using the feather. (D)By using the rubber band.
63. Why don’t the children like to make toys by themselves?
       (A)It is too easy. (B)It is too boring. (C)It may not be easy and waste them a lot of time. (D)It is too expensive.
       Modern(現代化) inventions(發明) like cars and planes, phones and TVs, plastic bags and fast food have made our life
more comfortable and convenient, but they have also brought us new problems.
      The biggest of them is pollution. Noise pollution affects(影響) our ears and makes people angry easily. Water
pollution makes our rivers and lakes dirty. Air pollution, however, is the worst. It affects all living things in the world.
      Many countries are making new laws in order to fight pollution. Factories must clean their own dirty water. Car
makers must make their cars better so that they won’t pollute the air as they did before. Many things still need to be done to
save our world. A lot of things should be used again. We can go to work by bus or with people in the same car. It’s not
too late to save our mother earth. Everyone must help.
64. How do modern inventions affect our life?
       (A) They don’t affect our life at all.  (B) They have made our life less comfortable.
       (C) They have brought us new problems.         (D) They have made our life much harder.
65. The biggest problem we have with modern life is _____.
       (A) all kinds of pollution (B) noise (C) dirty water (D) expensive things
66. Why is air pollution the worst?
       (A) Because modern inventions need air.       (B) Because it affects every living thing in the world.
       (C) Because cars pollute the air less and less each year.     (D) Because there is little we can do to fight air pollution.
67. Why should car makers make new cars with less pollution?
       (A) Because their cars can be sold at higher prices.      (B) Because their cars made too much noise.
       (C) Because they want to clean dirty water.       (D) Because they have to do their part to save the world.

C D C D D / A B B C B / A C A D B / D B C C B / D C D C C / C B A A D / C C A B A / C A C C A / D C C C //B / D C A C


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